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While You’re at FQF….
~casa de Charlotte della luna

N! ({})


Landrieu demands answers on Morganza from corps
~"One of the first questions I posed," she said of the corps, is "why they were backing out on their commitment."

Corps to discuss plans for New Iberia

Corps of Engineers releases water from rain-swollen lakes in AR, MO.

Spillway opening draws governor, big crowds~Jindal proclaims event 'historic' in protecting South Louisiana.
~Editilla chin'chillas~Whoa! Careful wit'da Barnham & Bailey there Bobby. You may have to drink those words. Betta'check da'level down below.

Flood Stage Levels, current 'real-time' guage readings~USGS

U.S. Catholics seek bold papal action on sex abuse
~Editilla weeps fo'da wayward flocks~
Regardless of my own disclaimer of Personal Belief in a Creator who favors All Sexes--as opposed to worshiping da'Man in da'Sky wit'da Penis Grande and The Big Book wit'yer Editilla's name in It (followed of course by a loooong red line of bad'conduct check'marks stretching out to Pluto)--I have other reason to seek the Death Penalty for Pedophiles and bear a hard'worn conviction that we should round up all the Repressive People of God (RPGs) and send 'em All back to the Holy Land to let'em work it out over there. That said, I cannot get my mind around how anyone of truly sound mind and spirit would suffer One More Child to come unto Him

Acquittal in slaying of musician that helped spark protest


Friday, April 11, 2008



Sinn Féin!

We may Know Da'Sound of UnBroken Belief
as a bucket of tears while da'years go beside us.
But We Roll down da'wet stones in da'street
by a'little Cafe' named for Our Goddess of Flowahs.

There'da 8-Ball lines up wit'da Lucky-13
Snake Eyes'n'Diamonds
Still, da'Angels Wake
for Saint Ann to begin
with her Masque made of sorrow
and her Laugh made of sin.

So when I die
do please carry me down Royal Streets
wit'a Brass Band an'da 2nd Line Beat
by'da Court Yards
tru'da Mook d'City
and lay me down
my soul to sleep

Special T'anks~New Orleans Lady

French Quarter Festival Begins Today!~Enjoy 250 hours of entertainment featuring more than 150 musical performances on fifteen stages throughout the French Quarter over a three-day weekend


Free Local Transportation to V-Day’s 10th anniversary events - V TO THE TENTH – in New Orleans
Get on the V-Day Bus to Superlove available all day -Friday, April 11 and Saturday, April 12.

Minor Crime, Major Time
~The Hoya
~"If CSJ wants to hold students to a no-drinking requirement on its trips, it is well within its right to do so. However, given that there were no reports of rowdy, disruptive or disrespectful behavior by BNO participants, CSJ could have simply sanctioned students who violated the rule or barred them from participating in its programs next year (if it really feels that drinking alcohol is so severe an offense that it’s worth discouraging students who wish to give of themselves to help others). Instead, it has chosen to cancel the trip for next year, a staggering and reckless overreaction to a relatively innocuous violation of its service trip policies.
CSJ has said that BNO can proceed with its other activities throughout the year, but the New Orleans trip is far and away BNO’s most important student initiative, and terminating it for an entire year imperils the future of the entire program, to say nothing of what it might have accomplished in the Gulf Coast region.
Unless CSJ wants to be responsible for killing a noble student effort on behalf of America’s wounded city, it should lighten up and consider listening to the New Orleans credo of laissez les bons temps rouler — let the good times roll — and let the good work of the recovery roll on."
Editilla willa certainly drink ta'Dat! And btw why not leave'em a little note. Let'em know we care.

There’s A Flood Water Rising

Current River Stages

Current Flood Warnings Confusing~By Laureen Lentz

Death Looms for a Flood-Control Project

Climate Change from a Transatlantic Perspective

New Orleans recovery drive hopes to tap China firms

~"We really had serious discussions with Shanghai Construction Company. They have been in New Orleans looking at opportunities,"
Ray Nagin, 婴孩头傻瓜, told Reuters.

Lack Of Katrina Talk In Race Worries Louisiana
~"They've all ignored us, really," said Jeff Crouere, a political talk-show host in New Orleans. "There's a statement here and there. They fly by." What surprises Crouere more than anything is that neither Clinton nor Obama seem to be paying much attention to Katrina response, widely acknowledged to be one of the Bush administration's worst blunders. "I would have thought Democrats would be pouncing on this issue," he said. " I'm shocked they're not."

