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KdM Parade Theme: Mishigas Wards off the Evil Eye
Krewe du Mishigas rolls today with Krewe du Vieux Magical Misery Tour

Krewe of B.L.O.G. Coming to Take You Away

Space is the Place~Toulouse Street

Red Against Blue~Poetry Before Breakfast
The small azalea, potted
on my porch, draped
in wilted clippings ripped
from neighbors nearly killed
by that frost insists
on budding, perhaps mourning
the red ribbon removed
on Twelfth Night. Bloom
I whisper and chase
these winter blues away.

Alright! As Toulouse Street put yer oh'so humble errant editor onto this poetry fix sometime in the passed night...and since I can't be there wit'y'all fo'da parade today (sniff) here'yaz one of my babies...chere'yat bourgeois nievete!
Suite Marigny
I can smell jazmine
covering this morning
like a wide cotten bed sheet
of white class lace.
And I taste her breath of coffee
and cigarettes and MaryJane
and Bloody Mary coughing
on the banquette by the gate
~of this courtyard in the Marigny.
I lay me down my soul to sleep.
But the Heat won't let me.
so I lie...awake
and dream...

...of a dog park, well, a bald green lot
with two trees beside the coffee warehouse.
You can see the bags loading in off the docks.
You can feel it on your skin when they roast it up.
There the people gather with their very best friends
and drink in the shade and talk with the wind
while this flat bywater sunrise finds them
laying down
their entire lives.
~There was a time
when all these houses built from barge wood
gave strong men right lively hood
as they flooded in from the river.

You may know the sounds of unbroken belief
with a bucket of seed and the pigeons beside you
as you slide down the wet stones of the street
to a little cafe' named for the goddess of flowers.
There the Eight Ball lines up with a Lucky 13
and Snake Eyes and Diamonds and Demons in Chains
and the Angel waits for St. Ann to begin
with her mask made of sorrow
and her laugh made of sin.
~So when I die
do please carry me down Royal Street
with a brass band and a second line beat
by the courtyards in the Marigny
I lay me down
my soul to sleep

CIA Admits Cyberattacks Blacked Out Cities
Wow...Spooks in New Orleans! Who'da thought? Butt Oy'Boy, do we know about blacked-out cities. Weeeeelllll, if there was ever any body left to ask, these cats must know what'de's talkin'bout, huh? Really. Ya'Tink? But what to do when tourist attacks White-Out a Black City?
Editor hopes that they all got along well enough with our own...ah, spooks & irreal-life ghost-whisperers, here in the newest necropolis to rise from the ashes of our still proud & haunted city.

Insurer asks to be taken off suit

Policy breaks on way for La. homes

O'Keefe pension diverted, U.S. says

Baroni might face 21 months in jail

Morial friend pleads to tax count

House judiciary panel's chief has own legal issues

Library bid could be invalid

New principal sparks turnaround at Lafayette Academy~"One of my first-graders ran up to me like, 'Ms. Stoner, there's a white man in the room. Who is that?' "

Louisiana Rep. Baker Submits Short & Sweet Letters of Resignation

da'DA all paid up, sort of, in bias trial

80 pounds of pot found in car in Reserve~DOH!!!
The Infamous Reserve Stash? Ouch! Or was the car actually found in Reverse? Arrrggghh!

MS~State of State Address Monday Night

Meeting set on future of school

Exquixotic Corps
~Corps Gonna' Pump You Up Beaches

~Engineers to assess Kenner floodwall
~Border landowners sued by U.S. for fence study access
~Because you asked

TC students head back to New Orleans

Just when you think it can't get any better it is...New Orleans Daily Photo

FatTuesday.Com Provides Ultimate Resource for Mardi Gras Enthusiasts

Thank You David Rutledge~Voice of New Orleans

Essence taps new festival producer

offBeat~Lifetime Achievement in Music: Wardell Quezergue~Cyril Neville Talks Back

When Will New Orleans Sing Again?~Karen Dalton-Beninato


The Tragic Life Of Donald Ayler~Heavy Sounds and the Abstract Truth

Indie Film News for Louisiana~Mr. Clio

BECA Call to Artists - due Feb 21~Alternative Arts New Orleans

Friday, January 18, 2008


88th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting~20-24 January 2008
Surely editor will see a Mardi Nola Blog-O-Sphyrical presence at this Rainblow Gathering, eh? But then again..."You don't need a weather man~To know which way the wind blows"

