Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nothing burns like an effigy! ~moosedenied

Verti Marte reopening has French Quarter locals waiting in line
With hurricane season approaching, concerns raised about pumps at massive West Closure Complex
~Editilla Rotellas~ Once again the Times-Picayune is Sparky Come Lately in following up on the Corps' various project-shell-games. Though we know he ducks and covers when he hears me say it, Matt McBride is my Herolero at Fix the Pumps. He began totally nailing down this particular Pump Scheme to the ground back on January 7th and continues with updates.
Unfortunately we are witnessing the fruits of the Corps Shitcanary.
Allow Editilla to put it more bluntly, we find our testicles in the Vice of the Cinch (the Closer) of their Con, to wit: they've got our money, they've got our family jewels clamped into the West Closure Complex, into Option 1 and strapped down with the new Levee Safety Program... and we've got no way to stop them from doing it wrong again! Hell, nothing happened to the Corps after they built it wrong the first time and flooded New Orleans, killing 1000s. McBride's been blogging about this for years and Maria Garzino had to take the Lakefront Pump Fraud all the way to the Office of Special Council, only to have the report ignored by our President. Thankfully Harry Shearer came to the rescue with her on The Big Uneasy. But all this time the Times-Picayune has had its coverage get thinner and thinner from what was already arguably Journalism Lite on the Corps' various slight-of-hands. Yeah, they do articles, but they rarely if ever get beneath what the Corps gives them in the press releases. It's a little late in the game to be saying this, but the Times-Picayune's failure at news gathering as regards our flood safety is sad, it is incompetent and it is dangerous.

Republican Congressman Daryle Issa Proposes Tracking Freedom of Information Act Requests
~ the Pun @ as someone who has waited, I can see this as a good thing, esp consider his "45 days pending" aspect. Also, is an Engineer. 1 minute ago
~Editilla Hotellas~ Lest anyone concern themselves with a perceived threat to privacy in Issa seeing who files requests for federal information under the FIOA... it is supposed to be an open and public process by definition.
Every FOI Request is public, that is their function in a thriving democracy.
Yet, Swords of Truth cut both ways, so I'm not worried about this Repugnican getting too much of a grip on that handle. If Issa can find out why Barty Obama has sat on his ass in answering FOIRs on Corps of Engineers N.O. District's continued malfeasance, then more power to him. If Daryle Issa, himself an Engineer, can get His'O'ner to answer why he has thus far refused to take note of the OSC Study/Affirmation in '09 of Corps Engineer Maria Garzino blowing the whistle on those Inoperable Pumps the Corps installed in all 3 of our outfall canals (cited above)... then I might wonder if he should think of a run for President!
I've said before that I'd vote for the Devil himself if it would mean sending the Corps of Engineers to Hell for their Rape and Crucifixion of New Orleans.

Despite reservations, Gusman wants council to consider ordinance to let him build new jail~Steve Beaty, The Lens
~Also~ Please read everything Herolero Reporter Matt Davis has been covering for The Lens on the nefarious exploits of this bastard rogue lawman.
~Aaaand here comes the local MSM just in time!
~New Orleans City Council action on new jail in doubt after sheriff's criticism
~Debate continues as council prepares to vote new Orleans Parish Prison

The man behind the curtain…Lest we forget~Disenfranchised Citizen

Thanks Katrina @ NOLAFemmes!

Gone Crabbing~Pontchartrain Pete
~Editilla Pelicanellas~We just so love the Brown Pelican that we got one tattooed on our arm. They just look at you like, WTF Yous Lookin'AT?
Special thanks to Pete for this great photograph!

Friday, January 28, 2011

It's one thing to learn how to fly....

City of Lafitte aims to sue U.S. Army Corps of

Oil Spill Health Study~KLFY
~Acadiana~ Elevated levels of dangerous chemicals found in the crude oil from the Deep Water Horizon is now being found in our blood.
Wilma Subra has been testing water and soil samples in Acadiana four for decades and what she sees in this latest study concerns her. A blood study that was conducted on four males ages 3 to 43 and one female age 38 in December of last year. Subra says the results of those tests have revealed elevated levels of six toxic and potentially life threatening chemicals associated with crude oil, most notably Ethylbenzene which has been linked to kidney damage and cancer.
~Hat Tweet~Florida Oil Spill Law

Promises and Dead Ends…Feinberg’s Congressional Theatre
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Shell application for deepwater exploration in the Gulf of Mexico takes step forward~Jonathan Tilove
~Oil Judge defends decision to deny the government a separate track in oil spill litigation

Scientists pitch coastal projects for parishes~Nikki Buskey

Nucor gets DEQ permits
~Amy Wold, Skip Descant

The Most Difficult Job in LA Politics: David Vitter's Communications Director ~CenLamar

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners picks Mississippi Commish Mike Chaney to chair its Property and Casualty Insurance Committee. Now we’re truly f*cked ~slabbed

Louisiana crawfish are too small to trap, thanks to cold weather

New Orleans Comic Con offers full day of fun for sci-fi fans and the stars they love

crowns~the hungry termite
~A friend of mine asked me if i would paint a canvas with a crown on it.