Louisiana Sen Landrieu Approves FEMA Official For Confirmation

David Vitter (R-Pamp) Prays
He Can get Away With It
~The New Orleans Levee
~A new Levee poll shows that based on Louisiana U.S. Sen. David Vitter’s actions since it was learned in July that he frequented Washington D.C. call girls, most voters in his home state overwhelmingly thought he already had resigned.

i'm just a bill~Louis Maistros

State threatens Katrina contractor with penalty

Katrina funds used to patch Miss. budget

Tonight, Shadow Gallery presents Go to Hell!
~Dead Cowboy

Thomas Neff Booksigning - Saturday~NOPA

Piano Night 2008

WWOZ Wins Esquire’s Esky Award
"This listener-supported, volunteer-operated, Katrina-resilient miracle of FM radio plays funk, jazz, blues, roots, Latin, soul, zydeco, R&B, and everything in between." Thanks Esquire for recognizing our music and spunk!


Thursday, April 10, 2008



Star-studded 'Vagina Monologues' show on Saturday

~Editilla gotta tell'ya...I hope y'all are having a good time wit'da Invasion of da'Bawdy Snatchers! Having failed all those tests in elementary school, (y'all know da'ones wit'those little drawings of humans copulating wit'farm animals and insects? Yeah'right...Ink Blots my ass! I know what those "doctor" really wanted!:), but anyway, you can imagin da'fun I been having wit'dat Vagina Logo (above left). I mean, we seeeee da'Heart...and we seeeee da'Clit? We seeee da'fleur dis Lis fannin'da Flame? We definitely got some figure'groundimatin reversaluminal seduction goin'on round'heah, don't yat'ink? Hmmmm, do we feel a new tattoo comin'on?

Is anyone else here seein' what I'm seein'? Can I have a wit'nass? Great! Solar! Vaginas! Bat Lady!
Oh da'Horror...da'Hooorrror!

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
To Convene in New Orleans

~Editilla jus'gotta laugh...O'oorilla, it would appear that Our Grrrl Is Soooo Da'Bitsh Dish! You can't make this stuff up, even in da'City of Real Living Panting Metaphor! Eeeeevery Body wanna shake it on down to da'City That Care Forgot MeNot!

The Shepherds and the Wolves
~Toulouse Street

There was a farmer, had a dog~Library Chronicles

Liprap's Lament - The Line

The Bad Shepherd
~Your Right Hand Thief

"Bad Intelligence"
~We Could Be Famous

Reinventing Ourselves
~New Orleans: A Bowl of Distinction

Event: The People's Summit New Orleans

DOTD closing Mississippi River ferries

ACoE to open the Bonnet Carre’ Spillway tomorrow
~the mosquito coast

Big River Fast~The Chicory

Current River Stages

Barge fleet plans worry Kenner officials~"That's operated by state law and federal law," said Councilman Marc Johnson, "The Corps of Engineers definitely left us out of the process."

Lakeview Neighbors Fight Exquixotic Corps' Land Clearing

Wal-Mart Big Katrina Hero plans keep opposition, council vigilant in Charlestown, SC

~As regards to yesterdays Ladda'Rilla Rant.

Insurance industry’s testicles working overtime to keep up with judicial demand for tasty, life-giving seed
~Subject to Complete Defesance

FEMA Infrastructure Funds Surpass $10 Billion Mark For Gulf Coast Recovery~FEMA

~Editorilla shilla~Yeah, we heah ya'mouf talkin.
Show Me ya'Money! Put it out where we can see it --Right...Heah, ya'heah?

New Orleans 1867 ~by Gary Van Zandt, Review by Aaron Blanton
From Van Zante’s perspective, 2005’s Hurricane Katrina was just the latest in a history of emergencies that have left their mark.
New Orleans has been shaped by disaster more than perhaps any other American city; certainly few cities in the country have been reconstructed more often. Floods, hurricanes, epidemics, fire, and war have for nearly three centuries imperiled the vulnerable, but resilient, city.