WeatherFest aims to answer questions and foster an interest in the sciences

...right on the stacked heels of...
Magical Misery Tour~Krewe du Vieux Doo

Calling Deep Float


Jan. 18 | 12:40 | 6:50 | 1:00 | 7:20~Jan. 19 | 1:35 | 7:50 | 2:00 | 8:20~Jan. 20 | 2:35 | 8:55 | 3:05 | 9:25~Jan. 21 | 3:40 | 9:45 | 3:55 | 10:15~Jan. 22 | 4:30 | 10:40 | 4:50 | 11:10~Jan. 23 | 5:25 | 11:40 | 5:50 | 0~Jan. 24 | 6:15 | 12:05 | 6:45 | 12:30~Jan. 25 | 7:15 | 1:05 | 7:35 | 1:20
Photo courtesy

Harry Lee still part of Carnival as Bacchus honors sheriff with float, black doubloon

$97 Million Jackpot ticket sold in Metairie! Ya'Ya Yowzha Howzha Bowzha!

Entergy to offer allegedly 'more expensive' Renewable-power Shell Game for New Orleans
Editor queries~In a State full of sugarcane, from who will Entergy purchase these alleged "blocks of renewable energy"? Brazil? Does Entergy have these "blocks of renewable energy" stored somewhere, say, underneath one of three shells? or behind door #1,2, or 3? Where? Or do we reeeaaalllyy want to buy into Entergy's "optional rate increase' so they can invest it on the
Energy Futures Ubber-Credits Market~US$$$
Of course...we could simply use less. Really. Even buy one of Brad's homes, or Harry's in Musician's Village. We could invest a fraction of whatever the hell Entergy is talking about into our own homes and neighborhood infrastructures and then have Entergy pay us back. We could quit screwing around and save Louisiana's sugarcane industry. Come on, folks, New Orleans already knows how to handle this type of "junk dealer" less.

NO gets $1.14 million grant for "green road map"

La. lawmakers push Katrina-relief ideas
Editor stumps, bumps & h'rrrrrumpfs~Glad these cats are finally pushing something rather than simply sucking & blowing!
"Mamma's in the base'ment, mixin'up da medicine..."

House money panel seats filled

Inspector General's staffing plan hits a snag

Indicted New Orleans congressman linked to African diamond case

7 patients sue to reopen Charity

Another entry, in good hands~mosquito coast

FEMA nominee visits Louisiana

Exquixotic Corps
~"The pump don't work~'Cause the vandals took the handles!"
~Source of levee clay is concern
~Seattle, Corps of Engineers sued over Magnuson Park
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sued over dredging Beaufort Inlet
Editor gasps, a'stunned & astoundinamated! Look at these useless, ungrateful teat-suckin' tax-payers Suing the Federal Government over flood control? Awe Goodness...this country is just going to the mall in a hand basket, eh?
~California Flood Risks Are A Disaster Waiting To Happen ~Sound familiar, y'all?
~B-310442, D&J Enterprises, Inc.
~Stop the wall this spring break

New Orleans Ties

Chris Rose~The 60-Second Interview~Jason Earles

Parade marks celebration of King day
~Local events mark King Day

Dot Marks the Spot

Spin Art Birthday Party~#5 for 3 Ring Circus!

Boston Horns Release New Album, "Shibuya Gumbo"

More 30th Tra'la la

Tonight--Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes CD Release Party & The Motet ~ Saturday Night--Tipitina's 30th Anniversary Party Featuring Allen Toussaint with Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen~~and god'knows who else!

From Tousan to Toussaint~Dan Phillips Home of the Groove

IAJE Invades Lovely Toronto~The Independent Ear

And the first big name for Jazz Fest 2008 is???

Displaced by Hurricane Katrina, stalwart New Orleans drummer tells he's glad to be back home.

You can take the Subdudes out of New Orleans, but you can't New Orleans out of the Subdudes

BustOut Burlesque at House of Blues

Editor O'pines~If you are not listening to WWOZ Right Now ...then you are one lost King Cake Baby. If you have yet to join WWOZ then please Fais Do Do!

Thank you New Orleans Daily Photo~You Know What It Means To Miss Mr. Paulin

Sundance festival has La. links

Cheese Needs Talented Actors

Katrina Recovery Day Book Drive

The snake lady, Virginia Woolf and rebuilding a truck~Chasing Ray

Cast sparks sputtering 'Grease'

Cruising New Orleans Cuisine Scenes

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Thank you New Orleans Lady

Three Goddesses in One

It’s a small world, after all

Strive Inc. provides Carnival trimmings

Carnival celebrations begin in Destrehan

City's homeless leave mark on Carlisimo

MSMC students see some progress, some stagnation in New Orleans

New Orleans Riverfront Plan Gets Green Light

Orleans Public Defenders - PHP developer

N.O. Cops Out of Trailers, Into New Digs

Rebuilding the Workforce in New Orleans

3rd Battalion 23rd Marines

Insurer rate bids now left to Web

FEMA announces limited exception for work in progress

Early risers can get FEMA money

Q&A: Wicker says recovery a top goal

Landrieu to discuss hurricane recovery with FEMA official

Louisiana Ex Governor Treen: Wrong Message With Edwards, Jindal~Jeff Crouere

LSU Chancellor O'Keefe resigns

Editor adds~Good riddance to all Bush lackeys. And, don't let the Shuttle hit'ya where yer Good Lord split'ya!