I Wish I Was a Headlight on a Northbound Train ~Citizen K

Weekend Roundup~Blackened Out

Yo La Tengo, Big Freedia, and more music for this week
~Alison Fensterstock

Saturday and Sunday second line parades~Red Cotton, Gambit

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gear up for Mardi Gras 2011 with newest king cake trend: Baby cakes
~Judy Walker

~Editilla Crowtellas~This is my favorite video of all time right now!

Mardi Gras 2010 from Cottage Films on Vimeo.

~Special thanks~Humid Beings

Cuts are better than levy
~~Mitch Landrieu~If any community can understand what the people of Queensland are going through and the toll this will take on a nation, it is New Orleans.

Using the Lynx Mobile Mapper to Survey a Levee~American Surveyor

As Spending Cut, MS River Silts In

Streetcars should bypass Elysian Fields connection for now~Jeff Schwartz, guest Lens opinion writer and founding member of Transport for Nola

In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Magnum’s Magnanimous Ministrant for Murphy the Mooch ~slabbed

Today, Feinberg Comes to Congress… while Gulf Coast and BP attorneys go to court~Disenfranchised Citizen

Report: Dispersant Chemicals Lingering in the Gulf~Kate Sheppard

Chevron selects KBR for designing Big Foot topsides

Gulf Saver Bag News~Watershed NOLA

Why I run the CCC: Running as a fleur-de-lis is for fun and civic pride
~Chris Wiseman

Peace Walk in Treme, 6PM

First Look: Mimi's~Blackened Out

Avenue Pub Named to Rate Beers Top 50 Best Beer Bars 2011 List
~The Beer Buddha

~Christopher Caldwell, Looka!

~“And how can this be? For he is the Kwisatz Sazerac!” #cocktailsonarrakis

WWL-TV: Gambit's 3-Day Weekend

Jimmy Messa: Interview With the Subdudes Bassist~GO NOLA

Poppa Neutrino, street musician and adventurer, dies at 77
~Poppa Neutrino remembered~Gambit

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

President Obama slips on invisible oil, falls flat on his ass in SOTU ~Disenfranchised Citizen~Lame Duck Sitting POTUS forgets to mention BP Oil Spill or even the entire coast along that huge body of water between Florida and Texas.
~Editilla Brotellas~ We did our own title'in here with Drake Toulouse this time --hope he don't mind... help! I'm so pissed off at Barty Obama right now that I'd rather slam my penis in a car door and run naked through a snake farm than even see a picture of this Bobble Head Pres laughing at his own flaccid jokes --much less hear him asking American Citizens to bend over and furthermore take it from the Oil Industry writ large. You might say Editilla is caught speechless still this morning after His'O'ner promised not to come in our mouth last night...
--while he proceeded to do exactly that!

Local film fest kicks off
~Harry Shearer to attend showing! On Sunday at the Bayou Film Festival, organizers will host Harry Shearer, who has voiced a character on “The Simpsons” and is a “Saturday Night Live” alumnus.
“He’s coming to Lafayette to hang out with us,”
Mire said. “His film (‘The Big Uneasy’) is being shown the last day, because we’re in a partnership with AcA.”
See The Big Uneasy at Glasgow Film Theatre
~Jameson Dublin International Film Festival


Y--SELA - 24a, Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project, South Claiborne Avenue Covered Canal, Phase 1, Monticello Avenue to Leonidas Street, Orleans Parish, LA.
~Also~Phylway Construction, LLC, Thibodaux, La., was awarded a $13,852,340 firm-fixed-price contract Jan. 21, 2011. The award will provide for the construction of a first enlargement of an existing levee at the Westwego to Harvey Canal Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System. Work will be performed in Harvey, Jefferson Parish, La., with an estimated completion date of Dec. 21, 2011. The bid was solicited through the Internet with seven bids received. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District, New Orleans, La., is the contracting activity (W912P8-09-D-0046)

Scientists pitch coastal projects for Terrebonne, Lafourche~Nikki Buskey

Things might not be going along quite as swimmingly as we thought

Oil spill commission leaders to illustrate their total uselessness in testimony before Congress

Watchdog: Admin Ignored Scientists' Spill Report Recommendations
~Kate Sheapard, Mother Jones

First ‘Peer-Reviewed’ Dispersant Study: The Corexit “did NOT degrade” — “It didn’t go away”~Florida Oil Spill Law
~Yay! Mark Schleifstein of the Times-Picayune finally covered this story 11pm!

