Tuesday, December 31, 2013

John Barry to reign as king of Krewe du Vieux ~Will Coviello, Gambit
Saints embracing anything can happen attitude ~Bradley Handwringer, WWLTV

Ani DiFranco's plantation retreat canceled after online protests ~Alison Fensterstock
~Editilla Hotellas~ I can't stand most of Mz DiFranco's bitchy angst'filled creepola fans. Hence, I got 2 tickets to see her perform at House of Blues, Jan 4th. because I've been enjoying her music since she was relentlessly driving around the country, selling her hand-made vinyl records (large round disks with small holes) out of the trunk of her beat-up little car. She is one of the most absolutely motherfucking badass guitarist, composer and songwriter I've ever heard hands down. I've always wanted to watch her play to see what the fuck she does to her fingers to play the way she does. I want to see to her sing and cavort about all whatever the fuck she wants. I hope she does this song, one of my favs she recorded in New Orleans on the CD "to the teeth". Really, dear po'bent racist Ani fans, bless yer heart and suck it to the teeth.

Brad Pitt’s 'Make It Right' foundation mulls lawsuit against wood manufacturer ~Rachel Wulff, WDSU

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

Koch Sucker oil group sues Louisiana AG over SLFPA-E wetlands lawsuit ~Kevin McGill, AP
Sean Payton is (rightfully) pissed off ~Federico Ferrari, Who Dat Dish

Letter: With Oil & Gas Industry, state is subsidizing its own failure ~New Orleans Advocate

In The Bagneris? ~Adrastos, Humid City

Louisiana Tech opens digital trenchless technology reference room ~Shreveport Times
~The Trenchless Technology Center evolved from the Trenchless Excavation Center at Louisiana Tech, established in 1989 by Tom Iseley, with a primary focus on microtunneling and horizontal directional drilling. Expanding its reach to other trenchless technologies, the structure and name was changed to the Trenchless Technology Center in 1991.

Battle Of The Bottom Feeder: U.S., Vietnam In Catfish Fight ~Jackie Northam, NPR
~Bill Battle has been catfish farming for more than three decades. Catfish has always been popular in the South, but its popularity took off throughout the country in the 1980s. Battle says they could hardly build ponds fast enough to keep up with the demand.
But he has watched with alarm over the past decade as Vietnam has flooded the U.S. market with its own, cheaper catfish, forcing him to cut back on production. "At one time, I was 3,000 acres. Now I'm basically about 1,200 acres of water," he says.

Monday, December 2, 2013

State Seeking Lawsuit Against Corps Over MRGO ~Jeremy Alford, LaPolitics
~Editilla Brotellas~ Jesus fork me and throw away the spoon. Mark my words, this is a feign by Koch Sucker Governorcist Jindal to give the O&G industry time to consolidate their political/legislature opposition to the SLFPA-E Lawsuit. Hard ball. They have no intention of prevailing on their suit against the Corps. No. Another go at MRGO will take DECADES. No, they only want time, and taxpayer money to finish off South Louisiana. Because, without land upon which to stand we will have no States Rights. Y'heard it here first, mark my words.
I'm stunned could imagine a trial-lawyers banquet at suing over would give our Koch Sucker Governorcist Bobby Jindal any leverage over our Garret Graves' hubris is unbound, but the hand of our Governorcist Jindal is truly in'da pocket.

James Gill: Sheriff Gusman running for re-election remains clueless on workings of parish jail

Legislative Auditor: State may be losing out on millions in oil and gas severance taxes ~LaPolitics

Tulane center: From Mardi Gras to coastal research ~Amy Wold, Advocate

Zombie planet: a Vodou vision of the environmental apocalypse ahead ~Sally Ann Glassman, The Lens