Ethics board seeks more resources but will we Pay the Costs to be the Boss?

Suit challenges closing of hospital for the poor in New Orleans

United Nations: US Neglects Katrina Victims

Editor's note to the AP~We Survived hurricane Katrina. We are Surviving the US Army Corps of Engineers' negligent homicide, while the same cannot be said of the rest of the country wherever water is the issue. We Survive FEMA's aborted response. Survivors. How about you "journalists" learn the difference between the two words and stop calling all of us victims? Otherwise it appears that the Press in America will continue to fall away and disappear as Victims of your own ignorance. Trust this oh'so humble editor: your continued existence as a viable, salient co-creator of the New American Century remains in far greater doubt than that of Katrina Survivors. And we sill Survive you as well. Sinn Féin!

New Takes on the Post-Katrina Struggle~John McQuaid

Exqixotic Corps
~Corps meeting today in Meraux
~Editorial: Safety, not revenue, must come first in Natomas~Sacramento Bee
~Trees near levee will have to go
~Apalach Declares Water War

~Florida city goes to court seeking to keep Corps from reducing water releases from Georgia
~Citation Enriches CyberRegs™ Portal Content with Army Corps of Engineers’ TEAM Guide for Compliance Assessment...whew!
~Lots of Solutions, No Funding

'Oh brother where art thou?' Drug suspect captured in swamp

Louisiana, New Orleans Politics With Punch Event Thursday Night

Email for Dog Park at riverbend

Artistic renaissance: Higher values, N.O. talent boost bottom line at galleries

In the NOH: NOLA New Year~David Noh

Chip off the old rock - Former Dirty Dozen guitarist leads new band to Harvard Square

Slew Foot & Cary B~Rainin' in New Orleans~Apple Barrel~10:30pm

"Tip's 30th"~Dirty Dozen Brass Band & Soul Rebels & Rebirth~10pm~and it gets even better dan'dat, where'yat, ooooh'nolala'ya'ya'ya'y'all!


'The perfect meal'

Cooking, New Orleans style! with Chef Susan Spicer

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Thank you New Orleans Daily Photo

Richard Baker to leave Congress for lucrative lobbying position

Disaster rebuilder faces storm of its own~Company distorts achievements to inflate stock price, letter says

Trailer residents plan next move

Chris Rose: Clueless in Seattle

Gray Ghost goes gonzo on graffiti
Editor quotes~
Robert Mendoza, New Orleans Public Works Department director: “It’s not legal for him to paint signs, no more legal than graffiti.”
NOPD spokesman Sgt. Joe Narcisse: "He’s not doing anything that we aren’t asking him to do.”
Editor warns~This corksucking icehole psychopath is armed, teched and fetched--and will not hesitate to show his piece to anyone attempting themselves to practice free speech on a public street or sidewalk. Do Not approach him alone or without witnesses or without video. Do Not call the NOPD. Do Not attempt to stand in front of the offending art or attempt to pour his gray paint over his head. Please Do however engage Fred in conversation, shell games, majic tricks, bellydancing, vagina monologue, reading of the US Constitution and follow him down the street with whatever theater floats one's boat. He reeeally hates light bulb jokes and takes on a particularly bent tick when asked about failing all those Rorschach Tests in elementary school.

Report: New Orleans population growth slowing

Report calls for greater visibility online

Baby trees given away for Arbor Day

Indy driver to lead list of celebrities for New Orleans Carnival parade

Notes from New Orleans: A New Vision for B.W. Cooper~Walter Gallas

Quarter parking rule set to kick in

Editor ya'whimzicates~Don't let the street sweepers catch you on the Camino Real!

