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Jim Dickinson dead at 67
~Our hearts go out to Mrs Mary Lindsey, Luther, and Cody
--and all close to the Dickinson family who knew and loved Jim.
I first met Jim Dickinson when I warmed up for his band Mudboy and the Neutrons in Memphis in '81 or '82. Over the years we would congrooviate occasionally and, though we weren't close, he always left me feeling like a musician and a friend.
With Lee Baker and Fury Lewis, Dickinson influenced my own musical development deeply and unmistakably, as if I can still smell the bogue in which I learned to swim.
With age he just got better and better and nicer and nicer.
I already sorely miss this man and will never forget him.
"Fuck it, its only music," said the funniest musician I've ever met.
This is where I grew up, where I come from...


Tropical Storm Ana
~Weather Underground

National Weather Service

Tropical Storm Bill forms in eastern Atlantic

Corps Time? This is your brain on OPP.

Gov. Bobby Jindal urged to seize control in LSU-Tulane dispute over hospital~Bill Barrow

Slabberday Night Special

New Orleans hires outside counsel ~Becky Bohrer

"Let us out and we'll give you the hostage!"

Planned saltwater well has residents concerned
~Naomi King

Mirliton Man planting seeds of recovery~Judy Walker

NightProwlKitty sayz...

~Editilla gotta ax~Does this fool ever lock his bike?

Louis Prima - 1937-39

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band (with Dr. John):
It's All Over


Friday, August 14, 2009


Natural Disasters captured
from Space~NerdModo

~At Right: Chandeleur Isls pre/post Katrina.
Satellites have been responsible for providing weather news for the past 50 years, and they heralded an era of global communication.
From commercial communication satellites to spy satellites to weather satellites, they are awe inspiring in all forms. Natural disasters strike in many forms, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, avalanches and floods. Today, we present a portfolio of natural disasters as photographed from the Space.
Composite Image shows Mexican Island of Cozumel surrounded by Hurricane Wilma, October 2005.

Taiwan flood death toll could top 500: president~Ben Yeh

~Thousands of people have been told to leave their homes as a 4,100-acre wildfire rages in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Bonny Doon. The blaze, named the Lockheed Fire, has forced the evacuation of nearly 2,500 people.

Jarvis DeBerry: Did a corrupt Orleans Levee Board cause flooding? Will a corrupt Corps of Engineers?
~Myths prevail where people refuse to think.
A thoughtful analysis of the Katrina flooding reveals that corruption at the Levee Board, though disgraceful, had nothing to do with the Corps of Engineers building flimsy floodwalls.
The people who died in their attics perished because the flood protection system constructed by the corps was, in the agency's words, "a system in name only," --not because the Levee Board was a cesspool of cronyism.

Corps of Engineers awards final pump station contract
~Michelle Krup

N.O. East residents divided over plan to use clay to build levees
~Susan Edwards, WWL

~It's a plan that has split residents in a high-priced New Orleans subdivision: whether or not to allow the Army Corps of Engineers to extract 113 acres of clay from the Eastover subdivision to build levees. ~And this from the T-P

Greater New Orleans Foundation allocates $625,000 to 5 parishes

This is odd...~Deon Roberts
~Entrepreneur magazine, in its latest issue, dedicated its cover story to the “new entrepreneurial culture (that) is taking hold in New Orleans.” But in that same issue, there’s a list of the
“10 startup-friendly cities.”
Who can guess which city is not on the list?

Fluff over substance at WLOX ~slabbed~You had to know on the subject of State Farm’s proposed rate increase that someone in the media would display an incredible amount of ignorance and make an ass of themselves. David Vincent of WLOX took the plunge with today’s editorial which at its heart has the premise that Ed Rust and his mafia in Bloomington don’t know what is going on down here.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano to visit SUNO on Monday

Pentagon, governors face off over reserve plan~Lolita C. Baldo
The Pentagon is upsetting the nation’s governors by pushing for authority to call up military reservists for natural disasters
— and to control how the troops would be used in any state.
“Control” is the key word. Largely considered a wartime resource, the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine reserves can be tapped by the president for military deployments overseas and for national emergencies such as terrorist attacks.
But the law is largely silent when mother nature is involved.
Bandied about in the past, the issue emerged anew in recent days after defense officials floated a new proposal on Capitol Hill, sparking a sharp response from the governors.

