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Category 4 Paloma pounds the Cayman Islands, heads to Cuba ~Jeff Masters
~Hurricane Paloma exploded into a extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane with 140 mph winds last night as it hammered the Cayman Islands. Paloma now ranks as the second most powerful November hurricane on record, and stands poised to deliver Cuba a devastating blow tonight.

Corps Rapes Breaux!
~Times Picayune Editorial

~Edtitilla singin' like a Meteor~
Thanks TP for staying on this Vital Issue!
The Corps Continues to add more illegitimate dredging costs to the Breaux Act Task Force and self- interpret the letter of the law.
~ASCECORPS misuderestimates the Will of The People.
Candyman ...Candyman'cha!
1) We continue to trust the word of ASCECORPS? Why?
1a) We continue to trust the word of ASCECORPS? Why?
1ab)We continue to trust the word of ASCECORPS? Why?
2) Who do We The Taxpayer have on the side of The People to check the suspect engineering work of the Corps? USGS? ASCE?
They add BILLIONS of Tax Dollars onto projects and we say, "HELLO BOSS!"? "THANKS BOSS!"? "TAKE MY HOME BOSS!"?
3) Perhaps Colonel Alvin Lee is just blowing Smoke up our Ass to further destabilize the State's own funding base in Congress and steal those funds for further Corps Evil Machinations?
They damn sure are Not doing their fucking job that we have already Paid them to do... just as they have done with our levee protection in Terrebone Parish and the Morganza to the Gulf?
Just as they continue to do with our Pumping systems at the exclusion of civic input? Such prestidigitation is unacceptable.
They screw us around for months and simply Don't Do Their Job --and then ask for Godzillions More Funding...
to further Not Do Their Job!
Will our smart new Commander in Chief be able to fire these assholes? Redeploy them, like, against our enemies instead?

Why and How are the Corp of Engineers allowed to increase Our Costs to this exponentially prohibitive degree that they do?
This seems like a fairly new tactic of civic diversion in their dubious history of funding acquisitions. Folks need to know this, that the Corps of Engineers has been at this game longer than we have had Hookers working Wall Street --certainly longer than nearly every State in the Union except perhaps Louisiana. HA!
While they have Always sought to manipulate funding and contracting by pitting civic interests against each other, the Exquixotic Corps has never shown such Gall'Ballish Nerve to make these hyper-spacial jumps from Hundreds of Millions to Billions --until after they flooded New Orleans-- as if that kind of money is simply the difference between a Foul Ball and the Infield Double. Editilla says they are offering us shit in one hand, half a dozen in the other. Editilla waits with baited hooks to see these negligently homicidal maniacs of the Corps in Court in, oh...
--104 Days. That's juz'me'doh... Editilla play'd'oh!
Now We Are Changing the Commander in Chief! Their Boss.
How our smart, new President handles this 1st Primary Terrorists Threat to the nation from within by ASCECORPS will say much about Our Word from many, to da'One. Sinn Féin

Joint EPA/Army Corps Guidance on Isolated Wetlands

Dogs of War:
Contractors and Obama
~David Isenberg
~T'n'T~ Feral
~Editilla Beaux'wanas~
These Cats at Cato, like Isenberg, are speaking more to the President-elect than to We the People. They do so in concert with other Think Tanks of that ilk, and the Private Security Industry, with inaugural frenzy, quickly working to further Frame the Story of Shock Doctrine in this Post-Disaster Scenario they have entered into -and from which we seek to Vote Our Way Out.

"The 'Conspiracy of Rich Men' Who Pulled Off 911 and Other GOP Atrocities"
~Existentialist Cowboy

State rebukes SDT over trash facility~Chris Kirkham

Land Trust board members clash

Miami builders eye N.O. projects
~Stephanie Bruno

Coming up in this week’s Gambit: The Yes We Can (Get the Paper Out on Deadline) Edition

Bywater Neighborhood Mirliton Festival!

Venus Rising artists reception
— Women Artists from the Gulf
~The Oyster Factory

~The Kitchen at Colton is a cooperative of local cooks working together to teach kids about cooking In turn for these services, the cooks will be able to utilize the kitchen (free) for their own culinary side projects.

