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Cocodrie, La. After Hurricane Gustav
~360 degree panoramic drag'around photo piece.
Gustav below the International Space Station:
Space...the Final Front Door.

China space walk: Astronaut's 'small step' hailed as giant leap!
People's Liberation Army Colonel Zhai Zhigang: Delivers Taikonautee <-{Taikonaut, perhaps the first English word deliberately invented by the Chinese, is based on the Mandarin word for "space".}
According to Yang Liwei, the crew members may convene an
extraterrestrial Communist Party of China (CPC) branch while in orbit. A remote locality with three or more Chinese Communist Party (CPC) members, such as the Shenzhou capsule with its full complement aboard, may conduct the business of a CPC branch. See also Long March
Shenzhou 7
1. Forward orbital module
- crew live and work in this section, which contains scientific equipment. In future missions, this module may remain in orbit as part of a Chinese space station
2. Re-entry capsule - contains seats for three crew
3. Propulsion module - contains spacecraft's power unit and liquid fuel rocket system
4. Solar panels - spacecraft carries one pair of solar panels
5. Spacewalk - One yuhangyuan (astronaut) exits the orbital module on a tether. Another crew member stands just inside to assist in case of an emergency

The Ultimate "Main Street" Bailout Plan ~The Systocrat Papers

When One Company Is More Important Than An Entire City
~"When I read the news that the federal government was going to spend $85 billion dollars to rescue AIG from insolvency, my first response had nothing to do with the financial markets. Instead, I found myself wondering what the total cost would be to rebuild every New Orleans home that was destroyed by the negligence of the Army Corps of Engineers."

Exquixotic Corps Smartens Up
~via WaterSISWEB

Sulaymaniyah City is ‘growing children’

Hurricane Katrina exposed
'two Americas,' bishop says

~It took the worst natural and man-made disaster in American history -- Hurricane Katrina and the levee breaches that inundated New Orleans with water in 2005 -- to expose previously hidden levels of poverty in the richest country in the world, a Catholic bishop said Sept. 25. Retired Auxiliary Bishop Joseph M. Sullivan of Brooklyn, N.Y., made the comments at the 2008 annual gathering of Catholic Charities USA.

After Ike - the Return, the Missing, and a Heckuva Job ~Firedog Lake

Legislature won't question Social Services changes
~Melinda Deslatte

Report: Gross domestic product shrank in New Orleans last year

Behind Insurer’s Crisis, a Blind Eye to a Web of Risk

HUD considers hurricane impact in foreclosure plan

In New Orleans' Vietnamese community of Village de l'Est, gardening is a way of life

Viet Village Urban Farm

New Orleans Relief Mission
- Fall Break

Camp a refuge for disaster workers

Topic of the Month: Natural Disasters

Miss Matthews
and the Mississippi

Faulkner-Wisdom Competition Winners!

Haunted New Orleans Bars
Alibi Bar: 811 Iberville Street just off of Bourbon Street. The Alibi is a late-night hangout that serves 150 different kinds of beer. The staff has reported incidents of knives flying off the bar and into the floor, in an area where a man was supposedly stabbed to death some years back.
Other items seem to take flight at the bar as well, and shadowy figures have occasionally been spotted by patrons. In the attic area, which is off limits to the public, chained-up slave children have been seen.

New Orleans Museum of Art returns to form

New Orleans Photographer Michael P. Smith Passes ~Lightstalkers

Broad St. Bazaar~Leveeland

$200,000 National Competition to Retain Talent in New Orleans

New Orleans Area Events: Cultural Season Begins

Friday, September 26, 2008

Vendredi~If I had a daughter I'd name her Begonia!

Liprap's Lament - The Line
~Editilla chin'schillas, Hat Tips and aw'dat boorah~ Way to Go! Whilst hunting the jungles of the RSD Master Plan, Liptrap found a Secret Hidden Pirate Treasure Map fo'da Bailout!

Wrong Picture: Palin + Pig + PETA = Compassion Required
~George Spyros

National Response Framework
The National Response Plan was replaced by the National Response Framework effective March 22.
Editilla jus'wonderin if/when this Economic Collapse may be
Declared an Incident of National Significance?
~The day after the storm...Secretary Chertoff named Michael Brown as the lead federal official for the response effort. At the same time, the secretary declared Hurricane Katrina an Incident of National Significance, which is the designation that
triggers the National Response Plan. The National Response Plan, in turn, is the comprehensive secret treasure map that guides the federal response to catastrophes.