Rep. crafting amendment exempting La. from national health care

Orange Cone Pittsburgh
~We Could Be Famous

~Editilla Herollero and WCBF Bloggarello "E" will be here through Sunday trying to represent new media New Orleans progressives at Netroots Nation 2009.

Five historic New Orleans sites restored as part of national project

Film tells story of pet rescues after Katrina ~Stacy Lee
~The award-winning film will be shown on Sunday at 3:15 p.m. at Pittsburgh's Southside Works Cinema.
It follows the pets left to perish in the hurricane and the vets, owners, officials, rescuers and adopters of the animals working together to meet the crisis.

Lyle Grimes, Westwego 'motorcyle nut,' killed in bike wreck outside of Natchitoches
~Editilla Notellas~ Lyle Grimes was well known at BMW rallies across the country, to the point where we received a phone call from rider asking that we hang his obituary onto the Ladder.
No problem, it is our Honor. Ride In Peace, Noble Mon.
To quote Lyle: "It takes a certain kind of nut to ride a motorcycle, and I am that motorcycle nut."

New York Times Miscues Review
Dave Eggers for Charles Dickens,
'Zeitoun' for 'After the Deluge'

~Editilla Crow'tellas~ Jus'sayin, we find both books worthy of a Times Review, and await their take on the new graphic novel: "AD-New Orleans After the Deluge".

Brad Pitt's guide to New Orleans

Louisiana Cuisine Goes National

The Iguanas, Davell Crawford, Irma Thomas and more music for the week from Spera's Trick Bag!

AC/DC adds New Orleans stop to its 'Black Ice' tour

On 40th anniversary, Woodstock legacy felt across vibrant
(but less groovy?) festival circuit
~Jake Coyle

~Editilla Ro'tellas~
Lest anyone buy this or NPReeta's attempts to compare
"Our Rock'N'Roll Social Evolution" with the latest town-hall market displays of devolution by these ill-bred, over-medicated Kristallnacht'head minions of National Socialism, that's right: After Birther Walshirts.... I would like you to consider that Time Flies when yer'havin Fun in the Sun. What does that mean? It means that we passed a mere 25 years, only a quarter of a century, since helping to defeat those homo'entropic ideological hoodlums and Liberate their Nazi Camps --until 1969...
Woodstock, when we gathered together to end the War in Vietnam. We changed this country. This breed of Wal'shirts
can't even change their diaper, let alone hold their piece.
Personally, consider yer'oh'so' humble Editilla a ReBirther.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


~And now for something completely different...


New Orleans area woman dies from Swine Flu ~WWL

Shrimp harvests slim: Commercial fishermen cast nets in rough waters~Jeff Moore
~Ocean Harvest employee D.J. Breaux shovels shrimp from the boat Slow Ride onto a conveyor belt for weighing after returning from a three-day trip Wednesday in Delcambre.
Shrimp season got off to a slow start this week, with shrimpers across the area reporting small catches and low dockside prices following Monday's opening day.

Robbing a river to build a marsh ~Nikki Buskey

Driving Miss Crazy in a future south Louisiana (part 1) ~LaCoastPost ~Part 2
~"Editor’s caveat: This post introduces my sense of the future of transportation in south Louisiana. Part two will follow soon. Environmental planning is a uniquely human exercise that provides a welcome distraction from coping with the present."

TD 2 nearly dead; African disturbance 90L gathering strength~Dr. Jeff Masters
~Tropical Depression Two is near death, but is still worth watching.
The dry, Saharan air to the north and west of the depression, combined with moderately high levels of wind shear of 15 - 20 knots, have almost completely destroyed all of TD 2's heavy thunderstorms. Satellite loops of the storm show a well-formed circulation, but almost no heavy thunderstorm activity.

