Friday, April 9, 2010


Second Line for Healthcare & Education!
Friday, April 9, 5:30 pm, Lafayette Square Park in New Orleans Please spread the word...
Join the SRLC Welcoming Committee, some of New Orleans' finest brass bands and a whole lot of ticked-off, high-stepping citizenry on Friday, April 9, as we let the SRLC know what we think of Jindal's efforts to dismantle public education, healthcare, and other Louisiana public services. Under the bright lights, let's give Jindal and all his GOP cronies-- Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum et al.-- the big loud New Orleans welcome they deserve.~Editilla say Get Yer'self 1 Case of 12 individual Hubig's Pies, made to order.
One Two You Know What To Do!
(Notion endorsed by the Ninja Pie Throwers of New Orleans NPTONO!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Pump, floodgate maintenance costs are subject of proposed federal legislation~Paul Rioux
~Sens. Mary Landrieu and David Vitter plan to introduce legislation directing the Army Corps of Engineers to operate a huge drainage pumping station and floodgate being built south of Harvey, resolving a disagreement between the corps and the West Bank levee authority about who should handle the estimated $5 million-a-year task.
Corps officials have said an agreement with the state calls for either the state or local levee officials to operate and maintain all flood-control projects the corps is building to protect the New Orleans area from a 100-year storm.
But West Bank levee authority officials contend the agreement is superseded by federal regulations requiring the corps to operate all floodgates in federal navigable waterways, including the 225-foot sector gate being built across the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway south of Harvey.
"It's as clear as can be that this is the corps' responsibility," said Susan Maclay, president of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-West board.
Maclay said the adjacent pump station, which will be the largest in the world, qualifies as an "appurtenant structure," making it the corps' responsibility under the federal regulations.
"For the corps to operate the floodgate and not the pump station would be kind of like cutting the baby in half," she said. "It all needs to work in tandem."
Bill limits state, local liability for Exquisite Corps levees
~State and local agencies that inspect and certify levees built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wouldn't be legally liable for any damage caused by faulty design or construction, under a bill approved Tuesday by a House committee.
The measure (House Bill 491) by Rep. Robert Billiot, D-Westwego, would exempt levee districts, drainage districts, owners and operators of property used for flood protection, state agencies that oversee the levees and their contractors from liability for personal injury, property damages and other losses caused by federal design and construction failures.
Billiot said the agencies shouldn't be responsible for levee decisions beyond their control. "The local levee districts and levee boards play no part in the design and construction of the levees that are built to protect the citizens," said Tim Doody, president of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East, which oversees levees in the New Orleans area.
~Editilla Notellas~ Well, a Story with its own legs?
Funny that, since now it is the Law in Louisiana that we are not responsible for the lying bullshit, suit-tight, ASCECORPS of Engineering Levee Certifications or their building. That is not news to us, but it is nice to know that now It Is The Forking Law!
Hats Off to our State Legislature for taking this matter in hand.
What I want to know is what does Tim Doody think of the AAUP Investigation of LSU firing Ivor van Heerden?

Louisiana Sportsman foaming Tea-stained K-9s over action by
Gulf Restoration Network?

~"Beware the Gulf Restoration Network!
Have you heard of this group? They formed right after Katrina, an offshoot of Al Gore-type global warming groups.
On the front, you won't see the connection...
---but just dig a bit, you will find the ties."
~Editilla Shotellas~Hell Yeah! If you dig deep enough you can make a latrine, climb down into it and listen to the echo of your stupid Pea Tarty rants falling into the shiny water!

Fraizier Moore makes the AP finally Get It!~"Treme" begins in fall 2005, three months after Hurricane Katrina and the preventable engineering failure that caused flooding in some 80 per cent of the city, leaving destruction, death and thousands displaced.
~Editilla Big Cherry Os!~ Oh yeah, leave it to the Canadians, who were the first ones knocking on our door the day the levees failed 8/29/05.
Thank you Frazier Moore for working it back to Reality! Gentle'rillas are well aware of our tireless efforts to stem the tide of Katrina Shorthand. But what Y'all aren't aware of is some of the names Editilla has emailed several AP reporters and editors regarding their fatalistic use of Katrina Shorthand to describe the Man Made Disaster that struck New Orleans.
Now we see someone has finally come around.

Still more details emerge on HBO’s Treme with John Goodman
~The fat lady has yet to sing, but supporters should feel very encouraged by all the reviews about co-star John Goodman in HBO’s upcoming new series ‘Treme.

