Saturday, February 8, 2014

Levee-board reformers worry that Bobbly Jindal is bringing politics back into process ~Bob Marshall, The Lens~Last month, Jay Lapeyre, the leader of the nominating committee for the local flood authority, received a letter from Garret Graves, head of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s coastal office. It said two previous nominees from the committee were ineligible, and it asked that Lapeyre reconvene the panel and send more names up.
One of those rejected is the authority’s president and supporter of its controversial lawsuit against oil and gas companies the governor opposes.
 The letter concluded: “It is important to note that we have no intention of circumventing the nominations committee’s role in this appointment.”
Lapeyre isn’t so sure. Asked whether the governor is now directing the process, he answered quickly: “Yes, definitely.”

BP now takes aim at judge Stanwood Duval's son ~Richard Thompson, N.O. Advocate

Sunday, February 2, 2014