Saturday, June 11, 2011

Still to come~Fix the Pumps

Corps options for levee 'armor' include dense grass, fabric turf or concrete

Rising Tide 6 ~The Rising Tide Conference is an annual gathering for all who wish to learn more and do more to assist New Orleans’ recovery. It’s for everyone who loves New Orleans and is working to bring a better future to all its residents. Leveraging the power of bloggers and new media, the conference is a launch pad for organization and action. Our day-long program of speakers and presentations is tailored to inform, entertain, enrage and inspire.

Rep. Cedric Richmond calls for health registry for people assigned travel trailers after Hurricane Katrina

Mandeville residents look to get flood insurance relief under new FEMA maps

Racial divides among New Orleans neighborhoods expand
~Michelle Krupa

Alternative plan to fund teaching hospital 'misses the point,' official say
~Paul Murphy

City shut down anarchist bookstore to run off homeless, member says
~Uptown Messenger

Parishes thankful floods never came

Stories From the Gulf: Living with the Oil Disaster~Disenfranchised Citizen

Joplin MO: toll rises to 151, some suffer from fungus

Sponsoring Hell Yes Fest New Orleans ~Hat Tweet @

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~ This Wkdn in La - Corn Fest in Bunkie, River Fest in Madisonville, Cajun Music Fest, Tomato Fest & Zydeco Fest in Nola

~Hat Tweet @~Deacon John's 70th BIRTHDAY BASH tonight. Come celebrate with him 9:30pm

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Myth Buster: #7

New Orleans residents invited Saturday to "Hello Hurricane" hurricane-preparedness summit

Assessing the Gulf Coast response: A guest column by U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa
FEMA chief sees bigger role for insurers in flood coverage
~Bruce Alpert

"Heckuva Job Brownie" Speaks~Kate Sheppard
~Editilla Shinolas~ We never pass up a chance to say FYYFF and tell the world about this shiftless, self-aggrandizing, opportunistic, pusillanimous, whining asshole. He is to current American Disaster Capitalism what Ed Blakely is to lying down under a tsunami.

Remember the advice I gave way back in September 2008 ~Slabbed

Second suspect from Mississippi identified in January home invasion
~Uptown Messenger

Oil Slick Reported Near Venice, Louisiana - Update ~SkyTruth

Riki Ott, marine toxicologist, weighs in on the Feinberg lie
~Disenfranchised Citizen

~Also see~Nobody Did It...
~Appeals panel for Gulf oil spill damage claims is formed

Fishermen say crab industry still in disarray

Drought causes salt intrusion on farms

Bonnet Carre Spillway bays to begin closing Saturday

Mississippi River flooding likely to spread Asian carp to lakes, bayous

Swollen Mississippi River, Jazz Festival Test Multiband Radios in Louisiana
~Responders from 16 agencies tested the promise of interoperability embodied in multiband radios at the two-week New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and in daily operations that included monitoring a swollen Mississippi River.
An estimated 400,000 people converged on the New Orleans’ Fair Grounds Race Course for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival providing state, local and federal responder agencies an opportunity to test a multiband radio in the event’s crowded and noisy conditions from April 29 to May 8.