Corps team digs 4 tenches for clues about water flowing beside 17th Street Canal~Sheila Grissett
~"The trenches ranged in depth from six to 20 feet. As they were dug they filled with water, which was then pumped out, only to have water fill them again,"
said John Grieshaber, a geotechnical engineer and execution support chief for the ASCECORPS' Hurricane Protection Office. "Based on what we see, we believe it's groundwater and not seepage from the canal, but we'll analyze all the collected data and make a report."
~Editilla gotta ax~
Did they trouble the waters for a taste? Still Salty?

2007 TP wetlands series is honored by National Academy
~In granting the award in its newspaper/magazine category, the academy called the work "an outstanding newspaper series that combines superb story-telling with the latest science in its call to action to save Louisiana's wetlands." See why Here.~T'anks Boz.

"And has even learned how to do Louisiana’s job of protecting that state from hurricanes"
~Your Right Hand Thief

~Editilla Notellas~Full Plate Link here fo'Big Molluski.

~Yves Rossy, aka Jet Man, zoomed into the record books this morning, flying across the English Channel strapped to a single jet-powered wing, with only a helmet and flight suit for

New Orleans Council Demands Answers From Entergy La

Forum To Begin Creation of New Orleans Plan

Out with it, State Farm,what you hiding?~slabbed

New Corps Commander to take over in New Orleans
~Editilla shin'schillas and welcomes Colonel Michael McCormick,
to the Thunder Dome!

Something tells me this guy doesn't do Spices.

After doing such a great job flooding Centralia and most of that part of Washington with some of those Fine Corps Levees, Col Mic, has surely just been chomping at the bit to come and inundate New Orleans with more Exquixotic Corps Engineerins.
...join his Fellow Girl Friday, Mxs Aguillera
"--not the singer!", she always chides the press, haha...
--aka: The Morganza 'Splain Dealer!

What is with these NE Pacific Coast Commanders and why does ASCECORPS keep shuffling them down here to screw with Louisiana?
Here we go round the the leeeevees,
the leeevees, the leeevees!

Here we go round the Leeeeevees
--Then We All Sit Down!

Uh! Oooooh! Whoooo didn't get a Levee?
ASCECORPS can shell'game leadership in and out of Responsibility for our Flood Control! How cool is that huh? When the going gets tough The Corps Gets
Going Going Gooooone! They can just keep transferring their own people out of public view. Hahahaha...Brilliant! That way whenever we ask a question, they never have to know a damn thing. Whoa!
Wonder how that rock gonna fly in Court in 147 Days?

Flooding reported around St. Lucie River, Oyster Beds Dying

NFL Week 4 Betting - San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints

Our New Orleans Saints

South of I-10: Artists Along Louisiana's Main Drag

‘Water’ steeped in rich New Orleans tradition

Dis Dat
or d'Udda

Hat T'n'T~
American Feast

The man of a thousand songs
~Clare Brown

Voodoo Music Experience
- Art Fair

Porter, Batiste, Stoltz featuring Page McConnell - Moodoo
~Adam King

Former Phish keyboardist joins N'awlins funk masters' tour

We Doo Moo

Why Obama, Theresa Andersson
~Largehearted Boy

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Corps Target Marketing
As any Gentle'rilla can tell you, this issue of Tax-Paid ASCECORPS Marketing Machinery is a particular bur in Editilla's ass.

And in the interest of full disclosure... According to Legal Counsel: due to the Fact that We Paid For This Expensive Advertising, We Have Every Citizen's Constitutional Right To Publish This Corps' Trademarked Logo on This Ladder As Evidence in Our Ongoing Coverage of Wasted Tax Dollars by the Exquixotic Corps of Engineers in the Federal Flooding of New Orleans.
Hence, wheneva we see our increasingly scarce tax dollars going for this Bull Shit Public Relations, (BSPR) this Ladder will hang it up for all to see.
The link in the lede is but a minnow, the smallest fish in this tale of
Water Marketing.
While this issue may not seem as immediately scary as watching citizens Paying the Mayor to Tear Down All of Our Remaining Affordable Housing Stock,
the future Flooding of New Orleans by the Corps of Engineers Malfeasance remains a salient concern amongst the Editillarati for whom The Shock Doctrine means more than simply continuing to stick our tongue in a wall socket just to plug their leaking levees.

