Saturday, February 12, 2011

17th Street Canal homeowners include Army Corps of Engineers in suit over levee property~Mark Schleifstein

Corps extends public comment for MRGO plan

Levees? What Levees? Acknowledge existence of levees, Missouri and Illinois senators tell FEMA
~Editilla gotta axe~ Who built these invisible 500-year-protection levees? Was it the ancient Mound Builders? Aliens? Corps of Engineers? <--DING!?! Aw'Dat Whodat Love? An Open Letter to Saints Fans ~Bleacher Report
~Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The land of red-light camera hell
~Kevin Allman, Gambit

Saturday Music: Dedicated to the propagandist over at the West Bank Beacon~slabbed

Transplanted medplex houses in need of life support~The Lens
~Also~Despite 8 deaths in abandoned warehouse, city has done little new to fight vagrancy~Ariella Cohen

Allen: Wait on oil leak inquiries
~Gerard Shields

~Retired U.S. Coast Guard Adm. Thad "The Impaler"Allen cautioned Congress members Friday not to rush to pass oil spill legislation until all investigations into the BP rig explosion are complete.

Being investigated by Guidepost Solutions and the GCCF? The media is listening~Disenfranchised Citizen

Environmentalists question state seafood testing~Nikki Buskey

Report concludes, Clean up on the oil spill is over. Personal pictures and testimony state otherwise.
~The Heart of America

Louisiana’s own get behind the Bassmaster Classic in New Orleans

Athena Film Festival: Women’s Film is Alive and Making Some Noise
~Hat Tweet @NOLAFemmes

La Provence~JudyB, NOLAFemmes

Beer Review: Abita Black IPA
~The Beer Buddha

Today's dining rooms are so much more than just a place to eat
~Judy Walker

Tulane geographer finds the kernel of truth behind 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'~Mike Scott

Desert Etiquette by Floating Action
~Editilla Banderellas~ Loving this, our New Fav Band Find NFBF!
From the ever- congrooviating, excelsior New Orleans label Park the Van!

MsPlaced Drink-N-Surf~Rex Dingler

Irvin Mayfield, Harry Shearer and NOJO showcase 'Shakespeare in Love' on Valentine's

Second line Sunday: C.T.C. 2011 Second Line Parade~Big Red Cotton

Friday, February 11, 2011

Back in the news – the “f” word from Katrina (FEMA) ~slabbed

17th Street Canal Coalition Update

Colombia law professor says Katrina ruling could have lasting impact on environmental law
~Alejandro de los Rios

The Big Crash, Part 3: A Tangled Web ~American Zombie

New Orleans looks at people-powered 'pedicabs'

New Orleans Solar Power:
an electrifying home project
~P. Augustine Stelly
~Consider Collins Foots Sr., who lives in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward, a neighborhood on the rise five years after Hurricane Katrina's flood waters receded. Foots' 1,200-square-foot home generates an electric bill of a frugal $38 per month, thanks largely to its PV system. "I'm saving about $150 a month on my electric bill and I'm practically getting free energy from the sun," he says. True, Foots had help. His home was built by Make It Right, the foundation funded by Brad Pitt to aid in the rebuilding of New Orleans. If you're footing the bill yourself, you'll want to do extensive reviews of several factors. Carefully consider the type of system you want, the costs, and what local, state and federal incentives there are to help defray costs.

Can't see the Forrest for the trees
~Adrastos, First Draft

Consensus ~CenLamar

Report recommends community college in Alexandria~Town Talk

Dularge levee plans under way
~Nikki Buskey

Hey Everybody, It’s File a Brief Friday!~Disenfranchised Citizen

Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board sides with NOAA, FDA, claims ‘Junk Science’ Behind Independent Seafood-Safety Tests

1 million fewer people visited Alabama beaches after oil spill, figures show~David Ferrara
~Hat Tweet @

LSU gets $8.2 million from BP, others for oil spill research ~Reveille

Oil Spill Containment Systems Not Ready Yet -US Regulator

Shareholders: One more disaster and it's lights out for BP

Harry Shearer and The Big UnEasy to show at Dublin Film Festival

Treme is not for the casual viewer says creator David Simon
~But the HBO show IS for relentless, casual PR media saturation, says Editilla

Tickets for city's parade viewing stands go on sale for 2011 Mardi Gras

~ Pontchartrain Pete~Still life with babies.

