Saturday, November 15, 2008

Samedi~Recall Nagin Now! No Mo Nagin!

The Mormons Are Upset?
~Gentilly Girl
~"Fuck those Magic Underwear idiots. You fuckmooks, you create your own paranoias.
The 'white powder attacks' are probably from your own in a blatant attempt to poison the feelings about those who oppose your actions. Having lived in 'Mormon-held territory',
I wouldn’t put it past you."

Jury awards $2.5 million to teen beaten by mentally challenged KKK Gimperial Wiz'rd'Brains

Jindal Ethics~C.B. Forgotston

~Your Right Hand Thief

City Council president supports colleague in war of words with Mayor Recall Ray Nogin
~Frank Donze and Bruce Eggler

As a matter of fact,
Veronica White is a liar.
~Mouldy City

Coming up in this week’s Gambit: The Stacy Head- Veronica White Tag-Team
Talk to the Hand Edition

Welcome to the petition forum Recalling Mayor C. Ray Nogin
~Recall Ray Nogin~People Get Ready
~Recall Ray Nogin MySpace

In Defense of Mayor Nogin
(Part II)~We Could Be Famous

Unreviewed Demolition
~Squandered Heritage

Land-use anxieties simmer in east N.O.~Michelle Krupa

Some officials question impact of diversions on coastal efforts
~Amy Wold

Coastal awareness is aim of yearly festival~Thad Angelloz
~The Thibodaux-based estuary program started
La Fête d’Écologie 12 years ago as a fun way to educate participants about the rich resources and heritage of the Barataria-Terrebonne estuary.

Atchafayala Basin Festival

Working for Uncle Sam'Daddy ~BBuzz ~“The Industry Day event will promote an open dialogue between the Corps and industry leaders on design considerations, construction techniques, and material availabilities that will expedite construction of
the Western Tie In,” said Mike Stack, project manager.
“The event’s presentation will address specific challenges related to the project due to its proximity to the Davis Pond Freshwater Diversion project, such as dewatering procedures and limited construction access.”

For those interested in attending the forum, please register for the event at
The solicitation number is W912P8-09-SN-0004.
Non-registered guests are also welcome to attend.

KBR's Convenient Contract
~Citizens for Legitimate Gov.

Halliburton's offshoot, KBR, is awarded a $75 million U.S. Army Corps contract to provide emergency power to Western states days before a wildfire sweeps California, 'threatening the power of the city of Los Angeles. Now, that's what I call a coincidence!

Tarp trouble?~Koran Addo
~Parishes participating in the federal Operation Blue Roof repair program after Hurricane Gustav slammed into Louisiana could be on the hook to pay back millions of dollars to the federal government, a cost many officials say caught them off guard.

Army Corps: Rural water system 'looks like a go'~Drew Pierson
~Caddo Parish, Bossier Parish and the city of Shreveport have formed a regional water initiative to build two water treatment plants on the Red River, intended to create the first parishwide water system in the area.

A Pirate Map for Future Water Wars~Annalee Newitz
Maps! Maps! Maps! Yeeeaaaahhh!

New La. refinery slated
~Gary Perilloux

Blind Faith, Sea of Joy
~Blind Faith utilizes a deep-draft semi-submersible hull located about 160 miles southeast of New Orleans, La., on Mississippi Canyon block 650. Chevron’s deepest offshore production facility, Blind Faith is located in 6,500 feet of water, and with sub-sea systems located in 7,000 feet of water in Mississippi Canyon blocks 695 and 696.

Cities, Schools & States Send Over 87 Million "Blackboard Connect" Messages During Hurricane Season


Random thursday night at the Gold Mine ~Louis Maistros

Rope-a-Dope does the Big Apple

Pick up this week's Gambit (November 11 print issue) for the complete schedule, show descriptions, Festival map and details.

