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2008 ORANGE Festival ~Dec 5th-7th
  • Contests:
  • Shrimp-Peeling and De-Heading
  • Catfish-Skinning
  • Oyster-Shucking
  • Duck Calling
  • Orange Eating

McBride: Sanitation "Audit" A Sham~We Could Be Famous

Louisiana’s been Obamafied ~dakinikat, The Confluence

Black Ministers Inject Race Into New Orleans Bill Jefferson Election ~Jeff Crouere

Official says debris problem piling up~Scott Dyer

Permitting Requirements for Isolated Wetlands
~The December 2008 guidance is based upon the agencies' evaluation of more than 18,000 jurisdictional determinations and review of more than 66,000 public comments. The revised guidance defines protected waters as those that are determined to be navigable-in-fact by the courts, are currently being used or have historically been used for commercial navigation, or could be used for commercial navigation in the future.

Storm Victims Seek Class Action Over FEMA Trailer Fumes ~Katy's Exposure

Washington Monument: Better Late Than Never~Symon Sez

The Real Bill Ayers

Donated books reach La.
~Koran Addo

~About 2,500 new and gently used books shipped from Bethalto, Ill., to New Roads arrived on Thursday, the latest gesture of good will in a cross-country partnership the two schools forged after Hurricane Gustav.

A Wise and Gentle Soul
~David Winkler-Schmit

The Subdudes brings New Orleans sound to Sellerville
~Colette Cope

Idea for band stems from legendary musicians
~Michael F. Vinning

The topic of this history making special is “SAVE AMERICA’S MUSIC” and it is designed and dedicated to raise funds that go directly to Louisiana musicians and entertainers, as well as to multi-cultural musical educational facilities and medical groups to assist in the efforts to restore the culture and heritage of the great state of Louisiana, the source of America’s music.
The beneficiary of these funds is the NEW ORLEANS SOUTH AFRICA CONNECTION (NOSACONN, INC.), a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that was formed in 1998 by the internationally known Batiste family, one of Louisiana’s oldest musical families, with a history going back for over 50 years.
Special thanks~National Republicrat

Concord Records to Release the Soundtrack for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"
~all about Jazz

Friday, December 5, 2008


Family Meal, an after school culinary program for Recovery School District kids
~The Colton Kitchen Project

~Editilla Chin'chillaaaas~ New Blog Alert (NBA)!
Y'all definitely want to check this out! The Studio at Colton is cool enough but this is even cooler! Give'em a shout and welcome home! Please drop by and give'em a hand too.

Take the "Daily" Out of the Daily Newspaper~John McQuaid

AVODAH celebrates New Orleans site launch
~Jews for New Orleans

Millions in aid bound for Terrebonne~Naomi King

All the world’s a stage - a perspective on the proposed federal backstop~slabbed

The return of the sacred silver
~Robin Fitzgerald


New Surge Barrier Project Launched~Engineering News
Click to enlarge
Graphics- Engineering News

Surge barrier is the largest design-build job in Corps history.

~Video Coverage from WWL
~And of course, the obligatory Tax- Funded Daily Picayune Corps Public Relations Pics. Please click to enlarge ...24hrs/day-7days/week~Background
Can y'all excuse me for a second?
Ahem, whew!
Editilla thinks it is important to note that on Dec 22nd the Corps goes before the Court in the opening rounds of the MRGO lawsuit to present their own "expert evidence". That is just Two Weeks Away. The actual trial is set for April 20th with 3 weeks for trial. Between now and then they will be going back and forth in pre-trial maneuvers.
But, isn't it neat how the Corps is just now finally getting onto working the MRGO problem? We appreciate and applaud the Times Picayune and Asce Gumshoe Mark Schleifstein for failing to mention anything about the MRGO lawsuit in this article.
It would probably upset Gentle'rillas to no end to find out that the Corps just might not be telling all of the truth there.

But I feel so much better now already from seeing their
Flash Ads.
Now I know that the Corps is Building Strong, Reducing Risk.
Don't y'all...
Feel Safe?
Army Strong?
We posted the more informative article from the Engineering News-Record because, well, it is just more informative than former journalist Schleifsteins pablum advomercial for the Corps.
For comparison, if you have the stomach, go and check out the kinder'garden graphics the Corps provided the TP for their piece of ass'buff Advotorial noted in the AdPic above (top).
While we think it is important to give as many angles to this flood safety issue as possible, especially with technical information,
we do not promote Corps Public Relations.