January 2011 'Cycle New Orleans' photo contest winner announced

New Orleans Beer Spotlight: St. James Cheese Company~The Beer Buddha

Lovertime and the Living's Easy
~Blackened Out

Archie Manning To Open Restaurant Downtown Casino District

John Folse and Rick Tramonto collaborate on new French Quarter restaurant~Todd A. Price

Head to Coop's Place for Po' Boy Burgers ~Serious Eats

Susan Spicer's Mondo Lakeview hit gets four beans~Brett Anderson

Krewe by Krewe: The Caliphs of Cairo
~Seersucker and Sazeracs

Harry Connick Jr. on Broadway on PBS~Will Coviello, Gambit
~Hat Tweet @

LISTEN: Empress Hotel - "Bell Rings"
~Mixtape Muse

Thursday, February 10, 2011

17th Street Canal Coalition: "How can one trespass on one's own property?"
Below is a video showing a contractor who was hired by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. This contractor is attaching a 'No Trespassing' sign to a fence/barrier on property that the Corps has previously acknowledged was owned by the homeowners along the 17th Street that the Corps claims to not be taking from the homeowners. (This video was recorded on February 8, 2011)

~This black fence to which the sign is attached was put up by the Corp's contractor. It crosses the rear private property of those homeowners, cutting their property in two. According to a public relations representative with the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers' in New Orleans, one of the purposes of this fence/barrier is to prevent these homeowners from accessing this portion of their own property. This is property for which zero compensation has been paid by the government to any homeowner ever, a fact that is not disputed by either side. Does the land in this video look like land that is available for the private property owner to use in any way at all? The 17th Street Canal Coalition continues to ask that the South East Louisiana Flood Protection Authority, the Orleans Levee District, and the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers to work with them to resolve this issue, but thus far their request have fallen on deaf ears.
~More Info: 17th Street Canal Coalition, 504 432 4404

The perfect example - of what could go drastically wrong with BioDistrict New Orleans

Ghost schools haunt New Orleans neighborhoods~The Lens

The New Orleans Corner Store
~Defend New Orleans

Losing at least one district, New Orleans Senate redistricting poses stiffer challenges than House
~Uptown Messenger

Judge Berrigan orders River Birch to file a floor plan with the Court! (no s#!% – she really did!) UPDATED with photographs ~slabbed

Lockheed Martin Ships Out First Orion Spacecraft

Gap in levees prompts debate amongst Terrebonne Levee Board
~Nikki Buskey
~The Levee District is moving ahead with work on the local Morganza-to-the-Gulf hurricane-protection system, about 72 miles of levees and floodgates that aims to protect most of Terrebonne and part of Lafourche from storm flooding. Hundreds of millions of dollars of work is in various stages of design and construction. But the agency lacks money to complete projects in the middle of the system, between bayous Little Caillou and Grand Caillou. That results in an eight-mile gap some Terrebonne residents worry could leave them vulnerable.

Obama administration might oppose independent offshore oil safety agency, according to draft memo

What do BP, the GCCF, Obama and Gulf Coast Residents Have in Common?~Disenfranchised Citizen
~Editilla wins Double Jeopardy~ Answer: What is a Tar Baby?

The great Gulf offshore drilling jobs hoax continues~Facing South

BP claims process enters new, uncertain phase~Kenneth Feinberg, the formerly freewheeling administrator of BP Plc's fund to compensate victims of last year's oil spill, could be forced to revamp dramatically how he handles claims now that the fund has come under the jurisdiction of a federal judge in New Orleans.

Private Seafood Tests Uncover Toxins Missed By Feds~Susan Buchanan
~Hat Tweet~Florida Oil Spill Law

Aquaculture up for debate
~Also, this from the Advocate in Baton Rouge, where Governorcist Bobby Jindal exorcises the Daemon of Higher Education from the soles of Louisiana state government: "Other goals include making decisions based on science..." ---whoopsee, Saaatan???

