Thursday, June 21, 2012

NFL Take Notice: You Can Only Kick A Dog So Many Times Before It Bites You ~Saints Tailgait
Officials create evacuation plan for Orleans Parish inmates ~WDSU

Tropical Storm Chris forms; little change to Cuba disturbance; Duluth floods ~Wunderblog

NOLA Media Group meets with the New Orleans tech community ~Kevin Allman, Gambit

Which 5-Star Resort Wants to Censor Your Comments? ~Post-Advertising 
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Judge Hands Out Damages to New Orleans Teachers Fired After The Flood ~NOLA DEFENDER

New Orleans Saints interim coach Joe Vitt: “We’re not gonna back down”

Examining the Flaws of BountyGate's Evidence ~Saints Win

Saints Nation: Bountygate Remains a Never Ending Saga Because of Spotty "Evidence"

Gulf oil lease 30-year record ~Jordan Blume ~Advocate

Changes shake up coastal panels ~Jeremy Alford, Daily Comet

$5 billion needed to deepen NO & other US ports

In victory for La. farmers, Senate votes to keep sugar program ~WVUE

The story of the US Navy's first ship of the line: USS Independence ~Paulines Pirates and Privateers

Growing N.O. film industry helping to grow city's population ~WWLTV

What America Spends On Booze ~NPR
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Taco trucks revisited ~Ian McNulty

Pizza Delicious to Help Fund Future Music Prodigies ~Eater New Orleans

A festival only for gals this weekend in New Orleans ~Shana Rose

British NOLA music festival kicking it up a notch with three-day event
~WORCESTER —  The tiny music festival that began five years ago in a dusty lot behind a liquor store has marched — N'awlins style — across Chandler Street to a spot with triple the stage area.

Aaron Neville Signs With Blue Note Records

Bayou Steppers Second Line with Silence is Violence 6pm! ~WWOZ

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dear Drew Brees, poem by Karla Culbertson

Steve Gleason to Times-Picayune fans and staffers: “No White Flags” ~The Lens

Joe Vitt offers to take lie detector ~Adam Schefter
Report: Appeal Hearing Violated CBA, ALL Evidence Should Be Thrown Out ~Saints Tailgate

Bountygate: One Fan's Attempt to Move On ~The Angry Whodat

No apology necessary~ Library Chronicles

Sour Milk: The Experience ~My Spilt Milk

Pub Crawl To Support Times-Picayune Employee Fund! ~Avenue Pub

It is the summer solstice so Slabbed is gettin’ “hot and bothered” with Calhoun and Mrs Fayard!

City still awaiting expert report on criminal-justice financing ~Tom Gogola, The Lens

School Board put off decision on disadvantaged-business policy ~Jessica Williams, The Lens

Don't fear the Keeper! The Keeper’s Response to our Appeal and our Assessment

The Corps Should Make Up Its Mind About the Levees and Explain Itself ~Jim Schutz

Corps tests multi-billion dollar system ~WWLTV~Also~This from Amy Wold, Advocate

Terrebonne scientist named to wetlands-research post ~Daily Comet

Mississippi mud may be used to stave off erosion~Cain Burdeau

FEMA hands little Marion AR a big bill for Corps levee

Public Transit Tuesdays: Tchoupitoulas ~Megan Braden-Perry, Gambit

Balloons!!! ~Judyb54, NOLAFemmes

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Today in New Orleans: Circus, Solstice and SIN ~NOLA DEFENDER 

Short Order Reviews ~Blackened Out

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Anthony Hargrove's statement on NFL's evidence against Saints players
Mark Schleifstein to remain at The Sometimes Picayune
This morning, I delivered my signed job offer/application to the management of the new Nola Media Group.
The decision to stay was difficult for many reasons, including my own anger at how the announcement was made (or not made) of the decision to move to 3-day-a-week publication of The Times-Picayune and the creation of the new/revised online presence, and my continuing concern about whether employees of the new entities will have any say in their direction, development.
That being said, however, at this time in my own career and in the post-daily paper life of New Orleans, I felt that I owe a responsibility to our community to attempt to continue to provide them with quality coverage of the environment, the area's levee system and hurricanes.
I continue to view our future as promising. We have the opportunity of creating a local version of ProPublica or Huffington Post without the initial start-up concerns, and with the built-in benefit of both TP subscribers and advertisers. We'll still have to work hard to convince both subscribers and advertisers that we are going to continue to offer them a product that meets their needs, that they can be proud to be associated with.
I'll do my best to assist in that process.
I urge any of you that know of journalism openings to pass them on to me, so that I can then pass them on to those of our staff who are being let go.
And wish me well as we figure out whether there really is life after the daily newspaper.
Mark Schleifstein
Chris Rose: Seeds of revolution
~Critics of the newspaper's crass and clumsy handling of this beloved New Orleans institution comprise a formidable cross-section of the region: journalists, academics, politicians, philanthropists, students, titans of industry, cubicle dwellers, clergy, entrepreneurs, members of Rex, Zulu and Krewe de Vieux.
Only one such lofty coalition has come together for such a noble and common cause in recent memory. The enemy was Katrina.
To find out who won that battle for the soul of this city's great traditions and institutions, just take a look around you.

Boycott starts against New Orleans Times Picayune, ~Bayou Buzz

Mr. Newhouse's 'Noise'~Gambit

Louisiana Incarcerated: An Evening with Cindy Chang

Fazzio seeks a stay in his straw man campaign cash case. Takes a page out of the Calhoun playbook ~Slabbed

Scruggs Leaks Can’t Save State Farm From Katrina FCA Suit with the Rigsby gals (sub rqd) ~Y'all Politics

NFLPA outside counsel hints at exculpatory evidence disclosed by league on Monday ~Mike Florio~Hat Tweet~

Drew Brees compares evidence for bounties to evidence for WMDs

Appeals process frustrates suspended players, but NFLPA agreed to it ~WWLTV

Breaking Down the NFL's Bountygate Evidence ~Dave Cariello, Canal Street Chronicles

Does NFC title game video implicate Hargrove, Saints? ~Nate Davis

Brees contract talks stalled over Benson Tower offices ~The New Orleans Levee

Army Corps of Engineers tests floodgates, pumps ~WDSU

Houma Canal floodgate under construction ~Amy Wold, Advocate

Locals not warned of Morganza Spillway's threat again this year

Dinner Lab: Job Offering 

John T. Edge signs Food Truck Cookbook Tuesday

Don’t miss Maya’s ~INVADE NOLA

If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna be Right: Dat Dog

Joe Krown Trio: A band born in the wake of the Flood ~Andrew Gilbert