Saturday, October 23, 2010

Massive stretches of weathered oil spotted in Gulf of Mexico
~Bob Marshall

~Matthew Hinton photograph of a boat traveling through oil that was spotted in West Bay just west of the Southwest Pass of the Mississippi River Friday October 22, 2010.

Toxicologist: 4 to 5 million people on Gulf Coast exposed to dangerous levels of oil — Going to have incredible health effects (VIDEO)
~Florida Oil Spill News

Well okay then Jane, if you say so…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

It’s elementary my dear Watson. This is a “crime family” affair. Slabbed takes a look at a recent earmark/charity looting in Jefferson Parish

An Evening With Harry Shearer
~Cinema St Louis

Halloween on the Bayou~Clancy Dubos

‘Trick or treat’ rules rile ACLU
~Bob Anderson
~On one year out of seven, Halloween hops to a calendar spot that haunts the Livingston Parish Council.

Bad Headcheese~Hat Tweet~liprap
~Editilla gotta Comentella~My brother sells 3 different flavors of souse in his little store in Merigold. I've grilled it, deep-fried it and cut it fresh on white bread. It is a weird thing, Headcheese, as it literally comes from the head of the pig, "the goddamn peeyuhg." Popular Tractor Driver Lunch w'Cheddar too, but not the kind of thing a novice science fiction writer need get into...
---unless they want to write like H.P. Lovecraft.
I think Bad Headcheese understands this, has been there and done that...
and gots the nightmare flatulent screams shape-shifting dreams to prove it.

~1st Ever Red Bull STREET KINGS Brass Band Battle

Friday, October 22, 2010

Time Bandits~American Zombie
~I got a kick out of a Cedric [Richmond] astroturfer on one of the multitude of articles mentioning my blog. Dude stated that I had backpedaled in regards to my allegations about Cedric, NOCE, and the Rolex....not.
I have not retracted anything, I've just been busy digging up bones.

Stairway to Cleveland~moosedenied

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees Sounds Off On Jimmy Graham and the Browns~Bleacher Report
~"So, I think we're becoming even more and more battle tested as we go through the season," said Brees. "If we can find a way to scratch and claw and continue to win games that will serve this team very well moving forward."

City to crack down on illegal vendors outside 'Dome on gamedays ~WWLTV

Mayor Mitch Landrieu sees New Orleans as stage for U.S. to 'do big things again'~Michelle Krupa
~"There was a time when America could summon all of her will, all of her might, all of her courage, all of her resources and do huge things," he said. "I think that American feels small right now, and I think she feels weak. I think she feels captured by her inability to find consensus on any issue."
"This is a place where the country can learn to find herself again," the mayor said. "Hopefully they will take the opportunity to use New Orleans ... to find out how America can do big things again and to restore her credibility on an international stage."

~Special Thanks~ Daily Beast

Citizen involement plan to get worked over by bureaucracy
~Karen Gadbos, The Lens

These are good days for Chef Pass fishing area - maybe too good?
~Bob Marshall

Levee officials consider double- checking Corps of Engineers work
~Sheila Grissett

Ashland library film screening explores 8.29.05 Federal Flood issues with 'America Betrayed'

Legislators say Jindal betrayed their trust by shifting money to St. James steel plant~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

New Orleans feels pinch from Nucor deal ~Fox8

New Orleans Food Coop Board of Directors Meeting Monday, Oct 25

Pedicabs approved a second time by New Orleans City Council~Bruce Eggler

Larry, his brother Darryl and his brother Darryl take their act to the Qui Tam Olympics ~slabbed

An Open Letter to the Tea Party of Louisiana~Disenfranchised Citizen

32 sea turtles, rescued during oil leak, released~Amy Wold

The Oil Isn't Gone, but the People Are Still Here~Ian Somerhalder

Bird's Eye View: Oiled Birds Today In Bay Jimmy~Gulf Restoration Network

~ Well sure they're gonna keep building berms. They're fantastic at stopping vanished oil.