Dry eyes, please~Elaine Wolff
~Hat TnT~Sandy Rosenthal~But judging by the first two episodes, writers David Simon, David Mills (RIP), and Eric Overmyer don’t trust our innate sense of justice or (perhaps fairly) our grasp of recent history: They’re in a hurry to remind us that the flooding of New Orleans in the wake of the hurricane was not a natural disaster — that thankless task is handed to John Goodman’s crusading university professor, in a scenery-chewing clip meant to also remind us that mainstream media are opportunistic goats rutting in the fields of pathos.

Columbia Journalism Review Hearts Mark Schleifstein for "Katrina" coverage

Dutch planners, architects want to help New Orleans live with water~Mark Schleifstein
~Also a little'mo from On Transmigration

Coastal restoration experts identify projects ready to begin to levee authorities

Coast Guard, contractors work to contain oil spill in Delta Wildlife Refuge~BobWarren

Policy Statement 498 - Louisiana Coastal Wetlands ~ASCE

Officials say spring flooding is unlikely to be severe
~Nikki Buskey

Flooding, Mudslides Kill at Least 102 in Rio de Janeiro

Oyster, illness link studied
~Amy Wold

Our own Oyster makes it to the bottom of T-P Politics page!
The liberal blog Your Right Hand Thief digs up a report from Eunice Today that quotes an anonymous source in Attorney General Buddy Caldwell's office claiming that the attorney general joined the suit against the new health-care law in order to keep Jindal from proposing more cuts to his office.

Veritas~Your Right Hand Thief

I would totally subcribe to this: The Daily Nagin
~Library Chronicles

Desperately seeking Clio
~American Zombie

Everybody’s somebody’s plaything – “Aaron Broussard practicing law, keeping low profile” ~slabbed

Stormy Daniels Team Issues Response To Louisiana Sen. Vitter , Republican Party ~BBuzz

Shaw Group to manage $78M state energy program

F-15s to fly out of New Orleans from April-August

Richard Hastings Headlines Financial Webinar

Float builders would get civil suit immunity under House bill

French Quarter FEAST
~Coleen Rush

Prom Night~Polly Jackson

Blake Leyh on Treme~Gambit

Alex Chilton's life in New Orleans was a mystery, and that's how the Big Star singer wanted it
~Keith Spera

Drummer Stanton Moore Goes to the Heart of Funk
~All About Jazz

Theresa Andersson: "Oh Mary" video, new live DVD
~Here Comes the Flood

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


University Professors Open Investigation of Dr. Ivor Van Heerden Dismissal by LSU
~The American Association of University Professor's (AAUP) general secretary has authorized an investigation into alleged violations of academic freedom, tenure, and due process at Louisiana State University.
The investigation, which will be carried out by a committee of AAUP members with no previous involvement in the situation, will focus on issues of concern surrounding the termination of the appointment of professor Ivor Van Heern.
The LSU administration was notified of the investigation.
~Special Thanks Youz to Sandy Rosenthal for grabbing this and posting it on Huffington Post!
~Editilla Notellas~ We haven't found this Investigation covered in any news media as yet, particularly locally. Hence, it is gratifying to see the Actual Heavy Weight Support for Dr. Van Heerden described by Mrs Rosenthal in her Huff Post.
Dr. Ivor van Heerden is NOT ALONE HERE.
His last official day at LSU is May 15th so y'all get ready.

Dump Cowen, Not Engineering

Seabrook storm surge gate gets environmental OK
~Mark Schleifstein

GAO Reports on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Budget Issues
~Budget Formulation Process Emphasizes Agencywide Priorities, but Transparency of Budget Presentation Could be Improved~Yes, well...Editilla sayz: ahem!

Rusty~Fix the Pumps

What’s up? What’s going down? – a quick look around at Katrina litigation ~slabbed

Vermilion to seek Vitter's help
~Robert R. Jones III

~The Vermilion Parish Police Jury voted unanimously Monday to write a letter to U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., in opposition to the Port of Iberia changing its plans to use spoil from the dredging of the proposed Acadiana Gulf of Mexico Access Channel into marshes rather than the soil for hurricane protection.

Corps to make emergency repairs to MS River levee at Alton, Illinois

Flood control~Water Wiki
~refers to all methods used to reduce or prevent the detrimental effects of flood waters

NOAA holding public listening sessions to guide new aquaculture policy
-April 19 in New Orleans, Louisiana -
6:00 - 8:30 p.m.
-U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District Building
-7400 Leake Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118 -Note: You must present a U.S. government-issued photo ID to enter this building.

