Saturday, July 18, 2009


Corps fails their mandate again!
National Academies panel blasts Corps' long-delayed Category 5 flood protection plan
~Mark Schleifstein

~UpDate~ Garret Graves has now weighed into this article's comments commons of rollicking discussion!
~Editilla Notellas~
The Big Schleif
has smoked this story over the national media, like that little boy Cain Burdeau over at AP, so lite that we can't even hang his article, and the NYT as well --we add that one for pity's sake.
Indeed, The Big Schleif come'tru wit'da Editillero Extramaz!
And ya'know we hate to say we toll'ya but... we toll'ya.
Big Schleif hisself has been hanging on the various Corps boot'doggles like Morganza to the Gulf and the cost-plus-plus- triple'liscious surge barriers. In the meantime we have had to rip out their hor'shit public relations spin'filtration from OPP and call out the Corps own employees in our local media. New Orleans district is a busy place! But, lemme'tollya...
--we got'yer back. Editillero never sleep.

L.B. Foster to Provide Sheet Piling for NOLA Flood Walls

Citizens Sue Mayor in VA Hospital Case~NTHP
~Analysis: How the lawsuit against the Mayor could save taxpayers $5 million

A city without Charity...
~Desiree Evans, Facing South

Evidence still stored in basement of Clerk of Courts despite flood ~Dennis Woltering

National Governors Association: It's time for a stroll
~Cameron Sinclair

Dear governors, Our Katrina story~Anita Lee

Our Atchafalaya: A basin kind of life~Claire Taylor
Atchafalaya Basin Pics collection

Amtrak report complete on NOLA- Orlando Sunset Ltd.

Remembered: Cronkite honored, delivers speech in New Orleans ~WWL

A.D. New Orleans After the Deluge by Josh Neufeld
~Jamin Brophy-Warren

Zeitoun by Dave Eggers
~Alexander Alter

Death in the Dust Bowl
~Marylin Stasio
~If James Lee Burke has the deepest regional voice in the genre — and I do believe that’s so — it’s because he understands those feelings that keep people connected to the places where they have, or once had, roots. When Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans, it swept all kinds of people, criminals among them, out of their natural element and into the strange foreign land called Texas.
RAIN GODS is Burke’s version of a range war in Southwest Texas — a pitched battle between gangs of displaced bad guys, fighting among themselves for the new territory against the outmatched locals.

Floodgates by Mary Anna Evans
~Lesa Holstine

Squeeze My Lemon into da'BBQ

Playing for Change, New Orleans ~Rachael Jones

KC native sings to heal NOLA ~Marcia Horn

Friday, July 17, 2009


Corps awards levee contract
~The Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a $735,000 preconstruction services contract to a company involved in designing the portion of the Chalmette Loop levee system between Bayou Bienvenue and Bayou Dupre, said C'OPPPR.

LSU launches new project to guide coastal efforts
~Jeremy Alford

HandsOn New Orleans is newest partner

Economy means more help needed to flee hurricanes
~Michael Kunzelman

Rand Corp. To Track Residents From Katrina

Technology's Role in Disaster Mitigation
~Lt. Gen. Russel Honore believes that the key to mitigating the effect of disasters lies in being prepared for them. As the commander of Joint Task Force Katrina responsible for coordinating military relief efforts across areas of the Gulf Coast impacted by Hurricane Katrina, Honore faced many challenges that could have been made considerably easier if people had been prepared with the help of technology.

AT&T wraps up exercise session at RFK

The Landrieus: Mitch not running, Mary’s opposition to a ‘public option’
~Christopher Tidmore

Patients to start moving from doomed New Orleans mental hospital next week~Bill Barrow

Gov. O'Malley plans disaster response~Laura Smitherman
~'Civic Guard' would coordinate public, private actions in emergency

Serendipity: The Ascent of Money~slabbed

Housing complex a cornerstone in N.O. neighborhood
~Becky Bohrer

What is Protective Home Isolation?~SEMP

New Orleans business offers gelatos on wheels ~Emilie Bahr

More GOP Christian Sex News:
wife sues mistress

~Leisha Pickering is suing Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd, her husband’s alleged mistress, for alienation of affection.
~Editilla juscain't hep'it!~ If Charlie Chip Willi Pick Jr. were to do the right Christian thing and marry his Jezebel then she would be named Creekmore Byrd Pickering?
Can we make this any funnier? Is there a Docta in da'House?
Can we get a witnaaasss!