Exqixotic Corps
Testing pumps at three outfall canals, still lack adequate water levels
~CA-Mayor: New Flood Map Could Stop Natomas Growth~"I don't think this is fair. I don't think this is logical," fumed Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo at a hastily called press conference. "To cripple us economically in the process (of improving flood control) is absolutely dumb. I am very frustrated and very angry with the Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA because Sacramento has really become the poster child of what to do right in flood protection."
~Levee Report Shocks City: Feds Plan Tough Restrictions
~PA-Levee checks to get costly
~WA-County Leaders Say State and Feds Need Clarity
~AR-3 congressional reps object to Corps' misplaced blame for cuts at lakes
~TX-City grants access to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to survey land for border fence

~VA-Huntington Residents Want Flood Protection~WAMU 88.5 American University Radio, NPR~January 16, 2008 - After major flooding in a northern Virginia neighborhood in 2006, residents are looking to local and federal officials to keep that flooding from happening again. Residents of the Huntington neighborhood in Fairfax County have been waiting for authorities to figure out how to keep the waters of nearby Cameron Run within its banks and out of their basements. But after listening to officials from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the county talk about the costs and benefits of building a levee or dredging the waterway or both, some people mocked the proposals as insufficient. But the Corps of Engineers, the consultant on the project, defended its ideas as still very much in progress. County Supervisor Gerry Hyland reminded the audience that it's up to the full Board to decide what option to take. He also leaned on the residents to do more than complain. Hyland is promising residents more interim meetings so they can get more involved.
Rosiland Jordan reports...
~Tell The Bush Administration To Protect Our Streams And Wetlands~The Good Human

Young artists earn trip to New Orleans, creative furniture work wins Berkeley group ticket to art and culture tour
Editor congrooviates~Oh Blessed Lady of Prompt Ya Ya! Y'all, we gotta' snag these Young Bloods, welcome them back home!

York's St. George's Episcopal Church to make mission trip to New Orleans

New Orleans Program to Mark King Holiday by Renovating Schools

An explanation for the emergence of Jazz (1956)~Theory of Music

Blind Boys Of Alabama Mark Mardi Gras With Release Of New Album 'Down In New Orleans'

Jeff Albert~What the Quark?

We Got A Party~Thank


Show Us Your Flag!

Who Will Save Your Soul?

Tipitina’s to make things easier for BR musicians

Dr. John Signs With Savoy

A Bit of the Yin & Yang of Life in the Crescent City~The Independent Ear

Read 'em & meet
~Shelf life

Joshua Clark among National Book Critics Circle award finalists

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Copter heroes of Katrina set to go to Iraq
Editor says~Y'all come back now, Ya'heard me?

New Orleans-made vehicles en route to Afghanistan

Textron inks $10.2M contract with Bulgaria for armored vehicles

'A new frontier' in New Orleans draws new residents
NOLA YURP Initiative~New Orleans, La., Young Urban Rebuilding Professionals?
Editor says
Bless Their Hearts with Da'Love of Our Lady of Prompt Succor! But...YURPies?? Editor definitely Needs someone else more grazzzzmatically qualified to play wit'dat acronymitation. SLURPies~South Louisiana YURP? BYURPs~Bywater YURP? UTYRPs~Uptown YURP? Krewe of YURPI?

Katrina volunteers come to stay
Editor notes~Once you tastes the Best forget the rest! Oh but for the Kindness of Strangers Go Ire.

No rest for the festive

True New Orleans Carnival is a family event

NC Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball to benefit Chatham and New Orleans

NBA assist brings back playground in St. John

Dutch houses for New Orleans

Jindal staffers run office after he leaves~No vote until April 5th

Inspector general's staff OK'd

Deeper drilling pays off~Discovery in Gulf largest in years

Ummmm guys? Hellooooo? Errhaaa, Fellas...WE'RE SIIIINKIIIIING!

Key Katrina case to hit high court

Panel denies 29 demolition requests by city

Matt McBride’s List of City Initiated Demolitions in Google Maps~Think New Orleans

Lies and Misrepresentations~Mr Clio

Baroni~Your Right Hand Thief

Ineptitude: a cottage industry

Historic Lincoln Beach needs city OK for new era

Greyhound grooms terminals to lure younger riders

Exquixotic Corps

~Levee-repair delays heighten anxiety of people living near Missouri rivers
~Sandpoint group sues Corps over Sand Creek bypass dredging permit
~Top this?
~Just the facts

Get off yer muddy stumps and Dump the Pump!~Friends of the Sunflower River

Music Review: James Blood Ulmer - Bad Blood In The City; The Piety Street Sessions

Thank you, Panic "Walk On The Flood" to benifit Make It Right

Thank you, Phish's Page throws New Orleans benefit in Colorado with strong local line-up

Eric Lindell Releases Low On Cash, Rich On Love!

