Saturday, January 23, 2010


Ed Blakely Wants His Penis Back
~Editilla Hotellas~ Go Here to tell him where he dropped it.

I’m a Photographer,
Not a Terrorist!
~Twitter Thingy~Flickr

New Orleanians pitch in to provide medical aid for Haiti
~Katy Rekdahl

Haiti’s Only Film School
#Whodat say you gotta cease and desist?~Karen Dalton Beninato
~Local entrepreneurs at Fleurty Girl Tee Shirts on Oak Street had a rude awakening on playoff weekend. The NFL sent the shop's owners a cease and desist order demanding royalties and claiming the company was violating the NFL's copyright with their #whodat tee shirts.

Doug Valentine On The Impotence Of Progressives
~Lila Rajiva

Landrieu joins Vitter to oppose EPA greenhouse gas stance
~Gerard Sheilds

Court efficiency strategy has support of adversary lawyers, but not judges~Laura Maggi

Corps of Engineers and The Conservation Fund Announce Nationwide Partnership to Protect Water Resource

Joseph Cao Wants to Send Millions More to Laos, Vietnam to Cleanup Ho Chi Minh Trail
~Congressman Anh “Joseph” Cao was criticized yesteray in Washington, D.C. for remarks he made while traveling to Laos, Vietnam with Congressmen Faleomavaega and Honda.
The Center for Public Policy Analysis ( CPPA )in Washington, D.C., and a coalition of dozens of Laotian and Hmong organizations today issued a international communiqué denouncing Congressman Cao’s statements, along with those of the other two Members of Congress who recently visited a Lao government, model show-camp at Pha Lak village in Laos and declared that there were no human rights violations against Hmong refugees forcibly returned from Thailand to Laos.

Richard H. Collin, 'the New Orleans underground gourmet,' dies at age 78~Judy Walker

Top 4 Mardi Gras King Cakes Online~Sharon Keating

Django at 100~All About Jazz

Friday, January 22, 2010


Haiti To Relocate 400,000 Earthquake Homeless

Earthquake in Haiti shows that there's a thin line between order and chaos~Jarvis DeBerry

Looting - is it really is a matter of black and white?
~Andrew Buncombe

How about some Friday morning Jefferson Parish political corruption ~slabbed

The Greatest Football Season of All Time or The Greatest Football Season of All Time
~Library Chronicles

Child-Governor Bobby Jindal pressed to take greenhouse gases seriously~Mark Schleifstein

Sen. Mary Landrieu working to block greenhouse gas decision by EPA~Bruce Alpert

Warming Expected to Cut Atlantic Hurricane Tally but Boost Threat~Andrew Revkin

Coastal restoration 'dream team' created to focus attention on Pontchartrain Basin
~Sheila Grissett

$77 million in local restoration work approved for Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes
~Daily Comet

St. Louis: New estimate of flood wall repair

Will Nagin steamroll City Council on disaster recovery spending?
~Eli Ackerman, The Lens

GOP win may cost Louisiana... $300,000,000 ~Gerard Shields

Rep. Cao: Drone Congressman?

Oh Alcohol~Crescent City Hack

Freret Street's Future
~David Winkler-Schmit

Local Roanoke Teens Organize Relief Trip to New Orleans

2010 DC Mardi Gras Ball ~The Mystick Krewe Of Louisianians

Harry Shearer at the CAC/NO:
The Silent Echo Chamber

~This newest video work by Shearer is presented on nine plasma monitors. The project captures well-known personalities from politics and the media in the silent moments before "going live."

Tonight at Zeitgeist: MINE with visiting filmmaker Geralyn Pezanoski & the film’s main protagonists (and their dogs).