Terence Blanchard completes score for 'Cadillac Records'
~Urban Music Scene

Movie role hardly a stretch for jazz musician~Larry Blumenfeld

Friday, November 14, 2008


The Scheme - fingerlickin chickinpickin meat city Mind Games (Chapter 3 Qui Tam) ~slabbed ~Mind gamesI’ve been to meat city
to see for myself…
mind games fuck a pig mind games… fingerlickin chickinpickin meat city shookdown u.s.a …mind games

Prospector.I artist,
Yawning Dave McKenzie,
practices inspired
~Doug MacCash

"If some people don't think it's art, that's OK, " McKenzie said. "Being an artist is a way of looking at the world."
~Editilla Grotellas~Well I'll be Damned! I ♥ !
OK'ville, gee, I thought that being human was a way of looking at the world, as opposed to seeing the world as a rodent or a pretty butterfly from the grill of a speeding truck. But to me Art speaks for itself, as da'world expressing, On Purpose.
Hell, any dumb asshole can shit in the woods, but without Artists how would we ever know it really happened? Jus'sayin...
We gonna give Mr. MacCash a pass here since he is new and from some other place (and after re-reading this article a few times we sense his tongue-biting good manners at not ridiculing this punk'artist into the ground)(and frankly we also very much enjoy his articles) (and we don't expect to find MacCash sitting in one of those Boulder Colorado Type sushi clubs taking over Mid City.)(Prenthetically speaking:)
Buuuut...we still do not know how much this Fakir in the article was paid to "take in" the city?
That is the story we need to see: how much money rich philanthropists have paid this bitch (and these other bitches) to "be" here in the City That Care Forgot and Californicating Artbiz Carpetbaggers Salivate to Defile?
Prospector.I, seems to me, is taking on a script to be more about showing the Big Art Land (BAL) how much vacant real estate we have in which to invest, rather than becoming an expression of our City's very real cultural information...
--or worse: that we are a Zoo full of Captured Animals.
It does not matter to me as much that this shitload of Prospector money comes from outside sources to be paid to outside sources. What bothers me is that these Art Industry people would not have a reason to live (or a penny to their forkin'names)
--without Big Art Money (BAM) --while New Orleans Artists have always existed (and thrived) despite that, if not To Spite That!
It bothers Editilla to no end to watch my friends just trying to get their Art back together and survive --the whole time continuing to make their Art-- while these Contemporary Art Cocks (CACs) Now Have Something To Crow About. Bobble Head My Ass!
I don't know... this whole thing is starting to look really patsy... like shopping for artsy roadkill.
I mean... that goddamn Ark in the 9th ward doesn't even float. And, for the record, I'd be willing to bet that Dave McKenzie is Not a New Orleans artist any more than I expect Mayor Nogin to actually get the Shock Doctrine.

Gotta Live One Heah!
~Edtitilla crowellas~
Hey everyone! BAT SIGNAL
Go check out how the comments are going over at the Levees blog as it appears to me, that a Corps of Engineers employee, may have reared his smarmy punk'slapped ass to harass again! Why would Editilla think this is the Bilious Little Timmy (BLT)? Could be the feint signature of maniacal repetition Peace at a time.

In Praise of a Rocky Transition ~Naomi Klein Special Thanks~The Point Is

Integrity center chides Jindal on claims~Michelle Millhollon

Jindal to unveil health ‘concept paper’ today

THE most truthful commercial I've ever seen~Penny Sanford
~I just heard a new Allstate Insurance Company slogan in one of their commercials:"Just because you are insured does not mean you are covered".

A Tale of Two Mississippi Banks ~slabbed

Trauma Drama
~Prytania Waterline

Louisiana Recovery Authority Chronicles Ike, Gustav ~BBuzz

Acorns of Hope return to Terrebonne~Daily Comet

RFID-based System Tracked Victims of Hurricanes Gustav, Ike~Mary O'Connor

Video: Students impacted by Hurricane Katrina take action on global warming

GNO Inc.'s workforce survey reveals obstacles to growing the New Orleans area labor pool ~Jaquetta White

Feds provide worker training money for New Orleans
~Becky Bohrer

Crowds flock to first car auction since Katrina

Orleans Levee District millage boosted~Sheila Grissett

USACE Plays Hardball

What Is NorthCom Up To?
~Matthew Rothschild

Denis of Cork gets ready
for New Orleans comeback

Japan in New Orleans
...PoBoy Maki Roll!
~bindifry's itty bitty brain basket

Flea Market Vinyl - New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 1976 ~Jim McGuin

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Katrina flooding judgment hearing; lawsuit sues engineering firm
~Ian Kramar WWL

The City of New Orleans was devastated by flood wall failures at the 17th Street Canal, London Avenue Canal, Orleans Avenue Canal, and Industrial Canal. Despite admitting that it was negligent in designing and constructing the flood walls that failed, the United States Corps of Engineers has steadfastly refused to accept liability for the harm they caused by relying upon a statutory immunity created in The Flood Control Act of 1928.
Joe Bruno continues to hold the Corps accountable for the devastation of New Orleans through the appellate courts.

