Monday, January 28, 2013

Krewe of Barkus, photos from WWL
~Editilla Bowowllas~ Not only is Barkus one of the Longest Mardi Gras parades, but they've solved problem of scant throws by hiring their children to handle the beads! Children will come off the beads!

Errol Laborde talks Mardi Gras 

Hometown of New Orleans, mom's gumbo calling Jacoby Jones home for Super Bowl

New Orleans is proud, ready for the Super Bowl, and will try to be nice to Roger Goodell
~Political analysts James Carville and Mary Matalin have spent many years arguing their individual philosophies (in summary: He's on the left, and she's not) even as they've enjoyed a surprisingly happy marriage for most of the last two decades. One thing that brings them together right now is their work with the Super Bowl host committee in New Orleans, which they co-chair. It's an especially meaningful honor for Carville, who was born and bred in Louisiana, and is a rabid football fan.

File under READ'EM AND WEEP: John Georges potential Advocate buyer ~Baton Rouge Business Report

Crawfish take a hit, but you can still get 'em

Stealing Magnolias ~Slow Southern Style

Natural Disasters and Cultural Heritage Protection Legalities conference

New Orleans Architect Turns a Dumpster Into a Pool 

Dan Akroyd and Crystal Head Vodka today at Rouses on Tchoup from 3-5pm!

Mannie Fresh Explains New Orleans Bounce Music In Documentary