Boat captain “bleeding from her vagina” — “I’m bleeding from my anus, too… This thing is killing me”
~Florida Oil Spill Law

Haiti cholera hospital is a horror scene
~David Darg

UN Peacekeeper to Photographer: Shoot Me and I'll Shoot You ~Mac McClelland

Richard not strenthening yet; Category 4 Giri hits Burma; Megi approaching China~Jeff Masters, Wunderblog

Granny’s fish tale for Elizabeth Edwards and everyone with a broken heart~Poke Salad Granny

Gray Ghost is welcomed to make his mark at 'Arts After Dark' exhibit
~Doug MacCash

A Meeting of ReX & The Grey Ghost ~NOLAFemmes

Invade Nola

The Wacky World of Dr. Morgus
~Will Coviello, Gambit

Superdeformed's Journey into Science Fiction

Last Call at the Deutsches Haus
~Blackened Out

French pop star Alizée is fed up with extremists, cynics and hypocrites.
~Your Right Hand Thief

Delivering Happiness Block Party Bonerama + Mia Borders + John Michael Rouchell + Big Sam's Brass Band

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Great Lakewood-Lakeview War of 2011 ~Library Chronicles

In New Orleans, still waiting for super schools~Sue Sturgis, Facing South

What can brown do for Vitter?
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

James Gill tackles Murphy the Turd. A Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson ODC reprimand update ~slabbed

Patronizing Conservative Elitism and Voter Suppression~The Huck Upchuck
~Hat Tweet~ skooks

Old Fart At Play
~Adrastos, First Draft

Hurricane Katrina & Federal Flood

Long Live The Dirty Coast!

Pointe-Au-Chien still struggling with impact from oil~Bill Capo, WWL

~ Parish President Nungesser walks out of BP PR speech in Tampa.

Good News and Bad News…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Volunteer Army
~Audubon Magazine

Lafourche employees help raise money for shrimpers~Daily Comet

Chevron places a big bet in the Gulf ~Brett Clanton, Houston Chronicle
~Oil giant planning floating city of deep-water wells 280 miles out

Experts Huddle to Discuss Delta’s Fragile Wetlands

River Ecologist: Missouri Needs Flow of Sediment

Cholera Outbreak in Haiti–This is Bad
~Mark Leon Goldberg

5 ways to use social media for better emergency response

The Three Churches of the Irish Channel ~GO NOLA

The Traveling Mermaid Strikes Again!

Tribecon 2010: Why You Should Go ~NOLAFemmes

Hogs for the Cause in the Year 2011 ~Blackened Out

'Blue Valentine' set to close out 2010 New Orleans Film Festival tonight
~Mike Scott

Doogie YeahBrahCaDaBrah (NSFW)
~Humid Beings

Downtown-to-Uptown second line to pass through Milan, end on Tchoupitoulas~Uptown Messenger

Preservation Hall Jazz Band ft. Tom Waits on 78rpm vinyl
~Here Comes the Flood

~The proceeds from the sales of this very special project will benefit the Preservation Hall Junior Jazz & Heritage Brass Band, the cornerstone of the Preservation Hall music outreach program in partnership with The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gulf Coast land loss could add up to $350 billion by 2030
~Mark Schleifstein

Oil Spill Assessment and Restoration Meetings Scheduled

If the Big Easy can bounce back from tourism woes, so can the Emerald Coast
~Dusty Ricketts
~Hat Tip~
"...But as bad as it was here, Jennifer Day has seen much worse.
Day, director of communications and public relations for the New Orleans Convention Center and Visitors Bureau, was the keynote speaker Tuesday at the Walton County Tourist Development Council’s 2010 annual meeting.
“I know you all have been going through a rough time, but I’m here to tell you that if New Orleans can weather the largest man-made disaster in history, the recession and stand alongside you in this BP oil spill … so can you,” Day told the crowd at the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort and Spa. “Let me tell you, New Orleans is back. New Orleans is stronger than it’s been in years."
Day called Hurricane Katrina the worst man-made disaster in U.S. history, considering the failure of the city’s levees. More than 1,800 people died, and damage to buildings and infrastructure totaled billions of dollars.

