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Army Corps of Ecology
~One Stop Thought Shop

A Firefighter’s Letter to the City
~casa de Charlotte della luna

NOPD Catches “Major” Criminals ~Gentilly Girl~We have the highest murder rate in the country and these pigs are going after the most helpless of folks instead of standing up and doing their real J.O.B.. These fuckmooks are the laziest and most cowardly shits I have ever seen. (And I did MP duty when in the Military… I know the job) The only law enforcement I can trust now is the National Guard here.~Editilla tosses Hat to the sky and bows low to da'Queen Tilla'Ranter~

Fired New Orleans Officer Suing Police Superintendent

Inmates open cells, brawl
~Faulty locks plague correctional center
Faulty Locks? Are they Kidding? They cannot even LOCK THEIR GODDAMN JAIL DOORS???
And yet, NOPD has plenty of time to Bait and Entrap Homeless People with open and unlocked cars and Kool cigarettes and a Sting Squad. What a forking Confederacy of Dunces. Rather than Cops protecting our city we have Actors in Keystone'ville.
Rather than Criminals in the Orleans Parish Prison we have thugs with their own get out of jail free card in a Crime Hostel.

A Note from
Matt McBride

Dear New Orleanians,

Recently, the Corps has started publishing detailed schedules for award of hurricane protection projects around New Orleans.
They published one in April:

and one in June:

Unfortunately, they do not include expected construction durations.
However, the information is still valuable.

I compared the two schedules and found the following:
There are 156 projects listed (though there's one on the April schedule that doesn't show up on the June one).
Of those, 84 have had their contract award dates pushed back at least one calendar quarter in the time between the schedules being issued. Only 16 were accelerated. 55 had no change in their schedule.

We already know of one project that won't be done by the June 1, 2011 date. At a meeting held on July 1, 2008, the Corps showed a presentation that, in part, gave information on work being done at the Orleans Lakefront:

Slide 22 shows that project LPV 101.02, which involves improvements between the 17th St canal and Topaz St, is not due to wrap up until 25 months after a 3rd quarter 2009 contract award date, which would put its completion well into the 2011 hurricane season. There are undoubtedly others.

All this delay is not due to cost sharing problems (i.e. delays that might arise from the state of Louisiana being unable to provide over $1.3 billion in matching funds). Of the 84 delayed projects, only 34 are cost shared, meaning the lions' share of the delays are completely due to the Corps.

Some notable delays:
- Permanent pump stations at the lake were delayed from 3Q09 to 4Q09. This is about a year after what has been put out there publicly.

- The Seabrook closure has been pushed back from 1Q10 to 2Q10.
I don't see how they could possibly have that done by 2011, assuming it's determined to be necessary.

- Three very large ($100-500 million) projects in Plaquemines, once scheduled to be awarded in the first quarter of 2010, have now been pushed back to 2011 at the earliest. All three are cost shared.

Again, feel free to forward this around.

Matt McBride
Sandy Rosenthal
Founder and Executive Director, Levees.Org

Flood-protection plans put on hold~The state will soon have to pay $1.8 billion in matching funds for $12.9 billion in federal money being spent to rebuild New Orleans area levees.
State officials have asked Congress to spread out payments on that money for 30 years, but so far have been rejected.
~Editilla say bend me over and t'row away the keys!~Can we spell Anti-Trust?
I is a compound word, and means much more than simple Lack of Trust in a particular institution. One must get slabbed just to come near getting one's head around just how badly and truly locked and loaded we are into the omnipotent
Exquixotic Corps Genital Mandate Masticators!
The Mafia Corps Syndicate has us all but good, eh? Who are we gonna call? We cannot even prosecute these dangerous criminals on The Last Time They Killed 1000s With Bad Engineering...and now we continue to believe them? They say it will cost so many BILLIONS and we have to just swallow that? Why?
Can we at least find competent engineers to do the pricing on these projects? Outside of ASCE, major Corpsuckles, who can the State of Louisiana (and by extension every State) hire to do this work?
Sooo it really was a guy named Eddie?
Itnessw'a on'da ssa'a uckf'a ereh'a?
Now we see why the Corps says they have such a problem with funding--because...
They will simply delay awarding contracts until we have had to risk a few more hurricanes (or actually get flooded again), get a good bit more afraid of flooding (if we are still alive) and through our fear of more flooding we will hand the Corps whatever they want. This is Bully Extortion by our own US Army Corps of Engineers. They are the Monty of 3 CARD FUNDING.
This is Criminal Racketeering plain and simple.