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Get Thee Behind Me, YSFD ~moosedenied
~Have you ever witnessed an exorcism? I mean a real one, not the Bobby Jindal kind. If not, let me tell you, it's pretty fucked up.
I know this now, because it happened to me Sunday evening. Didn't even see it coming, it just kinda happened. And it was excruciating. I was fine before the game. Hell, I was fine at halftime. But shortly after that, it began. I couldn't see straight. I was unable to make sense of anything. I started to feel something chewing on my very soul. I could feel myself being completely taken over by some terrifying mix of crippling fear and blinding rage. I became completely powerless to stop myself from flailing wildly about and spewing an incessant stream of expletives as my friends repeatedly pleaded "What the fuck is wrong with you?!?" I think at some point they were convinced I was simultaneously having both an acute myocardial infarction and a complete mental breakdown. I was inconsolable. I couldn't be reasoned with. The demons had taken me by the testicles.
Jindal levee authority pollitical appointee wants lawsuit against oil, pipeline companies suspended ~Jeff Adelson, New Orleans Advocate
Jindal puts politics on the levee board ~Mark Schleifstein

Ousted flood board member Barry touts new organization amid fight over 'Big Oil' lawsuit ~The Republic

Gulf Coast drilling opponents to get their day in court ~Lisa Monte, Mississippi Business Journal

Circle of friends pay themselves big bucks to manage public housing ~Mike Perlstein

Philippines looks to New Orleans for rebuilding help ~Meg Gatto, WVUE

Cry You One: A Play About the Wetlands, in the Wetlands ~WWNO

Payton encouraged by Saints' ability run the ball ~WWL

Vargas: Saints keep finding ways to win

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Jefferson, Plaquemines consider filing lawsuits ~Jeff Adelson, New Orleans Advocate
~Even as Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration launched an all-out assault this year against a state agency’s lawsuit accusing energy companies of destroying coastal wetlands, officials in the Republican strongholds of Jefferson and Plaquemines parishes were quietly preparing their own cases aimed at forcing the oil and gas industry to repair the damage it allegedly has done in those areas.
In coming weeks, both parishes’ councils could file their own suits centered around allegations that the industries have taken an enormous toll that can be measured in terms of land that has simply washed away, multiple sources familiar with the cases told The New Orleans Advocate.
The cases would be separate and more narrowly focused than the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East suit that set off a storm of criticism from Jindal and his aides when it was filed this summer, and there are early indications that the parishes’ suits would not face the same backlash from the Jindal administration, which sought to play up the differences between the cases on Friday.
Even so, the parish cases could complicate efforts to short-circuit the flood authority lawsuit, and they represent growing pressure to hold one of the state’s most powerful industries to account.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Super Typhoon Haiyan Closes in on the Philippines With 190 mph Sustained Winds ~Dr. Jeff Masters, Wunderblog
~MODIS satellite image of Super Typhoon Haiyan taken at 4:25 UTC November 7, 2013. At the time, Haiyan was a Category 5 storm with top winds of 175 mph. The Philippines are visible at the left of the image, and the Caroline Islands at the lower right. Image credit: NASA.
Super Typhoon Haiyan is one of the most intense tropical cyclones in world history, with sustained winds an incredible 190 mph, gusting to 230 mph, said the Joint Typhoon Warning Center in their 15 UTC (10 am EST) November 7, 2013 advisory. Haiyan has the most spectacular appearance I've ever seen on satellite loops, with a prominent eye surrounded by a huge, impenetrable-looking mass of intense eyewall thunderstorms with tops that reach into the lower stratosphere. With landfall expected to occur by 21 UTC (4 pm EST) on Thursday, Haiyan doesn't have time to weaken much before landfall, and will likely hit the Philippines at Category 5 strength.
Jonathan Vilma done for season ~Mike Triplett, ESPN

Lee Zurik Investigation: Contribution questions to Jindal go unanswered ~WVUE

The Louisiana sinkhole: It gets even worse ~Stuart Smith

DHH issues emergency rule regarding drinking water ~WDSU

With Few Official Resources, a Community Builds Its Resilience From the Ground Up ~Nathan C. Martin, Resilient Cities