Louisiana Oyster Task Force seeks cancellation of 2010-11 season in areas

Hanging Pictures…Six Months Later
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Six months after BP oil disaster, Gulf Coast demands action from Washington~Facing South

Undefeated: The Gulf Coast 6 Months After the Blowout~Jerry Cope

"But are you seeing any oil?"~Greenpeace reports on submarine dives from research vessel Arctic Sunrise.

In The Name of Oil~NOLAFemmes

Report: wind, flood mandates needed

State money for Marigny food coop diverted for iron factory in St. James Parish~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

Mary Queen of Viet Nam CDC demands apology from state Rep. Cedric "$Bill Non-Profit King" Richmond

A dozen neighborhood security or improvement districts are up for a vote~Bruce Eggler

The Rent Really Is Too Damn High ~Cliff's Crib

The Americanization of Louisiana Politics ~Adrastos

Yes I can verify we have a tough crowd here ~slabbed

Port of New Orleans:
Traffic at record high

Haiti Dispatch: Inside Sean Penn's Tent City~Mac McClelland, Mother Jones

Western Caribbean disturbance 99L near tropical depression strength
~Jeff Masters

French Food

Change is Constant at Boucherie
~Blackened Out

~We just love NOLA RISING....

'House' star Hugh Laurie records with Allen Toussaint in New Orleans
~Keith Spera

Backbeat Presents: "Swamp Tripper" - Tab Benoit with musical guests: Dr. John, Michael Doucet of BeauSoleil, James Andrews & Big Chief Monk Boudreaux~Humid Beings
~Editilla Shushellas~ Shhhhhh don't tell them Treme writers... jus'sayin...

Arts Council Webinar: Your Music Business Team: Relationships with Attorneys, Managers, and Agents

The Seeds of Grateful Dead Drummer Bill Kreutzmann's New Band, 7 Walkers, Are Sprouting

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Road Home sequel belongs to Jindal ~Jarvis DeBerry

Lawyers accuse one another of being lawyers ~Library Chronicles

Mayor Landrieu Meets with Save Charity Hospital Advocates at City Hall, Accepts Over 10,000 Petitions

Carville and Matalin Get Jiggy wit'it: Bipolitical Partisan Center
~Ain't but 2 Ways 2 Do Corporate Democracy: Our Way or the Highway.

Parishes seek cost break on levees
~Nikki Buskey

~Editilla bites the lip and remembers~ Need we remind everyone, that Congress said to the Corps of Engineers: "We want This for
the Morganza-to-the-Gulf hurricane-protection system in Terrebonne." To which the Corps responded by saying "OK, it'll cost you $886 Million." So then Congress gave the Corps $886 Million. Next the Corps, always ready to pull the cinch, quickly within Months upped the ante to $12,000,000,000! Remember that? Oh how fast they suddenly realized these "new standards" would apply!
We demand Flood Protection and all they give us are "Pilot Programs" and "Further Studies"! Can we get a witnaaasss heah?

Alleged Damages in 2005 Flood from Dredging Operations Not Forseeable

Former cypress swamp destroyed by MRGO east of New Orleans
~Photographed by Quinta Scott

Drew and Brittany Brees finally had their Baby! Little Benoit? Still time to lobby for a name on Twitter!

100 Miles and Runnin’~moosedenied

Fujita calls league stance on hits hypocritical

ALERT! kareng Chris Finch Drew Brees the dog is missing. Mid City #nola

Point Spreads~Ian McNulty, Gambit

2010 Challenge: Photos of Bones Favre Wishes He'd Sent Instead
~Blackened Out

Oil cleanup not over in Louisiana's Bay Jimmy
~Rick Jervis

Spill impacts vary widely, study shows

~Katherine Schmidt

Offshore drilling inspection staff to grow by 200, agency director says
~David Hammer

U.S. Deep-Water Safety Rules on Oil Drilling Thrown Out by Federal Oil Judge ~Bloomberg

~ Today's vanishing oil story comes complete with obligatory coffee analogy
~ @ Wow! Is this misinformation by the TP? I mean beyond the pale of mere misdirection or even simple lying? What *popular assumptions*?