Editilla jus'got oooone thing to say...
On Court No. 1~The MR-GO is going to be front and center in the case against the Army Corps.

Corps will discuss Bayou St. John tonight~Sheila Grissett

9th Ward Concerned About Army Corps Construction

Critics say lock plans are unfair
~Jen DeGregorio

"They (Corps) specifically didn't answer the questions that we raised to the judge," said Jill Witkowski, an attorney for the groups that sued. "They've come back with six volumes that don't answer our questions."

Corps plans canal upgrade
~Paul Rioux

Study lists causes, solutions for Mohawk Valley NY flooding

Green River flows climb in WA; Snoqualmie River very high

WVa dams tapped as potential hydropower project
~An Ohio company is looking at whether it makes economic sense to convert three West Virginia flood control dams into hydroelectric generating stations.

The Scheme - first there were just word games (Chapter 2) ~slabbed
Water, water everywhere
nor any drop to drink.
Water, water everywhere
now insurance won’t sink.

Joe Lieberman: Backstabbing, Lying Trash~Brendan Calling
~"Lieberman, many will recall, was responsible for holding hearings into the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina. But after winning his 2006 election with the help of the GOP, he decided it would be too “divisive” and refused to do so…."

KKK killing evokes bad memories in Louisiana
~Hattie Dillon got a first-hand taste of the racial hatred that gripped this city in the 1960s when a metal bolt flung by someone in an angry crowd gashed her head as she marched for civil rights.
On Wednesday, sitting on her front porch just off Main Street, the 61-year-old said Bogalusa is better now.
"History was made this month," Dillon said, referring to Barack Obama's election as the nation's first black president.
"Then our eyes opened again."
~Editilla Notellas~The more Eyes the Better!

Rumors say KKK could be in BR
~The Ku Klux Klan could be alive and well in the Capital City area. News 2's Luke Margolis explains where the white supremacists could be setting up.

The KKK took my baby away
~Your Right Hand Thief

A Bad Day Gets Worse For
Ray Nagin~We Could Be Famous

~Special thanks~Library Chronicles

Methinks They Doth Protest Too Much~Gentilly Girl
~National Protest Against Prop 8
"For my Gentle Readers in the New Orleans area, go here. The event goes down at 1300 Perdido St, The New Orleans Courthouse, from 12:30 to 3:30 pm.
Be there and not be square.
This is about my tribes’ right to be treated equally under the Law. It’s about our rights as Human Beings."

LSVI has sex issues similar to LSD’s~Sonia Smith
~A month after the Louisiana School for the Deaf was closed temporarily after reports of sexual misconduct came to light, state Superintendent of Education Paul Pastorek told legislators Wednesday that similar issues exist at the School for the Blind.

Midway Airport Lease Could Inspire Austin, Milwaukee and New Orleans

All Diabetics Should Prepare
~Galveston County Daily News

Hurricane Katrina Resource Maps from the US Census Bureau~Y'all know how we love Maps!

Students’ crops feed the hungry

~Organic vegetables fresh from the garden will end up on the menu at St. Vincent de Paul’s dining room soon thanks to LSU student gardeners.

Acorns of Hope
- Save the Gulf Coast!!
~Reach Out for New Orleans

On the real reason my kitchen is always a mess~Ms. Anita

Liptrap went'a Prospecting

City budgets money for destruction of lower Mid City
~Squandered Heritage

Katrina Research Center to host H.C. Porter Book Signing Nov. 23
~Porter will be signing her 200-page book, “Backyards & Beyond: Mississippians and Their Stories,” which was drawn from the organization’s traveling exhibition. The book features 81 of the artist’s subjects and their stories in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Chin Music Press at the NOLA Book Fair~Don't miss the New Orleans Book Fair this Saturday on the 500 and 600 blocks of Frenchman Street.