Levee panel may hire own experts~17th Street Canal stability questioned

Bayou Bienvenue still a mess three years after Katrina

2nd oldest US wildlife refuge in jeopardy~Cain Burdeau

Katrina recovery fund, programs restructured

One more small miracle
Please click pic for video->

New Orleans colleges recover after Katrina~Des Moines Register

Flood-aid drive raises $10,000 for Iowa~Houma Today

Air tests planned for flooding victims' housing

St. Louis Metro-east to get part of federal funding for Illinois projects

King County, WA may pass on $17 million in flood control funds

La Fleur Dilly Berto
is what
La Fleur
brings to Berto.

Truman Lo's photo of Jackson Square chosen best New Orleans photo.

I think there’s a cricket in here ~City of Saints

Tales of the Cocktail ~Chowhound

On changing cities ~Chasing Ray

New Orleans Running Of The Bulls

Amy at NAD in New Orleans

For Wynton Marsalis,
‘The cause is people’

Music Of My Mind:
One Man Machine
~Noah Bonaparte Pais

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Pigs in Zen~T't't'talkin'bout da'Peeuuug!

On some ethereal plane...
~American Zombie

NOPD baits, waits and gates, the homeless~Richard Webster
~A pack of Kool cigarettes, a can of Budweiser and a box of Boston Baked Beans sat on the dashboard of an unlocked car with the windows rolled down at 1732 Canal St. Somewhere nearby two New Orleans Police Department officers watched and waited for someone to reach into the bait car and snatch the items.
Hat Tip to'da Big Molluski!

~Editilla say Pull My Finger!~I mean this would be so funny if it were not so...BRAZIL? Like, the movie?

I can't get the image out of my mind of: a B/W silent movie with the cops, giddy, snickering at their wit, waiting behind the bushes, hands on a rope that snakes down the street to this car left unlocked and open on Canal Street near a bunch of homeless people...then suddenly the rope jerks a bit, only slightly, then a bit more tautly...and then BANG! And OFF GO our KeyStoned Cops--bouncing and skidding down the street behind the now stolen car which they had left unlocked and open!

I mean does it get any better than this?
Well, yeah, it does--and therein lies da'rub, eh?

And of course yer Editilla will only gat'chilla when they set up another trap --just for the sake of fairness ya'know-- in, say, Metarie? maybe the Mall? What would they put in the front seat of an SUV at a tanning salon? An opened pack of Misty Thins, cans of Red Bull Spritzer and a box of Hot'Pocket Pizzas?
Or in the French Quarter? Hell, there people would probably start to throw money and beads in the car and wait for it to say something...
or the ByWater? Now, that would yield some interesting prey, eh? Snag'em a little Rail Tail with a copy of "Sometimes a Great Notion" a pouch of Bugler and a box of spray paints?

Comments get promoted!
~Your Right Hand Thief

New Orleans Police In DisRiley ~Jeff Crouere

Congrats Judge Irons!
~Krewe of Truth

Sign of Katrina fatigue?
Storm memorial delayed

We don’t need no stinkin’ poet laureate~Toulouse Street
Yes! Let's make today Video Day on da'Ladda!


Sher went back to the levee - still came up dry but will Corps get by? ~slabbed

Santa Maria Homebuyers:
Beware of Additional Flood Costs

~Editilla gotta ax'yaz~
Insurance companies and FEMA aren't trying to ram down our throats higher premiums, ghoulishly attempting to use Fear of Future Flooding
as a Shock Prod to force Americans to buy more insurance, eh? Might this be better termed Policy Policing?
When will this connection between the Corps of Engineers rebuilding levees + FEMA drawing flood maps + Insurance Companies setting rates = ANTI-TRUST...or even RICO price-fixing conspiracy? I mean...Damn! Maybe here.

Cleanup suspended at former Diamond Magnesium Co. site, Corps stickin'it up in Painsville
~The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is suspending the cleanup of radioactive contamination at a Painesville Township industrial site. The Exquixotic Corps had to halt the cleanup when funding ran out. D'OH!