These Flash Advertisements (laid out left to right in order of flash appearance) are all over the Times Picayune --but especially in the Editorials Section (such as it is). This Ad was in today's piece about Criminal Court. They come and go on rotation at the Times Picayune's website, Like Flies On A Shit House Wall.
They lead to a Very Expensive Website for the Corps of Engineers. This website tells the tax-payer nothing we need to value our safety but everything ASCEORPS' expensive Marketing Firms want us to know.

Perhaps they just want us to like them?
How much does this Advertising Cost?
Why is the Corps Advertising? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
Not only must we hound by chance the Exquixotic Corps all over New Orleans and South Louisiana to monitor their bad engineering and bureaucratic budgetary boot'liganism, but we must also fight against the spin'filtration of their Marketing Firms with Corps' tax-paid adverts all over our own Local News Media?
Ouch, Batman, That Hurts!

Isn't there something Wrong With This Picture
--something that We are growing very Tired of Seeing?

Is this Financial Investment the reason why the Times Picayune editorially plays up to the Corps like a Jail Cell Punk to its Uncle Daddy? Is this why the Paper treats the Corps as if the Corps is heavily invested in the News Business? UHMM D'OH --SILLY TAX PAYER!

The US Army Corps of Engineers IS HEAVILY INVESTED IN PUBLIC RELATIONS AND THE LOCAL NEWS BUSINESS! Hell, they even use it as levee filler!
^Click to enlarge.^
What does this have to do with Safe Flood Control in New Orleans and South Louisiana? Ask any marketing student and they will tell you: Not A Goddamn Thing!

Who Pays For These Ads, how much do they cost and why is the Corps launching yet another Marketing Push? Surely this has nothing to do with ASCECORPS' Imminent MRGO Liability Lawsuit, or the finally unveiled though stillborn house of moldy cards known as The IPET Study? What is the point of having such Ace Reporters like Grissett and Schleifstein doing the hard Gumshoe Investigations, if the Editiorial Board of the Paper is Kissing ASCE? The Times Picayune needs to come off their Ass and Get With The People!
At the very least, in the interest of full disclosure, the TP should Note Beneath the Advert: How Much Tax Money Our Federal Agency is Paying to Advertise to Us.
Why is this Not Illegal while the Corps is Actively the Target of Liability Litigation as linked above?
Where is the difference (that makes no difference) between this paid propaganda and allowing any other Accused Criminal to Advertise their Innocence,
to Taint the Jury, before Trial?
Editilla Watchin'You!
Thanks Steve. As always, you spot just what we need right when we need it.

Vitter: Corps agrees to speed levees~Daily Comet

“There are a lot of questions unanswered,” Senator David Vitter said Wednesday. The corps has not made it clear whether it will cede control of the project, along with the money, to Terrebonne Parish.
To get that answer, he said, he will continue to call the corps daily. “But I do think I have (Gen. Antwerp’s) attention and his commitment to dramatically change the pace of this project."

Dozens of Miss. cottages condemned after Gustav

Cat scratch fever strikes insurance industry - State Farm has bad case ~slabbed
Y'all make sure to touch home plate her'ah?
We just had a fetish thingy for this story, but they be'slabbin all over the Golden Coast.

Hearing on schools master plan tonight in eastern New Orleans

Katrina victims seek class action over blockade
~A federal judge must decide whether a lawsuit over a police blockade that stopped hundreds of people from crossing a bridge out of flooded New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina will become a class action.

Valley Fill Appeal Focuses on Corps' Analysis of Water Flow

Homeowners warned about Blue Roof Spoofs

Rule R652-41: Rights of Entry

Memo of Understanding:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Nuclear Regulatory; Authorizations to Construct and Operate Nuclear Power Plants

Brazilier Island bought by trust ~Mark Schleifstein

New Orleans Biodiesel Initiative

FEMA takes new role in post-storm repairs

A brush with greatness, or a blot? ~James Gill

Hurricane Katrina - Our Story - Part 2 ~My Bayou Vieux


Wynton Learson Marsalis

Students invite, jazz player responds

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Thank you~NODP

Gulf Coast officials ask Congress for money

Jindal seeks quick aid for La. hurricane recovery

$99M raise for Road Home contractor quietly paid

Labruzzo's Evacuation Final Solution~Library Chronicles

Katrina cases like nothing veteran State Farm attorney had ever seen --HA! Riiiight!
~Editilla chin'schillas~
~Ya'gotta love'em these Insurance Trial Attorneys --
like flies on sherbert! And People wonda why Editilla puts lighter fluid in da'coffee some mornings!
Jeepers'Jeexus! If ever there were a scene
so slabbed!

