Saturday, December 15, 2007


Death Defying~New Orleans Daily Photo
Celebration of the Oaks at City Park

Nearly 170 trees are planted along Broad as part of an effort to restore the city's canopy~ReLeaf New Orleans

New Orleans CityBusiness honors 2007 Best Places to Work

Murphy Oil donates downtown building to Tulane

Sales offices leased for Trump tower

Jefferson attorneys get time to prepare

New Orleans Politics~Blank sign-in sheet at polls tells the tale

Some Good News in New Orleans, At Least for Now~Godless Libral Homo

Who'dats In New Orleans? Plan to Raze Low-Income Housing Draws Protesters from all over

New Orleans housing crisis update~Bill Quigley

Judge puts demolitions in hands of council

TP Editorial~This isn't rocket science

{NO News editor notes~while not rocket scientry, pedaling this 'Road Ho' has proved harder than riding a tricycle into a fire hydrant and falling over each time!}

Road Home Sell Outs~Tin Can Trailer Trash

TP Editorial~Waiting to inhale
{editor can't leave it alone~Heckle'n'Jeckel FEMA, 'huffing' a mere 500 trailers to test for formaldeHyde poisoning over 2 years after stuffing tens of thousands of people in them, does seem a tad slow for that dog to hunt, eh?}

St. Bernard residents like lot-purchase proposal

Study suggests big risks with fish farms

Tele Atlas Deploys Team in New Orleans to Assist in Post-Hurricane Katrina Redevelopment

New Orleans Levee Spin 101

Emirates Airline~Big Oil now fly nonstop Houston to Dubai

The Big 'V'-easy

{editor titles~Katrina, K'jina, Oystera on'da Half-shella, Gatora, Pelicana, Superdoma, FEMAjina Monologues?}

Philly to New Orleans project and the March Back to New Orleans Tour

Tickets ARE Available to the Big Easy Rollergirls Double Header!
Saturday Dec. 15, featuring the undefeated Marigny Antoinettes against the StoryVillains, and the Confederacy of Punches against the Crescent Wenches. Doors at 6 p.m., action at 7 p.m. at Mardi Gras World, 233 Newton Street, New Orleans. After Match Party with John Boutte' at dba on Frenchman St.

Belated 12th Night Party at HOB~Wild Magnolias, Bustout Burlesque, Al 'Carnival Time' Johnson and more~Dec 15th

The New Orleans Radiators~Dream Palace~11/02/1984~etree

Radiators still On Tour

WWOZ~GAMBIT~Nola Tonight

Maple Leaf~The Trio w/ Johnny Vidocavich, George Porter Jr & June Yamagishi~10pm

Coffee at Johnny's with Stanton Moore

The New Orleans Rhythm Kings~The Cradle Of Jazz
~Zero G Sound

Book Reviews~Firebird~Chasing Ray

Exquisite Corpse~Creely's Birthday Drive~Andrei Codresue

Ice, Crack...It seemed to make sense at the time~Garden of Irks & Delights

Back from New Orleans~Dance Theater Workshop

What Brings Me Back?~Metroblogging New Orleans

Dirty Dozen~Thank you Voice of New Orleans

Friday, December 14, 2007


Rebirth~All Over da'place!

36 Hours in New Orleans

Many celebrities have helped with New Orleans recovery efforts

{editor thanks the AP for keeping the light on Nola, but finds this list woefully 'lite' for missing even local super stars, the Shearers and the Pitt~Jolies. Editor flames a candle every sunrise with best wishes for leagues of virtuous karma on the kindness of strangers to the City That Care Forgot, from far and near, passed and present~Y'all Who's Who'Dat~Where'Yat!}

Judith Owen & Harry Shearer's Holiday Sing-A-Long with Special Guests

Scrooge In Rouge~Le Chat Noir

Sweetness & Hilarity

Christian Scott: A New Jazz 'Anthem'

Musicians appreciate effort of fellow entertainer

WWOZ~GAMBIT~Nola Tonight

WWOZ Holiday Gift Ideas

Expect jammin' deals at Jazzfest sale

Fantoms bring funky '70s back to Tipitina's

Waiting for Godot in a Wasteland~The Nation

We'll Know When We Get There

New Orleans Weddings

Coo~coo for Coco Hut

Muniz retracts noose remark

TP staffer sentenced in 2006 battery case

Two B.W. Cooper protesters peaceably end occupation

First Draft

Liptrap's Lament

The Seed of America: the argument for secession, chemtrails over Nola and more rants~
Humid Haney

Forum tackles migrant worker issue

New Orleans Job Not Big Enough~Vallas Considers Side Jobs

Got smoke, need mirrors for senators

BGR criticizes city's anti-blight process

Open Letter from the BGR To New Orleans Regarding Housing

US Senate Passes Energy Bill With Broad Bi-Partisan Support

New Orleans Real Estate Market: Housing Stock, Foreclosures, Tourism ~Part I: Interview With Arthur Sterbcow