Greg Doyle, Fuck You You Fucking Fuck. Katrina did not "victimize" New Orleans Whodats~Hat Tweet~@superdeformed
~Editilla Whodatellas~
I knew when this butthole pulled from his ass "The Victim Card" on New Orleans, with Katrina as the Queen of Hearts no less, that he is incapable of understanding our feelings for the Saints and Coach Payton Post-Corps Flood. He still thinks of New Orleans as a "Victim of a Natural Disaster" rather than the Survivor of a Corps of Engineers Crime, to wit: the Federal Flood of 8/29/05.

So many of these pundit mfkrs use Katrina as just another excuse to tell the country how much they hate New Orleans. But, in sports writers like Greg Doyely I see it as even worse. It took most of them a year to even admit we won the Super Bowl --so fork'em with the pen they rode in on. Fork them all, I say.

Yeah, some whodats are out of control about Coach Payton's family plans --but not this whodat. He settled the issue for me, in public, with a straight-up answer --just as he usually does.

Whodats are going crazy rude. They are going to vent, it's why I love them so. But they are Our Whodats and we can say what we want about them --because we all know what it means-- but not this out-of-towner who would've just as soon seen our Saints move to San Antonio.

For the record, I'm not much of a "Sports Fan", due in no small measure to asshat attitudes of sports writers like Greg Doyle.
I'm a Saints fan, WHODAT?
All the rest we must pass over in silence....NOT!

Sean Payton Says Despite Move To Dallas, He's a New Orleans Saints Lifer~Bleacher Report

Packer fan from Rome wished upon a star, and his dreams came true
~Brett Michael Dykes

The Ricebowl Challenge - 2011
~Super Bowl 2010’s Most Valuable Player Drew Brees and Freerice are challenging students and sports fans, young and old, to team up for a different kind of bowl game this February, with the goal of beating global hunger.

New Orleans Entrepreneur Week

Here's 41 cool things to do at the Bassmaster Classic in New Orleans

Oliver Thomas to play himself in upcoming second season of Treme

Mixed Media Memories: Artist keeps small town alive through photos, recordings~"I had a show in Shreveport in 1971, and I had a whole week to kill," Travis Whitfield said. "I came (to Keatchi) to paint, and you could say I've been here ever since." Whitfield received a bachelor's degree in fine arts from the University of Houston 1968. In the early 1970s he was an Artist in Residence at Tamarind Institute (a lithography workshop) in Albuquerque. After a brief stint teaching watercolor at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston in 1977, Travis moved to Keatchi, Louisiana.

French Quarter Festival reveals poster, additional stages for 2011

Da Fair Grounds~Blackened Out

~ RT @: Help buy groceries in our virtual food drive,

Listen to this – Lissie and Grace Potter ~NOLAFemmes

WATER SEED: New Orleans' Future Funk Stars Host Album Release
~Shercole, Good Nola

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Big Crash Part 3: A Tangled Web
~American Zombie, Humid Beings

KIPPsters vs. Hipsters: Why so little choice in Downtown schools?
~C. W. Cannon, The Lens

Persistence Pays Off in New Orleans Hospitals Fight
~National Trust for Historic Places

~Altogether, by the end of January, a local newspaper article revealed that the opening date for the planned UMC hospital has now been pushed to 2015 – fully 10 years after Hurricane Katrina and the destruction wrought by the failure of the federal levees.
The National Trust has long advocated for a plan that would have instead restored the historic Charity Hospital – and done so at less cost and in less time than the beleagured UMC proposal. So, even in a preservation effort that devolves into attrition and seeming stalemate over the course of years, the ground can occasionally shift, and persistence can pay off. While the greater battle may not be won, the overall impact of the contest can be still be changed. And here in New Orleans, that can mean a lot.