Mississippi and Louisiana Museums Receive Hurricane Relief Awards

Recovery Projects Awarded Grants: Improvements Target New Orleans Neighborhoods
~Urban Conservancy

Irish Kesh women on Gulf Coast recovery programme

Rihanna, Bill Cosby, Tyler Perry coming to Essence

Rhythm on a Plate: Convening culinary professionals cook up a batch of local projects

America Savors Its Music During Jazz Appreciation Month

For Lady Day & Ash
~casa de Charlotte della luna

WaPo: Preservation Hall Jazz Band on the road
~Voices of New Orleans

Reissue Desires: Blanchard- Harrison
~The Allmusic blog

Allen Toussaint Sidles Up To The Piano Bench On James Hunter's New Album
'The Hard Way'
~Shore Fire Media

Bob Dylan
awarded Pulitzer Prize
~Pop-Rock Candy Mountain

~Editorilla shillas~We are flat diggin this "new" music site, found whilst stitch'hiking da'net fo'Ladda fadda. Tight, right and full of pretty site...but doesn't slug da'puter. HTnT'anks to Jeff, fo'da congroovient correspondence!

Stephanie Jordan Named Jazz All-Stars 2008 by New Orleans Magazine
~all about Jazz

Ray Bonneville


Wednesday, April 9, 2008



CCCC 2008 Blogging New Orleans: Locals Creating Reality Online~Doctor Daisy

"But There Was a Catch"
~Harry Shearer

New Orleans Faces A Storm Of Foreclosures

Correction to This Article~Because of incorrect information from a company spokesman, a Sept. 6, 2005, Business article about Wal-Mart's hurricane relief efforts misstated the number of trucks filled with donated merchandise the chain sent to the Gulf Coast. It was about 100, not 1,500.

Debunking Wal-Mart's Hurricane Relief Efforts
~Philip Mattera

Editorilla rebellas~In posting the two articles above, though dated, we hope to confront and counter the recent surge upon the News Loa of articles (including a surprisingly thorough one from our own TP) and particularly conservative blog posts in response to this recently published study by economist Steven Horwitz--which itself presents a Disaster Tour de Force.
This recent inundation of publicity serves to redirect public view and refocuses the framing of the issue of Walmart, 沃尔玛, from that of a billion dollar baby of local-tax subsidization, labor exploiting, outsourcing, asphalt global bemouth to a Freidmaniacal pro-鸡农场工人母亲笨蛋 / Private Sector~vs~ Federal / Public Sector "discussion" of the sterling efficiency sans efficacy of the overall Shock Doctinair response to the wake of Katrina's devastation of the Gulf coast and subsequent Federal flood of New Orleans--and by extension the devastating Tsunami of just 8 months previous. (Whew! Long one there, folks. Sorry. I know there is a prescription to treat "Foot-In-Mouth Disease", but I cant deal wit'da residule special effects, such as...mamalian protruberances, aka: man'breasts.) The study rightly focuses on local networking and response, but it lenses a bit too far to'da Dark Side around questions of accountability--ergo~Corps issues of liability--fo'ya poor Editorilla.
母亲肛门笨蛋 is coming up for reelection in Federal Court regarding disability discrimination and criminal labor practices.
To quote Mr Horwitz: "Disaster response happens at the local level. FEMA is not local to anyone except people who live in Washington, D.C." And, 沃尔玛 拘谨的世界肯玩偶 is...what? Follow the money, Speedo. This is an effort to further blur the legal distinctions of liability between pursuit of corporate profits vs inalienable rights, public interest vs private greed, subsidy via tax loopholes vs disaster recovery aid, perpetual war vs lasting peace...the industry of habitual conflict and contradiction vs the Art of Paradox instilled in our evolutionary tendency towards novelty.
In short (HA!), like other Corps issues, Editorilla has come to know this overt Public Relations Tactical Leakage (P.R.T.L) as Organizing da'Public Parydigm (O.d'P.P), in advance of the 纷乱长卷毛狗监狱猫 lawsuits, as if sewing the killing fields of Disaster Capitalism with pretty flowers for the eponymous New World Order. See the pretty flowers? We have already paid 沃尔玛 googallons more money than we have invested in FEMA since the Bush Ubbernazi'conservatilexic Business State (B.U.B.S.) began dismantling it and Santoramoniously drount'dat Baby in da'bat water, or hurricane --which'eva comes foist ya'know. Soooo they damn well better get ready to step up when Goddess comes again, a'knockin with an eye for distraction, ready to dance on the Eve of Destruction...or go figure where we gonna go make our groceries, eh---which'eva comes foist ya'know?
Sinn Féin~新芬党
~Hat/T'n'T to Lee In China for the translation site link. However the characters may come onto other's computers printed as "???" is hoped that the links will still take you there as well.