If you want that, you have to go over to the Times Picayune yourself as one cannot get there from this Ladder until they stop advertising for the Corps.
And before they attempt to spin this as such,
Are Not Public Service Announcements. PSAs are usually free and do not cost upwards of $2500/media package.

NOTE: The Times Picayune has now become a News Item itself.
As Subject in this ongoing deconstruction of Apparent Conflicts of Interest inherent in dealings with the Corps of Engineers, that photo of the flag below and anything else they publish about the Corps of Engineers, especially on the open internet, is evidence of this Apparent Conflict of Interest and hence fair game within my rights to Free Speech and Press to put before the people.
Corps Flag Photo: Chris Granger-Times Picayune, MRGO Corps!
Aaarrrggg Matees!
Blood Red He Blows!
Pirate Flag'0'Doom!
BTW the new buzz word in Schleifstein's Corps is to describe New Orleans as a:
"working landscape", according to John Woodley, assistant secretary of the Army for public works.

Woodley described the location as part of the New Orleans area's "truly working landscape" that is often misunderstood by outsiders.

"Some people would look at what happened to New Orleans in Katrina and the devastation that took place and say, 'Well, that is the result of a blunder on the part of the people of the area building their homes and trying to establish their future in a place that is indefensible against the enormous forces of nature, ' " he said.

'A national treasure'

But that view is wrong, Woodley said, because New Orleans is crucial because it sits at the navigation crossroads of east-west traffic on the waterway and north-south traffic moving along the Mississippi to and from the Ohio, Missouri and Illinois river systems.

No, real engineers did in fact "look at what happened to New Orleans in Katrina and the devastation that took place" and said, "Well, that is the result of the Levees Failing due to Engineering Malfeasance by the Corps of Engineers when they first built them and as the Corps expanded the MRGO, against opposition, over decades"
Soooo, Don't pay any attention to that man behind the levees! Move along folks... it was just Forces of Nature...
--nothing to worry about with the Corps of Engineers!
Building Strong Reducing Risk. Army Strong.
And the Times Picayune has Got Your Back as well! Ha!
Just watch the Times Picayune! See the pretty advertisments?
Tweet tweet? See da'Birdie? In the mine shaft?

But, what does all of this heavy manipulation of the press mean for Valiant Civic Groups like, who cannot afford to compete with such Tax-Funded Flash Advertising, and their efforts to get the word out and lobby the 8/29 Commission?
It just does not look good to me, because if the Corps prevails in this Lawsuit, as they very well might, this lawsuit that the TP does not want you to consider, then we can hang it up on getting any kind of legislative momentum behind finally investigating the perpetrators of the Federal Flood of New Orleans.
Forget it. Not enough funding already. And besides...
we all know how the Corps is Building Strong Reducing Risk!
Please go check out the latest conversation on this very topic of Corps Intimidation at the TP blog page.
And you can even catch a Corps Advert there too, popping up
like roaches all over 24 hrs/da 7 days/week!
Obviously Corps employees are stalking the comment section, trying to spin this as a personal problem, marginalize our concerns about flood safety as those of ranting, uninformed citizens. Editilla can spot them like potty in a cow pasture.
Please go check it out and offer supportive comments, as frankly looks a bit surrounded right now.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Times Picayune Aditorial
Assthics meets
Corps Values,
Builds Strong Risk!

What were you saying? Times Picayune?
Your Boss is Screaming at me!

They are running these Tax-Funded Flash Ads
every day, 24 hours/day, all over in the run-up to the MRGO lawsuit in 167 days.
Editilla Begs To Differ...
~As part of our Full Boycott Package, we have begun a new game on the Ladder: to publish snapshots of every Tax Paid Flash Ad that the TP is running for the Corps. We are doing this to show the other Advertisers in the TP that they (said advertisers) are not getting a Tax Break write-off in their own Ad Budgets.
Please, email these other advertisers with us and ask them yourselves as we are all paying for this Corps of Engineers Public Relations Marketing. Our boycott means more than simply no longer linking to TP articles, paid for by our Exquixotic Corps,
but actively getting to the bottom of this insipid breech of ethics and stopping it. This is wrong and it needs to stop.
Join the Fun! I have found it a wonderful thing to discover all this other news that the TP is not covering by simply looking elsewhere. And make sure to let the TP know that you are gone.
It isn't like this newspaper is really paying any serious attention to the city's problems anyway, as we see from the demolitions and the massive real estate developments landing everywhere.