Eve Samples: Wondering about Everglades restoration? Take a look at Lake Okeechobee

Noah’s Ark 2010: The Need for National Flood Insurance

Charity hospital system's LSU financial reports found wanting
~Bill Barrow
~The auditor's office included those details in a March 31 report that described a pattern of problems in the Louisiana State University-run charity hospital system:
an inadequate financial reporting system, inaccurate property inventory management, failure to monitor contractors and poor tracking of operational supplies.

Mayor-elect Mitch Landrieu's citizen panels invite dissent
~Stephanie Grace

Can Gay New Orleans Candidate For Louisiana House Win?
~Christopher Tidmore,

Strawberry farmers hurting ~Chad Caulder

25 miners killed in West Virginia explosion

McNabb Pays The Price For Being A Good Dude~Cliff's Crib

Your Right Hand Thief is simply All Damn Over It Today

Irony Puked All Over the Back of My Car~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

Wendell Pierce goes home
~Alex Strachan

But Who From Treme Will Speak? ~NOLAFemmes

Mr. Sandman~Chris Rose

Help! A wild New Orleans stol' my BeiBei!!

2010 GeoDomain Expo Preview: Three Days in New Orleans Devoted to Networking and Domain Development

NOLA Eats Supports The Community Center Of St. Bernard With A Food Drive At The Alternative Media Expo

New Orleans Roadfood Festival 2010: Gallery

Now it's (really) official: Lollapalooza lineup, 2010

The Lower 9 Documentary
~Reach out for New Orleans

Made In New Orleans:
A Preservation Hall Blog

Wednesday at the Square
~Humid Beings
~Tommorow Big Sam’s Funky Nation + Honey Island Swamp Band!

Judith Owen: turning turmoil into music

Monday, April 5, 2010


Incorporating Green Infrastructure and the Flood Protection, Coastal Restoration Task Force~Watershed Nola
One member removed from Landrieu Task Force seeking New Orleans' new police chief
~After two other members resigned in protest, Baty Landis, a founder of the anti-crime group Silence Is Violence, was removed Saturday from the task force created by Mayor-elect Mitch Landrieu to recommend candidates for New Orleans' next police chief. The action came after Landis posted a message on her group's Web site critical of the way the search is being conducted.
~Editilla ahems'n'haws Yassah Ya'Betchas!~
We hope that Flood Protection Task Force, well we just wonda... what was he talking about with "Open and Transparent City Government", and what if one of those esteemed locals disagree with His Honor on Flood Protection? If any of you have met Ms Landis, as I, you would have to think this looks like a good question to ask now regarding the veracity, thus the efficacy, of these other Task Forces. We had enough "Who'z on 1st?" games?
After seeing this new mayor's Economics Task Force bend over and assume the position for LSU on Charity Hospital, we have to wonder if that is the City's plan for the Corps on Option 1 as well?
But Editilla ain't ready to jump on Mitch's Ass until he gets Keys.

It ain’t hot potato: Landrieu must clutch chief search
~Eli Ackerman, The Lens

McLovin' Cup
~Your Right Hand Thief

~T-P awards "Loving Cup" to Tulane University President Scott Cowen. I wish Ashley Morris were here to react to the news.
Ashley trusted Scott Cowen about "as far as he could explode him". He was on the Tulane President like white on rice maggots.
Here's a short but representative quote from Ashley regarding a similar circumstance:
(from July 12, 2007)
"I don’t have too much to say about the Gambit piece on NOLA universities, written by a Tulane undergrad and Gambit intern. As expected, Scott Cowen is portrayed as the visionary who made the painful but necessary bold moves to keep Tulane afloat.
As opposed to the vile fuckmook whose reign of terror allowed him to get his hands on the Engineering and Newcomb endowments, while canning tenured faculty in the process."

Pugnacious D~Emily Hussbaum

New Orleans Five Years After the Flood, The Big Uneasy
~Hat T'n'T~ Sandy Rosenthal,

Sewerage and Water Board seeks public comment on its proposed Hazard Mitigation Plan for 2010

My Response to the Times-Picayune's Editorial in Favor of Destroying Lower Mid-City
~Inside the Footprint

State Farm decides to “mess with Texas” – sues insurance department ~slabbed

MEMA has contacted all entities that may owe Katrina money, but process could drag out

Post-Loss Market Earnings Ignored in Mississippi - Understanding Business Interruption Claims, Part 14

Louisiana Tax Structure Fails Our Education Systems and Threatens Our Economic Future ~NOLAmotion

History, photography, Judaism and Zen ~John McQuaid

Jewish Student Group Takes Charity Trip to New Orleans

Katrina-ravaged rivers now friendly to fishermen

Production of the space shuttle's external fuel tanks is winding down at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans

Army starts school to boost 'mental fitness' training?
~Army officials are hoping to better arm soldiers to fight the stress that comes from repeated deployment to war zones in an effort to stem record suicide rates.
The military branch today plans to officially open a new school aimed at teaching soldiers how to think positively to help deal with emotional, social and psychological stress. The work being done at Fort Jackson, the Army's largest training base, has been offered in some trial courses.

