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~Tools of choice for libertarian paternalists and choice architects. Examples include default rules, structured choice systems, incentives (market-based or socially created), feedback mechanisms, social cues, frames, and transparent designs.

Panel backs proposal on Charity Hospital~Jordan Blum

Residents, experts express concerns at LSU design meeting
~Save Charity

SLABBED (weekend edition)

Liprap's Lament - The Line

NAS IPET Study Member Shows How Stupid Is As Stupid Speaks, Parrots Smart Talk for the Corps
~Living on Earth

~"For 80 billion bucks you could do a lot of other things that might be a lot more beneficial than rebuilding levees or making them higher. You might be able to relocate people. You might be able to create jobs in areas that are substantially at less risk.
It requires some additional analysis that has not yet been publicly released.
It requires some additional analysis that has not yet been publicly released. It requires some additional analysis that has not yet been publicly released. It requires some additional analysis that has not yet been publicly released. It requires some additional analysis that has not yet been publicly released."~Dr. Moreau, National Research Council expert committee member, co-author: Water Resources Development: Recent Trends in the Decision Making Process <-published by the Institute for Water Resources, Corps of Engineers
"The committee recommended that in fact the IPET staff actually hire a firm that specializes in communicating with the public to take the findings and translate those into common, everyday language." ...A Fantasy Island of Dr. Moreau
~Editilla parabellas~ The sound of broken record spin.
"It requires some additional analysis that has not yet been publicly released." breaks all records for spin.
Redundle! Redundle! Let down your fey airs!
We are getting goddamn tired of this game with the Corps and their fellow engineers, to wit: Spend more money for One More Study of what went wrong with the Corps engineering failures on 8/29/05, wait soooooo long for them to delay the release of this expensive study report,,, and all we get again is "Hello! You have a problem? We Hear You! We'll get on it and Get Back To You --since we need MORE STUDY on The Problem...Oh! And btw we gonna need $80 Buttzillion More Dollar$$$ to do this New $tudy for more assessment on methods of decision-making research into modeling real gibberish... or we get this creepollero Corps researcher/water biz spinner-bait from the NAS committee making ass-stupid statements like that last one in the article --over and over and over and over and over, in Kafkan Pile Driver Rhetorical Syllodomy. More Study, more study... we have waited sooooo long on this IPET Report report, for the Fat Lady to Sing, and all we get is a Fat Man in the Bathtub!

Corps to unveil plans for Bonnet Carre spillway~Matt Scallan

St. Clair study won't end dispute ~Tina Lam~The Georgian Bay Association Foundation report said that 1962 dredging by the Army Corps of Engineers not only enlarged the river, but allowed continuing erosion, making its outflow into Lake Erie faster. The report likened it to an enlarged bathtub drain that let billions of gallons of water flow out too fast, hence leaving Lake Erie levels tending higher than levels of lakes Michigan and Huron.

What Does the St. Louis Corps of Engineers Say to $250 Million Stimulus Check? ~Chad Garrison

Esplanade Avenue near Fair Grounds puts on a parade of Creole finery ~Stephanie Bruno

New Orleans~Quincy
I had the wonderful opportunity of going to New Orleans from April 22-26 with my high schools jazz band. We did SO many extraordinary things--the city is amazing. Here's just a few photos to share."

Swine Flu Fears Doesn't Stop Jazz Fest

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Delay in release of hospital plan criticized ~Allen M. Johnson Jr.
~“It’s awful late in the game,” said Sandra Stokes, spokeswoman for the Foundation for Historical Louisiana, a preservationist group that favors restoring Charity Hospital, “It would have been nice to study the plans” before the meeting.
Andrew Thomas, a spokesman for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said the LSU designs were posted at 10:30 a.m., eight hours before the meeting began.

Residents criticize hospital plan process~Bill Barrow

Elite engineering panel says New Orleans needs better protection
- duh!

Plaintiffs wrap up their case in MRGO trial~Cain Burdeau
~"I think, today, that the corps and the steamboat association should be indicted for murder.
That's how I feel about the whole thing."

~Henry "Junior" Rodriguez Jr, president of St. Bernard Parish when Katrina hit Louisiana on Aug. 29, 2005, killing more than 1,500 people.