Think about it, Gentle'rillas.
In the time we have spent looking at the Times Picayune, hundreds of properties have been wrongly demolished.
In the time we spend watching these Flash Ads for the Corps, big deals have been made for entire neighborhoods surrounding Charity Hospital.
And all the time we have spent laughing at the picture of the Times Picayune used as flood wall filler, water has flowed underneath the faux "repair" job at the 17th Street Canal Breech.

The Times Picayune no longer does news. The Times Picayune does Public Relations for the Corps of Engineers. This matters.
This is a Difference that makes a Difference
between Free Speech and Commercial Speech,
between a Newspaper of Record and Infomercial Aditorial Spin.

We set these shots usually on the Editorial Page since you can find them there by reloading until they cycle back around and we just love the irony of the Corps of Engineeers paying for the Opinion Page. HA! But, you can find these Tax Rip-offs spinfiltrated on many of the TP's pages online, just by reloading the page a few times until they cycle around... again if you have the stomach. Lo'n'Behold
--Like here for example, on the blog page:
Here today we can see poor little New Orleans flood survivors,, working their citizen tales off trying to keep the flame of accountability on the Corps of Engineers' vapid penchant for intimidation, and (as anyone can plainly see) our Corps is able to place expensive Tax-Funded Advertising, Commercial Speech...
--all over Sandy Rosenthal's free speech. Get outta heah!

GAO snapshots of NFIP miss the big picture~slabbed

Guardsmens' suit against KBR alleges exposure to toxics
~David Ivanovich

~KBR spokeswoman Heather Browne declined to comment on the specifics but said: "We deny the assertion that KBR harmed troops and was responsible for an unsafe condition.
KBR appropriately notified the Army Corps of Engineers upon discovery of the existence of the substance on the site, and the Corps of Engineers concluded that KBR's efforts at remediation of the situation were effective."

Editilla say Rut'Row, Sgt. Rock!
~Rocky Ripple's wary of levee project
~Vote to avoid involvement has residents fearing effects of 'living in a soup bowl'
Feds sign off on levee project~However, the Army Corps is planning to enlarge the footprint of Sioux Falls' 100-year flood plain in March, adding 1,600 homes and businesses that weren't in the old flood plain map. That will require property owners with mortgages to spend millions on flood insurance until the city completes the project.

SLAP me silly
~Your Right Hand Thief

Busy Busy Bobby
~Kevin Allman

Moss Point orders removal of out-of-code Katrina cottages

Turkey Guy Photo- ops

Eco Architecture: $500,000 ecofriendly playground
for New Orleans

New Orleans Botanical Gardens
~Plain Old Kristi

Unconventional Thinking Needed in New Orleans Tulane Professors Say~Mike Strecker

A Brotherhood Formed With Cocktails and Ice
~Jonathan Miles

Special Thanks~Citizen K

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ethics Schlllmethics! HA!
Does it get any better than this?

Times Picayune
Aditorial Page
Developes a taste for Assthics!
~Please click pic to enlarge~ further background here
But in all fairness (HA!), Gentle'rillas can go to any TP article online and simply cycle the page reload and one of the Corps Ads will come up. But Editilla is not recommending readers do this,
do not go to the Times Picayune to see unless your stomach can handle the humilitation, as such a view is sickening. Stye Candy!
And you cannot get there from this Ladder any longer.
No. No. No Soup For the Times Picayune!
Full Boycott until they un'stick this stupid behavior.
But "Oooohhh," MrBill say, "They do cover this and that locally!" We say Bullshit. We see too many homes going down on their watch. We saw the levees fail the first time on their watch!
And now we watch a recovering historical neighborhood go down the drain on the Times Picayune's Watch! And when those levees fail again --and you know they will if the Corps is "Building Strong Reducing Risk"-- then it will have happened again on their watch.
My only point here is that since the Times Picayune wants to sit on its ass and accept tax-paid advertising from the Corps and Real Estate Developers to say so little of record, then that is their porogative as a business model of jailhouse punkery.
But I refuse to allow them to abuse their Freedom of the Press with my Tax Dollars to Promote and Market the very Institutions which would continue the Crucifixion of New Orleans.

