Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jillian Unitas, granddaughter of NFL great, won’t mind seeing Brees break record

Sean Payton's visit creates drama in the dome 
Hard On For Breesus~moosedenied
 ~Welp, if one good thing came out of the Green Bay game, at least we were reminded that Drew Brees is still in fact a god. So we've got that going for us. High five! On the other hand, we were also reminded that this defense is still a dumpster fire, the running game still can't be trusted, and the tweeked-out emo boy kicker damn sure still can't be trusted. Guh. But since I'm (very) late to the party this week, and last week's game has already been beaten to death, we'll just leave it at that and move on to this weekend's Drew Brees Appreciation Night. Because it might very well be our only opportunity this season to smell us some of that sweet, sweet greatness.

Saints Nation: 5 Things to Look For in Chargers @ Saints

Gas trapped near sinkhole

City of New Orleans Receives World Tourism Award from World Travel Market in London

Exquisite Corps MRGO Ecosystem Restoration Chief of Engineers Report signed

Group sues Army Corps over Illinois' river levees ~Daily Chronicle

Letter: Why is the Army Corps of Engineers 'playing God' with Okeechobee water levels? 

Restore California Delta! To What, Exactly?

Jeez Louie! Two festivals and a Saints game ~NOLA DEFENDER