MRGO - USA signed waiver of rights to seek disquali- fication of counsel ~slabbed

ExQuixotic Corps' own Sancho Pansy bends over another windmill, would have us accept more Risk instead of Better Engineering! ~Nameless Tim Strikes Again!
~Editilla Rotellas~ As Nameless Tim Ruppert seems loathe to post poor old Editilla's comments where he drops his little pissives... our submitted comments below.
Funny though, and just so'z'yaz know I didn't just find this cowtard stuck on the bottom of my shoe, it was his comment printed on your New Orleans Ladder, a full year before the MRGO trial, that brought this Co'Intel'Bo and his professional spin- filtration in front of Editilla's train in the first place.
That is when this pellucid spincter showed up on my Fey'dar.
Go Fish... perchaps we wee'd in little Timmy's cool aid.
~Tim, you're the engineer here so you do the math: if your air bags are improperly built and wrongly installed then your chances of survival in a crash are greatly reduced, particularly if your actions have been dependent on the reasonable expectation those air bags are legit. You can build your air bags as high as you want, they can be guaranteed to overtop... but if they are built wrong and fail, that has nothing to do with potential risks.
That is just one thing that the NAE Report leaves out. I've read it twice so far, and am half-way through the IPET but that mother is a 9000 pound bear.

This report leads one to believe that the problem with IPET is one of accepting inherent risks. That is incorrect and you know it. You work for the Corps. You know this. The problem with IPET is systemic substandard engineering in building our flood protection, the corrupted methods of reviewing that catastrophic failure and the attempt to reframe that as Inherent Risk. There are many things which this report misses, but that is the most glaring to me thus far.

Your entire Narrative of Risk Appeasement rests solely on the notion of real, sound, competent, believable engineering. However, your employers, the Corps of Engineers, do not fit that bill. Indeed your entire system of project engineering has proven itself time and again to Not deliver safety.

That is what the NAE report leaves out.

Thank you,
Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

Harry Shearer: Obama 100 day window of opportunity closes on Louisiana~Lacoastpost
~"Although Mr. Shearer doesn’t speculate on a possible connection between our governor’s recent statements hostile to the new administration and our not receiving special post-Katrina resources, it’s very hard not to connect the dots.
It may or may not be significant that the president was hosting a town hall meeting in our upriver sister city of St. Louis on this special day, rather than at Jackson Square in New Orleans."

Corps Gets $162 Million For Louisiana Projects

Michael Brown Moons Obama Over Disaster Responses

Government officials may offer more housing aid to New Orleans hurricane victims in trailers and hotels~Michelle Krupa

San Luis~Squandered Heritage

Editilla T'nT~Smart City Radio

La. House panel OKs deductible restriction

NASA starts first major round of Space Shuttle layoffs

Child-Governor Jindal spotted alive and in French Quarter, dancing in the shadow of Tupac
~The Exorcist was seen on the scene hoisting Grenades and getting all Jiggy Wit'it, sort of following around the entourage of a Tupac Tribute Artist,
one Desireeli "DD" Debonairness.
TMZ got photographs and we swear the little guy in the baseball hat is the next GOP Presidential Candidate. Since he cannot find a live girl or dead boy, Louisiana's own Bobby Brady has fallen to stumbling in the chimmera of dead actors... poor little Piyush.

APA members will see planning on display in New Orleans next year ~Scott Carlson

NOLA Dog Park breaks ground May 5~Chris Bynum

Inside the Mind of Mencia
~Greg LaRose
~Comedian Carlos Mencia is on a mission when it comes to people still upset with his jokes about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. “I’ve got to teach New Orleans that the comedian Carlos is different from the human being Carlos,” Mencia said.
“My take on it is, I think black people, you’re f---ing funny. You’re hilarious,” Mencia said during a late 2005 concert. “You will get on a bus to go to Million Man March, but you won’t get on a bus to get away from Katrina.”

~Editilla Ho'tellas~spoken even before all the dead had been counted among those poor stupid niggers-who-weren't-illegal-aliens, the other "others" who stayed behind, right Carlos?
Was that your sucker-punchline, Carlos?

Got To Hell, You Capitalist Pigleto!