Dole comes out of hiding and starts lying right off the bat - media turns a blind eye.
~The media has given Elizabeth Dole a pass. She has been hidden from the voters of North Carolina. Her campaign site - still no list of events. Her Senate site - no updated events since July. Why is Elizabeth Dole, who is losing to Kay Hagan, hiding from the voters?
She finally pops out of Dick Cheney's undisclosed location long enough for a small gathering in Wilmington on the 15th, where she blatantly lied to the clueless reporter about Hurricanes and offshore drilling, repeating McCain's lies that Katrina did no damage to rigs.

The Shock of Recovery
~The Independent Weekly

Is Paulson to be trusted, or is this Bush Administration Shock and Awe, 2.0? ~Reggie Middleton

Senators Push for Low-Interest Loans for Disaster Victims

Ike-Stricken Texas Says Wall Street Credit Crunch Adds to Woes ~Bloomberg

Ex-Presidents Bush, Clinton joining forces for Ike recovery

Texas Seeks FEMA Housing Aid~Agency Won't Provide Trailers for Ike Victims, Cites Health Risks

The Mississippi River in Maps & Views: From Lake Itasca to The Gulf of Mexico

~more than eighty glorious full-color maps dating from as early as 1544 celebrate "Ol’ Man River," this profound artery at the heart of America, and the extraordinary cities that grew up on its shores, including New Orleans, Memphis, St. Louis, and Minneapolis–St. Paul.

'Called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Confession'

~by Anne Rice, is a spiritual memoir of Catholic life by the vampire/sexual bondage slave erotica novelist turned religious writer after getting filthy rich.
Editilla notellas an absolute repugnance for the worship of da'Big Man in da'Sky with a Large Penis and da'Book with My Name in it beside Red Check Marks going off to Infinity of course. We have been visited by Our Holy Spirit of'da Very Same Self Church & Lot ~and as such believe that we are never alone with a schizophrenic quantum personal deity, and that Goddess takes care of Fools and Arrant Troubadours.
My only confession to Gentle'rillas (HA!:) is...
spending Godzillions of Dollars on nearly every book by this Charlequin Chanteuse --which hopefully will land me in at least hot water at the Gates of Dante's Inferno.
~And before anyone axs, Cat Stevens can go to Hell too!

Oxford American says it all ~Susan Larson
~More from Our Lit Queeny's box of treats!

Congressional candidate touts flood plan

Global Green New Orleans Home Built to Endure Hurricanes

Company Taps National Network to Fulfill Demand for Modular Space as Gulf Region Rebuilds

Old New Orleans 10 Year Old Rum ~Rumdood

Jus'sayin... Editilla loves Rum, Dude'beats.
And we love especially ONO Rum! Thanks Rumdood!
We like its Founder's Art as well, the way the City dances into and out of it, as if changing costumes.
We like to have Our Old New Orleans (OONO) neat in da'Screet, between da'Sheets wit'a Joint of Viper music.
Oh da'Life
--Pour Me Vida!

~Fifth anniversary block party celebration for 3 Ring Circus Arts Education Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with 3 Stages of music, revelry, circus games, live and silent art auctions, food & spirits Patron Party: 7 pm; Street Carnival: 8 pm-til Sat., Sept. 27

Seeking: Collections Development Librarian
~Library Associates Companies (LAC) seeks an experienced Collections Development Librarian with strong communication skills and demonstrated expertise in music, particularly classical music, to work as part of the Tulane University Recovery in New Orleans, LA or virtually. We are looking for someone who wants to join our team to assist in selecting and sourcing music in all formats, primarily music scores, CDs, books and DVDs, for a multiple year project to replace, catalog and process items lost or damaged during Hurricane Katrina.

Picasso, Basquiat And Jazz: Nicholas Payton Explores The Influence Of Visual Art

Deep South Music Festival
Sept. 27 at Oysterella’s
~Mullet Wrapper

Randy Newman pops up again with first new album in nine years ~Pop Matters

George Davis - Unsung hero of New Orleans Music - passes ~David Kunian

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mardi~Suck It Up, Ya'buncha Weimars!