New Orleans,
City of Living Metaphor
~Bourgeois Nievete

St. Clement of Rome Oyster Festival in Greater New Orleans

Susan Cowsill Joins
Jimmy Webb at the 1st N.O. Songwriters Festival

Nocturne VI
featuring Idil Biret Nov. 30
Ritz-Carlton New Orleans

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Tennessee Williams
New Orleans Literary Festival
Fiction Writing Contest

Vatican might expel activist priest~Bruce Nolan
~Bourgeois, a member of the Maryknoll order, said the Vatican recently gave him 30 days to formally recant his position in favor of women's ordination, or face excommunication.

Burma activists sentenced to 65 years each in draconian crackdown
~Saw Wai, for his part,
is being made to pay for his impertinence and courage as a committed poet. Mr Saw Wai’s poem, entitled 14th February, was ostensibly a Valentine’s Day verse published in January last year in a weekly magazine. “You have to be in love truly, madly, deeply and then you can call it real love,” it read. “Millions of those who know how to love, Laugh and clap those gold-gilded hands.”
The first word of each line, however, spelt out a message about the leader of the country’s military government: “Power Crazy Senior General Than Shwe”. Mr Saw Wai was charged with harming “public tranquillity”.

Fair Housing and Civil Rights Groups File Federal Lawsuit in Post-Katrina Housing Discrimination Case
~Today civil rights and fair housing groups filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development and the Louisiana Recovery Authority.
The suit alleges that the Road Home, Louisiana's Hurricane Katrina recovery program, discriminates against African-American homeowners in New Orleans.

U.S. Attorney General Jim Letten: Society's gain is newshound's loss ~James Gill

Tased and Confused…slabbed

Louisiana: Where Progress Comes to Die
~New Orleans - It's just me

How many roads?
~Special thanks YRHT

Every day
is Veteran's Day
for every American,
every soldier,
every President
--especially after we welcome them all home.

This Week's Top Stories on the Cabinet NewsLadder

Water issues seen as likely priorities under Obama
~Katherine Boyle

Canal lock meeting tonight
~Jen DeGregorio

~After finally getting off the ground a few years ago, the lock replacement faced another setback when U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon ordered the corps to stop work on the project in late 2006. Fallon said the corps would have to further study the project's environmental effects after community and environmental groups sued, saying the agency did not fully assess the toxicity of materials dredged during construction.

Don't take it personal, Louisiana.
The Corps of Engineers is an equal opportunity fakier.

Artifacts could delay Oakville levee project

Fusionbox Opens New Orleans Advertising Agency

Gift to help replace BR trees

Galveston Newspaper Photos Capture Hurricane Ike Losses, Heroism~The Galveston newspaper that did not miss an edition although Hurricane Ike blew its roof away, is compiling a coffee-table book telling the story of the storm and its effects through photos shot by staffers.
The "Galveston County Daily News," will publish the book as a full-color photographic essay of the storm's story from beginning to end, including the first stages of the area's recovery process.

New ferris wheel makes its debut at City Park today

Abita's new beers are distinctly local
~NO Levee

~Abita’s latest seasonal brews take on a truly local flavor, ranging from the Ray Nagin Stagnation Ale, right, to the Bill Jefferson Beholden Golden.
~Editilla Hop'elita Congratulatas
to'da Big Molluski!~

OysterDog:This beer is made from real, fermented Louisiana oysters and goes really good with beer.
LEVEE SPILL: Basically a bottle of oysters, but with a a kick. After two dozen you wonder how you got through that many and who’s going to clean up the mess.

Early Bird Gets the Wurst
~Ian McNulty

Royal Teddy Bear Tea
~and photos from Sharon Keating

John Goodman signs up for locally shot film 'Alabama Moon' ~Mike Scott

'Fats Domino, Walking back to New Orleans'~Stacey Plainsance

Nov. 13-16, Over 100 wild, weird fresh and original shows at venues across New Orleans
The shows include the exotic, the dramatic and the insane:
drama, dance, one-person shows, cabaret, comedy, puppetry, clowning, circus/sideshow, improvisational, aerialist and many other creative works. Please check out Noah Bonaparte Pais' excellent piece in this week's Gambit.
~Editilla suspictuuuulatas~
These folks probably aren't tied to Prospector I ...ya't'ink?

Nolafunk Lagniappe

Dubla @ Tropicana Nights!