Hurricane peak not unique ~Nature

Ride to Safety for Taiwan Survivors~Andrew Jacobs

Everglades restoration project gets federal aid~Curits Morgan

Disabled Students In Louisiana Are More Likely To Be Subjected To Corporal Punishment ~CenLamar

Oh Ye of Little Faith ~slabbed

VA hospital plans unaffected by uncertainty over state teaching hospital~Bill Barrow

How American Health Care
Killed My Father~David Goldhill

Disaster planning for disabled faulted~Bruce Alpert

Pitt on mayoral run:
‘I don’t have a chance!’
~Mike Celizic

~Actor laughs off New Orleans grassroots movement:
...‘Not what I do best’

Union organizers target Rouses stores~Houma Today~Union organizers clashed with management at Rouses Supermarkets across Louisiana last week, resulting in the arrests of six union representatives and claims that the company unfairly prevented employees from getting information on forming their own locals.

MS Gov. Haley Babar Announces New Affordable Housing Units
~Yall Politics

Business continuity planning vs. Emergency management
~We somehow need to distinguish between Business Continuity Planning (the overall 'pre-incident' planning exercise), Disaster Recovery (the aspect more related to planning for and recovering from the incident itself), and Emergency Management (the managing of the incident whilst it is in progress). Where these definitions are placed, and how they are worked out, is the moot point.

Katrina Anniversary Nears, and Should Evoke Truths, Both Ugly and Ennobling~Jacob Schuman

Crazy times in Boutte
~Thanks Katrina

"Loyola Katrina Class"
Gift Dedication Ceremony

Sunday Nov. 22
~live music on two stages
~over 60 of New Orleans' best-known artists' unique artwork
~family-friendly events such as a children’s section with games and ~prizes, po-boy photo booth, and panel discussions covering the history of the po-boy.
~and, of course, the best tasting po-boys in New Orleans!

Dave Eggers heading to L.A.

If the Dead Rise Not, Prewar Berlin Inspires Crime Novelist's Dark Side~Eric Westervelt
~In Kerr's novels, detective Gunther watches as the city he loves for its edgy openness slowly becomes oppressive and is taken over by jack-booted thugs. Gunther believes in democracy and the Weimar republic, yet he's not passionately political...
— he just a professional who wants to do his job.

"Waiting for Godot" As Viewed After Hurricane Katrina
~Frank Rizzo

Sarajevo Film Festival kicks off, 100,000 viewers expected at fest founded during wartime
~Aida Cerkez-robinson

Do something constructive for local artists~Herman Fuselier
~"I was set to scream, shout and ask questions later.
That's the way “communications” seem to work these days, especially at congressional town hall meetings.
Last week, Allen Toussaint and Ernie K-Doe were inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.

The honor is richly deserved by two New Orleans entertainers who have given the world such hits as Mother-in-Law, Working in a Coal Mine and Lady Marmalade.
I saw news of their induction in at least three newspapers, which also ran a list of previous inductees. What caused me to shout was out of 38 inductees to the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame, there were no Cajun or zydeco artists.
Not one. Zero. Nada. Pas rien."

Gumbo! New Orleans spices up Minnesota Orchestra jazz season
~Rob Hubbard

A note from the Maple Leaf
~Alex Woodward

"As usual, we will not evacuate if there is a hurricane, but will stay open with food and entertainment.~Hank"
~To that we would humbly add...Hell Yeah!
NOLA, Sinn Féin!

Miff Mole (Irving Milfred)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mercredi~ Extra!

Diaperman David Vitter So Excited About Wingnuts Yelling At Him At Town Halls, He Pooped His Diaper! ~Wonkette
~Disgusting wingnut diaper-fetishist hooker-user David Vitter says he is super excited about wingnuts yelling at him, at one of these Town Hall KKK Rallies. He’s even bringing extra diapers, because he’s already planning on jacking off and pooping in a series of diapers, while old people who really need diapers yell about how they will officially renounce Medicare and die,
like patriots, at the Superdome.