Creole Stuffed Bell Peppers
~Chef John Folse

Le Petit Theater board says sale to Dickie Brennan is moving forward

~Hat Tweet @ ~Let the debate begin! N.O.'s 9 best snoball stands via Who got left out?
~At Right in 2008: Haley, 7, and Shane Babb, 5, anticipate the cool sweetness of their snowballs as they wait for Shiela Marriott to prepare them at Ro-Bear's in Harahan. Photo: John McCusker
{We love to tell this story}
~Editilla was doing this very thing~ building some kid a perfect snowball, at the Flora Cafe' one morning when Valentine came in for his early juice.
{I also did fresh-squoze juice for Ali.}
Only this morning Val was a bit up on breaking news: "Hey, Juicy," he says "Did you hear that one of the World Trade Center towers is on fire?" "Nah", said I, more interested in making sure to swirl the Condensed Milk just right around the cone of crushed ice to the top, without breaking it down, which would not do at all, mashing up all the color layers I had painstakingly laid in the snowball already. While the kid watched, Val, stepped across Royal to get a paper and comes back in looking a little scared...looking me right in the eye he said, "You may want to get over to Big Daddy's and check the TV." "What?", I said, stepping around a few more of the children waiting for their snowballs. Then da'Angel storms into the cafe, "HEY EVERYBODY! SOMEONE HAS JUST FLOWN A GODDAMN AIRLINER INTO THE WORLD TRADE CENTER IN NEW YORK!"
The place emptied like fire in a theater, as everyone ran to the bars across the street to see it on the Tube. Suddenly Schiro's was packed too. Suddenly there was not a car on the street outside, as I suspect anywhere else in America that day.
Me, I turned around and looked at the kids waiting on their snowballs and asked,
Who's next?

Swoon At NOMA~NOLAFemmes

's Wellness Expo

Mythical Creatures & Beings Show from Fleur de Tease ~Humid Beings


Weekend Roundup~Blackened Out

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Corps of Engineers faces ‘accounting’ for MO River flooding~"The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will publicly answer questions about the current flooding along the Missouri River," Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., assured reporters Wednesday. "It’s too soon to decide whether to hold formal congressional hearings on this issue or whether some other venue would work better," Thune said. “But there has to be an accounting for this,” he said. “We have to get some answers.”
~Editilla Co'tellas~ We wonder if SD will get an Investigation of their own Corps Disaster before New Orleans of 8/29/05? And for that matter, what happens when other states inevitably begin lining up to deal with what the Corps of Engineers has been doing in every one of their own their backyards?

After the Levee Breach, She Never Spoke

The Big Uneasy in Chicago
~Also this from the Chicago Reader

In Historic Flooding On Mississippi River, A Missed Opportunity To Rebuild Louisiana~Chris Kirkam

It’s time to rethink flood control, coastal scientist says~Nikki Buskey

New floodgate at Bush Canal will serve as data hub

Port of Gulfport receives $481M

Slain insurance investigators mourned

UMC Plans Face Serious Opposition as Vitter, Kennedy, and Tucker Pitch

The shocking reveal, sifting though the pieces of the broken prize
~Library Chronicles

Neighborhoods are dandy, but no reason to settle for the ‘official’ 73
~Keith G.C. Twitchell, The Lens

LA Senate approves transfer of UNO to University of La. system

Tammy Fox, who grew up racing horses in New Orleans, now hopes to win Belmont Stakes~Bob Fortus
~Hat Tweet @

Welcome to New Orleans Land
~The Chicory

Gettin' naked at the World Naked Bike Ride~Gambit

The Radiators' 33 year ride comes to an end~Keith Spera

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Comment Bump ~American Zombie

Laying down the Hammer: Hammerman asks about what Ray Nagin knew and when in the St Pierre saga ~Slabbed

River Birch Landfill owners courted just about everyone~James Gill

Loyola Avenue streetcar project officially under way

Morganza Spillway down to only two open bays

Baton Rouge levee may reopen next week ~Amy Wold

Oil spotted in waters off Plaquemines Parish

Organizer who specialized in catastrophe conferences admits to financial disasters~The Lens

Big new artificial reef northeast of Grand Isle

Bayou Grand Caillou floodgate goes to construction

Dolphins, Turtles, Red Snapper…
and now, sand dollars and starfish
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Gulf Update: Sick Fish, Human Risks and a Federal Agency Trying to Keep the Lid on a Crisis~Stuart Smith

~New T from our friends a Dirty Coast!

Toye-ing With Fate~NOLA Defender

Slow Southern Style:
Seen on Magazine Street

~Editilla's new fav blog find! Hat Tweet

Review: On the Air
~Dalt Wonk, Gambit

The Great Equilibrium: Artist Interview with Georgia Kennedy
~Fair Folks & a Goat

Louisiana caravan heading back from Joplin, MO~"We met some special people who had a strong spirit, who shared their stories, their rebuilding process with us," Chef Greg Reggio said. "In all, we had about 1,200 to 1,400 people show up, and they ate up all that great Louisiana seafood."