Lady Fingaz~Christina Li

No Fuego to realize dream on House of Blues stage
~Kaiya Morrison

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mardi~ 365 Daily Posts in a Row! Yea! ~~~Thanks Y'all!

The New Trough~Naomi Klein
~"The Wall Street bailout looks a lot like Iraq
— a "free-fraud zone" where private contractors cash in on the mess they helped create"

AIG's Losses Lead Insurers as Tally Nears $1 Trillion ~Bloomberg

America's Top Credit Card Company Becomes Bank Ya'Heard Me?~Seeking shelter amid a global credit crunch and consumer spending slowdown, American Express announced Monday it is becoming a bank.

Obama, Cities, and This City
~We Could Be Famous


2Obamas-Bushs-White-House-2.jpg 3Obamas-Bushs-White-House-3.jpg

4Obamas-Bushs-White-House-4.jpg 5Obamas-Bushs-White-House-5.jpg

Veterans Day and Weather
~Hurricane Harbor

Northshore murder linked to KKK ritual

Oxford American does New Orleans 3 years passed

Judge orders expropriation of land for MR-GO closure
~Bob Warren

The Scheme – the best place to hide a needle (Chapter 1) ~slabbed~The best place to hide a needle is in a haystack of needles.

Audit targets expense reports
~The most recent state audit of Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp. questions $106,579 in expenses turned in by the company’s former chief executive officer.
~Oh Yeah, Terry Lisotta Welcome to Slabbed

Council unhappy with signs of recovery

Lower Ninth residents worried they won't be heard in Master Plan ~Susan Edwards

Habitat to work with city on designs~Christine Harvey

From Debris Pile to New Homes ~Ken Belson

Amtrak: Business, politics in train tug-of-war~Sarah Karush

Tazewell Morton show marks the return of PASS ART
~Pam Firmin

<~Blue Crab on a Stick is a wood and clay work by Tazewell Morton. It is among approximately 100 pieces large and small to be seen at his exhibition opening Saturday at Blue Skies Gallery in Pass Christian

Signs of New Orleans: An evening with Tom Varisco and Jackson Hill~Humid Haney

True Colors Theatre delivers poetic justice in Swimming Upstream ~Curt Holman

Christian Scott
- Live At Newport (2008)
~Something Else!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Let them eat (1240) cupcakes! ~Serious Eats

Voices of New Orleans on the Obama Recovery

You Save Us, We Redeem You ~Harry Shearer

The Levee writes the book on endorsements

Falling Through the Cracks
~Rebuilding New Orleans

-Special Thanks~ doctorj2u

"Plunder: Investigating Our Economic Calamity and the Subprime Scandal", review of Danny Schechter's book ~Stephen Lendman~Schechter calls it "financialization" to describe "the kind of control (a Credit and Loan Complex) exert(s) over society every bit as insidious as the Military-Industrial Complex." Special Thanks~Lionel
~Editilla chink'a'willas~
Rather than financialization, or debt'socialization, or economic bailout, we prefer to calls it "facialization", theft at a crap shoot, down'right jail'house punk'fuckery... but that's jus'me...

Fed Defies Transparency Aim: Refuses to Disclose Who Got Loans~Mark Pittman~The Federal Reserve is refusing to identify the recipients of almost $2 trillion of emergency loans from American taxpayers or the troubled assets the central bank is accepting as collateral.

City pushes homeownership with $106M mortgage plan
~Ariella Cohen

The Leopard Leaps and Lucas Lives ~Dwight Merriam

Fortify your castle, Nationwide will discount premium in coastal counties~slabbed

Deadline to apply for post-Gustav SBA loans extended
~"They are peddling those loans... like a street hawker peddles Chinese junk (bonds?) and trinkets."

i ♥ new orleans
~bindi fry's itty bitty brain basket

~"that is the official symbol of new orleans brought over by the french. it's called the fleur de lis or lily flower. a friend of ours who played with the iguanas for many years was wearing it. his wife makes this sterling jewelry. kiki huston jewelry and i had become quite curious about this symbol because its unavoidable in new orleans. it's embedded in everything, from iron work, buildings, sidewalks, & tattoos"

$ocial Network$,
just another pretty face'booger?