SPP groupies launch public relations assault prior to New Orleans summit~Integrate This~With three weeks to go until the Security and Prosperity Partnership leaders summit in New Orleans, the usual suspects have launched a barrage of policy papers to try and sway the public agenda towards even deeper economic and security integration than has been proposed to date.
Editilla sphinxters da'Sphingomyelin~Security and Prosperity Partnership???. Brrrr...this is beginning to sould like the a page out of the Myanmar Times or a script from some Kafka Rock Opera: "The Sibling Butchers of Beijing and Rangoon!" But hey, if das'boot fits (their O.P.P) we always Bear (Sterns) it?

'Disaster Tour' of Beauvoir grounds now open

La. Supreme Court upholds Katrina flood exclusions

LA Supremes drive their “chevy to the levee” - Sher comes up dry (Updated)~Slabbed

Insurers Racking Up the Wins in Katrina-Homeowner Litigation

State Farm wants damages from sisters who took Hurricane Katrina records

Corps, state watching river levels, levee stress~Current levels here.

Conflicting priorities snare ‘Big Muddy’ restoration
~The Army Corps of Engineers has been working since 2004 to dismantle a century’s worth of damming and ditching that cut off about 72 miles of the meandering Missouri River that was once the longest in North America.
~Gentlilla readers might reasonably ask what damn foolery originated all of this infrustructure that now must be removed? You guessed it: our beloved Exquixotic Corps of 'Engineers'--everywhere you want to be! Remember the Corps Creed: Two wrongs may not make it right--but they damn sure make more project engineering work.

New Orleans Archdiocese Releases Church Plans~View Map of Closings and Mergers

A Prayer for New Orleans from ASB ‘08
"Aid did not come from the national commonwealth
Aid came from the hearts of ordinary citizens like you and me.
If patriotism does not exist
In the passion of the steadfastness and commitment to duty we exhibited;
We bear no nationality"

The rebuilding of a city called New Orleans

Eagle Rock makes service trip to New Orleans

Spring Break ’08: Helping out in New Orleans
~"Someone needs to step up to the plate. If 20 students from every university went to the Lower Ninth Ward, it could be rebuilt in a matter of months.”~Rachel Craig, a Mount Vernon High School alum among 57 Marquette students who spent a week there drywalling and doing ceiling work in what was left of the home of a 100-year-old woman.

WA Volunteers moved by work in New Orleans
~"I don't think any of us will ever be the same. I don't think any of us will think of that region the same again," Don Backman told the congregation.
~Editilla humbly asks that our gentle readers take the time (as have I) to contact these volunteers we hang onto da'Ladda--AND THANK THEM? Many of them are on their 3rd and 4th or more trips to help rebuild our fair City That Care Forgot NOT! Many are planning even more work trips. Aside from just basic manners, they deserve our gratitude for their efforts to understand and help our city, despite the breadth of its uniqueness and strangness to anything they may have ever imagined possible. These tens of thousands of volunteers deserver applause as they illustrate the continuation--nay, the creative insurrgence--of our national cultural narrative.
When they go back to their own hometowns to tell their stories, show their pictures, these citizens not only manifest the joy and pain of bearing witness to our damnation, but they also thusly expose the perpetrators of this crime against humanity while presenting a just cause for its soulution without absolution. This is why we have begun to try to post their stories more often, especially the ones they tell their neighbors back home in da'heartland. As with all good things I have heard said about New Orleans, the word Enjoy remains a moving verb after all.

Walking Distance in Garden District~Chowhound

Making of Glass Houses: New Orleans post #1

French Quarter Festival This Weekend Yea!!!

New HowlPop! OOOH'YEAH!!!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Funeral for Noble Ashley Morris this Friday 1 00'clock
H/T'n'T-to more than justanuptowngirl
Alas I long to be in dat'numba when da'Saints come marching...
And thanks to all of you, as today da'Ladda passed 5000 hits, averaging a solid 50/day, since launching Nov 11th! Yea! While I know that ain't even happy hour mosquito bites to you badass nolabloggers, y'all gotta understand that I obviously don't hang well (at foist) wit' smart peoples and this time last year I had no computer, mainly just checked email. All I mainly cared about back then was whether or not to follow my precious companion, defender and flood'survivor Flora into doggie heaven. But the Reaper has such a sense of humor if one can try to veiux Death as The Existential Quantifier. This time last year I would have considered Ashley the lucky one. But, after discovering our departed friend and hence the undertoads of the NOLA blog-0-reamery, my heart just won't stop breaking and my mojo just can't stop weepin'on you.