Farmer’s Market - Uptown ~Metblogs

Thank you~New Orleans Daily Photo

Life after the storm
in New Orleans~Emirates 24/7

This Week at Amtrak ~URPA

iPhone Options Not Good for Belgian Cats

Tennessee's sinking data center gets help

County's dilemma: Cut trees or lose federal funds

Lake Okeechobee water rises, slowly

British commercial gives song new life
~Ernie K-Doe
CD release party

July 12 (9 p.m.)
WHERE: New Orleans
Mid City Lanes Rock ’n’ Bowl
ADMISSION: $10 (ladies in evening gowns admitted free)

New Orleans native Wendell Pierce set to star in 'Treme'

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Jim Brown column critique hijacked by oil/katrina rant
~Your Right Hand Thief

Curiouser and curiouser…better read it first: Renfroe v Rigsby - the latest round ~slabbed

Sitting On My Porch Part Eleven: Questions~Cliff's Crib
~H/T'nT-Toulouse Street

New Public Housing Plan, also- Corps Challenged on 17th Street Canal Property Compensations
~Gulf South Free Press

Suit challenges government's immunity on levee, flood control projects in a new way

Levees may worsen flooding problems~Staff from the regional Army Corps wasn't able to comment on the Corps' levee policy, and headquarters staff in Washington D.C. was not available for comment.

Sandbags make for poor flood-control policy

Corps says cities must find own flood failings

Makers: Don't blame us for toxic trailers


Here comes the story of the hurricane~Grist~If we're already in energy crisis, what happens when a major Gulf storm hits?

A Season of Night: New Orleans Life After Katrina

Voices of Faith:
New Orleans diary

Mark Edington,
St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church

~My friends and I worked on two houses. In the first, our task was to tear out all the walls and ceilings and prepare the house for an extensive renovation.
The African-American family who owned the house had held this home for three generations, and the fact that most folks in our part of the world would have regarded this property as a “tear-down” couldn’t have been farther from their minds — or hearts.
Whether or not it made sense to us,
that was where they were going to stay,
and that house was what they were going to rebuild.

New Orleans rebuilding picks up pace, study finds

Cedar Rapids expects delay in buyout information

Cedar Rapids flood costs tops $1 billion

Guns, dog houses, toys found as flood waters retreat

'Big Relief From the Big Easy' Headed to Cedar Rapids Hospital
~Nicknamed, "Big Relief from the Big Easy," the operation was organized by the Emergency Nurses Association in the New Orleans area. Emergency nurses from five different hospitals in the area will collect diapers, toiletries, food, linens, pet care items and money this week for delivery to 134 St. Luke's Hospital employees displaced from their homes by the flood in Cedar Rapids on June 11-13.

Tom McDermott & Connie Jones Creole Nocturne
~Letters from New Orleans, Mel Minter

HBO plans TV drama about N.O. musicians

New Jazz Photo Exhibit Uses Jazz Friendship of Eliison, Murray and Bearden as Inspiration~all about Jazz

9th Ward - Weather The Storm

The Rebirth Brass Band to bring NOLA to NYS Blues Fest

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Today is Cute & Cuddly Danger Day on da'Ladda.
Thanks Pixel Eyed
via New Orleans Daily Photo

La. has yet to build one cottage post-Katrina

New Orleans Mayor Reacts To 31% Approval Rating~Says sample was too small and does not accurately reflect how people are feeling about him as an opportunistic, charlatan, crook, idiot who of couldn't wipe his own ass if it was sliding down a levee.

Census: New Orleans fastest-growing city in U.S.

New Orleans RTA now has 35 foot Bio-diesel Orion VII NG buses

Lawsuit Against U.S. Army Corps of Engineers over “Pavlov’s Fish” Experiment

Did State Agencies Get Katrina Supplies Instead of Hurricane Victims?

Congressman plans hearing into FEMA supply 'debacle'

Did Trailer Makers Know About Toxic Fumes?~Congressional investigators are taking a hard look at the companies that built and supplied toxic FEMA trailers for emergency housing on the Gulf Coast. CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian speaks exclusively with people who worked on the trailer production lines and say the manufacturers knew they had a formaldehyde problem.

GOP: Don't blame manufacturers for toxic trailers, blame da'gubmint!
~Editilla say waaaiit a minute~
Lay off these people who would kill us, especially if they donate as much money to the Party as Gulf Stream. Hell, I guess this means that we can now blame Diaper Dave Vitter --and not his prostitute?
Now, can we blame Log'Jammin Queen of Stall Senator Larry Craig --and not the police officer who caught him sticky-handedly soliciting
Airport Bathroom Pervert Booty? Can we, huh?
Pleeease can we can we can we?
"I think we can! I think we can! I think we can!"
said the little electorate that could.