After Gutenberg,
just another pretty face

Group tries to lend paw to furry Gustav survivor

Riskier Oriskany~Rebekah Allen

Barbara Bush Runs Aground Off Coast Of Maine

Environmentally Sensitive Middletown Site Still On Corps' List ~"It is more than disappointing to have Col. Landry confirm ... that the Boardman Lane property remains as a possible location," the 3rd District U.S. Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro said.
"The opposition to date to this location from me, from town officials, from the community, has been steadfast and clear and ... is only likely to increase with this latest development. By keeping Boardman Lane as an option, they will not only continue to face stiff resistance, but also breed mistrust in the community."

KBR Awarded Disaster Relief Contract by Corps Under Initiative for Emergency Power

Book looks back at Tim Reid and Tom Dreesen's 'Comedy in Black and White'~Dave Walker

Harry Connick Jr.
– Chanson Du Vieux Carré

'Louisiana's Rockin' Fiddler' and Houma's native son talks music and playing for the home crowd
~Tri-Parish Times

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Seventy years ago, on November 9–10, 1938, the Nazis staged vicious pogroms—state sanctioned, anti-Jewish riots—against the Jewish community of Germany.
These came to be known as Kristallnacht
Now commonly translated as “Night of Broken Glass”, it will forever remain a reference to the untold numbers of broken windows of synagogues, Jewish-owned stores, community centers, and homes plundered and destroyed during the pogroms.

Hurricane Paloma wrecks hundreds of homes on Cuba

Congress and the Corps
~Gerard Shields

~A history: projects, politics

Introduced by Senator Mary Landrieu
and Rep. Charles Melancon

~To establish the 8/29 Investigation Team to examine the events beginning on August 29, 2005, with respect to the failure of the flood protection system in response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and for other purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assemble.
“Right after Katrina, things changed and there was a sense of urgency,” La. Sen. David Vitter said.
“It was the middle of a crisis and decisions were being made. Now that sense of urgency is gone and we’re back to the same old Corps speed.”

“We live and die by what the Corps of Engineers does or doesn’t do, literally,” said John Breaux, a Democrat who represented Louisiana in the U.S. Senate for 18 years.

"No more lawless or irresponsible federal group than the Corps of Engineers has ever attempted to operate in the United States.”~Harold Ickes, former Secretary of Interior

"The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States"
~Article II, US Constitution

More crap from the Times- Picayune~richard
~Editilla Crow'ellas~ HA! So There!
"Art shouldn't just be a rear-view mirror, it should have a headlight out there- pointing to where we need to go." -Barack Obama on hip-hop
Special thanks~Protean Muse

Competition seeks business model for bringing creative class to the city ~Gary Perilloux

New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to buy Gentilly Woods mall ~David Hammer

"The Evacuees are Restless", Gustav-related e-mails reveal disorganization
~Michelle Millhollon

“I saw sick elderly people smelling like PISS! Why? Because the toilets on the bus that brought them here was broken and the bus driver would not stop (for 8-10 hours) to allow them to use other facilities!”~Councilwoman Bowman wrote.

Hurricane heroes,
Hurricane Hunters get an exhibit at Hard Rock
~Mary Peres

Above and Beyond: Locals give of themselves in wake of Gustav and Ike ~Daily Comet

Storms split pecan harvest
~Janet McConnaughey

After Ike, thousands of FEMA trailers still sit Vacant

Amtrak: Business, politics in train tug-of-war

New Orleans: Alsace-Lorraine Jewish Experience, Nov. 2009
~Tracing the Tribe

In Living Color:
Photographs capture the spirit
of New Orleans~Judy Bastien

Most Identical Twins, 2000
From the series Twins
Hand-tinted silver gelatin print, 23-1/2 x 23-1/2 inches
Collection of the artist

Thoughts of standing still
~Leonard Lopp

Music Friday on Saturday: P-Funk ~Editor's note: A severe case of Obama fever has made everything one day late this week at Chin Music. Can we do that? Yes we can! It’s Obama week, no doubt about that. A week where, here in New Orleans, we can temporarily forget about those abandoned houses, forget about the semi- repopulated city, forget about foreclosures.
I’m sorry I even mentioned that stuff.

~Editilla notellas~ Sunday Sorrow Not Noble Chin!
I'm so happy that we got that Black Man in'da White House... --you could slam my tongue in a tailgate and drag me down a dirt road in Texas and I would still die laughing!

Fats Domino documentary to air on PBS