Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Brass Band Leader Doc Paulin, 100, Dies

National Jazz Museum of Harlem Presents New Orleans' Brass Bands: 'From Second Lines To Front Lines'

Mule Skinner Interview 3~John Cleary

Jazz Trio Brings A Fresh Sound To The City

Matt Haimovitz~Cello

N.O. & State Reach Deal On DA's Debt

Debate Commission Releases Its Evaluation of City's Application

Mississippi Lobbied Pres. Debate Well Before Katrina

The NBA Gets It, The Pols Don't~Harry Shearer

New Orleans Is Not a Partisan Issue...Really.~John McQuaid

Mission Accomplished?

New Orleans Was Robbed?

Human Rights Organizations Call for Immediate Halt to Pending Demolition of 3,000 Units of New Orleans Public Housing

Appeals Court Majority Says Levee Breach Wasn't 'Flood' Damage?~OoooooK'ville!

Katrina Unleashes New Breed of Pet Care

Future of Levee Project Rests, Literally, On Clay

Miss.: Limited Oyster Harvest

Krewe of Wild Turkeys Parade and Party Rolls Tonight!~3 Ring Circus

Road Ho Ho Home~tibute

Just In Time For Christmas~It’s Maitri Barbie!

{editor's note~Aaaaaggghhh!}

New Orleans Christmas Ornaments~Fig Street Studio

Home Again!~Louie's Juke Joint

More Gift Ideas~Studio Inferno

New Orleans City Government No Longer Majority Black~Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Book Review~
'1 Dead In Attic' by Chris Rose

Track Rebounding With New Orleans

Prosecutors Say Oliver Thomas Violated Plea Agreement

Nobody Likes a Quiet Riat~Library Chronicles

A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge is a true story told in 12 parts about six different people who escape and survive Hurricane Katrina.

Corps Continues Downward Spiral

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Modeling New Orleans on the Inland Empire~Alan Gutierrez

WWOZ Live!~CD Release Party, "Fulton Street Live"~Shamarr Allen, "Meet me On Frenchman Street"

Corps Tried To Thwart Inquiry

Professor Raymond Seed Begs To Differ~letter to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

New Orleans flood-control system not as advertised~A.M. in the morning

New York City Mayor Bloomberg Discusses The Rebuilding Of New Orleans

A Deeply Green City Confronts Its Energy Needs and Nuclear Worries~KERRN

Hold Presidential Debates in New Orleans, for God's Sake!~OpEd News


Panel Picks 4 Debate Sites, Angering Excluded New Orleans~NYT
~Let 'Em Know We Care!

Presidential candidates aren’t ready to debate in New Orleans

Edwards stands up for New Orleans

I Am Disgusted with My Country Today~Mr. Clio

New Orleans' WWOZ Radio Personality, Marc Stone, To Handle Music Supervision For TV Show 'Dixie Melodie'

Happy Birthday Edmond Dede~November 20th 1827

3 lessons

Value of Music Education and Music Marketing

Hail Atlantis~
Where I want to be
Insurance Companies Profited on Hurricane Katrina

Court Won't Bar Scruggs From Case

Letter to WSJ: Retract False Statement Regarding Scruggs~A.M. in the morning

Toxic FEMA Trailer Residents File Lawsuit to Force Air Quality Tests

Throw Me A Pallet On Your Floor

"More Chocolate Ovaltine Please!"

Skin Rash Implicated as Another Sequel of Katrina

Frances Townsend: Homeland Sycophant to the Bitter End

Hurricane Katrina Blows Apart New Orleans Politics

Book Reviews~'The Absoluteky True Diary of a Part Time Indian', 'The Hearts of Horses'~Chasing Ray

Domain Cos. Funds Redevelopment of Saint Patrick's Park

Kentwood Springs® Bottled Water Company Partners with New Orleans Saints