New Orleans Bread Pudding
~Circular Accessories

There are many events outside Terrebonne, Lafourche
~Daily Comet

PhotoGALA Benefit Party & Auction at NOMA, Dec 4th ~NOPA

Rock'N'Bowl at 20! Yeeea!
~Keith Spera

Friday, November 7, 2008


Obama launches, redirects fund-raising to hurricane victims
~Thought Gadgets

~Vignette: how they did it~folo
~Editilla gotta say...well, DAMN! WHO'DAT CAN?
"And Team Obama made absolutely no mention of their efforts on behalf of the Red Cross in the campaign itself."

River diversion slated for closure
~Mark Schleifstein

~USGS Real-Time Water Data for the Nation
Group sues to delay beach replenishment project
~MO River degradation study discussed
~8/29 Investigation Team Act

WikiMapia <--click'n'dragable map
System Integration: Water- Wastewater Post-Gustav Report

Plowing the ground - stimulating the economy ~slabbed

Ike housing wait still a nightmare for thousands

Galveston mayor says FEMA delays slowing recovery

The story of one house
...that is the story of many
~Squandered Heritage

They're Still Out There!

Cleland is in running for new Army secretary
~Cabinet NewsLadder

President Elect Obama: Denounce and Renounce
~Harry Shearer

Stop Blaming California's Black Voters for Prop 8
~Raymond Leon Roker

Nagin announces big investment in fight on blight ~Bigad Shaban

$2 billion schools plan OK'd
~Darran Simon

Third City-wide Master Planning Forum Sat, Nov. 8~ASJR

Mel Chin attacking pollution
"Lead contamination is a problem, like the ground beneath our feet, that's easily overlooked, which is why we must go to great lengths to draw your attention to it." he said in New Orleans recently. "In fact, it is a problem beneath our feet. It is in the soil, and in the worst circumstances, in the blood of children and adults."
Children in New Orleans "are so highly exposed (to lead) and as a result have all the kinds of problems that we see in the city — learning problems ... and violence," said professor Howard Mielke of the Tulane/Xavier Center for Biomedical Research.
Chin held a press conference about the project inside an art installation called Safehouse at KK Projects, an exhibition space in six formerly abandoned structures in New Orleans' St. Roch neighborhood. Photo~Arthur Simons

Green Party Black Caucus to attend "State of the Black World Conference" Planned for
New Orleans in November

MDA hopes for rental units
~Anita Lee

Munich Re Cuts 2008 Profit Goal ~Oliver Suess

FEMA: Hurricane Katrina Case Study- Communications Focus
~PR Problems and Cases

Delta Queen steamboat may have made its final voyage ~Millie Ball~~also see~Save the Delta Queen

Confederacy of Cruisers Bike Tour Reviews~"We hadn't been on a fat tired,
sit up high on the bike, easy riding cruiser since we were kids,
but that's how they ride in the flattest city I've ever seen,
so that's how the tour went."

AIGA New Orleans People’s History of Graphic Design ~Nancysharoncollinsstationer’s Weblog

New Orleans Shabbat at Hillel

Bleeding Heart Biennale

Hopheads Unite at Winterfest
~Ian McNulty

New Orleans Fringe Festival Benefit @ Hi-Ho Lounge

James Booker: New Orleans Piano Wizard, 25 Years Gone
~Defend New

Crawdaddys’ music transcends age, race and gender

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Iterated Crichton
~Michael Crichton died Tuesday in Los Angeles at age 66 after privately battling cancer.
Editilla has read nearly every book by this man.
His stories of collapsing best laid plans and the ignorance of chaos amidst those who deign to control our mother earth stood me in great stead during the Federal Flood of New Orleans. Hence we offer our deepest tribute and best wishes for all who were touched and moved by this master storyteller. With Special Thanks to The Victorian Web
The Feast in Chaos ~Wood-engraving by Dalziel
Illustration for the ninth chapter of Lewis Carroll's
Through the Looking Glass (1865)
"'I rise to return thanks — ' Alice began: and she really did rise as she spoke, several inches; but she got hold of the edge of the table, and managed to pull herself down again."