Levees.Org At Save New Orleans Event~We will gather at the Home Depot at 1100 S. Claiborne Ave at 11:30am in Central City on Dec. 4. will call on Home Depot, Lowe's and Wal-Mart to permanently end the sale of cypress mulch.
Healthy cypress forests are an important buffer to storm surge and can save New Orleans!
This event is a coalition with Gulf Restoration Network and the Save Our Cypress Campaign.
~Bald cypress, late afternoon, Lake Martin, Louisiana (top photo)
~Bald cypress and swamp in spring, Jacques Laffite Park (below right)

Special Thanks~·the photography of QT Luong

Preservation Group barred from Charity Hospital tour
~Marsha Shuler

Media, Public Barred From Public Meeting at Charity
~We Could Be Famous

Charity back in half the time at less cost
~New offering from our friend Ken McCarthy
at Food Music Justice

Historic, black neighborhood to be sacrificed~Louisiana Weekly
~Area has been selected for new LSU/VA Charity Hospital
--Other Potential Locations Dismissed

Believe it - the “F word” goes under the tree! and
The Slabberator Causes Some Commotion ~slabbed

The New Orleans chapter of AIGA will host its first annual Design Summit~Humid Haney

Punch Tales of Two Louisiana Governors: Blanco and Jindal
~Stephen Sabludowsky, BBuzz

Jindal, Obama talk Louisiana issues~Michelle Millhollon

Obama COS Rahm Emanuel says "get a FEMA that is operable" Pool Report~Lynn Sweet

Agency policies hinder restoration work~Mike Hasten

Freezing raises, jobs part of MS state budget proposals
~Natalie Chandler

Great, economic Cajun cuisine
~Damian Tatum,
The Levee

Nonprofit helping Ike workers recover wages~Bill Murphy

Hit by hurricane Ike and unexpected layoffs, Galveston ponders its recovery
~Michael B. Farrell

We need game, not lame, economy ~Galveston Co. Daily News editor Dolph Tillotson falls to his knees like a Crapper, lines up to Suck Tick on the Casino Real.

Corps of Engineers expands to Wasilla, AK

Blackwater holding anti-piracy meetings~Army Times
~Blackwater Floats Private Navy To Fight Pirates

White House Rejects Cell- tower Backup Power Plan
~Stephen Lawson

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The Scheme: them thats got and them thats not - the monopoly game (Chapter 6 qui tam) ~slabbed
"Money, you've got lots of friends
Crowding round the door"


Regulators hang up on cell tower backup rules~David Twitty
~Federal regulators have rejected proposed changes by the Federal Communications Commission that would require all U.S. cell phone towers to have at least eight hours of backup power.

Galveston-area hospitals still swamped by hurricane
~Steve Sternberg

30-mile debris pile becomes symbol of FEMA delays
~Michael Graczyk

Haves and Have Nots
~T'anks youz, Masqued E'vinga!

Jindal to ask Obama about FEMA money~John McMillan

Where Credit Is Due,
could 'carbon trading' help finance Louisiana wetlands restoration?
~David Winkler-Schmit

~Editilla Notellas~Nola'rillas can make sure to keep their Eyes Peeled for the Gambit print edition all around town...
tote and tarry, conceal and carry about the day and into night.

Corps projects get detailed to Council ~The Daily Iberian

New Orleans Presentation at Googleplex Tomorrow
~Voodoo Ventures

Dog Days
~Alex Woodward, Gambit

Editilla wanna toll'yaz, Dog! --We do love da'Pits!

Pitt, Jolie Turn Out For N.O. Screening Of 'Button' ~WDSU

~"This (movie) is like a love letter to New Orleans, from beginning to end," Pitt said.
Yes! That is a Red Carpet in New Orleans, with Real Movie Star Ass & Smile walkin'it!
--Who also happens to have just born twins and owns a 1,000+ acre elephant refuge in Cambodia? Cool.
Special photo thanks... ~Socialite Life

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer installation view at New Orleans Biennial

Tombstone Shadow
~Citizen K


New Orleans Battery Blog

GUNS 'n US Exhibition and Artists Talk~NOPA

Stirring It Up
~New Orleans Magazine

~Photographed By Greg Miles
~Here again, Gentle'rillas, we hold these Press to be self evident, but we gotta hold on to it first. Sooo, here too y'all pick up a hard copy along the way. Might last a hundred years, might not...
--but at least we can read it by candle light, eh?