Renfroe v Rigsby and the
“magic jurisdiction” of the Miscellaneous Case ~slabbed

La. high court sides with insurers in Katrina case

Family Travels to New Orleans to Fight Border Wall Plans
~More here
<-Click to enlarge

Man 'Stressed Out' by Hurricane Katrina Admits Leaving Dad's Dead Body in House

U of Iowa: Floods caused more than $230M in damage

In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, water off their backs?

Floodwater 'just not going away' near Spring Green, Wisconsin
~Let 's not sugarcoat this. On Gene Dischler 's dirty, stinking, fetid, scum-covered front lawn Tuesday, the water that has been there since June 8 would make you puke if you were so foolish as to come anywhere near it.

Echoes of Katrina in Iowa flooding~Tiger Weekly

New Orleans Rebuild Efforts Going for LEED Platinum

Beerbuddha's Best of New Orleans: Beer Stores

Music from Basin Street ~Nolaphile

Rush Never Sleeps

Creole Wild West~FMJ

Letter from Jesse Paige manager of Soul Rebels

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New Orleans Blues Fiber Art Wall Hanging Fetish Quilt 6 ~Deepwater

Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 26th

Dirty Coast Press, The Rising Tide and the Big Easy Roller Girls

Featuring: Fleur de Tease, The Other Planets, and emcee Andrew Ward – The Reverend Pysch Ward.
One-Eyed Jack’s~Saturday July 26
Doors 8p~$10 cover

Governor Jindal Signs New Orleans Mental Health Bills~more here

CRH Medical Corporation opens center in New Orleans, Louisiana

62% of St. Bernard, New Orleans homes being rebuilt

All the money is in the trash~Library Chronicles

Majority not always in the right~Lolis Eric Elie
~H/T'nT-Portland Mercury

Removal of trees begins along 17th Street Canal Levee

Levee board losing a fourth member~Julien, who was the board's vice president, joins departing commission President David Bindewald and commissioners Robert Howson and Mark Morgan. Those three engineers notified Jindal last week that they objected to the newly adopted Act 472, which requires them to disclose detailed financial information about themselves and their spouses.

A Davenport, Iowa city worker stands vigil over a sandbag dike.
Some taxpayers are upset at the price tag they could pay to rebuild the levees.
Midwest flooding sparks debate over taller levees
~At issue is whether taxpayers already laden with high taxes and economic struggles are willing to foot the enormous bill — estimated between $4 billion and $6 billion — to protect farmers and small towns relying on aging dirt levees that weren't designed to hold back great floods.

The benefit, federal planners predict, is well below 10 cents for every dollar spent. "It's a whopping cost for what you would get out of it," said Rich Astrack, a project manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that for years has been developing a flood plan for the Upper Mississippi River and opposes the spending.

Better Buffer Than Levees?

USDA Releases CRP Land in Flood Regions for Grazing

Costs, confusion keep flood insurance numbers low

~Government officials aren't adjusting their floodplain maps, despite two "once in a lifetime" floods in 15 years,
"Just because a community has a flood bigger than the flood shown on a map doesn't mean you'll get a new map," said Bill Cappuccio, a representative of the Department of Natural Resources' Flood Plain Development Program.

Trailer Graveyards Haunt FEMA, Neighbors

They Who Never Sleep

Who Knows Where Operations Research Will Lead You?~Mike Trick

June flooding to mean pricier organic foods?
~Only California has more organic farms than Wisconsin, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service.

US Sugar Buyout May Not Help the Everglades~PEER~Will sugar buyout change restoration equation?~Daniel Cusick

Ziff Davis Enterprise Disaster Recovery Virtual Tradeshow

Finding a Disaster Recovery Solution That Won't Break the Bank

Workshops and the Holiday

The Need for Speed


New Orleans Area Events: Bastille Day, Tales Of Cocktail
~Margarita Bergen

Drinking and Driving in
New Orleans~Beachbum Berry

Vanitas~Patrick Lewis

The Secret Lives of Writers’ Wives

Louis Armstrong - 2008 - New Orleans Nights [Reissued]

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After the Deluge, The Farm~Pruned
Viet Village Urban Farm

