Friday, February 15, 2008


Deconstruction New Orleans: From Waste to Wealth
Repodeconstuction Man's life is never boring!

Exquixotic Corps releases levee height needs

FEMA Plans Trailer Exodus Over Chemicals
In a file photo FEMA trailers that are being used for housing for University of New Orleans students and faculty are shown early Monday Morning in New Orleans, Aug. 28, 2006. U.S. health officials Thursday Feb. 14, 2008, are urging that Gulf Coast hurricane victims be moved out of their government-issued trailers as quickly as possible after tests found toxic levels of formaldehyde fumes. ~AP Photo/Alex Brandon
FEMA ready to roll trailer residents again,
Kafka rolls in grave

Criminal Negligence Anyone?

Dept. Of Homeland $ecurity
Big $heik (DOH$B$),
Michael "Jack'ya" Chertoff,
raps disaster law

Remarks by DOHSBS Michael "Jack'ya" Chertoff at Harvard University

Photo of New Orleans Mayor Playing With Gun Sparks Debate
~Picayune Assumes Position, apologizes for photograph of Stupid, Clueless Clown Mayor, Ray "Chocolate Don" Nagin, as he waves assault rifle at Sheepish Looking Police Chief during Press Conference On Public Safety.

Edittila cares little for whateva BSPR the T. Picayune and the mayor's office may try to spin here. Who you gonna believe a photograph or yer own lyin'eyes? ~Caught again with his fist stuck in a tight place the mayor says "What?"
Edittila would like to note as well that we spared you, gentle reader, all of this...hosery yesterday--on Love Day. But today is another story all together. And that story is this story all over the Forking Internet! Thanks again Ray, you icehole. Soooo, as this story is going to cycle and refuse to die for the next week or more, then your pissed-off vigilant Edittila d'Aphasia will make sure it does so with Ray "Baby-Head" Nagin's face on it--not New Orleans. Thank'ya...Thank'ya very much.

Gettin’ serious about crime in New Orleans~Undercover Black Man

New Orleans: 'The Vagina of America'~Eve Ensler: "You know what? The Mayor of New Orleans (the notorious Ray Nagin) just declared himself one of the first vagina friendly mayors."

Pastor and author Rick Warren to buy Saints, build Purpose-
Driven Field

Celibate Bishops Retool Marriage Program

Lawmakers start kicking the tires on ethics bills?

Former levee chief, employer fined


Thursday, February 14, 2008


Thank you RedefinedOne
Happy Valentine's Day
Noble Mons Every One!

The New Orleans News Ladder
Happy Birthday!
~to yer' oh'so humble'd~
!:~) Editilla
da'Pun d'Aphasia (~:!
~One Broken Peace At A Time!~

I'm going to take this little bone in my heart.
I'm gonna put it in a glass box,
with some candles and some broken clocks,
just to see the sea of faces
stopping in the dark dark.

If you found a friend in God,
do please ask them for Direction,
to the places they left the restless souls
to drown in their damn'nation.
~Under rooftops~In their backyards~
~behind the family sofas~
~while their Grand Mas~
~banged against the walls~
~abandoned in Saint Rita's!~

I don't really care what they say.
I heard it all before the breach.

Some may think they know what it means...
To bet your soul
and find your self


I'm going to build me a Living Ladder
I'm gonna lean it up against the World,
so we can Wake Up with the Rising Tide
so we can always find our own ways home
alone together
down that long long road

Little Pink Houses for You and Me.... In honor of the Make It Right Nola foundation.

Photo Essays: Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina 2 years and counting~Mandi Zimmer~'Jackamo fee n'an n'ae'~Shawn Escoffery

$2.4 million in grants awarded for N.O. housing

Razing rules are still unclear...Why?

Mayor still raises, spends cash in '07...Why?

At the track, jockeying behind the scenes~James Gill

Businessman's Chinese Communist Party Spy-case arrest stuns associates. ~Well-liked restaurateur recalled as honest, enthusiastic capitalist..."Hey! Look everybody! I'm a Capitalist! See the Enthusiastic Capitalist! ~~not some Deep Cover Secret Agent for the Evil-Doing Democracy-Buggering Butchers in the Communist Party of China!" Now can we see where his campaign money went too? Follow the 'Free' Olympic Tickets?

N.O. Port pushes for $250M in state money for container terminal upgrade~a glass half-full of the $410M LRA allocated for New Orleans' Recovery?

Chemical risks in FEMA trailers confirmed. Case for criminal prosecution?

FEMA: Trains To Take You To The Camps~Not Another CONspiracy

Panel approves measure for secret deals limits?

A 'counter letter' is defined in legal dictionaries as "a secret agreement that expresses the true intent of the parties to a simulation."

Corps' Levee Plan has a hole, panel says

Spike Lee to lecture in Syracuse on his recent documentary, "When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts,"

Those intrepid ladies~Round-Up with Charles Darwin, Daniel Boone, vampires and rescue dogs~Book reviews Chasing Ray

HOWLPOP! New Site New Fashions!