The Joke’s on Junta ‘Baba gyi’
~The Irrawaddy

~Moments after the judges had vacated the courtroom after handing down a three-year sentence with hard labor to the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, the regime’s Home Minister Maj-Gen Maung Oo entered stage left and addressed the courtroom.
Reading a prepared statement from Than Shwe,
the minister for home affairs said that as Suu Kyi was the daughter of national independence hero, Aung San, the junta chief had decided “to exercise leniency upon her.”
A foreign staffer with an NGO in Rangoon said that when the news was read out on TV in the restaurant where he was sitting, people smirked. “It was amazing that it actually came on TV and everyone got a chance to hear it first-hand,” he said. “Everybody laughed when the TV presenter said that Than Shwe himself had granted a reduction of her sentence.”
Speaking to The Irrawaddy, a Rangoon housewife said,
“Than Shwe has obviously watched a lot of Chinese soap operas. Maybe he wants to be like the benevolent ‘people’s judge’ in Manchu dynasty episodes.”

Here is some wonderful Burma Music. We love it all, but...
Editilla's favorite is #8, My Name Is Burma

First day of fall season disappoints shrimpers
~Robert Zullo

New local effort aims to speed hurricane-protection work
~Nikki Buskey

Fairbanks Morse Pump wins $70M contract from Army Corps for New Orleans

Loyola starts Center for the Study of New Orleans

Child-Governor Jindal doing damage control?

A loaded gun on the table
~We Could Be Famous

Inc. 500 reports 'insurer' America’s fastest growing private company ~slabbed

Robert's Fresh Market owner wins round in dispute with insurer

Democrats, Obama Abandon Louisiana ~Jeff Crouere, BBuzz

Louisiana's Coastline is important to America
~Thanks, Katrina

Lawmakers try for national solution to water squabble
~Bob Keefe

“Save us!”

TD 2 struggling; new African wave bears watching
~Jeff Masters

Canal Boulevard bus station plan booed by residents
~Frank Donze

Trahan Architects' Make It Right house design video

Avenue Pub: cask-condition NOLA Blonde Ale
~Todd A. Price

Marigny Brasserie hosts wine dinner to benefit Southern Animal Foundation
~Todd A. Price

Rapper C-Murder convicted for 2002 shooting

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mardi~Extra! Extra!

Extra!!! Extra!!!
~The New Orleans Levee

Independent police monitor named in New Orleans
~Brendan McCarthy

Suu Kyi Sentence Stirs World Outrage~Wae Moe, Irrawaddy

~The decision by the generals who run Burma to extend Aung San Suu Kyi's incarceration by 18 months has abruptly snuffed out the dim hope that the regime was becoming more sensitive to international pressure for democratic reform.
World leaders have expressed outrage over this sentence and the European Union plans tougher sanctions against the Burmese regime.
~See also: Burma News Ladder


Updated maps help document wetland loss~Nikki Buskey
Related~Atchafalaya Basin meetings planned

Image: Fisk, 1944. Map of ancient courses of the Mississippi River, Cape Girardeau, MO - Donaldsonville, LA.
Plate 22-10.
Harold N. Fisk's
1944 monumental tome on nature at its most mundane and sublime is, amazingly, available online and free. Landscape architects in every specialty have much to glean from it, not the least of which are water engineering techniques, ecological and geological processes, graphic representation, and the ideological and philosophical implications of reconstructing the Mississippi River.
Resource~ Pruned. {Please click either pic to enlarge.}
Below: Louisiana Coast via WAVCIS

Poll finds voters looking for candidates who favor reopening Charity Hospital

In Crisis, New Orleans Cuts Mental Health Efforts
~Justin Grant

This Murder just won't Die
~Editilla Notellas~
Our original take on this story was one of incredulity, a yellow stench left in our mouth from our view of the cops during The Flood as: GONE FERAL, They Ran, Hid, They Faced Payback, They Looted. They killed.
I know many readers may have a more benevolent impression of these thugs as overwhelmed and doing what they could,
---but I Did Not See That.
Indeed, I only saw the cops when they were running scared.
So, because we did not see NOPD doing any of these alleged murders or defending the stranded city, we found it odd that the rest of the country seems fascinated by this story.
Not to diminish the Danziger Bridge Murders, jus'sayin...
I was there and saw a lot of murder during what we have come to euphemistically refer to as "The Troubles".
Thus, picking the NOPD out of the lot is like bobbing for voodoo dolls in a barrel full of rabid monkeys.