DuBos: Census numbers 'dismal' for coastal La. communities

St. Roch Residents Feel Paralyzed By Crime ~WDSU

New Orleans parks rooted in areas containing dangerous levels of lead
~Mark Schleifstein

~Special thanks to for including this video in their aggregation of this vital story of recovery and rememberance.

Pumping System Upgrades and Rebuilding Finally Complete
~West Bank facing pumping shortfalls in 2011~Fix the Pumps

Dredging funding being called inadequate~Amy Wold
~Matt Gresham, Port of New Orleans spokesman, said through the hurricanes and the oil leak, the shipping industry was the part of the economy that could keep moving. “There was always shipping,” Gresham said. “But for the first time in 15 years we’ve got restrictions on the river due to a Corps policy.”
~Also~MR-GO restoration discussion focuses on diversion

Oyster industry faces issues ahead
~Tri-Parish Times

Feinberg’s new quick pay loophole…the investigation ~Disenfranchised Citizen

Liprap's Lament on the Payton Family Once Removed

Library Chronicles

Hanging with the Robber Barons of Haiti~Mac McClelland

Just saying… Hump Day~slabbed

Student collecting items for shelter in New Orleans

It’s All About Me: Her Guide to Valentine’s Day
~He Said/She Said NOLA

"Summer Road to Jemez Springs", acrylic on canvas, 24 x 30"~Polly Jackson

Tomb damaged at historic burial ground
in Thibodaux~John DeSantis

Officials hope to have Lake Pontchartrain ferry ready for Fest
~Hat Tip~ nola411

Street improvements, new restaurants, expanded festival all coming soon for Freret
~Uptown Messenger

World's Largest Mosaic Made Out of Recycled Mardi Gras Beads Contends for Guinness World Record
~Defend New Orleans

~Also~ Arc Mardi Gras Bead Recycling Sale for Carnival 2011

~Hat Tweet~~RT by HeSaidSheSaidNO~Press Conference Jackson Square at 10am! Announcing details of the 2011 French Quarter Festival!

Rant: Brunch is for Suckers
~Blackened Out

Romantic bistro celebrates 25 years and new cookbook~Judy Walker - Recipe - Mom's Bisquick Cobbler

Solo Gigging with Jon Cleary
~Ian McNulty

"Dear NOLA: A Concert for New Orleans” Returns to the Big Easy ~ATCTOWER.NET

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton leaves himself open to much criticism~Jeff Duncan
~I know it's unfair to compare New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton and former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin, but the two now share something other than a Lombardi Gras parade toast: Controversy. The news that Payton plans to move his family to a Dallas suburb won't be embraced or celebrated anytime soon by Saints fans, especially the hometown Who Dats.
~Update~New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton discusses family's move to Dallas area

Superdome renovations force some Saints fans to relocate

Gambit's Bouquets and Brickbats New York Times missed the mark when the paper responded to a petition requesting a correction to a December 2010 story, which had ascribed the 2005 floods to "Hurricane Katrina" and not the federal levee failures. Senior editor Don Hecker wrote that the error was cited "out of context." Those are the sort of weasel words a newspaper is supposed to debunk, not use to defend its own mistakes.

Deadline looms for 100-year storm protection ~WWL

Corps of Engineers work on Kenner floodwall kicks into high gear

At New Orleans Coroner Frank Minyard's palace, fantasy is pathology
~Jarvis DeBerry

Student takes role of David to creationist’s legislative Goliath
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

~Also~Consultants give early glimpse of report on UNO-SUNO merger, stress differences

Just a thought – How big is the average mailbox in Jefferson Parish? ~slabbed

US Economic Malaise
~Dakinikat, Sky Dancing

Thad Allen warns: US not ready for Arctic oil drilling

Whooping cranes to return

Options to save oak tree dwindle
~The Youngsville Heritage Oak, believed to be more than 250 years old, must find a new home before work begins to straighten La. 92, but most options were shot down by officials

Arc Mardi Gras Bead Recycling Sale for Carnival 2011~Humid Beings
~Hat Tweet~NolaNinjaGirl

New photos from the set of ‘Looper’ in New Orleans

Thieves Getting Smarter? Rare Books Stolen From Maple Street Book Shop

COMING SOON!!! Top of the Hops Ticket Contest!!!~The Beer Buddha

~~Food trucks illegal in CBD. Zone is Holy Grail of other trucks. Can't figure out how @ can sell there.

