Friday, November 11, 2011

Musicians roundtable discussion on New Orleans noise ordinance is Saturday
~Allison Fensterstock

Happy Veterans' Day Y'all!
~I believe that all Veterans of our Armed Forces should recieve:
1- All the benefits available to members of Congress.
2- All Veterans -and their families- will receive full medical and Health Care Options for more elite, specialized, state-of-the-Art medical care Free & Clear.
2- 4 yrs college education or equivalent alternative of their choosing. Wounded veterans receive options for continuing education for life.
3- All veterans receive a 1st home, or property and financing to build, Free & Clear. All veterans will receive Options on low interest loans on 2nd homes. Veterans will receive agricultural subsidies to buy land and farm should they desire.
In short, thanks y'all for stepping up.
What ever you want, You Get!

Louisiana civil rights museum would be a place to honor its past~Jarvis DeBerry

This would be so much better than a Rocky statue ~Library Chronicles

RTA chief tells it like it is: pre-Katrina service won’t be restored in depopulated areas
~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

Federal lawyers seek to overturn ruling on Corps of Engineers’ liability
~Sandy Rosenthal,

~More from the Dallas levee wars

Cypress swamp near Lower 9th Ward will be restored as hurricane defense
~Mark Schleifstein
~Also~ LaCoastPost Scuttlebutt

Oyster harvest east of Mississippi River to close ~WVUE

La ferme pue pire que la route putes un vagin: “The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion” Part 3 Fin ~Slabbed

British Petroleum says to hell with public relatons, we’re gonna screw everybody we can~Disenfranchised Citizen

Boudin & Beer Tonight!