Junk mail about “heirloom garbage” –shirley not! ~slabbed

Jealousy In the Art World
~Wendy Rodrigue

Salty, buttery Duck Confit
~Georgia Pellegrini

The Beer Buddha Interviews: Lorin Gaudin

New Orleans Food Cooperative Social, Tour and Tasty Ball~Humid Beings

Get Your Pink On With The Pussyfooters ~NOLAFemmes

Purchase your tickets to this year's Hogs for the Cause today

Tonight: Best Coast, Wavves and No Joy
~Alex Woodward, Gambit

Best of the Beat Awards to honor Dave Bartholomew, Alex Chilton

Quintron Announces New Album "Sucre Du Sauvage"

Happy 73rd Birthday Etta James!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Breaking News: Mayor’s group made jail recommendation based on bad property info from Sheriff
~Matt Davis, The Lens
My State of the Union…
~Disenfranchised Citizen
~My fellow Americans…
I come before you today to say that the era of rationality is dead.
What do I mean? Simple… Being rational has led to hundreds of thousands foreclosed homes. Being rational has led to the hyper-inflated salary of Brian Monihan, CEO of Bank of America. Being rational has led to crumbling infrastructures, the failings of the levees in New Orleans and the abandonment of Charity Hospital in favor of a huge medical complex that takes even more of your money and destroys entire neighborhoods. Being rational has led to the privatization of water supplies, the destruction of health care, your schools and local business. Being rational has led to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Poor infrastructure fails America, civil engineers report. Levees get a 'D' grade
~State of Transportation is 'weak,' engineers say

Where in the World is Chris Rose?
~Humid Beings

Strike Against Crime
~Silence Is Violence

Streetcar service along Rampart, St. Claude is getting a green light

Air-monitoring tests in Grand Bois

Is Looting After A Disaster Ever “OK”?
~Dolores M. Bernal

6th Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival

GCC to host Batavia-Bayou event

SGIA is spicing up 2011 N.O. Expo

new work... ~artbymags
~the piece at right is my first attempt at doing a cat. my cat, specifically. sticker is his name, but my friend nita calls him mr. toes because he’s one of those hemingway cats (polydactyl) with extra toes all over the place. he has big mitten feet, and he’s a tubby, not very coordinated, princessy feline with a lot of character. i love him dearly. it was challenging trying to get a good one-color stencil that captures his unique look, but i think i pulled it off. after shooting about a hundred photos of him, i found one that worked well as a stencil, even though it didn’t include his funny feet.

The Paris Dispatches: New Year's Eve ~Blackened Out

Norwegian choir with ties to NOLA

2nd Line Against Crime and 2011 Comic Con highlight the week ahead

New Orleans Survival Kit~GONOLA

Another member of New Orleans' music family, Curtis Mitchell, dies
~Louisiana Weekly

Orbiting Sun Ra~Gambit

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Orleans water pipes need to be replaced, not patched, says S&WB

West Bank facing pumping shortfalls in 2011~Fix the Pumps

Broken Records: After 6 months, we’re still waiting for detailed Sheriff’s Office budget~Matt Davis, The Lens

The Big Crash Part 2: Lest Ye Be Judged ~American Zombie

City mortgage records found on Wikileaks~The New Orleans Levee

Monday Slabbed

New Orleans Saints guard Jahri Evans makes AP All-Pro team

Reader poll: What should President Barack Obama focus on in his State of the Union address?
~Editilla Hotellas~ Well! That one's easy! New Orleans and Louisiana's Wetlands! We are the poster child of the New Infrastructure. Take care of NOLA and the rest of this broken'down country of ours will fall right into place.

Nominations for new coastal restoration projects subject of Thursday meetings~Mark Schleifstein

Levee construction rolls forward in Terrebonne~Nikki Buskey

Ship traffic on the Mississippi River will be restricted beginning Tuesday because of a lack of dredging funds
~Corps mismanages funding again.

Who Ya'Gonna Call?

Leisure tourism in Louisiana is expected to take a hit after BP oil spill
~Ed Anderson

What’s Wrong with Gulf Seafood Test Results? People Can’t Understand Them~Louisiana Seafood News

BP’s spilled oil is washing up in people ~Coto Report
~ Florida Oil Spill~Alabama Paper: Did anyone really believe the oil just disappeared and that humans wouldn’t be affected?
~ John Amos~BP : tar balls, underwater tar mats found off Pensacola beaches - long term problem

BP: 'An accident waiting to happen'

Halliburton tops forecast on North American sales

Airport to be modernized by 2013 Superbowl

Monday Reads~Sky Dancing

the empire is expanding…artbymags

Tracey's: Same Old Taste in a Bright New Setting~Blackened Out

's Food Revue


My Weekend Vibe: Lauryn's Coming To The Jazz Festival ~Cliff's Crib

The Seventh Annual "Valen-Toe- Down!" ~Humid Beings