Habitus 04: New Orleans
This edition features some of the leading writers and thinkers from the city and beyond: including Rodger Kamenetz, Andrei Codrescu, Nancy Lemann, and others.
In addition to our usual array of terrific fiction and poetry, we have a meditation on disaster and memory from Ari Kelman, a celebrated environmental historian, a photo essay documenting the city's unique and exuberant street culture from photographer L.J. Goldstein; an extraordinary memoir of the intersection of African-American and Jewish roots in one New Orleans family from Ronne Hartfield; interviews with musician-historian Ned Sublette and the Brazilian urban-planning innovator Jamie Lerner; and many more exciting features. Hat T'n'T: NO Notes

Victory for Citizen-Driven City Planning~Walter Gallas

"What is a City? Rethinking the Urban After Hurricane Katrina"

Tech-Oriented Biz Ideas May Hit Sweet Spot in New Orleans Contest ~Erika Morphy~As part of the effort to rebuild New Orleans, a nonprofit group has launched a contest offering $100,000 in prize money and another $100,000 in business services for the best entrepreneurial idea to attract the Generation Y demographic to the city.

Reflections and project updates
~Hands On New Orleans

Looking back at Obama’s N.O. promises~Deon Roberts

Louisiana's economy awaits Obama~"I think that what's most important, though, is that we have a president who's in touch with the needs of New Orleans before the hurricane hits.
~President-elect Barack Obama

Uncut from New Orleans
~Henry Rollins

~Jamaal Young

The Warrantless Blogtapping Program~The Huck Upchuck

I was 40 when I learned I wasn’t white ~slabbed

Congressmen Under Investigation? 11
Number Victorious Tuesday? 9
~Michael Grabell

Thanksgiving in New Orleans
~Sharon Keating

Unique Proof 1844-O Eagle

Residents Encouraged to Apply for FEMA Aid~Daily Insurer

Wireless providers protest backup-power reporting regs ~Jeffery Silva~"By forcing [carriers] to decommission cell sites that cannot be made compliant, the backup-power rule would undercut its own stated emergency preparedness goals. The FCC’s failure to craft its rules to meet this challenge is nothing short of capricious. Further, in order to comply with the commission’s rules, carriers would not be able to move assets around in the event of a disaster — as they did recently during Hurricanes Gustav and Ike—because they would be out of compliance in the areas from where the assets were moved. The outcome is counter to the goal of improving safety in areas impacted by disasters.”

Active 2008 Hurricane Season Winds Down~Andrea Thompson

Diffuser better for environment?
~BP says the diffuser it plans to use to dilute waste water into Lake Michigan will not harm people's drinking water or wildlife
--but a federal agency wants the company to use wetlands on its own property to mitigate environmental impact.

Jewell Parker Rhodes publishes second voodoo book
~Judith Smith release their third book ~Susan Larson
~Three years into the post-Katrina recovery period, the writers of are still churning out their provocative mix of investigative, personal reportage and inventive satire.

Tribute to James Booker
- Maple Leaf Bar~David Kunian

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mercredi~Oui nous avons fait!

Hand cutout
Ross County, Ohio
Hopewell site,

Mound 25
A.D. 1-400,

sheet mica,
h. 29 cm

Field Museum, Chicago
Special thanks ~

Obama to Get Running Start With Market Crisis, Wars ~Bloomberg

Today's Front Pages

Cabinet NewsLadder
~Editilla Sinn Féinellas~
NewsLadder is where I first cut my teeth, as an editor -aggregator, with the Burma News Ladder back during last year's Saffron Revolt. The 1st of now 20 NewsLadders, I still work the Burma Ladder, but can't keep up with all the other Ladders --which have sprouted like a garden from James Boyce's dream: that people will take his idea and launch their own Ladders upon their own interests. We hope that Gentle'rillas might note...
Ol'Editilla has taken that idea for a New Orleans Ladder and... Funked It Aaaall Up! ~Cartoon from Irrawaddy

Nothing is less sad than used and defeated Voodoo Dolls where to go ...the hard work is done, their bodies are spent and tired and even flattened out by continuous contact with radial tires... Who needs a used Voodoo Doll?
Who cares about a couple of stuck-up pin-headed loosers?
Perhaps they will just go on back to their weird doll families and work on being Nicer Dollies. But Evildoers must never forget, da'Masqued Evinga can always make more dolls. Lots more... --mmmwhahahahahaha!