Turkey Gumbo
~Library Chronicles

Sternhagen, Caldwell, Seldes, Among Guests at 2009 Tennessee Williams Fest ~Playbill

Soul TV~Alison Fensterstock

Musicians Bringing Musicians Home - New Orleans Benefit ~Bleeding Diamonds

Drummer Herlin Riley comes home for the holidays
~Geraldine Wyckoff

Interview: Benny Powell (Part 1)
~Mark Meyers, all about Jazz

Joseph Robichaux & His
New Orleans Rhythm Boys
~Blues Town

Basin Street Blues
~BQ Videos

Monday, December 1, 2008


Who's Your Uncle Sam Daddy?
Bend Over Mark Schleifstein!

Oh Well, another one bites the dust.
Now What? Ethics Privatization?
~Editilla Notellas~This Is Not Fun! This is depressing.
You all remember how the Times Picayune sat on its ass while the city ran rampant on home demolitions? Remember when they found this newspaper mixed into the concrete floodwall repairs?
In case you had any doubts about who butters this news paper's bread, please contact one of their journalists... or read their books since they all seem to be writing them these days.
This sucks so bad I cannot describe the let'down, nauseating.
The pic above is what greeted me this morning first thing.
It is a web-shot of the front page story by Mark Schleifstein.
You can see his name right there next to Uncle Sam Daddy.
I did not lay this out this way, but snapped a pick of the page as it appears to the unsuspecting MRGO Jury Pool Demographic.
Please click to enlarge. Pretty blatant don't you think? Unfortunately they are viewable online all over the country.
New Orleanians are probably unaware that this is going on, if they only read the print issue before it makes it to a Corps Flood wall repair. I mean, is this levee'filler or what? It is a good thing I take pics of these Expensive Flash Ads, since they probably aren't there when you go to check. They rotate throughout the paper, come and go like ghosts or like those ads in science fiction movies that follow you down the street calling your name, "Hey, Stupid!" I mean, when the Times Picayune puts its senior "wetlands/corps issues" journalist's place on the food chain so blatantly low...
--what more is there to say about this?
We hope this sold-out former gumshoe might ask fellow author John McQuaid for a place in his next story.
Maybe Chris Rose needs a lawn jockey?
Obviously Mark needs the work according to his bio:
Have a tour group coming to New Orleans?
Feel free to contact me to provide your group with a presentation explaining what happened in New Orleans before, during and after Hurricane Katrina:
Well that explains the touristy character his articles have taken lately. He probably knows a few ghosts stories too, since his newspaper died in the aftermath of the flood. I don't mind paying for ghosts tours. They are pretty entertaining if you don't know anything and score a good storyteller. And, at least the host will at some point during the show look at you and wink, let you know, ahem, they are not professional journalists. We would like to remind everyone that apparently neither is Mark Schleifstein,
a journalist that is --at least not according to any Code of Professional Journalistic Ethics that I can find.
He appears to have varied commercial, financial interests in his trade: tour-guide, book seller, day job... who knows what else.
This makes me so angry I could eat bricks because I believed this man and laid off of my criticisms of his paper's now obvious conflict of interest. This is bullshit and it is wrong.
How are we supposed to know what is actually going on with our levees, when the people tasked to report on those levees are being paid by the people who built those levees criminally negligent and flooded the city?
I do not understand.
And, the purpose of compromising Mark Schleifstein's journalistic integrity and buying off the Freedom of his paper's Press will become baldly evident in 170 Days: Jury Tampering.
For one thing, with regard to flood safety, Schleifstein seems to write more and more these days about climate change and less and less about engineering failures. Simply put, you will not even find the words Corps of Engineers in his article today about the passed hurricane season. Not One Word about the lack of levee work done in south Louisiana which contributed to their devestating flooding. No. Of course it is climate change. Get with the program, people. Climate change. Big Weather. Ooooohhhh.... Ghosts! Not An Engineering Problem!