Winesday~Blackened Out

Bourbon House hosts rye whiskey tasting ~Todd Price

Beers, Not Bullets: A Fundraiser for Chef Nathaniel Zimet
~He Said/She Said NOLA

New Orleans' Best Snow Balls!

Loan Signing! We're going to open a grocery store!~New Orleans Food Coop

Chophouse New Orleans to open at former Cuvee space~City Business

Opening day on Freret; Adolfo Garcia's High Hat Cafe and Ancora Pizzeria
~Uptown Messenger

Creole Tomato Salad: Mediterranean Twist From Mena’s Palace

What to do? Vieux To Do~Colleen Rush

Concerts in the Courtyard with Sunpie & the Louisiana Sunspots

PresFest celebrates 50 years of Preservation Hall
~Noah Bonaparte Pais

Tracks from Bonnaroo weekend acts
Desitively Bonnaroo, Dr. John

This 1974 slab of New Orleans funk gave the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival its name.
As a treat for the festival's 10th anniversary, Bonnaroo organizers have booked John along with Allen Toussaint and the Original Meters to re-create the entire Desitively Bonnaroo album at a late-night set this year.

Emmylou Harris Pays Tribute to Gram Parsons on New Album~Rolling Stone~On the album, Harris also sings about post-Katrina New Orleans, becoming a grandmother ("Goodnight Old World") and the death of her friend Kate McGarrigle ("Darlin' Kate").

Galactic bringing it to Brooklyn!

~Hat Tweet @~Tonight 5p at 'Wednesday at the Square' it's Galactic + Marc Stone. Grab a Purple Haze and prepare to get funked people.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Corps of Engineers still won't take the blame for failures during Katrina

Louisiana lawmakers urge White House to release $95 million for Mississippi River dredging
Officials, mariners say corps losing battle to keep mud from clogging mouth of Mississippi
New Orleans group bringing food, music to tornado victims, volunteers in Joplin, Missouri~a Spoonful of Jambalaya at a Time

Colo. pair sees 47% chance of hurricane hitting La. in ’11~Amy Wold

Some local parish bridges deemed ‘structurally deficient'

Pontchartrain ferry owners meet today with regulators

RTA to break ground on new Loyola Avenue streetcar route
~This is the first phase of the streetcar expansion project. The next phase will begin in June 2012 and will go down the French Quarter loop, down Rampart across Press Street to Poland Avenue, according to RTA spokesman Justin Augustine. Above, the venerable St Charles Ave street car. Also, we have been enjoying Edward Branley's book on the Canal Street Car Line. You can follow him on Twitter . Check out Transport for NOLA also
for constant updates and in depth articles on this vital scene.

The Lens: OPSB updates plan to rid Audubon Charter soils of sky-high lead contamination

Irreverent New Orleans lifestyle blog releases first book: InvadeNOLA No. 01: Once Upon an Ever After

Free building supplies at the Green Project this week

Are we slabbing fun yet?

Jindal is now 0-4 in the Legislature on his signature budget bills
~Daily Kingfish

On Feinberg’s claims regarding a lack of health claims
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Bird Project Soap

Street artist Swoon creates sea goddess at New Orleans Museum of Art

All Alon the Watchtower
~Blackened Out
~Chef Alon Shaya heads up the kitchen at Domenica in the Roosevelt Hotel. He is also an actor who has received critical acclaim for his role in Treme as the dans le merde grill cook. A native of Israel, Alon spent a year in Italy before opening Domenica with his partner Chef John Besh. 20ish questions on the clock.

Preservation Hall at 50
~Noah Bonaparte Pais

Monday, June 6, 2011

St. Pierre Trial Wrap Up, Part II: The Zen of Turd Polisihing
~American Zombie

Hurricane preparedness meeting to be held in Covington
~At right: Hurricane Warning Flags. A hurricane warning (HWW) is issued when a hurricane with sustained winds of 74 mph (65 knots, 118 km/h) or higher is expected in a specified coastal area in 36 hours or less. When you see this pic here in the top right-side masthead it means there is a Hurricane in the Gulf.
It means Ladder Up. It means Time To Rock and Roll.