Preservation Hall's John Brunious dead at 67

Thank you Preservation Hall

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


N.O. police show off new crime-fighting equipment.~Mayor C. "Baby Ray" Nagin shows the world that he is in fact a true, certifiable, goddamn foolish jerk-off idiot who still has not learned how to hold a rifle even after The Flood.
Editilla gets the joke. Sooooo it looks like Baby Ray is making those play machine gun sounds too: "eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh...I got you, Copper! You dirty raaaat!" Police Chief Riley: "Uuuuh, ha ha...Come on now, Mr. Mayor, that ain't really funny!"
What would one bet that The Chocolate Don is making a joke about pay raises to the police chief?
Who is the mayor's tailor? What is this shit? Can someone please THROW A PIE AT THIS DUMBASS?!? Now? Before the day is out? And take that firearm away before he shoots somebody! Jeez Louie!

Katrina Response Head: Preparation Can Mean Disaster Survival~General Russel Honore Recalls Cold War's "Culture of Preparedness"
"Who is affected more when it's cold? Poor people. Who is affected more when it's hot? Poor people. Who is affected more when it's wet? Poor people. Who is most affected when the economy is bad? Poor people. Poor people are the most fragile. This is a Disaster. This isn't something somebody can control. We ain't stuck on stupid."~Russel Honore

Bush coming in April to NOLA--NAFTA meeting

Oh Yes! Oh Yes! The week after the Mother of all Vagina Monolo
gues, VDAY 1({})! Please do let's let the Presidente know we care!

Huckabee calls La. primary 'goofy'
~This from a man who looks like a chatty Arkansas Beaver and sounds like the Patriarch of The Hand Maiden's Tale?

Feet on the street with the Gentilly Project

Fertilizers, Animal Wastes Both Culprits in Gulf Dead Zone

GOP Vice President Rumors Run Fast For Louisiana Jindal
~Neocoward draft-dodging dope addict, Rush Limbaugh, anoints the new governor as "the next Reagan." ewe!

Panel OKs revamp of ethics board~A House committee agreed unanimously Tuesday to strip the state Board of Ethics of its authority to rule on ethics cases, ignoring a plea from the board to delay consideration until it could weigh in on the matter.
Edittila shrillas~Now we're cookin' with gas! Doesn't this arrangement seem a bit...double-bass'ackwrd, tilt'd? Stilt'd? Wilt'd? Filch'd? Shoved-in to the Hilt'd?

LRA Approves Louisiana Parishes $500M Recovery Plans

Summit on public asses today

The Land of Creamy Beans~Toulous Street

Family Corruption In The Big Easy~A Look Into The Dark Side Of A Corrupt And Psychopathic Family
Editilla ticks and wondas~Who are these strange people and why do they keep showing up in my inbox? ...and'or..."You talkin'ta Me?---ARE! YOU! TALKING!! 'TA! ME!???"

FEMA to Use Vacant Trailers

Exquixotic Corps~Everywhere you want to be.
~Corps of Engineers Looking for 100 Million Cu Yd of

~Blackwater contracted to provide security for Army Corps of Engineers~Source Dorks
~MO- Corps to cut service at four lakes
~FL-Water managers blast Army Corps over Everglades costs
~GA-Reviving the barge
~OR-New Vernonia flood maps released

New Orleans' Levees: Can Disaster Strike Again?~National Geographic
"The corps's motto is 'Let Us Try,'. We've been trying long enough. Now it's time to actually do something." engineering professor Bob
Bea of the University of California, Berkeley

The strange rhythms of death~Picayune Book Reviews

Reading Minds~Personaliti
es in our world of words

Q&A With Porter Batiste Stoltz's George Porter~Westword


Tuesday, February 12, 2008


'Deadly Beauty'~"Jelly fish are dangerous, but if you look at them, they look beautiful." Robert, Age 12, 9th Ward

The New Orleans Kid Camera Project~Photos at Snug Harbor for PhotoNOLA

2-streetcar accident injures 23 people

Edittila's chin chillas~Tourists Attack?

Storm Shoves Ship Into New Orleans Levee

Federal city planners tout ideas

Exqioxotic Corps
...Everywhere you want to be?

~Corps 0f Engineers completes MRGO Louisiana, New Orleans Area Closure Study
~Corps of Engineers gears up to repair Industrial Canal lock
~State of Missouri v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
~KS-Corps of Engineers looking into Wilson water