Whatever Mr. Schleifstein has written in the past is completely compromised by these Flash Advertisements. All of his research, all of his fact-checking are flushed down the toilet and rendered irrelevant by these expensive ads of how the Corps is:
"Building Strong. Reducing Risk". What the hell does that mean?
Those are Marketing Words. Pablum. Spin.
If you follow my links you can see how the timing of the placement of these ads has accelerated, at least on the ones I have caught (quite by accident every time by the way).
The reason for this is because a marketing company has their eye on the ball: the jury, as we still look to the ground: civil engineers. Attorneys will begin trying to seat a Jury for the MRGO lawsuit around February. That jury will come from the Times Picayune readership area. Y'all getting this yet? Quiche Capiche?
Building Strong Reducing Risk. That is why they call them Flash Ads. Come and gone. Poof! Reducing Risk Building Strong Army. Army Strong Reducing Risk Building.

In the meantime, the Trial of the Century in response to the Greatest Civil Engineering Failure in History is coming, and whoever pays for these Corps of Engineers Advertisements is also paying Mr. Schleifstein's salary at the Times Picayune.
Oh? That would be the American Taxpayer?
Get outta heah! Why would I advertise for the Perps who tried to drown me in '05 --especially in the months before their trial...
for in fact drowning the city of New Orleans?

HA! That would be getting stuck on stupid. Right?

Another Milestone
~Clancey Dubos

Reflections on Last Week’s LSU and VA Medical Center Announcements ~Walter Gallas

Politics with a Punch~BBuzz

Brad Pitt "High"
From New Orleans Project

Latino Labor
~Richard A. Webster

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Terreform ONE [Open Network Ecology]
is a nonprofit organization and philanthropic design collaborative that integrates ecological principles in the urban realm.
Terreform 1 was formed for the advancement of socio- ecological science and the dissemination of this knowledge through diverse programs.
In furtherance of these charitable intentions, the organization has created a unique laboratory for scientists, artists, architects, students and individuals of all ages and backgrounds to explore the larger framework of ecology in design.
We are currently working on innovative practices and appropriate technologies for local sustainability in such matters as energy, transportation, buildings, waste treatment, food, water, and culture.~Mitchell Joachim: Redesign Cities From Scratch, Wired ~Fab Tree Hab in Huffington Post
~Special thanks~ Smart City Radio

Coming up in Gambit Weekly: post-Thanksgiving
rainy weekend edition

New Orleans Real Estate
~Andrew Stratton

2008 storms could provide push needed for action
~Robert Zullo, Houma Courier

damned if you do, damned if you don’t - are you pro the con of federal regulation? ~slabbed

Ike's destruction points way to new warnings~Eric Berger

Galveston Housing Authority to emulate Biloxi
~Rhiannon Meyers

Tri-state water wars fought on many fronts~The 18-year-old dispute over water between Georgia, Florida and Alabama is a tangled web that includes seven federal lawsuits in three different court systems and a plethora of plaintiffs.
Editilla would like to point out one single federal agency that all the states have in common, which indeed plays them off of each other like kitty toys, the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Corps of Engineers ignores needs of migrating waterfowl

GOP Looks to Louisiana's Governor~Michael Leahy

Massaging the High Water Mark

Oyster harvesters to be eligible for hurricane insurance
~Scott Satchfield, WWL

A Cameron Parish wetland provided an ideal location for terraces, says Ducks Unlimited biologist Chad Courville. (Irony Editilla's)
"We sought marshes that had degraded into large, open-water areas with high turbidity and poor growth of submerged aquatic vegetation.
If we can reduce turbidity in these areas, we can encourage sediment accretion and SAV growth.”

New Orleans Museum of Art Presents Photography and Depression~The second exhibition in the museological series at NOMA, is a journey—or, as Brian Eno suggested in 1975, an “oblique strategy”—that began as a reaction to the notion of mania in contemporary art. Underneath the frivolity of contemporary art and fashion, one can quickly locate various types of psychological disorders that often lead to cataclysm, economic breakdown or illness.

This Week's Splendid Table
Tagliatelle con Arance e Mandorle
~This week it's a cooking lesson with a virtuoso.
Violinist Joshua Bell has received every accolade imaginable in his career, including a Grammy for his stunning performance in the soundtrack of the Academy Award-winning film The Red Violin. Now he's creating his first home and he wants to learn to cook. He and Lynne met up at the stove in his New York City kitchen where Tagliatelle with Caramelized Oranges and Almonds was the lesson of the day.

Breakfast on the go?

Finalists of Omnidawn's Poetry Contest

Shoot Me While I'm Happy:
Memories from the Tap Goddess of the Lower East Side
~Jane Goldberg

The Zydepunks Finisterre
~Richard Marcus

Reflections on the Relationship Between Jazz and Classical Music