Wednesday, July 3, 2013

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4th of July Boat Parade on Bayou St John!

Dump Day

Speaking of tourist encroachment, what goes up must come down ~Library Chronicles

~Having just returned from Markey Park after spending two hours speaking with residents visiting the park, it's obvious that the people who were actually using the park today are not happy with the renovations. Not only did several people express dismay about the lack of an off-leash dog area, but many people are upset about the landscaping in the park. One concern voiced by multiple residents is the lack of lighting. It's been mentioned numerous times that dog owners and dogs in the park added a layer of safety to Markey Park. Also in question is the landscaping, which includes a number of shrubs that take up most of the shaded space. A regular at the park informed us that the landscapers said the shrubs had been planted in the wrong place; the plants that are exposed to sun should have been planted in the shade. The lack of irrigation in the park is another issue. Who is watering these plants that take up the shaded spaces in the park? The white sidewalks are so hot a small Chihuahua on a leash was unable to even walk on them. It's also important to note that when NSCAN appealed to the BNA to help return Markey Park to a space designated for children, NSCAN had not yet held its first public meeting. The fact that the BNA would go to NORDC on behalf of a neighborhood association started by a former BNA board member - a neighborhood association that had not yet held a public meeting - screams neighborhood association overreach and seems downright dishonest.

The children playing in the playground section of the park were enjoying themselves, but that playground area existed before the renovation. The area that used to be a kickball/softball field is gone, and there are no basketball hoops or features that invite running or exercise. All the talk about childhood obesity and need for the park to be returned to children amounts to sidewalks, the same playground, and no shade except in the areas filled with dying shrubs. The lack of a fence around the park would make it difficult for children to play kickball or softball if the park was actually designed with the intention of children playing in it.

It's hard to "relax" on metal benches while the sun is beating down on them. It's hard to not think there is an ulterior motive on the BNA's part. Is the fact that John Guarnieri's wife is a relator lost upon those who claim the BNA has no ulterior motive? Is NSCAN's origin not worthy of investigation?

As far as people screaming, we have witnessed the respectful discourse of advocates for an off-leash dog area as they met with NORDC, BNA Board Members, and Neighborhood Partnership officials. The people who have worked the hardest to advocate for an off-leash dog area since February of this year have been more than respectful.

The BNA doesn't deserve an award for not joining VCPORA's 7 Point Plan Coalition. That's what every neighborhood association should have done.

The developers and realtors trying to sell the Bywater as a nice, clean, kid friendly neighborhood have failed the community.

It would be nice to see an article that includes some of the hard work people like Meghann McCracken have done. Also, it would also be nice to see an article that mentions that the BNA will not support an off-leash dog area at Markey Park. It will be the complete responsibility of the individuals who want to pursue this. A nonopposition statement from the BNA being drafted will allow the process of allowing an off-leash dog area to be implemented in the design of Markey Park to continue, while not ignoring the residents that are opposed to an off-leash dog area in Markey Park.

When is the grand opening? 

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