Moscow’s stray dogs
~Susanne Sternthal

Southern Rep New Play Bacchanal: PLAY RIOTS featuring Gulf Coast writers

New Orleans a haven for swing dance beginners, professionals
~Molly Reid

Ear to the Ground: New Orleans
~Static Television

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Haiti's mass graves swell
~The death toll is estimated at 200,000, according to Haitian government figures relayed by the European Commission, with 80,000 buried in mass graves. The commission now estimates 2 million homeless, up from 1.5 million, and says 250,000 are in need of urgent aid.
An Associated Press reporter counted 15 burial mounds at Clerzier's site, each covering a wide trench cut into the ground some 25 feet (8 meters) deep, and rising 15 feet (4.5 meters) into the air. At the larger mass grave, where Foultone Fequiert, 38, toiled, three earth-moving machines cut long trenches into the earth, readying them for more cadavers.
"I have seen so many children, so many children. I cannot sleep at night and, if I do, it is a constant nightmare," said Fequiert, his face covered with a T-shirt against the overwhelming stench.
The dead stick out at all angles from the mass graves — tall mounds of chalky dirt, the limbs of men, women and children frozen together in death. "I received 10,000 bodies yesterday alone," said Fequiert. Workers say they have no time to give the dead proper religious burials or follow pleas from the international community that bodies be buried in shallow graves from which loved ones might eventually retrieve them.

International rescue teams begin to pull out, leave Haiti to die

Gen. Honoré: Evacuate most vulnerable Haitians

Please Stop, Anderson.
Just STOP.~Michael Shaw

When the Media is the Disaster
~Rebecca Solnit

Guantanamo Prepares For Thousands Of Haitian Refugees

US Mercenaries Set Sights on Haiti~Jeremy Scahill

Joe Iurato does it again ...

Disasters by Damage Control or Risk Management?

Nagin administration moving millions in recovery money without public input
~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

The Morial Family Smacks Down Troy Henry ~Adrastos

Breaking News From Iokon's PollNOLA!~Nation of Morons

Coastal restoration effort moves into higher gear as West Bay diversion project on MS River to end~Mark Schleifstein

Environment America’s Report Includes Statistics On Toxic Discharge in Mississippi River ~NOLAFemmes

Oyster industry in D.C. fighting summer ban~Jeremy Alford

Mississippi Development Authority Details Latest Katrina Recovery Projects

Slabbed Thursday Music:
Hazard Mitigation 101

Air America Crashed

Cash Money Records Founders, Birdman & Slim, Launch Indie Oil Company~Miles Bennett

Cuba, Puerto Rico y ¡español! ~Lydia Gill
~The Crescent City is paying tribute to Cuban culture with the months-long “¡Sí Cuba!” initiative, a collaborative effort among New Orleans museums, universities, galleries and art organizations that will run from early January until late March.

La. State Fair ranked among top 50 fairs in the country

Live From NOMA:
Quintron and Miss Pussycat
~Noah Bonoparte Pais

What’s Better than New Orleans Music? Free New Orleans Music!

New Orleans does have the Blues
~Will Coviello

Rebirth Brass Band brings its life-giving sound to Seattle
~Andrew Gilbert

~Rebirth plays Neumo's on Saturday on a triple bill with Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk and the Staxx Brothers.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Honore: US has moral duty to house Haitians
Haiti gets hit by a new 6.1-magnitude earthquake

Wyclef Jean Calls for Evacuating Haiti Capital~Samantha Gross
~"Port-au-Prince is a morgue," Jean said at a Manhattan press conference, recounting how he collected the corpses of small children and adults from the festering streets on his recent trip. Tears streamed down his face as he looked into the camera, speaking to his countrymen.

How the media's conflicting coverage of race, class and the earthquake evokes memories of Hurricane Katrina ~Nola Nik

Move Over LSU:
Make Room For Our Vets!

And the colored girls say:
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

Oh Looook! Instead of Haiti you can give $5, $10 or $50 to that Fucking Eagle Scout James Perry because he can get on Huff Post!

James Perry campaign a success or a failure? ~The Lens

Oh Yeah? Dr. John Endorses James Perry for Mayor
~Karen Dalton-Beninato

Punked~American Zombie

33 Simple Things You Can Do to Defend New Orleans (cheap and fast) ~Humid Beings

Levee leak probed on MS River at Elmwood~Sheila Grissett

Houma Navigational Canal flood gate one step closer to reality
~Brett Schweinberg

Hell Yeah America's Watchdog!

