Friday, November 2, 2012

Should Flood Survivors of Hurricane Sandy Relocate? ~Sandy Rosenthal
Magic 8-Ball Week 9 – Saints Eagles Preview ~Whodat Warriors

2nd Annual Gleason Gras this Sunday!

New What for New Who? ~G Bitch Spot

Size of NOPD forces has plummeted in recent years ~WWL

Doctors talk sugar cane smoke, health effects

Sandy’s Forgotten ~Alex Koppleman

NYU Hospital’s Backup System Undone by Key Part in Flooded Basement ~Pro Publica

Sandy catches many northeasterners without flood coverage

NYC Flooded Tunnels to Take Many Days to Drain

Exquisite Corps: To Build a Levee, New York Must Take the Lead~A look at the science of storm surge protection suggests that Bloomberg, despite his own engineering background, is perhaps not all that well versed in the work that has been done in the field. Robert G. Bea is an engineer with a deep background in storm water protections and a professor emeritus at the University of California at Berkeley (as well as an Army Corps of Engineers vet). Asked if, indeed, it’s technological possible to protect New York City through some sort of levee system, Bea responds without hesitation.
“The answer is, for sure, yes.” Bea points to the Dutch Delta Works system of dams, dikes and levees that has been much in the news of late. “They sit on the same damn ocean that you do,” he says. (I’m in Brooklyn.) “That Atlantic is a real damn kick-in-the-bum piece of water.”

Author of new Ernie K-Doe biography hosts book signing

Top 3 upcoming blues shows in N.O.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

When Corrections Fail -or- Considering The Compassionate Option ~moosedenied
~"Do Your Job" ~ Giant Sean Payton Face. Let's get one thing out of the way right off the bat. If you're of the opinion that what we've been seeing from the 2012 Saints defense in any way even vaguely resembles acceptable, excusable or understandable, then we have nothing to discuss and you might as well go ahead and stop reading now. It is not acceptable. There is no excuse. And it's time we quit asking ourselves and one another whether it's more on the players or more on the coaches and scheme. Because the answer is clear, it's a metric fuckton of both. They've all but admitted as much.

Angry Who Dat's Bender in Denver: The View from Section 516
32nd Annual Day Of The Dead Celebration

Celebrations mark All Saints ~Advocate

All Saints Day Parade in Treme ~Big Red Cotton

Mirliton Festival Gets New Bywater Digs ~NOLA DEFENDER

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Havoc as Sandy Comes Ashore

Sandy on Hurricane Sandy
Sandy strengthens as nears coast; Wall Street closes

 Superstorm Sandy intensifying, bringing record storm surge ~Weather Underground
~The final countdown to Hurricane Sandy's arrival has begun, and this extraordinary and historic storm is already causing havoc all along the U.S. coast from North Carolina to Massachusetts. The scale of this massive storm truly earns Sandy the title of "superstorm".

Frankenstorm Sandy in various remote imagery from NOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service

Watch Hurricane Sandy Hit NYC, Via These Livestreams ~Gothamist

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why Hurricane Sandy Has Meteorologists Scared in 4 Images

Live Blog: Hurricane Sandy Coverage

FEDERAL OFFICES in the Washington, DC, area are CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC
The 3 Brides of Frankenstorm
~Massive and dangerous Hurricane Sandy has grown to record size as it barrels northeastwards along the North Carolina coast at 10 mph. At 8 am EDT, Sandy's tropical storm-force winds extended northeastwards 520 miles from the center, and twelve-foot high seas covered a diameter of ocean 1,030 miles across. Since records of storm size began in 1988, no tropical storm or hurricane has been larger (though Hurricane Olga of 2001 had a larger 690 mile radius of tropical storm-force winds when it was a subtropical storm near Bermuda.) 
Sandy has put an colossal volume of ocean water in motion with its widespread and powerful winds, and the hurricane's massive storm surge is already impacting the coast. A 2' storm surge has been recorded at numerous locations this morning from Virginia to Connecticut, including a 3' surge at Virginia's Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and Sewells Point at 9 am EDT. Huge, 10 - 15 foot-high battering waves on top of the storm surge have washed over Highway 12 connecting North Carolina's Outer Banks to the mainland at South Nags Head this morning. The highway is now impassable, and has been closed. The coast guard station on Cape Hatteras, NC, recorded sustained winds of 50 mph, gusting to 61 mph, at 5:53 am EDT this morning. In Delaware, the coastal highway Route 1 between Dewey Beach and Bethany Beach has been closed due to high water. Even though Sandy is a minimal Category 1 hurricane, its storm surge is extremely dangerous, and if you are in a low-lying area that is asked to evacuate, I strongly recommend that you leave. ~Dr. Jeff Masters, Weather Underground

~Kinda puts things in perspective....

Sandy is one Big Ass Storm!
~Editilla Mo'tellas~ I recommend that you use the legend on this interactive map to slow or stop the animation add layers for Radar, Weather Advisories etc. However this may slow down the reload of the images.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg orders mandatory evacuation of Zone-A

NYC to Suspend Transit Service

Helping after Hurricane Sandy: Local volunteers deployed