Obama Administration Clings to “Mission Accomplished” Claim with Release of New Report~Stuart Smith

The Gulf Between Us
~Terry Tempest Williams, Orion

~The oil is not gone. This story is not over. We smelled it in the air. We felt it in the water. People along the Gulf Coast are getting sick and sicker. Marshes are burned. Oysters are scarce and shrimp are tainted. Jobs are gone and stress is high. What is now hidden will surface over time.

Big Polluters' Big Ad Spending
~Center for American Progress

New Oil Leak Discovered Today

BR Students create opera about oil leak

Aware Pt. 1~Wreckless Endangerment

A Freedom Rider Returns to Parchman ~Riley Morse, Facing South

~Special Thanks~Nobody's Business

Form vs. function dominates discussion of Audubon Charter renovations~Uptown Messenger

New Orleans Office Tower Comes to Life as High-Tech Business Center

Dirty Coast gets a Cool Shout-Out from NYC swissmiss!
~ Film Fest Winners //

Aidan's Monsters!~Aidan is a 5 year old boy who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. He loves to draw and he loves monsters.
Here is where we sell some of his original drawings as well as prints to raise money for his medical bills.

Team entries rolling in like the fog of Campastrano, so get yours in or be covered in London Salmon
~Hogs for the Cause

Reds, Whites and the Blues Thursday night~Kevin Allman

Thank You, New Orleans, for Wednesday Nights~GO NOLA

Bob Marley~Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Lonewolf Blues Company...
Effects Pedals for the Pros!

~These are some great pedals for harmonica and guitar players...
Handmade right in Ponchatoula, Louisiana!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Corps of Engineer Again Plays Shell Game With Flood Funding Priorities
~Editilla Cotellas~ The Corps has learned now from 8/29/05 to blame the locals Before their structures fail, since already trying to do that after they flooded New Orleans didn't work so well. So now they are shifting their responsibility for Congressional Mandated flood safety off to the local governments, as if we the people have anything to do with Corps Funding Priorities. This is heinous. Furthermore, this entire article punked by Gerald Galloway via Mark Schleifstein is pure Corps Euphemism for "We will not remove the still badly built, failed floodwalls and NOLA will take OPTION 1 and like it!"

Rut'row! Corps of Engineers shoring up Mississippi River bank near Ochsner Medical Center
~Editilla CoHotellas~ Since the Corps screwed up so badly on original soil assessments, they are now clearing all the foliage to cover up their original little misunderestimation. How much more do we need to find out where the Corps of Engineeres punked us on the front end like wizened bullies?
These creeps need Jail Time for goodness sakes. Put them Away!

Sen Murphy: Fed Ignores MN Flyover Flood Zone

HANO official: Agency not tracking voucher locations
~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

Harry Shearer: The Silent Echo Chamber at Henry Art Gallery, Seattle

Gimme Shelters
~Alex Woodward, Gambit

Residents’ & Activists’ Guide to ~Hat Tweet~
Rainwater test results show increase in toxins AFTER well capped… “Unbelievable”, “Astronomical” — Nitrobenzene & Heavy Metals (VIDEO)
~Florida Oil Spill Law

~Interview with Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana and Project Gulf Impact.

Six Months, Five Shrimp, and One Nasty Mess: Health & Seafood Safety Concerns from BP Spill Still Linger in Gulf Today~Gina Solomon

Ad Approved By Senator David Vitter Stirs Controversy Among Hispanic

I sense lots of tension in the Slabbed Nation

~This one did it for me and Monday in all its Trixter Boo'rah!
With very special thanks to Adrastos over at First Draft! Hell Yeah!