Wetland Losses and Susceptibility to Hurricane Damage in New Orleans

Natural disasters and responsible development should not be mutually exclusive
~Angela Rouse
~H/T~ Melissacat

Energy and Water Development: Title I - Army Corps of Engineers

Corps of Engineers Stormproofing Interior Drainage Pump: Jefferson Parish

The gates are too short
~Fix the Pumps

Yuba City hires lobbyist to seek flood funds

Clemson team studying use of shipping containers for housing in disaster areas

This is what happens after Bararck Obama became more interested in the brand than sticking with the message. ~slabbed~Yep, we supported you but dude you lost us. Ed Liddy, AIG Bonuses, that lying sack of shit Tim Geithner and the retreads like Laurence Summers guaranteed it.
How ironic that it is Ted Kennedy’s old senate seat that will derail health care reform. Meantime if Mr Prez wants to find out what he can do to get things back on track he need look no further than the bluedogs in his own party.

Credit Scott 'Cosmo' Brown for Obama's stealth bull rally
~Your Right Hand Thief

~After announcing that his daughters were "available" during Tuesday night's victory speech, an Animal New York tipster unearthed this Mass' newest Senator Cosmo posing with his shell bikini-clad girls. Uurrr'dayum, Cosmo! Do click da'pic to enlarge!

Lyndon Johnson Would Cut All You Bitches~First Draft h/t-Charolette

La. won’t disallow federal tax break~Michelle Millhollon

New Orleans cops use ancient "unnatural copulation" law to turn prostitutes into sex-offenders~Cory Doctorow

Sunday afternoon tour...

Portrait shows morbid Poe in more flattering terms

Retiring book editor reflects on 21 years of chronicling the literary life of our city

NYC's Freaks Ball X:
Anders Osborne, Black Hollies

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Imus Interviews Harry Shearer on His Planned Documentary of the Causes of 8/29
~Editilla Notellas~ We had to De-Link to that lede after being alerted that those bitches at Fox have pulled this video of the Interview Grrrrr. I have corresponded with Mr. Shearer, who says this video Is On for the 5th Anniversary. Please stay tuned.
~Below an interview with Laura Flanders, Grit TV, Dec 18th

MRGO Settlements
~Jeremy Alford, Gambit

~Special interests and some Louisiana lawmakers are lobbying the federal government to settle with the thousands of residents who fell victim after Hurricane Katrina to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' poor design and management of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO). It's about time.

Diamonds On Yer'Anus
~Let's move New Orleans There!
LaBranche Wetlands to get erosion control from old floodwall~Matt Scallan

St. Tammany hopes visit to levees encourages congressmen to help~Doug Mouton

Hurricane Ivor whips up the storm~Victor Noir

Welcome to SLABBED:
Louis Guirola, Jr. United States District Judge – Spansel v State Farm

MS Board Asking for Federal Money for Levees ~Adam Lynch

IL officials ask feds exactly what's wrong with their levees
~Terry Hillig

~The Southwestern Illinois Flood Prevention District, a local umbrella agency formed to tackle the problem, is pressing for answers and suggests it might enlist political pressure, or litigation, to get them.

CA cleaning up levees could cost billions: To meet standard, thousands of trees would be removed ~Alex Breitler

Scores of Md. watermen protest oyster proposals

Architecture for Humanity's Long-term Haiti Relief Plan

Climate Debt ~Aguanomics

Our City, Our Town – Finish Strong Or Brett, Who? ~NOLAFemmes

Deuce McAllister retires

Analysis: ‘Career politician’ not an epithet in N.O.
~Kevin McGill

~Leslie Jacobs, a former member of the New Orleans school board and the state education board who, like Murray, recently dropped out of the race, said polling data show New Orleans voters want someone with government experience. When they dropped out of the race, Jacobs and Murray each cited polls indicating a strong position in the race for Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu, a 49-year-old member of a prominent and popular political family who has held elective office for most of his adult life -- a career politician.
~Editilla Crowtellas~ I can't speak of Mr. Murray due to the Racial 3 Card Monte involved with a couple of the other black candidates and Murray's citing Race as his reason for quitting --not polls. I am disgusted by Poll Dancing campaigns.
Mrs. Jacobs offered so much in the initial "Idea" of her candidacy, yet to me she never actually Ran A Campaign.
Rather, Leslie Jacobs ran a Website, a Facebook page, slick Ads, Twits and Polls... but she never actually even attempted to get out there on the street and do Actual Campaigning.
That bothers me because I did like her most because of her relation to the founder of and y'all know where I come from wit'dat. She had brains, money, connections and personnel yet chose to keep it all up to her "Advisers" and "Manages", many of whom were simply to young to understand mayoral politics in this city. They had her folding before Mrs. Jacobs ever even played a single card, so much so you would think Landrieu was Dealing the Deck already. I do hope that should Mrs Jacobs make a Run for Council sometime, she will Actually Run the Gauntlet.