Joel Kotkin Returns to Celebrate Enterprise's Houston Growth Summit May 5th
Editorilla is currently reading his book, linked in yesterday's Rilla'Rant on ReInvention and recommend it. I also wonder if Mr Kotkin might be interested in attending the next Rising Tide. Just wonderin'...

The hurricane of coverage is no more, but New Orleans remains~Karla Rose

Lessons from Two of the Nation's Largest Disasters, from Someone Who Was Involved in Both


Carter's visit May 11th will highlight Habitat needs

Esker Americas User Conference in New Orleans~The first day will kick off with a jazz funeral for paper.

Katrina and the Big Easy: Is a New Moral Order Emerging?
~Ethics Newsline

Subsidy for Dummies (who think the insurance industry isn’t subsidized)~Slabbed

Appeals court vacates $1 million award in Katrina insurance case

La. Court Backs Insurers in Katrina Case

Judge says Nationwide takes exclusion too far

Current River Levels

FEMA National Situation Update: Tuesday, April 8, 2008~Homeland Security Threat Level: YELLOW (ELEVATED).

Arkansas Levee recertification hits snags with FEMA

Corps wants $34 million more to repair storm damage
Yogitilla da'muses~a few million dollars here, a few million dollars there...pretty soon your talkin'over the ghosts of 1000 drowned civilians--to repair the restroom at Oklahoma's parks before another tourists attack. How fuckin'sweeet is that, eh?
And btw---haven't we already paid these forkin'iceholes, these clueless Katrina victim'whinner fakirs at the Exquixotic Corps enough tax money for this so-called Recovery already? Jeez Louie! You'd think they were just a bunch of poor drunken illiterate niggers too god'forsaken stupid come in outta'da rain in the City That Care Forgot and the Presidente left to die. But we live, you Earth Mother'fuckers!
And in the breadth of character and spirit of our latest casualty, it is We will bury You, Sinn Féin

Upcoming Benefits for Chris & Otter
~Humid City

Taking the kids: Vol- unteering in New Orleans

Franklin Avenue: pre- and post- Katrina~Baptist Press

Goin' with "Motel 6 Jazz Journey"~all about Jazz~Jazz Journey Encourages Travelers to “Rediscover” Music and History and kicks off in April with Jazz Appreciation Month.

The Here And Now Of George Porter Jr.
~Pop-Rock Candy Mountain


Monday, April 7, 2008


~"We will be more civilized and humane when beautiful genital imagery along with a positive attitude about masturbation is part of the sex education. In the conference flyer, it was called "Creating an Aesthetic for the Female Genitals," which was the academic way of saying "Becoming Cunt Positive." I didn't care what we called it as long as I got to do it."~Betty Dodson, Ph.D.
Editilla Magdalates~Weeelll, wax my Epiphanny! Aha! So This is da'place where Goddess came up with that heart-shaped logo'thingy to illustrate LOVE!

V-Day's 10th anniversary draws stars to New Orleans


Take a Vagina Survey
~Write your own monologue

This survey is available for both men and women. It can be answered from two different viewpoints:
- A female describing her own vagina.
- A male describing his partner's vagina.

Editilla t'rilla~This gender "survey" offers a dualistic set of criteria for essay, while glaringly omitting a little box for our Trans'Ladder readers. Please notice the cunt'irony in the last parameter of the list.
Emphasis is all mine, babes!

  • Describe the vagina's outside appearance -- the color, the texture, etc.
  • Describe the labia (the outer lip-shaped folds)
  • What is the clitoris like? Is the clitoris easy to find?
  • What is the vaginal opening like? Do you think it is deep or shallow?
  • Can you (or do you) feel the cervix?
  • Can you describe the "G-spot"? (Many people debate where is it, what it feels like, etc.)
  • Does the vagina have a nick name? If so, what is it and why?
  • Does it ejaculate? If so, what is the ejaculation like?
  • Would you change anything about it if you could? Why?
Sooooo, yer oh'so humble Editilla would like to suggest that our Trans folk friends get to flip both sides of this coin from their perspective with perhaps even 2 essays--as indeed, I cannot imagine any gender scenario or story without such a voice.
Kid Warning: this site contains little advertisement boxes that would not be allowed on da'Ladda. Hell, I wouldn't expose my dog to them, if I had a dog...or even if we did adverts--which we conspicuously do not
--so there thank'ya vury much. That said, they do make every effort to dispell misunderestimations as to their motivations at "1001", especially regarding youngsters.