City's farmers struggle with toxins and red tape~Louisiana Weekly

'Walk for the Fallen' arrives in N.O.

Gloves Off in 2nd District Race
~Clancy Dubos, Gambit

LSU student president begs Gov. Bobby Jindal to stay home

LEH Media Panel 1~Humid Beings
~Hat Tip~American Zombie

Kittenpillars~Doc Brite

New Orleans Film Festival best bet,
Day 4: Darren Aronofsky's 'Black Swan'

A Whole Lotta Burrata~Blackened Out

Community Food Security Coalition convention meets in New Orleans
~Katie Urbaszewski

The Men of Class and Sportsman’s Ladies Parade photo gallery
~Uptown Messenger

~Who Dat say they gonna Shake Them Saints?


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Women of Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana Give Back

Steep added costs driving Corps pilot program that could result in more risky levees in some areas~Mark Schleifstein
~The increased expense is largely the result of new rules the corps developed after an extensive, 1 1/2-year (self) study of the reasons earthen levees and floodwalls failed during Katrina. That study concluded problems stemmed largely from a failure to understand the quality of the soil beneath the levees.
Ray Seed, a civil engineering professor at the University of California at Berkeley, said the pilot study plan is flawed because it may not adequately consider some of the causes of levee failures in New Orleans, such as floodwaters seeping underneath earthen levees, causing them to collapse or move.
Robert Bea, another civil engineering professor at Berkeley who teamed with Seed in producing an independent forensic analysis of levee failures during Katrina, said the initial description of the new pilot places too much reliance on overtopping of levees by storm surge as the key cause of levee failure:
“If overtopping was the only mode of performance that leads to failure, then there would not have been the Katrina flood protection system failures disaster.”

Groundwork NOLA Invitation to 3rd Annual Meet Our Raingardens - October 22nd 5-8 p.m
~Watershed NOLA
Oyster Fest is a success, but fishermen fear uncertain future~Shelley Brown
~Marty Melerine, who's been in the oyster fishing business for 30 years, said oyster leases that are open, are down about 50-percent. He said, "the oysters didn't grow. They had a stun in their growth. They didn't grow. They didn't spawn, which they didn't have any babies made so they don't have any small oysters for next year or the year after so right now it's just kind of wait and see."

Week 6: Missing Our Running Backs and Is Something Wrong With Drew?
~Cliff's Crib

Add it to Webster's book
~Our New Orleans Saints

'Who Dat' trademark fight is back
~Gwen Filosa

~ And it continues to be as excruciatingly boring as it ever was. @ The Who Dat? fight continues.

Super-typhoon ‘Juan’ reaches coasts of Cagayan

World Delta Dialogues 2010 in New Orleans Oct. 17-20, 2010-Begins Today!
~Watershed NOLA

Thoughts on Melancon Versus Vitter

USA singing for Judge Biggers ~slabbed

Judge Babier Gives BP One Week to Declare their Intentions on $75 Million Cap~Disenfranchised Citizen

Gulf: Spill data secrecy is troubling

Boudreaux might get BP in another Battle of New Orleans, Granny warns
~Poke Salad Granny

Insight: Picking up the pieces on the Gulf Coast~George Crozier

Groups challenge dispersant use, draft plan~Nikki Buskey

Sending politicians to Angola pre- emptively might scare 'em straight
~James Gill

Penitentiary’s sale trims ‘warm- blooded’ horse herd by 100
~Mark Hunter

New Orleans City Park is better than ever ~Doug MacCash

Swoon on St. Claude
~Traveling Mermaid

The Dinglerization of America

Dead 100 Years, Mark Twain Lets Loose

Too Jewish & Taken Away,
Two New Novels By Patty Friedman
~Pirate's Alley Faulkner Society

Mardi Gras Indians doc 'Bury the Hatchet' adds some color to Day 3 of 2010 New Orleans film festival
~Mike Scott

Men of Class and Sportsman's Ladies Parade Today!~Red Cotton, Gambit