Time out for D’Iberville clock ~Mary Perez
After Hurricane Katrina, Freeman said one of the first places he went was to Central Avenue.
“I saw the clack was still standing,” he said. “I was so glad and relieved.”

New Orleans street performer 'Grandpa' Elliott Small ~Alison Fensterstock

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Bill Gates of Microsoft envisions fighting hurricanes by manipulating the sea
~Mark Schleifstein

~If you thought domination of the world's software market was cool, get a load of Bill Gates' next technological vision: giant ocean-going tubs that fight hurricanes by draining warm water from the surface to the depths, through a long tube.
A second tube could simultaneously suck cool water from the depths to the surface.

Levee authorities to host public forum on flood protection

White House Begins Rewriting Army Corps' Project Guidelines
~Taryn Luntz

Pentair Wins $65 Million Contract for Pumps for the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway West Closure Complex

New Orleans inspector general delays selection of police monitor~David Hammer

General Honore Slams Decision To Close Charity Hospital

N.O. insurance costs spur complaints~Will Sentell

Slabbed, Stuck like a dope with a thing called hope -or- Who has the Balls? Behavioral Econ explains the Scheme

256th Infantry Brigade gets deployment orders
~Bruce Brown

New Orleans recycling startup to begin service by month's end ~Emilie Bahr

Gentilly's recovery from Corps Flooding is finally gaining momentum~Kate Moran

Road work: Local cook serves up home-style meals wherever needed~David Dinsmore

Michael P. Smith exhibit a "must-see"~Nicole Dufour

Roundtable: Haitian Music,
Part 2: “What Does Revolution Sound Like?”~Sasha Frere-Jones

~Special Thanks FMJ @'da JOT

Hart McNee,
New Orleans flutist, saxophonist,
dies at 66
~Katy Reckdahl

~My friend, Hart McNee, raspy-voiced bass flutist and baritone saxophonist who played with innumerable musical legends and made more than 40 appearances at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, died Tuesday morning.
~A memorial will be held Saturday at 5 p.m. at the Sound Cafe.
Here is Hart with some guys named Mo.

Matassa recalls engineering
the sound of New Orleans
~Edna Gundersen

~Editilla wanna toll'ya~ We again want to thank everyone for their condolences on the loss of my father.
I went down into the Delta to lay again in that nuptial bed of love and grief, drink copious amounts Bourbon and tears like Hard Rock Candy, not even look at a computer ha, burn the Funeral Planter in Tenuous Stolidity… and watch something as simple as land turn complicated dark rows of fetid hill-bred patrogyny as his progeny perchance take root.
We had hung da’ladda every day since Nov 11 ‘07, 627 posts,
until July 11th '09, when the Old Man passed home.
My first funeral since losing so many to The Flood, for the first man I ever laid eyes on, simply left Editilla speechless.
Sometimes that can be such a good thing.
I wrote this song for my father 25 years ago:
Tracks Passing at Armslength
My coffee's cold now I'm going
wide into this flat highway morning.
Pop's in the sunshine towing
blue-sky glances, going railroad chances and tracks
passing an armslength of Lonely and Warm Love.

There was a first time for everything,
--long time for everything,
lost reliance, no where to wind up in the city.
Then that old train starts leaving
to come home, come home... tracks
passing an armslength of Lonely and Warm Love.

I hear your voice with each passing breeze,
find your face in each car I meet,
down this highway.
Sleep light in boxcars, write your name
on these night walls.... tracks
passing an armslength of Lonely and Warm Love.