Catholic parishes prepare for big change

New Orleans UU churches launch fundraising campaign

It's called "Reinventing the Crescent"~While others may want to call it Californication, which is now as much about "branding" as this nearly $300 million plan to develope several miles of New Orleans riverfront, Moldy City was on top of this last July with background and excellent context, as well as,
Humid Haney 2wks ago with The Making of...

Marigny to be given open air rock nightclub?
Editilla, speechless, had not previously realized that the man behind this...project, Sean Cummings, is The Man About Town, the main man behind the entire riverfront reinvention and also behind the entrepeneural social networking site: "startupneworleans" and, to quote Saturday's TP: [Cummings heads the New Orleans Building Corp., the body that serves as the landlord for city-owned properties, and has been involved in real estate development. "What we're offering them is immediate trust and access to facts. We can show them firsthand what's going on here," Cummings said.]
Editilla hences~
Hmmm ok, Mr. Cummings...."What we (seem to) have hea'ya is a fail'ya ta'cammyoonicate?"
Here's a'bit more on Sean Cummings.
And a'bit more from July's USA Today:
[Some have criticized Cummings mingling his private and public roles — as condo developer and executive director of the New Orleans Business Corporation — particularly because one of his condo projects is being developed near the riverfront project.
"It's a natural conflict of interest," said Beth James, Mayor Ray Nagin's former executive assistant for economic development.--(Whoa'sec n'take a check there, Mon Chere. Editilla needs to know da'godamnifications of so blithe a slipperity as "a natural conflict of interest"? While I often enjoy letting my right hand know what my left hand is doing, I have never considered such gesticulations an expression of yer so-called "natural conflict of interest", only basic hygiene:) (I mean just because so many people seem to be into it doesn't mean it's clean...or even a river in Egypt, eh?)

In 2005 the Louisiana Board of Ethics ruled that Cummings could continue in the dual roles as long as he doesn't benefit any more than other area developers. (OK so the Ethics Board committed textbook DoubleThink: the ability to believe 2 contrdictory ideas simultaneously. It is right where Orwell said it would be: in black and white. Excuse me while I wrench my brain from the inside of this rat cage. However, with his next teller performance, Editilla recognizes Mr. Cummings as a graduate suma cum frum'da P.T. Barnham School of Shameless Self Promotions-->) He acknowledged his projects will benefit from the riverfront development, but said his civic work stems from a drive to develop his battered city and stimulate the economy.
Other critics warn the project could draw short-term visitors and threaten New Orleans's unique culture. "You're going to import a lot of 'rich, hip cools,'" said Joel Kotkin, author of the The City: A Global History, a study of urban centers. "'Rich, hip cools' don't create anything. You think Aspen and Maui are cultural havens?"]
And s'more from the week before the storm.