Jarvis DeBerry: Has New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin let you down? Join the club

Regulators from 4 states and New Orleans to discuss future of Entergy's electricity grid

Obama Administration Issues Controversial Mountaintop Removal Permit
~Charleston, West Virginia – Today the public learned that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a Clean Water Act permit last week for Consol Energy’s Peg Fork mountaintop removal coal mine in Mingo County, West Virginia.
This controversial decision marks the first time during the Obama administration that the Army Corps approved a mine permit to which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had previously objected, opening the door for many new mountaintop removal coal mines in Appalachia.
The decision to allow this operation to proceed also demonstrates the Department of Interior’s lack of will to enforce the clear mandates of a critical Surface Mining Act regulation.

Tuesday Music: Dedicated to Cori and Kerri Rigsby ~slabbed
~Editilla dedicates this one da'Ladda to da'slabbed!

Cigar shops fret over high taxes, smoking laws~Alan Sayre

IPCPR 77th Annual Convention and International Trade Show
~The International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association
is a not-for-profit trade association organized as the advocate for the independent retail tobacconist and recognized as the "Voice of Authority and Reason" on premium tobacco related issues.

The Mighty, Mighty New Orleans
Dead Friends Society

One of the Gulf South's Largest Model train sets!
Tilla'tanks to New Gentle'rilla Patricia fo'da Tip'n'comment!

Audiosocket Signs New Orleans Label Basin Street Records

Exclusive First Listen:
Terence Blanchard
~Josh Jackson, NPR

New Orleans Jazz Institute to hold auditions

Juke Joint Music Calendar
~Doc's Juke Joint

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lundi~Extra! Extra!

Monkey Hill on the Dirty Coast
~Editilla Gotta Toll'ya~
As Gentle'rillas well know, we don't Freak O'lay on stuff very often HA! But y'all need to see these new T'zzzzz from the Dirty Coast.
So please Ride yer'asses up Magazine and get you some Right Now.
Monkey Hill is special for your oh'so Noladelic Editilla, since we have spent more than a few nights climbing they heights to gaze over New Orleans, eat mushrooms
and watch the monkeys play. Anywayz...jus'kiddin...
They also have a new "Fang Banger" (Noooo!:) and a one in particular that leaves me wondering just what these folks will "Fess Up" for The Anniversary. Long live the Dirty Coast!

Breaking: Slabbed Exclusive – Rigsby’s qui tam prevails on summary judgment!
Update~Another mother’s child and Judge Senter’s order, Rigsby qui tam goes to trial!


Record breaker: Check out Louisiana's Great Pumpkin
~Jeff Zeringue

~Brodie Gonsoulin was just thinking about icing down a beer keg for a Halloween party when he set out to grow a giant pumpkin.
Now the New Iberia native holds the state record for great pumpkins.
"I thought, it'd be neat to have one (big enough) to put a keg in, but that hasn't happened,"
he said. He's had several pumpkins big enough, but they've all ripened too early to keep until Halloween. His idea led to a form of "extreme gardening," Gonsoulin said, that "got wildly out of control."
~AP Photo/The Daily Iberian, Jeff Zeringue

Army Corps works with airport to realign a flood wall that could block taxiway expansion
~Sheila Grissett

Algiers Canal, Harvey Canal tropical storm rules draw protests~Paul Rioux

Realistic Rail Options for Louisiana~CenLamar

Unions want a wider door, businesses say door is open
~Gary Perriloux

The People Deserve Timetables ~Cliff's Crib

New Orleans' master plan still in limbo; final draft delayed on its way to council~Bruce Eggler

Court throws out New Orleans tour guides' suit claiming derogatory terms defamed them
~Ramon Antonio Vargas

~Since June 2003, Sidney Smith has claimed that Donald Geddes defamed him by writing in a widely circulated e-mail message that Smith's Haunted History Tours company was "a bunch of thugs who pass themselves off as respectful tour operators." But Geddes not only had the right to call Smith and his colleagues "thugs, " he could have called them frauds, liars, idiots, scabs, traitors or sleaze-bag agents without fear of punishment, a state appellate court said recently in dismissing a lawsuit filed by Smith.