Where Land Sinks Into the Sea
~Sean David Hobbs

~More from Maitri's VatulBlog
Editilla really really enjoys Gambit. Jus'sayin...
"We Are New Orleans!"~Drew Brees

Credibility watch~TP Editiorial
~Editilla gotta ax~
Soooo, while we applaud the Paper's slight bent of comeupence, this wisp of fortitude, we want more. More More More! Gentle'rillas need to know: would the Times Picayune join this Ladder in demanding the resignation of Tom Jackson from the Levee Board?
Due to his blatant conflicts of interest --past president of ASCE and former Contract Engineering Consultant for the Corps over the past decades-- we say he falls into that "credibility crab'trap". At the very least we need to see Mr. Jackson give back his forking medal.

Levee board members sought
Please no more ASCECORPS guys...
~like Tom Jackson, who initially opposed newer, safer housing for pump operators?

U.S. Army and State of Louisiana Sign Project Partnership Agreement

Storms force new housing strategy

Emergency food stamp sites in New Orleans area to close tomorrow

President Politics Get Punched Thursday

Stop This Fakir Now!

Now is the Time to Resist Wall Street's Shock Doctrine
~Naomi Klein

We picked up one excellent word--a word worth traveling to New Orleans to get; a nice limber, expressive, handy word--'lagniappe.' They pronounce it lanny-yap.
It is Spanish --so they said.
We discovered it at the head of a column of odds and ends in the Picayune, the first day; heard twenty people use it the second; inquired what it meant the third; adopted it and got facility in swinging it the fourth. It has a restricted meaning, but I think the people spread it out a little when they choose. It is the equivalent of the thirteenth roll in a 'baker's dozen.' It is something thrown in, gratis, for good measure. The custom originated in the Spanish quarter of the city. ... If the waiter in the restaurant stumbles and spills a gill of coffee down the back of your neck, he says
'For lagniappe, sah,' and gets you another cup without extra charge.

- Life on the Mississippi
The Water's Edge: Profits and Policy Behind the Rising Catastrophe of Floods

Mein Cur ~Naomi Wolf
~Editilla tags a nutta'mutta!
~Das Cur.
Henceforth we shall refer to McRovington's V'Pick, Spine'heeled, Lyin'ho of Babylon, Dictatress- wannabe Hackeymam as: The Cur.
Sorry Ladies. No offense. Some of my best friends are women and they hate this bitch. To quote da'screecha Salivatin'Sista Sold'ya: "Whooee! That is one fiiine'ass
Piece of Handmaiden's Tail!"

NRC, Corps of Engineers Update Environmental Review Coop

Federal court hears appeal on valley fills~U.S. District Judge Robert C. Chambers in Huntington, W.Va., ruled that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers failed to adequately determine environmental damage prior to issuing the permits. The corps maintains that more extensive reviews aren't necessary.

$96,000 System Checks for Sex Offenders at New Orleans Schools

Green building standards not always worthy option
~Only three Louisiana buildings measure up to highest certification

Cinders and Ashes!
~Our New Orleans Saints

Tamales Today~Ian McNulty

Best Wine List in NOLA

New Orleans Seafood Festival

Fine Art and Antiques Auction

Coliseum Square Association Seeking Artists for Lower Garden District Home Tour
Hat T'n'T~BlogNetNews NOLA

More Banksy New Orleans stolen! Katrina tributes removed, others covered up by the 'Gray Ghost'

NOMA to host premiere of documentary shot by local teenagers

Hey Blake, what exactly was the New Orleans Pop Festival and who played?

Everybody Needs Somebody - King Floyd~Trunk of F.U.N.K

Second annual Congo Square Rhythms Festival moves to Bayou St. John

Monday, September 22, 2008


Gustav flooding troubles parish
Moran Road, located on La. 10 near Bayou Waxia in northern St. Landry Parish. Photo by Freddie Herpin

Bailing out and piling on - the politics of Paulson’s proposal ~slabbed

Paulson, Bush urge quick approval for take'over plan,
Shut Up You Bunch of Weimers!
Do It! Do It! Do It Now!!!

Master Plan Truths
~We Could Be Famous

Squandered Heritage

NYT Excoriates Louisiana for Gustav Evacuation ~CenLamar

Atchafalaya Basin post-Gustav prognosis~the mosquito coast

Hurricanes batter fishing villages ~Chuck Hustmyre

Bright spot amid chaos:
Rose garden weathers storms

A knock out rose blooms next to a white fence in Ed Moss' rose garden in Upper Little Caillou.

Lest We Forget~Special thanks ~ Days Of Boo Dog

Remembrances of Storms Past
~The Winking Buddha Blog

~Since we stalwart residents of the Texas Gulf Coast suffer from post traumatic hurricane exhaustion, I’m much too tired to retell the adventures of the last week as my family evacuated from Hurricane Ike.
And as this blog professes to relate somehow to Buddhism, I’ll recall the story of how Hurricane Rita blew away my chance to meet the Dalai Lama.

