Friday, October 15, 2010

When Harry Met a Cover-Up:
Shearer Talks about “The Big Uneasy”
~Levees Not War

~Editilla Orwellas~ Oh snap! NewsPeak Radio gets aw'uppity into it now...
~Harry Shearer and NPR: The Big Uneasy
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~Visitors at 17th Street Canal Visitors from Chicago check out's Louisiana State Historic Plaque on Oct 15, 2010. In distance you can see how wall color changes from pink to gray. Gray is new wall. Photo/Sandy Rosenthal

Corps of Engineers plans to fix unsafe levee and floodwall sections on the IHNC and GIWW~Sheila Grissett
~Corps' contract to build new floodwall and raise a section of Causeway Boulevard can proceed

If you can’t be with the one you love, honey…~moosedenied

Ahem~Library Chronicles

Local museum looking for a few good 'Who Dats'

Archie Manning's new sports-themed restaurant will feature New Orleans- style food with Southern flair
~Jaquetta White
~Hat Tweet~
~ ...Archie Manning got'da Hell looted outta his house 8/29/05 -all of it- BUT STILL HE CAME HOME! He ain't limp Dikta.

the right to cry
~the hungry termite

Granny says marry that soldier because maybe now is all the time there may be
~Poke Salad Granny

Initial jail plan envisioned 8,000 inmates by 2020 ~Matt Davis
~Gusman: I’ve always advocated for smaller jail

WWL-TV: Gambit Editor Emeritus Clancy DuBos on Mitch Landrieu's proposed budget

Struggling charter high school again booted from its home
~Jessica Williams, The Lens

Federal City construction will include retail space, parking~Paul Purpura
~Hat Tip~ American Zombie

Textron N.O. gets $2.4M improvement grant~WXVT

Murphy’s law: Mike Foster’s son publicly reprimanded by the Louisiana Supreme Court. Is he really a chip off the old block? ~slabbed

Outlay marked for Nucor,
Jindal carves it up like Fatted Calf
~The Jindal administration wants to chop state construction dollars for LSU, a north Baton Rouge YMCA and other projects to generate $30 million for a St. James Parish iron facility.

Oil still taints local wetlands
~Nikki Buskey, Daily Comet

Mike Voisin: State of Louisiana Oyster Industry

Feeling Abandoned, Gulf Coast Residents Issue A Call To Arms
~Rocky Kistner

Just a quick question
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Judge eyes June 2011 for first BP Gulf oil spill trial

BP / Gulf Oil Spill - Continuing Impacts ~SkyTruth

Walton County, Florida Beaches Contaminated with Oil + Corexit

Poll shows oil spill's effect on south AL ~Montgomery Examiner~Hat Tweet~WhoDat35

Photo of the Day: Orange Beach, AL
~"Mix two parts sugar white sand with one part crystal blue water," reads a tourism slogan for Orange Beach, Ala. In early June Deepwater Horizon oil was added to the recipe.~Hat Tip~Florida Oil Spill Law

Oil cleanup security details in St. Bernard Parish overseen by company with ties to sheriff~Bob Warren

Dead animals are Exhibit A in Gulf investigation ~Phuong Le

UCF uses dolphins to research effects of gulf oil spill~Maria Parada

BAM! Happy Birthday Emril Lagasse!

Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival
~Blackened Out

Cafe Envie

Time running out for Liberace fans
~Editilla Pianellas~OOH Ooh! Let's get'em to move the Liberace Museum to New Orleans! What a no-brainer. Do we not celebrate and care so for our Kings and Queens of Music? Of course we do. And we know Liberace wasn't no freak show costume mannequin neither! Maybe Chis Owens could pardner up? I'm in! "Libby" so loved New Orleans. And it is because of Saint Lib that all musicians can claim all of their tools on Income Tax Deductions!
Of course, you say, Ha, you say. He had all this bling, some say. Well he also had a touring crew, Steinways, full orchestra... but hey, axe Harry Connick or Dr John or anyone who rolls the bone at that level. Every dime counts.
Anyway, everyone will want to come'see come'see Liberace!
~~BREAKING from Broke Back Candy Mountain!~~
~The newly formed philanthropic group, Bring Liberace To New Olreans BLTNO has just received the staunch and aggressive backing, ahem, of the APP ---American Pie Party- 'E Pluribus Piem'.
"We believe in Just Desserts. And so did Saint Liberace,"
said Chief Ninja Pie Thrower Fartsworth P Iems. "Libby, as we so affectionately refer to His Pianess, was a Patriot Missile for Musicians against the IRS ---and the indisputable Queen of Showman everywhere --especially in New Orleans!"