Do this creepollero really expect us forking funny New Orleanians to come into his faux restaurant and Pay Him to Feed Us More Poision?

They may ass'punk each other back in Carlos' hood but we don't hang that nail in the 504!
Sinn Féin!

Saints in New Orleans until 2025
~Canal Street Chronicles

Film boomlet hits New Orleans ~Rick Jervis

Steven Soderbergh to host pair of New Orleans screenings
~New Orleans Film Society

~We are delighted to announce two events hosted by director Steven Soderbergh coming up on May 6th and 7th. Please don't miss your chance to see these fantastic films!

Bonerama: first ever studio track "Hard Times"
~Here Comes The Flood

Seasoned volunteers keep the Jazz Fest food stages cooking
~Judy Walker

Our Lady of Perpetual Crawfish
~A Bowl of Distinction

Reflections on New Orleans Jazz Fest 2009~David Lind

Tony Bennett donates musical instruments during Jazz Fest ~Stacy Plaisance

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Hello Piggy! First possible cases of Swine Flu in Louisiana

Exquisite Corps to spend only small portion of its stimulus cash on Louisiana levees, coast
~Mark Schleifstein

Bill to strip LSU of hospital oversight moves forward
~Jan Moller
~Legislation to strip Louisiana State University's control of its New Orleans hospital operations and give power to a new, independent board sailed out of a House committee Wednesday.

New Health and Human Services Secretary: 30 year Jazz Fest'er!
~Keith Spera

~Editilla Krewellas~ Yes! Such should be a prerequisite qualification for any high level Federal Post!
At least 5 Jazz Festivals, a few Mardi Gras and a couple of Halloweens! And and they have to publicly declare their Love for New Orleans. Jus'sayin...that's pretty damn cool. 30 Fests...

Will Kathleen Sebelius Bring The Doctor's Note to D.C.?
~Save Charity

~LSU Academic Medical Center Design Meeting
When~Wed, April 29, 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Where~Grace Episcopal Church, 3700 Canal Street (map)

Update from has requested a statement regarding LSU's decision to fire Dr. Ivor van Heerden and downsize the LSU Hurricane Center from these elected officials:
Senator Mary Landrieu
Senator David Vitter
Congressman Charlie Melancon
Congressman Joseph Cao
Congressman Steve Scalise

The responses so far:
“As we move forward in rebuilding the hurricane protection system in New Orleans and building new, comprehensive protection throughout coastal Louisiana, Rep. Melancon believes independent review and expert analysis at each stage are essential to making sure we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past.”~Robin Winchell, Communications Director
Rep. Charlie Melancon (LA-03)
Tue, April 28, 2009

“I talked to Senator Landrieu today and she has declined to comment.”~Aaron Saunders, Press Secretary
United States Senator Mary Landrieu (D-La.)
Tue, April 28, 2009

New Orleans City Councilman at Large Arnie Fielkow has provided a statement unsolicited. It can be viewed here. requested
, on Sat April 11 and again on Mon Apr 13,
a "few minutes" with the Governor to discuss LSU's action
The Governor has yet return the phone call. No answer even, which is "unusual" because previously Bobby Jindal was one of the grassroots group's earliest supporters.

Ruling could postpone drilling tract auction in New Orleans
~Jen DeGregorio
~A federal auction of drilling tracts in the Gulf of Mexico slated for this summer in New Orleans could be postponed after a federal court rejected a five-year energy plan by the administration of George W. Bush.

MRGO Update ~slabbed

Millions targeted at local levees, drainage ~Nikki Buskey

Exquisite Corps to Insert Devices to sniff out source of Persistent Levee Leaks~Sheila Grissett
Editilla jus'axin... Perchance those Leaks come from...
(drum roll)...Holes in the Levees?

Poll: GOP Presidential Candidate, Jindal ranks on par with Foster, Blanco...Sarah Palin? Satan?