Louisiana Bobby Jindal Picks Secretary of Natural Resources

Trailer tests start Dec. 21, says FEMA

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Jan Kaulins~New Orleans Photo Gallery

Millions to be given to N.O. schools

Changes complicate Road Home

Citizens Insurance Board still to get new members

Landrieu frustrated as Vitter 'stalls' relief on public housing bill

{editor notes~Senator Landrieu should know who to call for Senator Vitter's recurrent 'mistakes', as the phone number remains readily available at the finest DC brothels, bathroom stalls and Canal Street bus stops. Ah, what the Hell: (202) 224-4623}

David Vitter opposes same-sex extra-marital affairs~Senator still favors hypocritical trysts~New Orleans Levee

National Lawyers Guild Deplores Arrest of Attorney William Quigley for Efforts to Stop Demolitions

Here We Go Again~Another one from the vault~Tin Can Trailer Trash

Issue avoidance~Right Hand Thief

Agencies hurry to find housing as homeless must leave Duncan Plaza by Dec 21st

McDonogh 35 students help the homeless, bring gifts to Plaza

Merry Christmas, Poor People~Think New Orleans
{editor stretches~First they came to take away the working poor and homeless and no one raised a cry. Then they came for the waiters, the renters and the smokers, still no one raised a cry. Then they came for the musicians, artists, writers and others that did not fit the decor...}

Mayor's noose remark sparks outcry

Trailers to be tested for formaldehyde~FEMA 'director' apologizes for fake news conference~DOH!

Streetcar return is ahead of schedule

Report on the Drainage of the City of New Orleans~Bill Thayer

Hurricane Chief~Dems Lying About Pressure

Corps defends flood projects that critics charge are biased

The Army Corps of Engineers says all of those bullets may have left high levels of lead
{editor shakes head and thanks Elvis that we have such sharp engineers in charge of our flood protection. Whew! These guys are just full of sh*t-for-no-brainers, eh?}

State officials tout Louisiana film industry growth

Bayou Buzz Business Briefs

Letter to Santa: Bring Mississippi a Mike Moore for U.S. Senate Campaign!~A.M. In the Morning

Literacy AmeriCorps gives libraries boost

Algiers musicians help tradition thrive~Irvin Mayfield

Urban Development or Depopulation? Interview with Cyril Neville~Huff Post

Rhythms Rising II: Ruby Rendrag's Class Act in New Orleans

Belated 12th Night Party at HOB~Wild Magnolias, Bustout Burlesque, Al 'Carnival Time' Johnson and more~Dec 15th

Anat Cohen Rises in Jazz World

Doring Releases "Southern Exposure" After Mourning Period for Katrina

WWOZ~GAMBIT~Nola Tonight

Historic Photos of New Orleans by Melissa Lee Smith

Pelican Camera Cases from CPD Industries Endure Hurricane Katrina Floods

Prime Personality~Ian McNulty

Carpetbaggers: Antithetical to Sinn Fein~Mr. Clio

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Public housing teardown held up in New Orleans~Facing South

Something fishy in rush to demolish

Workers jump the gun to prepare demolition~City has not O'Kvilled the razing of Lafitte

DC Coalition Calls Protest at HUD Dec. 13~for New Orleans Public Housing

Bay Area Fighting for Public Housing in New Orleans~My Urban Blog

3 protest HUD decision at Bangor office

If you could stop another hurricane from hitting New Orleans, you would, wouldn't you?~carlagirl!

Notes from the Field: New Orleans

Renaissance Village group shares housing plan

Help Katrina Survivors Go Back Home

New Orleans Holds Property Tax Sale Online Wednesday

LRA accepts home buyout plan

LRA Head, Andy Kopplin, To Depart
{editor constabulates~Probably nothing amiss here...but if it walks like a Turduckin and goobles-quacks-crows like Weird Animal Creation and can swallow more eggs than Cool Hand Luke, then "I'd say what we haa'yave he'yah is a fail'ya ta' co-moonicate!"}

Hearings slated on libraries' future

Critics of Corps say risk reduction uneven

Corps needs 10 Square miles, 20 ft deep, of clay for Levees

Fish farming proposal assailed

ASCE-initiated 'Task force' will review ASCE studies
{editor ducks and swats at the hard spinning buzz of the two words: Task Force}

Yazoo Delta pump project called ‘boondoggle’

Wildlife Endangered by Yazoo Pumps Project?
{editor notes~more acreage drained means more future ethanol production}

Our position: The Army Corps needs to stop dragging its feet on bomb search
{editor learns something new every day~Not only does the Corps not know their broken levee asses from a hole in the ground, but they can't even find bombs by dragging their feet? Jeez Louie! Bombs? Next thing you know they will be over in Iraq losing track of $61 million dollars with Halliburton.}

