Saturday, October 8, 2011

Win at trip to New Orleans with Harry Shearer~The Cajun Boy~Well, our friends at FilmBuff were inspired enough by Harry Shearer’s powerful and entertaining documentary, The Big Uneasy (which you should totally watch, btw), for its “ability to go behind the scenes and capture the events surrounding hurricane Katrina and the destruction that it laid upon the city of New Orleans.(here Editilla axes WTF???) So they’re, with Harry’s help, having a contest:
From inspiration comes action, so we want to give you, our loyal FilmBuffs an unique opportunity: write a letter to your state senator and discuss what measures need to be taken to protect your community and prevent devastating natural disasters like this (here Editilla gotta axe: do they mean the US Army Corps of Engineers?) from crippling your town. Submit your letter to both your senator and also, via our team here, to Harry Shearer. Harry, the director of the The Big Uneasy, will personally select the best letter. Should that letter be yours, you will win a trip to New Orleans where Harry himself will guide you on a exciting tour of this great city and together you will witness first hand some of the renewal areas.
~Editilla Parentheticates~ We're a fan of this writer and follow him on Twitter. But, I don't care if you are Elvis' little brother, New Orleans was not flooded by a Natural Disaster named Katrina but by a man-made civil engineering failure named the US Army Corps of Engineers.
In the real world, we call such a miss-framing of the man-made Federal Flood that devastated New Orleans as "Katrina the Natural Disaster": Katrina Shorthand. In the 5 years I've watched battle this misconception in the American Press, it seemed to have slackened to a trickle due to that group's unrelenting efforts to correct editors and journalists. Yet, here we are after the 6th Anniversary of that Man Made Disaster, and we find a local journalists/content writer doing it like they're some jail-punk at the AP. I don't even need to mention how antithetical this is to the entire premise of The Big Uneasy. They should watch the movie before trying to Katrina Shorthand it.

Roll on Red Bull!

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We Are Not Ready For Some Football...
~Library Chronicles

Concern in crisis adds to stress: human impact of oil leak studied~Jordan Blum
~Having strong roots and community commitment can actually lead to more stress and health problems, especially in times of crisis, according to a new LSU study.
Army Corps Bribe Case Includes Alleged Threat to Kill Witness ~Bloomberg

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force offers to bribe Louisiana with carrots
~The America’s WETLAND Foundation (an industry funded lobbying group) praised the report for bringing Louisiana’s coastal land loss to national prominence. “We have been through numerous federal administrations where making the case for the restoration of valuable wetlands in Louisiana has been all but ignored,” said foundation Chairman King Milling (who funded 80% of the coastal destruction with oil exploration loans through his Whitney Bank). “Through the efforts of many, Gulf Coast deterioration is now a national concern, where agendas are forming to bring solutions to a crisis situation.”

The New Orleans-based Gulf Restoration Network, however, attacked the report for not recommending specific restoration projects. “Where are the measurable goals and outcomes for the restoration agenda?” spokesman Aaron Viles said in a news release. “Where will the money for specific projects come from? How can we be sure that restoration decisions are sound if there is no requirement for independent scientific review and a Science Advisory Committee?”
~Editilla Notellas~ We would've linked to AWF but their url is suspiciously almost exactly like the following coastal science group GRN. Making your URL exactly like your competition's is an old Public Relations aggregation trick from the days of signage.
America's Wetlands is funded by the vary industry which has destroyed South Louisiana, which in turn was financed for the most part by the group's chairman King Milling's bank. When such well-funded PR Machines play-act as grass roots activists you get ASTROTURF.

~Photograph of wetlands damage from the MRGO, by Quinta Scott: wetlands blogger photo-archivist, fine art nature photographer and big friend of Louisiana and your New Orleans Ladder. Please also see her post: Ecosystem Restoration: The Upper Mississippi and the Louisiana Coast, Studied to Death

Defend Our Coast, Defend Our Culture
Join us for an evening of great discussion, food, and music to benefit GRN

Oil spill may be causing infertility problems ~Disenfranchised Citizen

Voice of the Wetlands Festival Oct. 7-9
~The eighth annual Voice of the Wetlands Festival is scheduled for Oct. 7-9 at Southdown Plantation, 1208 Museum Drive, Houma. Admission is free.
~Other fall festivals across South Louisiana

Aaron Bennett is busy ingratiating himself: Stephanie Grace

Xanax and Highballs~American Zombie
Almost half of Louisiana schools fail

Thousands in improperly documented Nagin-era charges foul city’s 2010 audit
~Ariela Cohen, The Lens

The New Orleans Levee: The Last Word in Ridiculous for the Last Five Years
~Notes on New

Mississippi River 9th Ward Film and Arts Festival hoping third time will be a charm

Putting the K in Oktoberfest~Gambit

Short Order Reviews~Blackened Out

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fraud in Corps of Engineers? No Way!
~Hat Tweet @theharryshearer