Sen. Mary Landrieu wins third term ~Times Picayune

Master plan given force of law ~Bruce Eggler

Help Save New Orleans’ Charity Hospital and the Adjacent Mid-City Historic Neighborhood

Louisiana Woman Of The Year: You Vote~BBuzz

"It IS Easy Being Green” Day
~Longue Vue House

Saturday, 10-3
* Over thirty local "green" non-profits
* Raw food no-cooking demonstration
* Native plant tour, plant sale, several speakers will be there in support with fresh updates!

America's waterways are in danger ~Heather Wylie
"Legislation to restore the Clean Water Act and protect our rivers from being polluted, or our wetlands from being drained for development, is pending in Congress.
It needs to be a top priority.
I picked up a paddle to make a point about protecting the integrity of our waters, including the much-abused L.A. River, and to protest the leadership of my own agency. The Army Corps of Engineers has chosen to subvert the Clean Water Act, which the agency — like myself — has sworn to uphold. To me, protecting our waters, our greatest public-trust resource, is not just our job; it is our patriotic duty." ~Heather Wylie

Federal judge blocks Corps' permit for mountaintop mining

Corps identifies leaking dam near Walla Walla

Kaleidoscopic Biennial for a Scarred City, Prospect 1
~New York Times

Kerouac and Burroughs: 'New' Beats novel

-Jerry Yulsman

Our one year anniversary
~Open Ears Music

Nine great jazz joints
~Stephanie Woodard

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mardi~We are Born, We Die and We Vote ...With Empty Hands

Happy Election Day Everybody! ~slabbed
~Editilla Oh'So Humbly 2nds dat'Vote!

Special Thanks~BAGnewsNotes
Some advice for people who talk to exit pollsters ~Daily Plastic
"Little more than three years ago, the greatest engineering disaster since Chernobyl according to one expert occurred in the city of New Orleans, blamed by three different teams of investigators on misfeasance and malfeasance by an agency of the United States federal government. ["a system in name only" says the Corps' own report.]

Not a word about it in this presidential campaign. It didn't happen. We dreamed it. They must have dreamed it down there.

Not a word. Why? No, not evil. Not malice. Not any of that good stuff. You and I know the reason, ladies and gentlemen: it didn't show up in the polls."

Harry Shearer

Gambit and WWL-TV:
liveblogging the elections

~Editilla Gotta Toll'yaz~The Masqued E'vinga has placed these Dolls underneath their Rear Tires until the end of the day. Another reader has taken their chewing gum, which she had worked on during the entire lengthy voting process, and Stuck it onto her Dartboard Photo of Doh'Cain and Da'Cur until the end of the election. Gentle'rillas across the world are encouraged to shake it, bury it, burn it, slide it, hide it or fly it till it breaks...
--Let Loose that Barrel Full of Voodoo Dolls
--do whateva ya'can cause Ya'Know We Can!

Citizens, Media Use Social Media to Monitor Election
Hat T'n'T-We Could Be Famous

Court is asked to allow Katrina suit
~Gwen Filosa

<~~Special Thanks

MR-GO's death warrant
~Times Picayune Editorial

~Editilla T'anks~We appreciate the TP highlighting the MRGO this Election Day!
We will have those Bastards in Court in 108 Days.
Yes! We MFK'n Can

Levee authority seats filled
~Sheila Grissett

Speak slowly, it's FEMA
~Jarvis DeBerry

Group discusses revitalizing popular bayou site in N.O.
~Amy Wold

A complex cleanup
~Stephanie Riegel
~Though no one is pointing fingers or assigning blame, officials concede the project has faltered at times because of an overwhelming amount of federal red tape and the sheer scope of what is turning out to be the largest cleanup in Baton Rouge history. Next time, they say, they’ll be better prepared.

