Sunday, August 16, 2015

'Bringing Back The Home': Jon Cleary Celebrates The Soul Of New Orleans ~NPR
‘We’re forgotten’: Outside New Orleans, Gulf eats away at entire coastal towns, residents’ livelihoods  ~Cain Burdeau, AP
DELACROIX (AP) — Rocky Morales is watching his small Louisiana town of Delacroix slowly melt into the water. The woods where he played hide-and-seek as a boy are gone. It’s all water and mud back there now. So, too, is the nearby marsh where townsfolk once trapped for muskrat, otter and mink.
Many of the fishermen who once lived here — his friends and relatives — have disappeared as well, fleeing behind the intricate levee system protecting New Orleans out of fear that one more hurricane will be all it takes to send the rest of Delacroix into the sea.