La. River Levees Under Heightened Watch

Louisiana Gov Jindal Focus on Rising Water Emergencies

High crests close levees across state

"Even in his heart the Devil has to know the water level"
~Your Right Hand Thief



Sunday, April 6, 2008


USGS Provides Excellent Interactive Map of Real'Time Flood and High Flow Conditions
Editilla notes~This is a trident example of how the USGS is NOT to be confused with the Exquixotic Corps of Engineers. For one thing, the most salient distinction is that these folks are Civilians--which has taken on dark and ill-defined Kafkaesque definitions within the Body Politic of the post-9/11 Patriot Act. But for another thing, the way that the USGS site actually works makes it look so easy...just simply move your curser along their map and read river levels Right Now. As sited in yesterday's Ladda'Ranttilla, the US Geological Survey has provided the American tax-payers with accurate River Flow information for over 100 years, due to the way they actually get their hands wet when they work in the River, and so hence have become the ignored "whipping boy" (translate: competition for funding with the Corps of Engineers Big Dog Turf Pissing). But hey, if it's good enough for Mark Twain then it is good enough for yer arrant Editilla d"Aphasia!
The USGS (Gumbo) has always been an historically different group of American Engineers and Scientists, entirely apart from the entrenched, inbred, ingrown toe-jammed, malfunctional, borderline delusional, a'tad addled bureaucracy we have come to know and trust:
The Exquixotic Corps of 'Engineers' (cold stone soup).
USGS (Aged Bourbon) presents us with--nay, hands us on a tax-plated silver platter--a proven and unassailable record of thoroughness and accuracy in all their work--expectations which we have come to regard with the deepest of cynicism for the compromised and incompetent USACE (cheap gutter swill).
So, gentle readers, call the USGS when you need vitally important information. Even the feel of their website is pleasantly different...more civil. I dare say for da'little'rillas too!
As anyone can see from the maps, the entire heart of our nation is flooded today! To put it bluntly, We are in a World of Shit.
And That World is happening Right Now--so we don't need more feces'ousness from the Corps of Engineers' PR flak'jockey Eric Hughes, more delayed studies, more horse'ass press conferences, more arrogant trickled down piss-information regarding Our Rivers, Our Levees or Our Safety.
3812 Total Gauges Gauges Above Major Flood Stage3 Gauges: Major Flooding
135 Locations in Flood Gauges Above Moderate Flood Stage27 Gauges: Moderate Flooding

Flood Gauges105 Gauges: Minor Flooding
Gauges with Data older than 24 hours326 Gauges: Observations older than 24 hours Action Gauges129 Gauges: Near Flood Stage
Gauges out of service15 Gauges: Out of Service Normal Gauges3207 Gauges: No Flooding
Last map update: Sun, Apr, 06, 2008 at 05:12:07 pm EDT.

Site gives access to Corps plans
~"This is a definite improvement, but there are still issues to be done," said Matt Rota, a program director with Gulf Restoration Network and member of an environmental coalition tracking and responding to the IERs (Individual Environmental Reports).
Editilla schillas~Lay low & behold da'joyfl Ho fo'da synchronisticalities emmergent wit'indaaa, errah, info'immunoresponse of our Body Politic and who runs this site!
Editorilla infillas, syzygates and rides the line into escatalia~
Sometimes we getz carried awayz here high up on da'Ladda. You t'ink Gollum gotta'prollum?
Hell hath no fury like that of a blogger mourned!
That's all I'm sayin...miss me diamond dagger.

We can't take it on trust
Editorilla wanna tol'ya~thank you very much, 'bout~damn' Times Picayune! However the absence of any mention of the relentless 'Calling of the Corps' by our heroes at leaves one to ponder...
...whassd'fkup wit'dat, fool?

'Hold the Corps Accountable' Now on Facebook, become a Fan Yea! Spread da'Woid!

Past president of ASCE confirms Corps of Engineers to be Controlling Bastards

Flooding D.C. with requests for help
~The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is scheduled to award a contract worth $40 million or more this summer to relocate Napa Valley Wine Train tracks near downtown.
Editilla chin'chillas~WOW! How Forking Icehole COOL is that, huh? Sounds like another one-0-them $4.9 M Equixotic Earwicks--only X-10? In the venerable woids of da'Great Yogitilla
, "when you come to a fork in the levee take it" or "4.9 million dollars here...40 million there...pretty soon you're talking over the ghosts of 1000 drowned civilians for a Wine Train in Napa Valley and new offices for the Corps of Engineers in downtown Tuscaloosa, AL." or..."Now ain't that justa buncha
Sour Grapes of Wraft!"

New Orleans horse wins Illinois Derby
~Recapturetheglory has put Louie Roussel, Ronnie Lamarque and the city of New Orleans back on'da road to glory.

More On Sally Kern and the Wasteland of Mentality That Seems to be Oklahoma
~Gentilly Girl

Lifestyles of the Easily Obsessed

Later, homey. Not goodbye. See ya later. I promise.~Ray in New Orleans

For the family of Ashley Morris
~Library Chronicles

Liprap's Lament - The Line

The Case of Gabriel Gomez
~Letras Latinas Blog

"people surface towards the page
creatures pilot through a highway
their language is untranslatable
the road they carry is shaped
with a foreign math."
H'TnT~Sheryl Luna

New Members!
~The New Orleans Craft Mafia is pleased to welcome two new members: Tressa of Flambeaux Design Company and Kerry of Bayou Salvage.

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