~GA-Water War Brimful of Confidence

~NC-Raleigh mayor worried about water

FEMA considering expanded use of trains in hurricane evacuations

This Week At Amtrak 2008-02-11~United Rail Passenger Alliance

Problems plague government buyouts of Katrina property

Picayune Editorial~Sniffing out a cover-up

Yeah, we hears ya'mouf talkin'. Edittila smella too and wondas~What the hell do you folks be smokin'down at that "newspaper" all year long?
"Congress is right to press for answers and to insist that scientists who speak up do so without fear of retaliation." That's it? Your entire picayune opinion in one sentence? How wee'whanka is that? Whoa! Now don't get too excited! Don't hold back! We can handle da'truf!
BTW...Who & they plan to contract the disposal of this toxic waste of FEMA's trailers? What about the 1000s of poison pillboxes sitting in rows like meticulously arranged coolaid suppositories in the Arkansas sun--for years now?
Rather than feel-good propaganda of how the FEMA good-guys are donating cinder blocks to the rebuilding effort, it would be nice if the ciy's only major newspaper would get to the bottom of this story and ask actual questions of the actual perpetrators of this actual Federal Criminally Negligent Homicide
, eh? Maybe just one question of the ganstas in charge of our fate, the authors of this forced disaster response? Perchance a bit of journalism on Product Liability? At least a phone call to someone or something? And we are still waiting to hear at least one name of those 1500 people still living in these deadly trailers out at the airport? Remember them? The ones in the recent TP article "Jefferson Parish Crackdown" :<-picayune word). Will we find ourselves knee-deep in toxic devestation AGAIN because our local newspaper of record FAILED THEIR DUTY to inform the public--AGAIN? Can't the Picayune at least pick on the evil-doers?
Of course as this scenario begs the question of SuperHeroes...could this indeed be a job for da'Mighty Mouse of Nola Bloggery? Here They Come to Save the Daaaaaay! Chere'yat Bourgeois Nievete?

The 300~Tin Can Trailer Trash

An Open Apology~Humid City v2.3

Louisiana Market Sac to benefit Make It Right~The Fashionable Housewife

GNO Inc. to present economic 'road map'

New Orleans - Market Report December 2007 (Condos)

Lt. Gov. Landrieu trumpets an additional $44M for City Park recovery

2 years after Katrina, police still struggle with mental patients

Gov. Jindal shrugs off ethics law potshots
~“In our case, it (the fine) will be paid for by a worker with a personal check,” Jindal said. “Our belief is that if it is a campaign disclosure then it can be campaign funds. If it is an ethics violation it should be personal funds. ... The reason we paid for it in personal funds is we don’t want it to be a distraction."

Three Arrested In Pentagon-Chinese Communist Party Spy Ring

Possible New Orleans connection in CCP spy case

Milestones in Remote Sensing~Rashid's Blog

Gibson, U2, artists come together to support New Orleans music at the Grammys

Dr. John, Ronnie Spector Set For Ponderosa Stomp

St. Louis Cathedral
Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra Presents Music of the Mississippi @ 8

Johnny Vidacovich Duo w/ Brian Seeger~D.B.A.@ 10

NBA All-Star game to include three days of musical acts.

Mardi Gras 2008, 360 Degrees...of decidedly non-separation

Brass Pass Benefits


Thank you, White in Bay Ridge
Edittila just can't get enough of it ya'know? Mon Chere, talk about da'fleur dis lilly white good guys!

New Song, Video~Ode to New Orleans~Louisiana native Daniel Glen Timms

And Prince Is Your

Interview~Irma Thomas’ ‘Rain’ washes away past injustice

Monday, February 11, 2008


Ashes to Ashes-Ghosts Along The Mississippi~Bayou Contessa
Editilla ticklas~What a find this site! Great float pics too. Design that is one leg upon which we can all stand, eh?

CDC under investigation over Katrina cancer risk

Two New Orleans residents charged with spying for China

Flavor of the City
~Roadside produce vendors preserve an aspect of old New Orleans that nourishes the spirits of loyal customers
Editilla recommends y'all read, out-loud if possible~'Inventing New Orleans, Writings of Lafcadio Hearn' ...or you can sit outside any cafe in da'bywater and hear: "I'VE GOT WATERMELONS! RIPE PRETTY MELONS! IIIII'VE GOT ORANGES! BANANAS! SATSUMAS AND PEACHES! over a bullhorn driving around the block

N.O. Brew claims to be the country's first, fresh cold-dripped bottled iced coffee

Housing's crime going white collar~Lolis Eric Elie

Notes from the Field~Walter Gallas

Houstonians hit ground running in New Orleans
Editilla schlemillas~Yeah well after all they said about us...but, Running is one of many ways to hit the ground in New Orleans. One can drop and give me fitty Beounce! One can step onto First Street in a second line to Third or down Zero and Craps. And of course there's the old stand by: face down.

Obama win gives him 24 of state's delegates, Clinton 13

Surplus forecast rises by $207 million more

Text of Louisiana Governor Jindal Speech To Legislature

Gloria Steinem to speak at Tulane, Xavier events focus on Richard Wright

Day 898: eBook News~Maitri's VatulBlog

Exqixotic Corps

Everywhere you want to be...
~NY-Patterson wants Corps to deliver on promised money

Super Heavy Organ, Robert Walter~Review: All About Jazz~CD recommendation warmly recieved this morning via WWOZ's Problem Child

Toussaint brings New Orleans' vitality to stage