HOW~by Darlene Fitzgerald

Ocmulgee levee problems subject of scheduled meeting today

'This Old House' heads to New Orleans

Backward Glances~New Jersey fundraiser for New Orleans Musicians Musicians' Clinic


3 Ring Circus Presents Michael Hornsby

Happy Birthday Russell Baptiste! Party Tonight at the Maple Leaf~10pm

Soul Rebels at Preservation Hall~8pm

Satchmo: My Life in New Orleans

To France and back with Galactic

Boogie Fever

Boston Grooves 4 NOLA

Magazine Street

'12th Day' Book Reviews~Chasing Ray

Photography Workshops In New Orleans This Winter

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


LRA poised to distribute rebuilding cash

State's surplus expected to double

Survey: Recovery aid has support

Busiest time since Katrina set to hit New Orleans
{editor notes~our city seems to be getting too busy repairing herself~while at the same time hosting the rest of the country's celebrations of sports, music, art, food and breasts~to worry about giving voice and venue to well-rehearsed Bipartisan Election Commission On Presidential Debates (BECOPD) propaganda, eh?}

Neighborhoods in flux as N.O. weighs redevelopment

Audit: Road Home should improve handling of homeowner disputes

Raid Conducted in Katrina Attorney Case

FCC Ruling May Spur Generator Demand

Across our nation, Saturday is being called 'D-Day'~Public housing debate inspires threats of arson
{editor's still, childlike, Bourgeois Nievete wonders~will we someday make it into the D-Day Museum?}

Liptrap's Lament~The Line

Demolished~A New Orleans Tale

The Money Pigs Are Moving Forward (and the haters of poor folks) Demolition of the Day~Gentilly Girl

The Reconstruction Party: A New Political Development

Katrina’s continuing damage

Valued policy case appealed

Officials Could Care Less About the Poor in New Orleans

Red Cross in Red Hot Seat Again: 100 Woes~Kirby Sommers

Snitch~Your Right Hand Thief

This is a big one’ — Midwest braces for ice storm

Washington State Politicos Announce Levee Relief Funding

What Happened to the 8/29 Commission?

Where is Libby on Katrina Recovery?~Elizabeth Dole's inaction on a key housing bill is worsening skyrocketing homelessness problem.

Dennis Leary Foundation Video
{editor duly notes~Unlike City Leaders and NOPD, The New Orleans Fire Dept Did Not Run. They Did Not Hide. They held the line, which was constantly rising beneath a scene of buildings burning in standing water in the dark dark dark. Without any way to fight the fires, they protected and served whomever was within reach. No lie. I saw it with my own lyin'eyes!}

Kermit Ruffins at Bullets Tonight, Vaughn's Thursday

WWOZ~GAMBIT~Nola Tonight

OZ Swamp Shop Grand Opening!

Bob French
{editor's oh'so humble opinion~this man deserves a seat at the right hand of Satchmo.}

Two-step twirls in the street~People Get Ready

Chronicles of Katrina~Coast Guard Corpsman's experiences inspire book on disaster preparation

True stories from Katrina, and how to keep your pet safe during a disaster

New Gutter Twins Bio at Sub Pop


Monday, December 10, 2007


Residents of New Orleans tent city~photo by jdart

Razing complexes angers protesters

Human Rights Day~écrasez l'infâme!

Blakely recovery power consolidated

A Slow Process

There's lots of garbage out there

New Orleans Tax Sale Resumes Wednesday, Dec.12

A light in the east~West Bank Guide

Poll suggests mixed feelings about New Orleans post-Katrina

New Orleans Study Has Familiar Ring

La.’s influence dwindling

Time to make recovery happen

Volunteers turn tragedy into help~Oklahoma City, 911 survivors on team

To N.O. mayor, police: Fight some blippin' crime~NO Levee

N.O. no place for brutality

Transvestite crime gangs pester Magazine Street owners?

Metal thieves hit closed police trailers

Corps meeting will tackle environmental justice concerns for levee work

HJW GeoSpatial, Inc. Announces Another $1.5 Million Contract with the US Army Corps of Engineers
DynCorp International Wins $49 Million U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Project in Afghanistan
{editor drums fingers, draws a nail across chalk board, wonders aloud~What about our FORKING LEVEES?}

Monkeying With Climate Science

A more aggressive strategy on Gulf Dead Zone

So maybe the dead pool isn’t so bad…

Oil and water don't mix

Organic farming growing slowly in La.

Some New Orleans evacuees struggle to adjust to a Canadian benefactor's vision of a farming utopia

Good vibrations~David Naccari's 'Rouxminations' CD cleverly celebrates New Orleans in song

WWOZ~GAMBIT~Nola Tonight

Mary J. Blige~Work That

Funicular Resurrection

Shelters, groups in state still seeking homes for Katrina pets

It’s a Brangelina Christmas — in New Orleans

Jazz Fest Stuffed Stockings