Army Corps works to rebuild reputation, capitalize on flooding ~John Snell
~"The main basin of the city would get some flooding," said Sandy Rosenthal, founder of the watchdog group, However, Rosenthal believes it would be "nothing like was seen during Katrina." Rosenthal takes issue with the public relations campaign, including her group's discovery last year of a lucrative Corps contract to pay an outsider P.R. firm $5 million over 3 years. "The idea of spending our taxpayer money for the Corps of Engineers to make itself look good after a spectacular failure before the whole world feels like a punch in the stomach," Rosenthal said.

Corps expects full breach of Missouri River levee

The Yazoo Backwater Area, the Steele Bayou Drainage Structure, and the Yazoo Pump~Quinta Scott

Sediment discussed, officials look to capitalize on flood~Also~Beginnings of algae blooms reported in Lake Pontchartrain

Walter Pierce on why no one is talking about using floodwater mud to help rebuild Louisiana's vanishing coastline

We're all stakeholders in coastal restoration~Bob Marshall

‘Don’t blame us,’ shrimpers say

~A consortium of environmental groups wants officials in Louisiana and other Gulf states to shut down their shrimp seasons until more information is available about spikes in the deaths of sea turtles, which they attribute to shrimp trawls.
~Hat Tweet @ John Amos~Scientific paper: body count may have severely underestimated whale, dolphin deaths due to BP -

Feinberg says no claims filed on cleanup illnesses?

Louisiana Lawmakers approve Arizona-style immigration bill

Chris Rose: Corporal Punishment

Video: Red Light Cameras Covered Up By Anarchists~Nola Anarcha
~Hat Tweet @ @

Are we having Monday yet? ~slabbed

New Orleans is top NFL hometown

Semi-Ho With Aunt Grandy ~moosedenied

Monday Reads~Sky Dancing

D-DAY Anniversary ~Thanks Katrina

Dome exterior lights to become permanent

"Beers Not Bullets" benefit for chef Nathanial Zimet~Gambit

Only in New Orleans: The 100 Essential Experiences~He Said/She Said NOLA

A Taste of Summer~Blackened Out

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Orleans lawmakers should stop trying to raid flood protection money

River Birch used political cash, helicopter tours to develop landfill, bash rivals

Your Jefferson Parish Tax Dollars at Work: Parish pays Phelps Dumbar over $97,000 to sue bloggers and prevent access to public records ~Slabbed

St. Bernard Project celebrates 5th anniversary by helping New Orleans woman come home

Locals say leave the levees
Bayou Black and Gibson residents want emergency barriers to stay.

Mississippi River flooding has taken a heavy toll on thousands

Flooding in Atchafalaya Basin may be big help to coastal wetlands

Vermillion, SD Is ‘Scrambling’ As Missouri River Rises

Missouri levee breach prompts evacuations in Iowa

After Bird's point levee breach, farmers try to dig in

National Flood Insurance Program is back before Congress

DOTD Reopens Barataria Bridge

Port Manchac prepares for expansion

Raise a glass to coffin-building monks ~James Gill

Revived Alexandria Central Economic Development District targets riverfront

Rosenfeld Revisionism~CenLamar

Affordable apartment complexes, tailored for artists, are blossoming

Hitler's Atlantic Wall

Downtown: Step away from the Quarters and meet the locals

A-C problems persist at open-air French Market, forget the abject stupidity of that

Teutons having success developing Challenger Drag Pak

The story of the New Orleans Saints' first player, Paige Cothren

Bayou Teche releases Boucanee smoked beer in bottles~Todd Price
~Hat Tweet @

~Hat Tweet & QOTD @~"in New Orleans the less you know the longer you live"

Father of recovering New Orleans chef says gunshot ordeal has been "hell"

Oysters in June~NOLAFemmes

A New Orleans Vieux-To-Do
…three festivals…one big weekend!

R&B legend Benny Spellman dies