New Orleans population lower when derived from death data, professor says
~Danny Monteverde

~Editilla Uhm'brellas~ makes sense to me, since Death is after all the Existential Quantifier... right?

Group Sets Course
~Patrick Flanagan

~Delcambre—By passing the Oct. 17 property tax, Iberia Parish and Vermilion Parish voters enabled the commissioners of the Twin Parish Port of Delcambre to jump-start an initiative to revitalize the local economy with the launching of a direct marketing campaign and seafood retail Web site on May 1.

Keeping the faith: Area Katrina volunteers embark on annual trip~Tom Henry

Krewe du Vieux Announces its 2010 Theme: Fired Up!

Mardi Gras tableau
~Daily Comet

St. Peter Street Strutters
~Nic Jones

Mardi Gras through the experiences of Jazz musician, Big chief Donald Harrison Jr.
~Maria C. Montoya

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Krewe of Claude parade 1pm

Undeafeated Divas and Gents Annual Second Line Parade Today 12 noon~Red Cotton

Yéle, Wth Fear? ~Citizen K
~Wyclef Jean's Haitian Charity Comes Under Scrutiny~NPR~Neda Ulaby: Yele Haiti has also been criticized because its Web site claims 100 percent of donations now are going to earthquake relief. That's true, says Locke; overhead costs are paid from its base budget.
And because this is not just a story about dollars and cents, I asked Locke if he had lost staff in the earthquake. This is how he responded. (Soundbite of labored breathing)

~Video of Wycleff Jean discusses this smear campaign.
~Editilla notellas~Also please catch Citizen K's Sunday Funnies. It has become a regular thing for us to hang here on your New Orleans Ladder, but he did this post on Haiti Philanthropy that we felt compelled to go with first as we were so busy last night watching Our Boys march to Glory!
I have moved into a bad, yet familiar place emotionally as the situation in Haiti grows ever more vicious with every passing hour. Haiti is no longer a "nation" but millions of severely injured, dying and dead human beings.
Haiti will remain a Culture Enduring.
But, there is no Nation of Haiti this sixth day after the earthquake, only a shifting number of survivors, just people in crisis Sinn Féin. Om Mani Padme Hum

Clean living in difficult circumstances

Security Contractors Chomping their Bits for Business in Haiti

Making Haiti a mission
~David J. Mitchell

~Dr. Craig C. Greene, a Baton Rouge orthopedic surgeon with special training in treating broken bones and severe trauma injuries, has received the call.

Churches, businesses across parish are helping Haitian relief fund~Debbie Glover

Rising From the Ruins
~Kevin Rozario

Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-West features new Levee Data from Article Here
~Enlarge Map.
~Water Industry Spin'filtration Astro'turf from LaCoastPost.Inc.
~Study author, Ezra Boyd responds to LaCoastPost.Inc. and Editilla stomps Astro'Turf like shit in a Bull Ring.

Geotechnical engineer flood control salaries in New Orleans

Who'dat Little Who'dat?
~Brad Pitt and Maddox at our Saints playoff game against the Arizona Cardinals in the Sacredome on Saturday.

Sheriff’s Office seizes a Maserati, now what?~John DeSantis

Coming up in this week’s Gambit: Stand up and get CRUNK edition

Robust king cake sales are good for the bakery business
~Stephanie Bruno

~Lassezes Le Bon Temp Roule'!

The Silent Echo Chamber,
Harry Shearer at CAC NOLA

Bobby Charles Must Be In A Good Place Now. . . .
~Home of the Groove