Friday, June 14, 2013

Acadian Ambulance responding to explosion at nitrogen plant in Donaldsonville
Army Corps, public officials break ground on permanent canal closure project at 17th Street Canal ~Mark Schleifstein
“Of course, while it was borne by a natural disaster, we also need to remember so it never happens again that 70 percent of the catastrophic flooding was a man-made disaster, breaches due to design flaws and other flaws here at the 17th, and other outfall canals and some of the other protection systems,” Vitter said. “I don’t say that to dwell on the negative or to dwell on all of the miseries that folks have been through, but again to refocus us on the importance of today and all of our unified commitment that it never happen again.”
Past is not even past ~Library Chronicles

New Orleans must hold leaders accountable for violence prevention programs ~Deb Cotton, The Lens

Exclusive survey: A year out, SomeTimes-Pic downsizing leaves bitterness, scorn among ex-, current employees ~Rebecca Theim, CJR

Geismar disaster: examining the chemicals ~Jennifer Hale

WWL-TV part of Gannett’s acquisition of Belo  ~Advocate 

Gambit names Jeanne Foster associate publisher

'73 Upstairs Lounge fire 'worst mass murder of gays in U.S. history' ~WWLTV
Delta mayor sets new record with 10th term in office ~MBJ
Rodrigue Collaborates~Summer Camp on ABC New Orleans and Benefit Concert

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Brief History Of Saints Logos ~Wallace Dellery, Canal Street Chronicles
Mayor Mitch'mo touts economic plan
~City, businesses offer new treasure map for economic growth

'Because of Katrina:' Many questions on Red River levees' status, but few answers

All Gulf Shores beaches closed after 4th drowning in 24 hours 
Big Data for Disaster Response: A List of Wrong Assumptions ~iRevolution
“It might be provocative to call into question one of the hottest tech movements in generations, but it’s not really fair. That’s because how companies and people benefit from Big Data, Data Science or whatever else they choose to call the movement toward a data-centric world is directly related to what they expect going in. Arguing that big data isn’t all it’s cracked up to be is a strawman, pure and simple—because no one should think it’s magic to begin with.” ~Derrick Herris

WWOZ Music Education Community Forum