Temporary Gulf fishing ban to help sea turtles~Cain Burdeau

Xof1 solar car team victims of theft in New Orleans

New Orleans bakery brings back McKenzie's buttermilk drops
~Judy Walker

Meet & Eat, Chris Bicknell, Crawfish Berl Master
~Serious Eats NY

Step into the second line in Andrea Boll's new novel
~Susan Larson

New Orleans: Inspiring change, one community at a time
~Kelli Peterson

Tony Fitzpatrick and a Stew Called New Orleans~Citizen K

Eighth Annual Ponderosa Stomp
April 28th and 29th,
House of Blues and the Parish

Jazzfest Recap and New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund Benefit

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The First 100 Days
in New Orleans~Harry Shearer

~All during the campaign, and then during the first 50 days, Obama partisans would say to me, "his heart's in the right place, just give him some time, he's got a full plate." Yet, the Corps is making decisions right now that chill the blood of New Orleanians concerned about their city's future, and Simon Cowell will be on welfare before this Congress will pass another stimulus bill.
The money window is shut, and the administration has been content to focus the nation's attention on Latin American relations, on high-speed rail, on Bo -- on anything but the near-destruction of a great American city.
Nice 100 days' work. Happy Jazzfest.

SLABBED Daily - MRGO update
~"However the title of item three, Memorandum in Support of Motion for Expedited Hearing re: Motion to Compel Reliance Materials of Defendant’s Expert Bruce Ebersole is almost as long as the text of the motion - which is asking to have an expedited hearing on the motion asking the court to compel the government to produce Ebersole’s Reliance Materials.
Somehow, I don’t think Judge Duval is going to be happy!"
~Exquisite Corps' "Expert Witness" got no Beef?
Where's da'Beef? Hey Timmy Ruppert,
where is your expert witness' Beef?

An Open Letter to LSU Chancellor Mike Martin
Re: The van Heerden Affair
~Levees Not War

At state Capitol, Nicholls students protest cuts
~Colin Campo and Jeremy Alford

Construction program's approval encounters snag; senators say they didn't get data in time
~Ed Anderson

Gulf states prepare for hurricane season

Exquisite Corps Releases Listing of Recovery Act-Funded Civil Works Projects
~Everglades projects get $103M from stimulus
~Nashville district gets $166M

USS New Orleans in Dry Dock

"FUTURE 5" - Loyola Graphic Design Group Show
The best and the brightest senior graphic designers come together at The CANARY Gallery for the month of May. Opening reception for the artists is Saturday, May 2nd from 6pm-9pm.

To paint a mural in New Orleans
~Tina Tarnoff

NoLA Rising :: U.S. Mint Show

Bar owner: Spotted Cat to become Jimbeaux’s
~Stephen Maloney

Editilla T'n'T~ Humid Beings

Institute of jazz taps new pupils
~John Pope

New Orleans swing dancers honor Lindy Hop pioneer Frankie Manning
~Keith I. Marszalek

Scofield blasts tribute to New Orleans sound~Scott Murphy
~Anyone expecting a mellow evening of jazz guitar and musical restraint knew they were in the wrong place about five minutes into John Scofield's JazzSLC appearance.
And despite the wonderful collection of New Orleans-sounding gospel selections played Monday, the biggest applause of the night arguably came during a solo in which Scofield quoted Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze."

Monday, April 27, 2009


Groovy Update! Corps Engineer
deploys to Re-Frame MRGO trial testimony in bloggeesphere

~Corps Soft-handed Engineer, past president of the LA/ASCE and Nola'Blogger Co'Intel'Bro operative Tim Ruppert compares MRGO court testimony to engineering jokes --and in a feat of logical phallusy, somehow seeks to disparage Plaintiff's Expert Witnesses by framing Norm Robinson's testimony of personal suffering as irrelevant!
"Mr. Robinson is neither a scientist nor an engineer and it would appear all he had to offer was his sad story and dramatic telling of it. If plaintiffs are relying so heavily on emotional appeal, it betrays their lack of confidence in proving their case based on science and factual evidence."
Who let this obsequious jail'punk gimp out of his cage?
Nameless Tim's disclaimer:
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
My blog might be nameless, but I'm Tim. Basics: 47 years old, married, one child. I'm a Registered Professional Engineer in Louisiana and an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. I have over 15 years experience as an engineer working in the private and public sectors. I currently work for the Corps of Engineers in New Orleans.
This is my personal blog.
The views expressed here in no way represent the views or policies of the Corps or any other group or organization discussed here.
This blog is entirely my thoughts, my personal observations and my vision for New Orleans, my home.