~Hat Tweet~

Irene's: Worth the Wait?
~Blackened Out

New Orleans' Spencer Bohren visits ULM as Artist-in-Residence ~WWOZ

Editilla's new fav thingwriter performer! Colin Meloy.
Get Down, Get Back Up Again!

~Special thanks~ Why does Colin Meloy remind me so much of a cross between @' webmaestro and Rene of Zeitgeist? ?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Group wants places where levees broke on National Historic Register
~Kevin McGill announced its effort to put the locations on the National Register back in August. Organization founder Sandy Rosenthal said last week that Mark R. Barnes, an archaeologist who is retired from the National Parks Service and is now an associate professor at Georgia State University, has been retained to help guide them through the application effort.
"I think generally people at the national level, at the state level, at the local level, realize the importance of these levee breach sites, that these are probably two of the most significant," Mark Barnes said. "And, I am pretty confident, having worked with the Parks Service for over 35 years and having been the first archaeologist with the National Register."

~ this week's Heroes and Zeroes, Gambit Magazine (pg 11) chastised the New York Times' response to our Petition.

Mooring company not liable in Lower 9th Ward barge case, judge rules
~In concluding his 42-page opinion, Duval wrote: "The horror and tragedy of the flooding that occurred in the Lower 9th Ward is one that must not be taken lightly. The testimony of those caught in the maelstrom is heartbreaking and defies belief that such a catastrophe could occur. However, where as here there is overwhelming evidence that the (barge) did not cause in any manner cataclysmic flooding of the Lower 9th Ward."

As Huffington Post-AOL Merger Roars, Will NOLA Whisper?

The Goat Speaks: Hello, I must be going ~Girod Street End Zone~First, Sean Payton is not Satan. A few of the middle-American types that come to N.O. get hooked, like maybe Hank Stram, or Drew Brees. Not many. Sean Payton is not one of them.

Sean Payton to re-title his book Second Home Team~Library Chronicles

Louisiana gets more in federal aid than it gives in taxes~Bruce Alpert

You heard it here first
~Inside the Footprint

Egyptian Women In Protest ~NOLAFemmes
BP Oil Disaster: Kindra Arnesen's EXPLOSIVE New Revelations And Message to The World~Humid Beings

Judge Barbier's order takes control of BP trust fund~Louisiana Record

And now, a word from our sponsors… BP/GCCF/Fed Irresponsibility Version ~Disenfranchised Citizen

Dead pelican found floating in foam that has tested positive for Corexit and oil (PHOTOS)~Florida Oil Spill Law

Governor Jindal Announces Whooping Cranes Return to Louisiana

LUMCON scientist studies regrowth of oiled marsh~Nikki Buskey

Head-scratching news you can use ~slabbed

The plan is to demolish and rebuild. approved

Expert hired in quest for National Register of Historic Places levee label

Dallas can beat deadline on river levees upgrade, officials say

The Selective Mutism of the Progressive Village~Sky Dancing

AOL Agrees to Acquire The Huff Post

BioDistrict to present at Mid-City Neighborhood Organization Monday

Fear and mistaken-identity mystery follow invasion of woman's home
~Uptown Messenger

Tapping out~Reckless Endangerment

Storytelling~Ray in Exile

Time to Vote, Citizens of the Internets ~Blackened Out

Rue 127~Ian McNulty, Gambit

~ Pontchartrain Pete~Today's from Krummel bakery in Mandeville. A winner. Nice brioche, light, not over-iced or over-sugared.

How to apply feathered fake eyelashes, and other essential Carnival fashion tips

Love, Lust, Liquor, and Jazz: Snug Harbor~He Said/She Said NOLA

Mardi Gras Indians start copyrighting fancy costumes

Flesh Parade~Reverb Nation

Del McCoury Mixes Bluegrass with Preservation Hall Jazz ~cybergrass