National Assn. of the Deaf
at New Orleans!~Amy Cohen

~Welcome from Signing World

Property tax vote affects schools

Architects make plea to preserve schools

Factors Influencing New Orleans Public School Students

Jindal with a Hard'On and
The Exorcistical Mystery Tour
~Krewe of Truth

Jim Brown Interviews Elliot Stonecipher on Ethics
~Central La. Politics

New Orleans Blakely Says Recovery On Course Despite Resignations

Why Participate When You Can Learn How to Participate?
~We Could Be Famous

Suit over levees seeks crack in Corps' federal immunity wall

Corps can clear land at 17th Street Canal

Versar, Inc. Awarded $30 Million Contract by Exquixotic Corps

Southern University Provides Assistance in Louisiana Levee Repair

Recent Floods Raise Ongoing Concerns About Levee Safety

Making Maps Work When Disaster Strikes

Wireless networks and hurricanes~“There are two things you can be pretty much be assured of after a hurricane: there is no power and there is no wireless communications.”

Amateur radio operators still holding their own in the Internet age

Tibetan monasteries empty as China jails monks to silence Olympic protests

There's little faith in FEMA's storm plans

California's Fires and Katrina's Legacy~The legacy of Hurricane Katrina - when nobody came to help New Orleans - has led some residents to refuse to evacuate out of a belief that if they don't protect their homes, nobody will.

Finding a cat companion
~People started lining up around 8:30 a.m. waiting for the city's adoption day to start at 10 a.m. By 11:30 a.m., 20 cats had been adopted.

A pictorial tour of the Sidney Bestoff Sculpture Garden in
New Orleans
City Park~Sharon Keating

Weather, music bring many out to the Iowa City Jazz Festival

Iowa City Jazz Fest, Part II

Hip-hop for Palestine represents in New Orleans

Ruby My Dear ~Toulouse Street

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Levee Authority to review 17th Street Canal Levee Leak on its own, independent from
Corps of Engineers

~Editilla say Hell Yeah! Howdy Doody!~

For levee burrowing and other mischief!
~Pierce McDonnell

Individuals hoping to share in whatever compensation the corps may be ordered to pay must, by Aug. 31, send the corps what's called a Form 95 signaling their intent to sue the agency. Copies of the required notice, called an SF Form 95, can be downloaded from the corps of engineers' New Orleans office Web site, and from
Army Corps of Engineers action puts Santa Cruz River future in doubt~The Corps removed a May 23 study from its Web site that declared two stretches of the Santa Cruz River “a traditional navigable waterway,” which ensured protection under the Federal Clean Water Act.
~Editilla no'tellas~We gotta watch these people!
--And it turns out always must remember to save the pages of Corps Web sites that may have vital information --as they are prone to view their own data as evidence against them and delete it from public view on the website which the public funded.
Also, Gentle'rillas should realize this is already happening with the Private Public Relations Firms contracted by the Corps with Public Money to Spin their story, to wit: here,
where this Firm erased ad copy spooged testimonial quotes from Corps officers on the efficacy of their PR training --less than a week after these quotes had ended up in this article.
"How these [public relations] professionals can transform masters of techno-babble into credible spokespersons so quickly and smoothly is an amazing thing to behold," says Kevin Quinn, Chief Public Affairs Office, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Omaha District.
That statement says it all but has now been erased from that company's website. And now they think those words are gone? HA! M'M'M'W'W'AHAHAHA ...Silly Corps!
But you can see some of their other business with this company here.
Remember, the Corps of Engineers will Lie to the questioning tax-payer. The Corps will flat-out lie to us about our levees and then send out a Press Officer actually named PO Cephus? Get outta heah! Where do they get these jokers? They have proven that they will lie and now that they will erase whatever data they used from their websites. The Corps can only shoot us this shit as long as we allow it, as long as we accept their tactic of only addressing the public through a Spokesperson.

BTW-Gentle'rillas can just, at least, hit these buttons on anything the Corps of Engneers says from now on: Ctrl/Alt/Print Screen (together) and save their words before they get the chance to erase them from the Internet.
And these Public Relations Firms --who obviously read da'Ladda
(wink'wink;) or anything having to do with their clients: the Corps -- should realize that their own employees will work for the highest bidder too or sometimes even for nothing, just to blow a big whistle or settle the score [my email contact in da'profile]
[will also leave coded advert in personals section of Village Voice, under Men seeking Esprit de Corps
"Alas we are but as rats on a sinking ship
arriving too late to save a drowning witch

Hey, how about this?
We could stop accepting the words of their PR Fuckmooks? And we can begin to call out their local ASCE Appeasers, who cowardly continue to refuse to answer for Nameless annonymous attacks on Nola bloggers and others opposed to the Corps of Engineers Bull Shit~as if this is some sort of playground club scene, where those with the most popular friends win over consensus reality? There is another Fat Lady on the way and we simply do not need any more misdirection from the Corps of Engineers, their ASCE Lackeys or their friends. We need answers. Real answers and we need them now. The 17th Street Canal Levee Breach Repair Is Leaking. Right Now.

