Tuesday, March 17, 2009


"Marc M"
Editilla Krewellas! T'anks~ to all youz for your emails and whatnots (especially da'whatnots) of hits and support for our Ladder during this, ah errrrah, ahem... recongroovience of the nets, so to speak, here at da'Rilla Cave, as we are experiencing some infrastructure showdown ho'down on'da hardware bewared.
Jeez Louie! We never know what bell gonna toll for each Patron Saint of the Day fo'da Blues... where we gonna find a portal, window, scant peepshow glory hole to get outta'heah and go hang some Ladda. Today we shake, rattle and rilla over at Hank's.

'Kenneth the Page' sues Jindal
over character
~The New Orleans Levee

Signs Your Mayor Might Be
A Psychopath~Big Red Cotton

New Orleans: Where Did the
Money Go?~Harry Shearer

Recovery officials says city has plans to use $34 million in federal housing aid before June
~David Hammer

FEMA shorted Charity
~Jan Moller

The Elephant in the Room
~Walter Gallas

The Mississippi River Corridor -Tennessee~is partnering with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Clean Memphis, Sierra Club and Friends for our Riverfront to organize a clean-up of our Mississippi River/Harbor in downtown Memphis on Saturday, April 25.

Major flooding predictions at 90 percent~Anna Jauhola

Golden Grams
~Noah Bonaparte Pais

Monday, March 16, 2009


Blind Item~Big Red Cotton

City set to spend federal housing aid by May deadline
~David Hammer

New Orleans Recall Efforts Based On Race And Politics
~Jeff Crouere

SDT reduces French Quarter garbage collections

ACNA's 2010 convention to be held Jan. 10-13 in New Orleans
~The Antiques & Collectibles National Association owners Mike and Angie Becker have announced the dates for the association's first national convention since 2005. ACNA members will meet in New Orleans on Jan. 10-13, 2010, using the Hotel Monteleone in the heart of the French Quarter as their home base.

Not All Hotels Are Re-created Equal~The Roosevelt

Army Corps starts planning levees~The Army Corps of Engineers is bringing more people to the Red River Basin this week to work on flood protection plans.
Editilla Crowellas...isn't that niiiiice!

After ruling against St. John's Bayou-New Madrid Floodway Project, corps looking at options to stop area flooding

Blind Willie McTell and New Jerusalem ...3:35 pm

"Seen the arrow on the doorpost
Saying, “This land is condemned
All the way from New Orleans
To Jerusalem.”

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Tanks'n'tunes to'da Paintron Saint of the Day fo'da Blues!

The Green Goddess Awakens in New Orleans!
~Welcome to The Green Goddess! That's the name for our new, small French Quarter restaurant. I've been emailing some cooks who replied to our ad on the N.O. site for craigslist.org, and asking them how the name resonates. Cooks are by nature a rather hard drinking lot, so it was natural they assumed we were pointing at the emerging absinthe revival. Quite a few mentioned the currency of "green" as it refers to the ethos of food.
~Opening Tips'n'Tank'youz to da'AnimaMundi

Spring break a reminder that volunteers still streaming to New Orleans to help rebuild
~Bruce Nolan

State University of New York Oswego junior Sara D'Addesio, center, writes her name on the Catholic Charities Helping Hands wall in St. Raymond Church Thursday. D'Addesio was among many students spending spring break in New Orleans helping local residents whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Katrina.
~Also from Bruce Nolan...
~New Orleans artist specializes in church designs

New Orleans Style
~Big Red Cotton

The Wetting of the Green
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

~It was a perfect day for a St. Patrick’s Day Parade: grey and drizzly with showers just strong enough to get you well wet but not to soak and chill to the bone. It was as if God smiled down on the parade, in that Odd way we like here abouts on Toulouse Street, and blessed the day with a little bit of Irish weather.

~Special Tank'youz~New Orleans Daily Photo

Cleaning up Holt cemetery in New Orleans

About that increased short
interest in Berkshire Hathaway..
~and~Things appear to be getting hot over at the Starship LSBME ~slabbed

Rosemary’s Baby — Or...
Thoughts on the Latest Scandals
~Clancy DuBos

"It was love at first sight.
The first time Yossarian saw the
chaplain he fell madly in love
with him."~Citizen K'dayz

Local dump-truck owners struggling to find work
~Scott Satchfield

Jeff draws drainage master plan ~Richard Rainey

EDITORIAL: The safer strategy

Flood preparations in place
~Chuck Haga

~Heavy equipment operators from Gowan Construction add clay to the top of the dike Saturday in Lincoln Park in Grand Forks in preparation for spring flooding. Herald photo by Eric Hylden.

New Orleans book trade labels ~Bibliophemera

Richard Thompson~HOBNOLA

The New Orleans Moonshiners at Donna's on Rampart Street
~all about Jazz

Dave Bartholomew, Paul Sanchez in City Park
~Kieth Spera