Child-Governor Bobby Jindal set to headline GOP fundraiser in N.O.
~State law forbids the Louisiana governor and state legislators from raising money during legislative sessions. For the governor, that ban extends to the time period in which he is acting on bills. But the law allows fundraising for outside political groups. Jindal refused comment.
~A little mo'lagniappe from TPM on this Gaming of the Shrews.

NPR gives Evil a Name:
Vaccine Refusers!

"Undercover Roto-Rooter Boss" Gets Emotional in New Orleans ~Ken Tucker

Behind bars~Rodeo Attitude

Blague d'Art: Apres le Deluge, Moi ~Peter Frank

Dane Drummers: Jordan Cohen

'Tis time to enjoy a good time at the French Quarter Fest
~Geraldine Wyckoff

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Care for Whom the Bell Tolls...
"And then I got to Memphis.
And some began to say the threats, or talk about the threats that were out. What would happen to me from some of our sick white brothers? Well, I don't know what will happen now. We've got some difficult days ahead. But it doesn't matter with me now. Because I've been to the mountaintop. And I don't mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I'm not concerned about that now. I just want to do God's will. And He's allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I've looked over. And I've seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land. And I'm happy, tonight. I'm not worried about anything. I'm not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!"

New Orleans and Treme:
A Tale of Two Critics
~Karen Dalton-Beninato

~Reporter Larry Blumenfeld colors his "How Treme Can Get it Right" cover story with a knowledge of the city's music after visiting and supporting local nonprofits post-Katrina.
Newsweek's Joshua Alston filters its viewpoint through a mainstream media eye in his "Treme is no The Wire" subtitled "Drama Étouffé: The locale isn't the only thing that's headed south in David Simon's 'Treme.'" A few examples:
Village Voice: "This is New Orleans, three months past the floods caused by the levee failures in 2005. The hulking, extinct refrigerators and carcasses of former houses look familiar from news reports, as to some degree do the horns and drums. But now foreground and background are flipped."
News Week: "This time, his [David Simon] microcosm of choice is post-Katrina New Orleans, which has become the civics nerd's favorite fishbowl since all the water drained out of it.
The themes are familiar: urban decay, the failure of elected officials to serve their constituencies, the complex truths behind societal ills, all of which incorporate some kind of African-American suffering."
Editilla sayz Hey! Joshua Alston, FYYFF!

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
-- Screwer-Upper Of Pre-Katrina New Orleans -- Hopes You Forgot How Much Tax Dollars They've Wasted!

It's payback time in the Legislature~James Gill~When Jindal does pledge not to interfere, he still crops up all over the place.
Now that he is an avowed player, it will not be easy to find new ways of throwing his weight around. Dragging legislators down to a committee room in the Capitol basement for a little waterboarding is not an option even for a right-wing governor.

OH! So This is why James Perry didn't actually Run for Mayor?

Happy Zombie Day!
~American Zombie

Sunday Funnies~Citizen K

Aaron "If I'm Cryin', I'm Lyin"
Broussard can practice Law?
--like, Legally and Aw'dat?

Cap-and-trade could unlock new reserves in Louisiana
~Katherine Schmidt

Interest in flood insurance rises
~Alexandria Town Talk

Shutdown of Louisiana oyster grounds is largest in 10 years
~Chris Kirkham

Tracking is available for bills impacting fish, wildlife and habitat~Bob Marshall

Bring The Open View Project To New Orleans!~Maitri's VatulBlog

Visual effects firm in Lafayette to hire 100 artists

Katrina's Footprints~SU student-written play focuses on family uprooted by hurricane

RIP Anna Virginia ‘Ms. Ann' Jernigan Pace, 85:
New Orleans artist

Lagniappe~Crescent City Hack

Galveston birding festival marks spring migration

Crime in the Key of Jazz:
David Fulmer’s Storyville Novels
~Scene of the Crime

Film declares Bush Sr involved in Kennedy assassination
~Carol Forsloff

Lil Dee "The Future of New Orleans" Interview
~Miss Neva Inc

A quick Shout-Out from Ken McCarthy at Food Music Justice!