~Illustration Special Thankz~Da'Masqued Evinga!
~Editilla Crow'tellas~
"...based on science and factual evidence,"
the Corps must not trust their own recovery engineering, since they bought Timmy his new home up on Esplanade Ridge, above sea level of course.
Editilla suspects that the only lesson the Corps has learned from flooding New Orleans is to make sure the next time
(and we know now there will be a next time) their structures fail that their own engineers are able to hit dry ground running.
One question though, Timmy, why aren't you in court testifying? Don't think your bosses would be interested in your Expert Levee Testimony? I mean, they know how much actual engineering of levees you have done, right? You wrote down your hours... right?

I first met this specious Corpsuckled Spin'filtrator when he showed up anonymously on your New Orleans Ladder, almost a year ago before this MRGO trial, already sighting-in on one of the expert witnesses, Dr. Robert Bea, with disparaging drive-by attack commentary. I didn't know who he was at the time, since he left no trace and didn't have that "disclaimer" on his blog until after I found out he worked for the Corps of Engineers and got on his ass and confronted him for it. The Flaming Cowtard never answered me directly of course. I had to track him down.
And track this lying bastard down I did. And I will not let go of little Timmy until he cries Uncle Sam Did It.
So in this past year I have witnessed this Co'Intel'Bro working on Norm Robinson as early as a year before this trial as well.
If it was me smearing a victim of the Corps Malfeseanse that would be one thing, but this is a Corps of Engineers employee attemting to Re-Frame the narrative surrounding the truth of his Boss' catastrophic engineering failures in advance (a full year) of their trial on their liability for that very criminal negligence.
And here he is again, the day before his Bosses openning defense?
Y'all try to stop me if I'm mixed up here but this looks an awful lot like Defensive Blogging Ops.
At the very least Timmy stinks of unethical fuckmookery.

Stop pissing down our backs and telling us that it was Katrina!!!
Ahem... yes, well...
Not to pee in Timmy's unCool Aid or anything, but I phoned them this morning and axed Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
Hell, let's make it a partay!
ASCECORPS New Orleans District:
Legal Affairs (Office of Counsel) 504-862-2824
Public Affairs 504-862-2201
Information Management 504-862-2121

Below is Editilla's comment on Tim's Nameless Blog where he speaks for the Corps without speaking for the Corps... or how ever he has this figured. However, he has figured this, and we can only figure from their modi operandi that he ran this unethical horse sh*t by his bosses down at Leake Street and they said go for it.
At any rate, we don't expect Nameless Tim Ruppert to have the balls to post my comment, so...

Hey Tim, since you stand to benefit financially directly from your employment with the Corps of Engineers don't you think it just a tad unethical of you to publicly spin jokes about your Boss' liability in the MRGO trial? Perhaps your attempts to Frame court testimony are actually legal, as surely you ran this by your bosses down at Leake Street. You did run this by your bosses didn't you? We will know that soon enough. But really, are you speaking here for the Corps by not speaking here for the Corps?

But all that aside, and your windfall of a new house on higher ground, just how much true engineering experience do you have, Tim? 15 years to Robert Bea's 50? When did you ever work in the private sector?
Is your name on any building permit?

We know you guys at the Corps think that flooding New Orleans is just a bunch of engineering jokes. That much is obvious. What is not so obvious is whether you all down on Leake Street actually get the punchlines.

Hey Timmy, here's an engineering joke fork'ya:
Q: What's the difference between mechanical engineers and civil engineers?
A: Mechanical Engineers build weapons,
Civil engineers build targets.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

Scientist's ouster boosts LSU athletics~New Orleans Levee

Slabbin'MRGO, gavel to gavel!
~Editilla Motellas~
Trying to keep up with such prolixious slabbin'copious coverage is like running behind the ice cream truck wit’ya shoes tied together …tied in lots'a knots that fold in and out of each other like tiny peep'holes through space and time into another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind… a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination, and litigation.
That’s the signpost up ahead - your next stop, the MRGO Zone!

How Restoring Gulf Marshes Can Bring New Orleans Back
~Aaron Viles

~Corps faulted for failing to mitigate MR-GO

Has Change Come to Post-Katrina New Orleans? Bush, Obama, and the First 100 Days~Jay Arena

Has anyone asked James Carville if he is working for Landrieu?