TX Disaster fund runs on empty

Legal and illegal, Latinos labor to rebuild Texas

Hurricanes damage UU churches, homes in Texas

Flotek finds no major structural damages to facilities following Hurricane Ike - Update

EQECAT Narrows Range Of Estimated Onshore Insured Losses From Hurricane Ike
~Founded in 1994, EQECAT is a leading provider of state-of-the-art products and services for managing natural and manmade risks.
The company meets the needs of its customers by providing innovative catastrophe management solutions for property and casualty insurance underwriting, accumulation management and transfer of natural hazard and terrorism risk.

Cat bond activity levels off
~At a briefing in Monte Carlo, A.M. Best Co. Inc. said that competition from falling reinsurance prices and higher costs for cat bonds caused by the global credit crunch had hit cat-bond volumes.

Internet-based morbidity and mortality surveillance among Katrina evacuees in Georgia.

Exquixotic Corps announces photo contest winners

Canstruction Awards Gala & Benefit

Julia Reed Salutes 3 Female "Saviors of New Orleans"

Juan's Flying Burrito crashes

~"There are pieces of burrito everywhere," paramedic Jamie Creighton told The Levee somberly.
"You can barely tell that this mess was once a majestic Flying Burrito. It looks more like a half-eaten Al Pastor (a slow-cooked shredded pork burrito with grilled onions, pineapple salsa, sour cream, and pickled jalapenos.)"

Blog / Blogger Definitions

Groups Working to Rescue Stranded Galveston Horses

Hat T'n'T~GN

The Two Bobbies
~A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, and Survival by Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery

Lemon Olive Oil Cake
~Serious Eats

Broad Street Bazaar

Life is Art Foundation

Smoked Out~Emilie Bahr

Dubla Music - Gogo Jewelry
- Art For Art’s Sake

The Radiators: Serving Up 30 Years of Tasty Tunes ~Nolafunk

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Still-recovering coastal areas reeling again three years later

For the town of Cameron, Hurricane Ike was a replay of Rita, which struck the Cameron Parish community three years earlier.

Ike produced a storm surge of 12 to 15 feet in the town, similar to Rita’s shown in the photo at left. At right is a Sept. 15 photo showing Ike’s flooding.

Hurricane victims demand action~“And they should be mad,”
said Senator Mary Landrieu

“I would support a march on the Corps,” she added. “I think it’s a great idea!”
Lawmaker takes plea for levees to Congress~Daily Comet
~State Sen. Reggie Dupre, D-Bourg, also said he plans to ask the federal government to funnel the money through the state instead of the Corps of Engineers.
When Congress gave money to the Corps after Rita in 2005, Dupre said the federal agency squandered the $30 million allocation on a study instead of constructing levees.
~Oysters suffer hit from storms
Understanding Storm Surge
~Mark Schleifstein

"Model results suffered from inconsistencies that created lack of confidence in its credibility," said Kevin Robbins, director of the Southern Regional Climate Center, in a memo summarizing the effectiveness of the Gustav modeling effort. " The inconsistencies resulted in the requirement to 'talk around' displayed results that were unrealistic," Robbins wrote. "As these inconsistencies persisted and migrated to additional areas, it became impossible to engender confidence in the model, and briefing its results were abandoned."

Last House Standing After Ike
~Warren and Pam Adams lost a house to Hurricane Rita in 2005, so it seems they’d be relieved to learn their new home withstood Hurricane Ike.
But not when their house is the only one still standing in their section of Gilchrist, Texas.

Communications upgrades worked in Gustav, Ike
~Melinda Deslatte

Entergy: Concealed power lines too costly

Levees aren't the only solution
~Des Moines Register

Locks Key?~Jen DeGregorio

Port of Texas City gets first crude oil ships

Windstrong: Storm-recovery group aims to give immediate help to locals

So, For How Many Master Plan Phases Do We Have Funding?
~We Could Be Famous

Welcome to the final stages of the coup...~Larisa Alexandrovna
Gobble Gobble
~Your Right Hand Thief

Josh Neufeld reflects on 'A.D.'

Pet Hurricane Victims & Pet Rescue Books

Downing combines music and writing in winning way

~Johnette Downing Books

One Book, One New Orleans
~Blue Cypress Books

R.I.P. Earl Palmer~NolaFunk