What are you going to see at this year's New Orleans Film Festival?

~Liprap saves the morning call

Preservation Hall Jazz Band & Tom Waits On 78 rpm Vinyl
~Defend New Orleans

Latin singer Fredy Omar breaks 10-year recording drought with 'Bailando'
~Keith Spera

~ @ RT @ When New Orleans takes over Paris. With @ . Film by @candyTman

Charles Brimmer: The Bitter With The Sweet?~Home of the Groove

Justin Bieber: Bad to the MFKN Bone?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Homework Assignment
~American Zombie

Brees needs daddy time
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

Sheriff ordered to pay $650,000 to tourists who were wrongly imprisoned
~Matt Davis

Advocates Call for Halt to Demolitions in UMC Footprint

Freret Neighborhood to install Graffiti Cameras~Hat Tweet~ and

Charter schools not required to comply with proposal to help special ed students~Ariella Cohen

Harry Shearer wins Celluloid Hero Award from the New Orleans Film Festival!~NOLA EATS
~While the film festivities kick off tonight at the newly opened Eiffel Society with the Film Festival Gala, it’s not too late to join in. Enjoy show-stopping food by Chef Ian Schnoebelen and headlining cocktails by Mixologist Alan Walter. The party starts at 8 PM and tickets can be purchased online or at the door. Music will be provided by Treme Brass Band and the Celluloid Hero Award will be presented to Harry Shearer, who will be accepting via video.

More indications that NPR may have censored Harry Shearer
~Sandy Rosenthal (SandySays) wrote:
Sanpete writes, "few authorities have examined the evidence." Actually, there are at least 13 major studies.

1) IPET (USACE), 2) ASCE (oversight of IPET paid by USACE), 3) National Research Council (oversight of ASCE and IPET by DOD), 4) National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), 5) ILIT (paid by NSF and UCal), 6) Team Louisiana (paid by LA Dept of Trans), 7) Decision Chronology by Woolley/Shabman, 8) Risk Management Solutions (insurance industry), 9) Congress - House Study, 10) Congress - Senate Study, 11) White House Study, 13) Center for Progressive Reform ILIT report, 14) MRGO Plaintiffs studies, 15) MRGO Defense studies.

There's also the Apariq report (by an independent engineering firm) on a Corps whistleblower's allegations validated by the Office of Special Counsel in the Justice Dept). And studies are still ongoing, and will be released in the next 18 months.
[Thursday, October 14, 2010 10:58:33 AM]

~Editilla Crowtellas~ Here's one just for LAFs (Local Affiliate Friends:) of N-PR

Love Ya, NPR, But You're Wrong
~Jeff Jarvis

Charity: Water
~A Growing Teenager Diary

LA coast gets $800k for revitalization project ~WBRZ

Slidell-area drainage district seeks increase in parcel fee
~Christine Harvey

Save the date and exercise your brain with Sop: The RAND Gulf States Policy Institute is hosting an Insurance Forum on October 20 ~slabbed

BP Cans Cleanup Workers As More Oil Washes Up~Mac McClelland

I feel like crying
~Houma Today

BP Dares You to Care…Re-drilling?
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Shrimpers, Enviros to Sue for Dispersant Info~Kate Sheppard

I am “physically sick” from “oil and dispersant” says fisherman
~Florida Oil Spill Law