Despite much ado over the influx of young professionals since Katrina, the 25- to 44-year-old population has declined since 2000 ~Jaquetta White

On Recycling~Sloane Berrent

Kentucky Derby Bought Bar For Arkansas Native In New Orleans
~Katherina- Marie Yancy

Lafitte: 2009 pirates suck
~ChaCha Pitoulas

Cyril Neville - Brand New Blues

Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra Release New CD, "Book One"
~all about Jazz

Bob Dylan - Together Through Life / Playing For Change - Songs Around The World
~Mike Ragogna

Heritage Forever
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Report: Shrink N.O.’s ‘footprint’,
pay no attention to that Corps
behind (the curtain) the levee!
Engineering Academy sayz Run!
~Allen M. Johnson Jr.

~The 41-page review of an upcoming voluminous report by the National Academies, an advisory panel of scientists and engineers, also proposes the “voluntary relocation” of entire neighborhoods, “elevating” homes of remaining residents; buyouts, and improving local and regional shelters to make hurricane evacuations “less imposing.”
Editilla pulls a nail-studded Louisville Slugger,
swats this Carpet'bagger's testicles into a flood gate:

“Mother Nature always bats last.”~Ed Link
Hey Ed, you ain't Yogi Berra,
this ain't a forking baseball game,
--this ain't even Rocket Surgery...

Katrina "walked" at bat you ingrate bastard! Katrina hit us a fowl ball and the Corps of Engineers could not field even that!
New Orleans did not flood because Hurricane Katrina missed the city. New Orleans flooded because the flood control structures failed because the Corps of Engineers built them on the cheap with substandard materials. New Orleans flooded because the Corps of Engineers built, deepened and widened the MRGO Navigation Channel, not only destroying tens of thousands of acres, hundreds of square miles, of natural surge protections but creating a man-made funnel to focus the flooding.
Stop pissing down our backs and telling us that it was Katrina!!!
The Corps did this on purpose for more make-work funding.
This entire "report" is beginning to look like ASCECORPS PR.
These are the Perps who flooded our city --NOT KATRINA!!!

Part~1 of this interview

Corps seeks public comment on proposed eastern N.O. lakefront projects

Morganza structures concern businesses~Kathrine Schmidt

Bull’s Eye Project sets next site on New Orleans~Durham Police Department Crime Analyst Jason Schiess has been selected to present “Operation Bull’s Eye: Reducing Violent Gun Crime in Durham” during the international Tenth Crime Mapping Research Conference this summer in New Orleans. The conference is put on by the Mapping and Analysis for Public Safety (MAPS) program of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

State finances go from riches to rags in a year of Child-Governor Jindal's GOP Presidential Campaign~Mike Hasten

Texas GOP Governor pusses up to US Government for Flu Shots, swears state may still secede maybe after dinner but they could, really~Wonkette

Sunday Funnies~Citizen K

Planning firm keeps Louisiana cities’ stories in mind with projects ~Ellyn Couvillion

Post-production studio under construction in Esplanade mansion~Kate Moran

19th-century New Orleans brothels revisited in new book
~Susan Larson

Last day for Festival International de Louisiane 2009

Special thanks~ Georgianne Nienaber

All around New Orleans, it was a day to remember~Chris Rose
~"There have been better days in New Orleans. I'm sure of it. After all, we've been around, what? -- 300 years? Certainly, there must have been.
But I dare you: Show me one.
Saturday, we owned it. Everything.

The Center of the Universe. Again."

From discipline comes freedom
~Andrew Gilbert
~At its conception, jazz melded the blues and street music of African-Americans with the European classical tradition carried by New Orleans Creoles of color. Rooted in Crescent City culture, Jonathan Batiste is in the midst of creating an ambitious new synthesis that marries the conservatory with the nightclub.

The Genuine Cajun
~Walter Tunis
~The carnival barker voice that begins the new BeauSoleil album, Alligator Purse, suggests the music that follows is a genuine and rare commodity.
“Folks, this is genuine Cajun breakdown music as heard in Evangeline Country. Let’s go, boys.”