Since the Corps PR Karassholes keep carping on

The F Word: Funding, I want to know how much money the Corps is paying these creep Spin'filtraitors...and how much would it cost us to get them to tell us the true story instead? Like hire these Hos to work for We the People instead of the Riders of the Corps.
I mean, after establishing the nature of one's profession it is always then only a matter of price, eh?
How much money has Congress funded the Corps to hire these expensive PR Firms?
Silly'rilla Tax Payers want to know.

In the meantime, while our own 17th Street Canal Levee Beach Repair is LEAKING, the Corps and FEMA are telling small towns across the country this bit of Anti-Trust News, as noted on Thursdays Ladder in this article:

~In order to get the levees certified, owners can either hire professional engineers or try to talk the state's congressional delegation into persuading the Corps of Engineers to do the certification(???), which would be good for five to 10 years, according to Nancy Steinberger, regional hydraulic engineer for the Federal Emergency Management Agency office in Denver.
Steinberger told board members that only a small number of engineering firms nationwide are certifying levees because of the fear of getting sued if a dike breaks. She said there is no provision yet for an extension of the two-year limit to get certified, despite the shortage of firms doing the work.
Sooo the Corps and FEMA are putting out the word that other engineering firms--if you can find one-- are afraid of potential liability for their work while the Corps has been ruled Not Liable for its work? Sooo, anyone wanting safe flood control will just have to suck up (in two years) to the Corps to do the work? Is the Corps and by extension ASCE the only game in town in American Civil Engineering? If so then we need more than ever to establish the 8/29 Commission. Hell, this may even fall under the jurisdiction of the RICO Act, though much less a confederacy of dunces than a syndicato of price-fixing engineering contractors.

That is the game here as I see it: on one side of these failing levees you have us, the witnesses to and victims of the crimes, the American Tax-Payer, while on the other side of these failing levees you have them, the perps who committed this crime, and their minions who profit from enabling this criminal behavior to continue.
We have "right" on our side, but not time.
They have all the time in the world and friends in high places, but are as wrong as Hell. Congress said so. They said so. Judge Duvall said so with extreme prejudice. Hurricane Season Says So. I stuck my arms into their leaking levees and I say so.
The ExQuixotic Corps is Baaaaaad Gris Gris!
What faith one may find in a rising tide to float all boats is more than breached by bad engineering and lying public relations spin, as such blind penance will be crucified on the flooded streets of New Orleans again!

(s)Coping with Titan <-(Corps Spokesman Gerald Galloway's Company) and the Corps

Army Corps levee system would hold up, city still believes it was a muskrat

Corps Plan creates Branson's high lake levels ~The Ole Seagull

Record falls at Crab Fest

Coast groups await $15M

Like a cat chasing its tail~slabbed

New Orleans and the boy who has seen it all

Based in New Orleans for the summer of 2008
~Julie Dermansky

New Orleans cathedral dig yields clues to history

Section 8 loophole thwarts evacuees

Dogs, cats from flood-ravaged Midwest find new homes

Peach Crisp

1 cup sugar or less, depending on the sweetness of the peaches
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup granola without dried fruit — don’t leave this out as this is the “crisp” part
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/2 stick (1/4 cup) unsalted butter, softened
3 lbs. peaches, peeled and sliced 3/4-inch thick
1/4 cup fresh orange juice

Accompaniment: vanilla-bean ice cream

Preheat oven to 375° F.

Stir together sugar, flour, granola, spices and salt in a bowl, then work in butter with a pastry blender or your fingertips until mixture forms small clumps.

Spread peaches in a lightly buttered 13-by-9-inch (2-1/2- to 3-quart) baking dish. Toss peaches with juice and top with crumb mixture.

Bake in middle of oven until topping is golden and peaches are tender, 35 to 40 minutes. Cool slightly and serve warm.

Makes 6 servings.

Summer fun at Montreal Jazzfest~John Swenson