Singer Ledisi Was 'Lost' but Now Is 'Found'

Grayson Capps - Songbones


Book Review~New Orleans from the dishpit

Monday, January 14, 2008


Thank you very much

Thank you New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund

They turn up everywhere! Cry me a river he does a mean Hurricane Boogie too! Sometimes I just can't help myself. Dat's why I need Dis' Forking Ladder.

Katrina Survivor Susan Cowsill to Join Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez at International Forum on Natural Disasters

In New Orleans: The Struggle for Affordable Housing Met With Tasers, Pepper Spray, and Arrests~Bill Quigley

TP Editorial~A say on schools

Uncertainty affects students

Louisiana, New Orleans~Ready For Punch 2008

Taking seat-hopping to a new level

Oil leak discovered near Port Fourchon

Equixotic Corps
~Campground closures put business owners in a bind~Corps cut time open after budget trimmed
~Saving Salmon by Killing Sea Lions: Some Numbers
New Orleans levee project poses 'dilemma'
~Shaw Awarded Task Order Contract Extension by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
~FERC Says the Broadwater LNG Project Would not Have a Major Environmental Impact
~Corps to stabilize barn on Fort Detrick property for $500,000...say what?
~Corps Oversees Basrah, Iraq Children’s Hospital Project

Tell The Administration to Protect All U.S. Waters~by Julie Waterman

Mount Airy students face storm in mock hearing

A Brazilian Pays Visit to New Orleans But Only Finds the Ghost of a City

Miss Beevers reigns as Sparta waltzes around the world

Petronius promenades with 'Postcards'

CD series spotlights Preservation Hall jazzmen

Happy Birthday T-Bone

Duke Ellington~Ballet of the Flying Saucers

Mundell Lowe: Part 1~JazzWax


Filmmaker offers glimpse at what makes us unique

Sunday, January 13, 2008


'In' With India

Suddenly Supriya

Indian city paints vivid picture of outsourcing trend

Editor constipulates and rememberizes on that first freshman class, Mark 101, from his time before expulsion from the P.T. Barnham School of Shameless Self Promotion~"First, tell the people how you're gonna screw them. Then, screw 'em. Then, tell the people how much they enjoyed it and how they should look forward to getting screwed again and again in the future!"

HAWC Delegation to Return to New Orleans

New Orleans: Campaigns launched to save public housing

Class War?~New Orleans Bulletin

Hurricane Katrina: The Battle of New Orleans Refought?~Ruvy in Jerusalem

17 schools still displaced in N.O.

Delays in housing program upset Blanco...poor thing...bless her heart

LRA: Federal recovery funds to Louisiana more than doubled since 2005

Story of a storm : a book about Hurricane Katrina~thank you Everett Library

Axe in the Attic

Two nurses give a home, their hearts, to bring h
ealth care and hope back to New Orleans

GCR & Associates earns software development rating

Exquixotic Corps
~Levee may be needed for commercial development projects say SC developers
~Donald L. Saunders~New barge facility isn't type of development the Ohio River bank needs
Storm protection topic of meetings
~Spans could pave the way to safety
~No Prison Time for Employers, Meanwhile Illegal Immigrants Build the Fences and Paid $60K
~Officials want the site that is run by Army engineers and in need of cleaning. City manager says project funding likely drying up
~In the Middle: Army eyes M-town for new home

With the planned closure of MR-GO and an antiquated lock system, the Industrial Canal is about to change with the times

Kabacoff launches project on St. Claude...Healing Center?
Editor would also like to direct y'all to the hilarious comments, congroovieating on this story like a pack of drunken circus clowns and more fun than barrel full of voodoo dolls, in yesterdays Picayune

Is this the business section or the society page?~Library Chronicles

A language lesson~Ashley Morris
{editor apologizes for getting some of these blogs up late today. Editor's Monday is so kinky sometimes it comes on Sunday.}

Business owners getting relief on rates

Bijou Square key to Bridgeport's downtown revival

On the Move: Tickfaw State Park

Gourmands of the world, rejoice! 2008 New Orleans Wine & Food Experience~May 21 – 25, 2008~Tickets available now!

Foodie finds her recipe for laughter

PBS, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, “New Orleans”~Monday, February 12, 2007, 9:00-11:00 p.m. ET~Thanks Christine

MS Delta Band Leader, Winchester “Little Wynn” Davis Sr, remembered by family, friends, former students~Delta Democrat Times

Last march down Canal Street
`I thought I heard Buddy Bolden shout ``Open up that window and let that bad air out'' ' -- Jelly Roll Morton, from `Buddy Bolden Blues'

Tip's 30th Anniversary Continues~Super Cajun Fais Do Do With Bruce Daigrepont and special guests Steve Riley and Amanda Shaw~5:30pm