US Sends 7th Bill To BP, Seeking $62.6 Million For Oil Spill Response

Oil spill claims administrator Kenneth Feinberg passes $1 billion mark
~David Hammer

Activists to protest dolphin killings at L.A.'s Japanese consulate
~Canberra protest over dolphin hunts

Save Our Cemeteries Clean Up Day ~NOLA'hoods

Festivals to spotlight Tennessee Williams at 100~Shelia Byrd

Dueling Bloggers: Service
~Blackened Out

Fall cookbooks of local interest celebrate the South as well
~Judy Walker

Just because~Library Chronicles

Christie Jourdain: leader of the Pinettes Brass Band~Red Cotton

Warehouse Fest 2010 "Be Part of The Solution" Presented by United Way featuring The Generationals, Dee-1, Andrew Duhon, The Dirty Bourbon River Show, M@ People's Collective and Many More!~Humid Beings

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DREW TRAHAN! Louisiana Boy!
Don't be an Uptown Lady
~Library Chronicles

What a Lying Sack of Sheriff Shit
~Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman told a jury today that he was not to blame for failing to release uncharged inmates from his jails during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Citizen-participation plan gets chilly reception from council
~Karen Gadbois, The Lens

Freret supports citywide plan for neighborhood groups, embarks on numerous projects
~Uptown Messenger

NPR Hypocritically Promotes Its Own Employee Michele Norris' New Book --yet censored promotion of Harry Shearer's movie 'The Big Uneasy'?
~One listener questioned the “dibs” system in relation to Norris. “A few weeks ago you wrote a piece on Harry Shearer and the ‘Dibs List,’" wrote Joe Schifano. “You justified NPR only having Shearer on one program rather than on the big news magazines. NPR was simply following the guidelines it had set up 5 years ago. Recently I have seen Michele Norris appear on many of the NPR programs. So my question – Does the Dibs List only apply to non-NPR employee guests?”
~ @ Jeez dat NPR Ombudsman Lady in a Freudian Slip sure is a Piece of Work eh? She musta meant to say "Bibs rule" #TheBigUneasy

~I mean come on...NPR Bans Employees From Jon Stewart's & Stephen Colbert's Rallies

Tanzie Tanzie who do I turn to?????
A Cedric Richmond Charity looting update ~slabbed

~Wednesday Music: The boogie man is coming after you Cedric

Sen. Mary Landrieu uses lifting of offshore drilling ban to repeat disproved claims about job losses
~Facing South

The Government, The Press and The People ~Disenfranchised Citizen

~Special Thanks~Plutonian Mac

Oil dispersant subject of Orange Beach tests; chemist says he found Corexit
~David Ferrara

BP event promoting ‘safe’ seafood uses crab from MARYLAND and shrimp CAUGHT BEFORE DISASTER — Staff concerned over “longterm effects”
~Florida Oil Spill Law

Wetlands, Fisheries and Oil: A Status Report for Coastal Louisiana

How ecosystems protect communities against natural hazards

Paula misses Mexico, stalls in Yucatan Channel ~Wunderblog
~ Yucatan Channel getting pounded by Hurricane Paula - expected to turn east, hit Cuba, miss US Gulf waters

The Kindness of Strangers~irresistible

5 Anime for Peoples Who Hate the Japanese and Their Lousy Cartoons
~Superdeformed Hates The Internets

Harrison Avenue Marketplace
~Humid Beings

El Gato Negro~Blackened Out

Kermit Ruffins & The BBQ Swingers at Harvest the Music Today!

Who'da thunk it ain't about Bobby Jindal at all!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

‘Zona Drag -or- Still Ill -or- That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore ~moosedenied

Water For People is honored to announce the 2010 Rosenthal Million Dollar Challenge: IMPACT2
~For the third consecutive year, New Orleans-based philanthropists Stephen and Sandy Rosenthal have donated $500,000 to Water For People challenging others to match their investment in support of Water For People's mission to end global water poverty.

