Thursday, May 9, 2013

U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran introduces amendments to protect South Mississippi from Louisiana levee project

Sewerage and Water Board asks firm to research new fee to fund drainage projects ~Charles Maldonado~ Editilla the Pun~ Great piece. Charles, can you do follow-up on how all of this relates to the reality of the Outfall Canal Pumps Maintenance Costs @ $10,000,000/year for (1st) 10 years after the Corps of Engineers hands the system --No Warranty No Return-- over to S and WB? Feilkow addressed this in a council meeting with the Corps in 2008-2009 and the Corps' answer was "we'll get back to you." Welp, of course no one got back. Feilkow's gone, the beat goes on.... at least can you do an article on simple math, maybe even long division, as it relates to millage? Thanks yous

Tricky ‘barge gate’ on Lake Borgne is closed and opened successfully — almost ~Bob Marshall

La. officials concerned about flood insurance changes ~Jordan Blum

Researchers find oil impacts in developing fish ~Nikki Buskey

Shell in deepest water~The “ultra deepwater” Stones project, 200 miles off the coast of New Orleans, 1.9 miles under water in the Gulf of Mexico, will test the limits of drilling technology.

Beloved French Quarter waitress retiring after 54 years ~Dominic Massa

2nd Issue of NOLA Streets is out!

61 Late Night Eateries in New Orleans ~New Orleans Good Good