Typhoon Morakot Spawns Mudslide In Taiwan, Burying Hundreds In Debris
~Annie Huang

10 Books Girls Should Read Before Age 18
~The Huck UpChuck

Here I Am, Rock Me Like a Hurricane~Silence it the Enemy of Freedom

ZEITGEIST Alternative DVD &
Palenstinian Free Trade Shop

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Chris Rose: We finally may be in the post-K era~Chris Rose
~After a few relatively idle summers, I took my kids on a rambling American road trip for a few weeks. But, after having been back for a few days and talking about my trip with friends, it dawned on me that the most significant thing about the trip might not have been what happened during it -- but what didn't.
Here's what didn't happen: Once I identified myself to strangers as a New Orleanian, no one hooded their eyes, reached to touch me softly on the wrist and inquire in a hushed, cautious tone -- as one might, of a very sick relative -- "how is everything?"
~Editilla takes a pilla~ Well, Chris, everything is still sucking pretty badly, "everything" is "Not OK".
Y'all probably won't like me for this, and I really hates to pee on Chris Roses' vacation road food here. We do love him, buuuut...
Our errant gumshoe may have finally moved past his own post-K Depression Era Angst and into the safe old Age of Abilify, but it appears that much of the rest of this country has been drinking the Pharma-Culture Cool-Aid long before the flood and still seems (in my view) to priss'antly misunderestimate our New Orleans and the real trauma, an added deeper denial still sinking this Nation since its Exquisite Corps of Engineers flooded our World Class City on August 29th, 2005,--and its Presidente left us to die.
Still, I'm honestly glad Chris Rose is happier these days.

Corps of Engineers must banish its old ways~T-P editorial

Play it again Sam. No Amount of PR will cover what insurers did to the people here after Katrina. ~slabbed

Bossier v State Farm – collateral damage or just really bad bad faith claims handling? ~nowducit

African wave 99L may develop; Felicia threatens Hawaii;
record rains from Morakot
~Jeff Masters

Microsoft's Gates updates hurricane solution~Zack Poche
~The New Orleans Levee~Weeks after unveiling his plan to combat hurricanes by means of an elaborate fleet of barges that pump cooler water to the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has proposed a simpler and more elegant solution to stopping nature’s fiercest storms: Windows Vista.
“If Vista can totally halt operations and destroy productivity at multinational corporations, I am confident it can freeze a tropical storm in its tracks,”
Gates said.
"By simply upgrading a hurricane running Windows XP to Vista, we create a fairly significant possibility that the storm will immediately stop rotating and have to be rebooted,”
Gates said. “By the time it reboots and makes landfall, it should pack nothing more than a refreshing summer drizzle.”

New Orleans mayor's race notably short of candidates

Is Obama Punking Us?
~Frank Rich
~H/T~ReBelle Nation

Oregon airport seeks to fill wet- lands, cut threat of bird strikes

HBO's chillingly good series 'True Blood' comes to Louisiana, and the cast and crew taste and feel the real thing~Dave Walker

A fundraiser for the rescue
organization tied to the
Feast of St. Roch~Sheila Stroup

Famous French Bread
~Elizabeth's Edible

~Editilla Notellas~ This is a new blog find for us, and one that goes straight to our special list of Stitch'hikas.
We hung yesterday's post today en lieu of their use of Whole Wheat French Bread for Pizza. It was a hard toss with their "Not so Crabby Cakes" today. Suffice to say, this is one of those food blogs that I can't stop looking at and will damn sure follow.
But I have found a dilemma with WW and Poboys, in that it never works for me. While I do enjoy Whole Wheat Bread, it has never impressed me as French Bread... and I gotta have that Fresh Crispy WHITE French Bread that EXPLODES when you bite into the sandwich. Also, to Editilla's errant pallet, the flavor of WW has always lent itself to a Subway rather than the Neutral Ground.
Jus'sayin... y'all make sure to fang around this Lady's site,
if you love to eat that is... if not then, well, ahem... ewe.

My favorite iteration of this song yet, outside of Leadbelly 'course


Sam Henry Jr. concocts a Louisiana-Texas 'Potpourri'
~Jim Beal Jr.

This Marsalis plays trombone
~Charles Greenfield