Public hearing scheduled on levee, floodwall project

Massive dead zone may be intensified by oil~WWL
Activists argue for preservation of houses on University Medical Center site~Bill Barrow

Never-charged inmates describe “putrid” Katrina jail
~Matt Davis, The Lens

~Also~Landrieu administration hasn’t provided budget documents

The LSED Grant Road Map
~American Zombie

Allow me to more properly introduce the Slabbed Nation to President Obama and Mayor Mitchmo’s guy Cedric Richmond, a true sack of shit in the finest tradition of Dollar Bill Jefferson

The Small Things Go A Long Way
~Cliff's Crib

"It Gets Better" comes to New Orleans
~Kevin Allman, Gambit

After marijuana raid, Black Pearl mini-mart may become city property
~Uptown Messenger

Paula intensifies to Category 2

Scientists find dead zone in Chandeleur Sound off Louisiana, Mississippi coast

Fresh Oil still in coastal Terrebonne marshes ~WWL

Nungesser critical of Gulf oil leak response~Sandy Davis

Navy suspended exercises over Gulf after consulting with doctor about how “bad” the situation is in the water (VIDEO)~Florida Oil Spill Law

Dr. Riki Ott Speaks Out at Orange Beach Public Health Forum
~Locust Fork News
~Hat Tweet~WhoDat35

~ See talks from 2-day science conference on BP covering dispersants, damage assessment, monitoring plans, more

CA officials refuse to clear levees of foliage ~Kelly Zito
~In the wake of the levee failures that destroyed New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina five years ago, the United States Army Corps of Engineers has ramped up its levee safety programs. In defiance of a federal policy intended to bolster the safety of California levees, some Bay Area legislators, regulators and water agencies said Monday that they refuse to remove shrubs and trees from the banks of numerous creeks and culverts.

Flood Insurance Threatens Trinity Property Owners~Ken Kalthoff

West Marine gives $30,000 in conservation grants

Entergy: Justice Dept. opens civil investigation

Haiti: The Price of Nothing
~Mack MacClelland, Mother Jones

~A message from Yéle Haiti President, Hugh Locke~On August 17, 2010, an article about Wyclef Jean and Yéle Haiti, the charitable organization he co-founded in 2005, appeared in The New York Times (“Star’s Candidacy in Haiti Puts Scrutiny on Charity”). The article contained allegations that were both inaccurate and misleading; I will cite just three examples here.

Tracking corporate traitors
~Facing South

Where We Know:
New Orleans as Home
~Chin Music Press

2010 Challenge: Plebe Food
~Blackened Out

National Gumbo Day~Jennifer Biggs

Fig Street Studios
~This poster is only $15 Bucks! Even Less in bulk! Half of my Chri'ma presents!

Bayou Salvage & NOLAFemmes Partner For a Giveaway

Chuck Perkins UK Tour Dates

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tropical Storm Paula forming
~Jeff Masters, Wunderblog

~Afternoon satellite image of Paula.

Deep Saints Thought~Adrastos

attention my fellow Saints fans..
~the hungry termite

More resistance to state hospital plans
More than 3/4 of Federal Flood damaged homes rebuilt~WWL
~Editilla Blowtellas~ We changed the title of this lede because WWL has decided to rename the Federal Flood. We are disgusted and offended by this bad turn of their editor. Nowhere in this article will you find the words FAILED FLOODWALLS. We are mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!

Lawsuit delays Lot Next Door plans in St. Bernard Parish~Chris Kirkham

Political Manipulation Via Hatred & Ignorance ~NOLAFemmes

People question whether coast really is clear ~WVUE~The non-profit group, Project Gulf Impact, put on a Fishermen's Forum Sunday at Loyola University where people heard first-hand accounts of how the oil spill has impacted fishing communities and still is today.