Probe sought in Army Corps of Engineers bribe case

Lee Zurik Investigation: Corps gives controversial contractor $51M in work
~At least one public agency defends the hiring of a government contractor who’s been paid tens of millions of your dollars. While the company Benetech has made millions of public dollars, it has run into problems on much of its work. We’ve been trying to get an interview with Benetech owner Aaron Bennett for months. Three weeks ago at the airport Bennett refused to respond to our questions.
~Hat Tweet~US Atty Jim Letten has issued bills of information against Jiff Hingle & Benetech's Aaron Bennett. Up on soon.
~Also~Plaquemines Sheriff 'Jiff' Hingle to resign~WWL

Corps' Seabrook Floodgate Delays Affect Local Business~WDSU

New Orleans North

Superdome: "Lord won't you buy me, Mercedes Benz"~American Zombie

Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk: Its the silly season ~Slabbed

Ken Feinberg’s next modification…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Companies that participated in oil spill cleanup aren't immune from health claims

~Hat Tweet Lizzie O'Leary~RT : The fed gov releases its plan to restore the Gulf ecosystem, post-BP (and decades of other abuse):

Graffiti writer turned legitimate muralist frustrated by gray overpainting
~Doug MacCash

Deutsches Haus plans move to Bayou St. John~Rebecca Mowbray

Winesday~Blackened Out

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nalco…not just following orders…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Four arrested in Corps of Engineers bribery and contracting scam~Hat Tip~ Sandy Rosenthal

Corps of Engineers: an Equal Opportunity Shell-Game Racket~After raging waters devastated farms, homes and livelihoods along the Missouri River this summer, the Missouri Corn Growers Association is calling on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to immediately reallocate funds to rebuild damaged levees. "Despite their ongoing claims that flood control is the No. 1 priority of the system, the corps continues to state money is not available for levee repair and isn't expected for some time," noted MCGA CEO Gary Marshall. "Meanwhile the corps has millions of dollars at their disposal for other river projects that further jeopardize flood control."
~Editilla wilts like a point'setta~ We really hate to keep bringing this up buuuuut the Corps of Engineers are, well, basically fucking liars who work for higher bidders than the American Taxpayer. They want a new expensive huge flood control structure at the Bird's Point levee breach they caused during their recent flooding project. They will wait out these measly farmers to get what the Corps wants. And from whom will this bell toll? They work for subsidized corporations like ADM and Con Agra, Tyson... the list goes on as these are the Stakeholders who've benefited the most from our Federal Infrastructure. The Corps doesn't give a Rat Fink's Ass for some Corn Growers Assn. Ha! Those people just pay taxes. The larger Engineering Problem lies in their lies about the whole system in the upper Mississippi. It is designed to Get Product Out, not protect stupid farmers dumb enough to've bought the con to grow corn for ethanol. Missouri farmers are shat outta luck and small fry in a bigger cookout.

The hurt from Corps' Flood bridge blockade remains incalculable~Jarvis DeBerry

Orleans Public Defenders Office sues Sheriff Gusman over visitation at OPP

Comment Bump: Bill "Wimpy, Jr." Loiry prices his new snake oil
~American Zombie

Yes I agree Benetech needs a good probe. A 24 inch speculum should work nicely for the job ~Slabbed

Occupy Wall Street ~Thanks Katrina
~Hat Tweet the Pun~A contributor to 2nd Harvest Food Bank, I'm concerned about hooking onto their good hard work

$27.1 million Claiborne Avenue drainage improvements contract is awarded

Kenner built 4 sewer stations with key components vulnerable to flooding

Harvesters dispirited by white shrimp catch

White Shrimp Season Not Too Shrimpy ~Bayou Woman~Hat Tweet @captainswallow

Iceland, Terrebonne could become partners

Prune-hibitionists~Blackened Out

'Mr. Okra' documentary to screen Wednesday at free outdoor NOMA event

A Sneak Peak at 'The Music Box,' Where Sculptures Form a Symphony

WWOZ Membership Drive!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The conservative case for saving the coast ~Bob Marshall

Insurers win as post-Hurricane Katrina/Federal Flood issue is resolved~Rebecca Mowbray

PWALLY Mostly True Stories, Part II

She is also our Corps Illustrator: The Masqued E'vinga!
You can find her littered all over your New Orleans Ladder. Without her pictures cutting humorous satire across our blog, yer ho ho homble Editilla's angry ass woulda surely ended up in da hoosgow. Not only do we love her for steppin into it with da Ladder, I've purchased a group of her Chicken Paintings (like the one at right: Hamburg Chic) for Editilla's House of Piety! I'd link to them but would rather our Gentle'rillas go and enjoy pecking down her Facebook page to see all her other paintings. Polly also writes wonderful short stories under the blog name PWALLY, from whence come these great little books.

Swamp expo shows off culture