Homeless students on school board agenda
~Houma Today
~The number of children in the Lafourche Parish school system believed to be homeless has risen more than 400 percent, officials say.

The aftermath of Hurricane Ike
~Three days after Hurricane Ike slammed into Galveston, Texas as a Category 2 hurricane, severe flooding has challenged Gulf Coast residents from Texas to Louisiana. A team at Google has been gathering information we hope will be useful to residents of the affected regions and the relief agencies working to help them. View the imagery in Google Earth and download the KML file, which also contains images of flooding in Louisiana.

ike 504: Integrated GIS-GPS Device Proving Field-Worthy

Time is Right to Standardize Training/Performance Assessment of BSL-4 Lab Workers ~SEMP
~Editilla Holli'tellas~ Gentle'rillas might enjoy checking these thrifty gift ideas for the coming Holidays, for your one who's seen everything, like:
"Anaxagoras and the Origin of Panspermia Theory"
or, "The Dictionary of Homeland Security and Defense"

Analysts say La. banks sound ~Chad Calder

Swiss Re -net loss of $304 M

Max Capital -loss $163.2 million

Flagstone Re -loss of $186.5 M

Walking on Dead Fish
~Urban Mecca

Welcome to NOLA City Bark!

A pictorial tour of St. Roch
~Sharon Keating

Cowboy Mouth'talkin
~Patrick Laughlin

Under the Radar Foundation Benefit Features CJ Chenier and Delfeayo Marsalis ~Jazz Police

"Down in the Flood"
- new Derek Trucks Band studio track available Nov 4!!
~Lil'Lagniappe from da'Rock'n'Roll Pimp
~~Hat T'n'T - Citizen K

Monday, November 3, 2008


Special Thanks~Polly Jackson

Evacuation Management?
~Ed Minyard, ResponseForce1

Little Red Heart
Well we never had much money
Just plain and simple folk
Then all we had was washed away
When that damned old levee broke

They brought us back to show us
There was nothin’ left to see
But the remnants of a thousand lives
Crushed like all our dreams

Tis'da Night Before the Election ...and aaallll tru'da House... releases their new "Black & Gold List!"
~Editilla Sinn Féinellaaaas!!!~
Kudoes and Congrats to Local Ace Gumshoe Editilleros ~David Winkler-Schmit~Gambit -GOLD!
~Mark Schleifstien~Times Picayune -GOLD!

A “man in the middle” of electronic voting?~slabbed

Listening to the Locals ~DailyKingFish

Planning Ahead~Gambit Weekly

Time Off to Vote for Employees - A State by State Survey

With record lines predicted during election day, it's important to know how much, or little, time you will be allowed under the law to vote. It varies state by state, from as little as no time at all, to, usually, about 2 hours. Here is a state-by-state list.

This Wednesday:Will we be Citizens Again?~Lorelei Kelly

Flood of wounded GIs swamps care units!~Lolita Baldor

New PTSD brochure:
“Transmission of trauma”
can span generations ~More than Coping

And somewhere out there DoctorJ2u is watching our backs

Baton Rouge Org Slams Louisiana Family Forum Voter Guide ~BBuzz

Vallas say he's not running for gov~Maureen O'Donnell

Analysis: Floodmap backstory to battling FEMA, LRA
~John Moreno Gonzales

Jesus People Pray That False Idol Will Save God’s Economy ~Wonkette
~Did you know that some Christian dingbat has dubbed today the “Day of Prayer for the World’s Economies?” Well here they are, at the Wall Street bull statue thing, praying to Jesus for money.

Gulf Markets experience slow recovery

Homeowners, renters share space to trim living expenses~Emilie Bahr

Domino Theory at Dworshak Dam?~Red State Rebels

CUBA: Roque Speech at UN Regarding the US Blockade

Recession Grocery Shopping: What Are You Doing Differently? ~Serious Eats

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