If a tree falls in the woods, will the media still be there?
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Mental health troubles brewing along the Gulf Coast~Jay Reeves
~Hat Tweet~WhoDat35

Rescued from BP oil spill, brown pelicans are MIA~Victoria Advocate
More than 400 have been reported dead from BP Chemical oil spill

Nungesser: Fight Continues With Coast Guard, BP~WDSU

Report: Feinberg’s brother being paid by BP — “Director of Special Projects”
~Florida Oil Spill Law

1st Annual Angola Prison Horse Sale
Sale Preview Friday, October 15, 2010 - 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Horse Sale Saturday, October 16, 2010 - 11:00am - 4:00pm
Angola Rodeo Sunday, October 17, 2010 - 9:00am - 5:00pm

Heritage Saluted At Carnaval Latino

21st Annual New Orleans Film Festival ~Humid Beings
~Actor Anthony Mackie to attend 2010 New Orleans Film Festival

Vegetarians are Willkommen at Oktoberfest at Deutsches Haus

Wine, Beer, & Cheese at Swirl
~Blackened Out

Banksy does the Simpsons. Just don't tell the Gray Ghost!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stephanie Grace goes crumb'smudgin for Cedric Richmond, attacks local blogger American Zombie
~Last Sunday, after Richmond unveiled a televised endorsement from President Barack Obama, Cao argued that the president needs not only to know about the proven infractions, but also that "one investigation involves public funds he steered to his girlfriend, which resulted in a criminal investigation."
Yet when asked, Cao supplied no evidence of wrongdoing on Richmond's part, other than to point to a blog, The American Zombie, that offers a lot of smoke but nothing like a smoking gun implicating Richmond in any criminality.

Saints-Cardinals Preview~WWL

Enrollments rise at many local colleges, but falter at UNO, Holy Cross

UNO to dedicate "Katrina" memorial
~Editilla Rotellas~ Not a WORD about the failed Federal levees or subsequent Flooding of the campus and entire city of New Orleans 8/29/05.
If UNO continues failing to note the difference between Man-Made Disaster (Flood of New Orleans) and Natural Disaster (Katrina that struck MS), then how do they expect to survive the real surge onslaught on their existence from LSU? Well? One man's made disaster is another man's ignorance of cause and effect.

What's wrong with this story's picture?
~"Road Home could be smoothed by court rulings" Because Mark and Romy Samuels had jobs and insurance on their Gentilly home that was totaled by Hurricane Katrina’s flooding, they got nothing from the Road Home. There are nearly 25,000 families like the Samuelses who got grants to rebuild their storm-damaged properties based on the property value, rather than the estimated cost of repairing the damage.
~Editilla Rotellas~ What's wrong with this picture is that KATRINA DIDN'T FLOOD NEW ORLEANS 8/29/05. Even our fav Mayor Mitch'mo now refers to it as "Katrina's Damage." Has he become so politically confused by backing Cedric Richmond that he forgets that the US Federal Government flooded New Orleans and NOT Katrina? Is this what they call Politicked Off?


'Terry stops' of 'suspicious' people are a focus under New Orleans police chief Serpas~Laura Maggi

Cornerstones of the improved foundation for New Orleans’ criminal justice system: DA Cannizzaro
~lunanola, NOLAFemmes

Big Public Oil Spill Forum At Loyola University Today~Alexander Higgins

What’s Really Happening Down on the Gulf Coast? Gap Between What Local Residents Are Reporting and Accounts from Outside “Experts” Clouds Truth
~Stuart Smith

Louisiana, Texas and Florida Lawyers to Lead Plaintiffs in BP Spill Suits ~Bloomberg

Spill hasn't risen to campaign forefront ~Houston Chronicle

Hunters' complaints about upcoming duck season premature~Bab Marshall

From the heart: Yeah, I got one, so?! ~Disenfranchised Citizen

Sunday Funnies~Citizen K

Sheryl St. Germain will discuss her published collections

Where We Know:
New Orleans as Home

An Intercultural Marriage ~NOLAFemmes

Prince of Wales Second Line Parade
~Red Cotton, Gambit

~Also~ See this Great Route Map from Uptown Messenger

GentillyFest, Carnaval Latino all on tap today in New Orleans

Wynton Marsalis brings music, message to Cuba~Paul Haven