Saturday, November 19, 2011

Levee-fill debris includes shopping cart, water heater ~Paul Rioux
~Levee board member Paul Dauphin said the alleged attempt to “bulldoze the evidence” raises doubts about the Tiger Team’s independence. “I think they’re going to minimize everything and say that this levee is technically sound and safe or whatever,” he said. “But we’ve got to look at this with our common sense, with our gut and with our concern for residents who live here and ask, ‘Do I want to live behind a levee that has shopping carts, tires, hubcaps and firewood in it?’”

~Editilla Toll'ya~ SO! Hate to say we toll'ya so. Buuuut, does anyone else want to give the Exquisite Corps the benefit of the doubt here, now? Well?

Are the construction people at the NOLA area US Army Corp of Engineers that incompetent or simply on the take? We have more levee debris complete with dueling excavators ~Slabbed

Water utility hackers destroy pump, expert says SCADA breach 'a really big deal'

Sediment shuts down Miss. River at St. Louis

A Big Bushel of Road Apples
~American Zombie

~Editilla Notellas~ We had to repost this fine piece since the Crime Cameras are all The Rage these days. Yet, this blogger not only nailed that plank here early, he walked the perps Spanish down the hall and into Lake Pontchartrain on it. I enjoy reading his posts more than twice because A: they are filled with incredibly entertaining morsels of data-packed flavor, and, B: he weaves such copiously packed data-morsels so thickly that it's like reading Slabbed while on LSD-52.

The hardest political choice…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

ACLU files suit over BP protest arrest in Long Beach, Miss.

City of Broussard faces $1 million water bill

Sacred Trespasses

Sci-fi action film 'Ender's Game' to shoot in New Orleans ~Mike Scott

Magnolia Shorty's Husband Murdered in N.O.

Farmers markets cropping up~Ian McNulty

French Quarter Festival rethinks musicians' pay and may net bigger acts in 2012

Friday, November 18, 2011

Prison guards, inmate detail brutality inside OPP ~New Orleans City Business

New Orleans inspector general honks horn at Traffic Court

Muni Court chief judge: IG report is "fundamentally flawed" ~Gambit

~photo: Matthew Hinton/The Times-Picayune caption: Occupy NOLA protesters parade past the Superdome Thursday, November 17, 2011 in New Orleans, La. The group formed out of solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City. ~BagNewsNotes

In Less Than 48 Hours, City Council and The Town Talk Demonstrate Everything Wrong About Alexandria ~CenLamar

Denied: Feinberg must face Mississippi court ~Disenfranchised Citizen

9,627 feet: Gulf well sets deep-water record
~At right~Perdido, Deep water project

EPL Announces Completion of Oil Weighted Acquisition in Main Pass Area and Updates 2011 Guidance

Salazar defends proposed 5-year OCS plan before House panel

Helping us prevent flooding: An editorial

Blunt, McCaskill want Corps to spend on flood conrol, not wildlife

Restoring Rivers Could Help Cool Cities
~Hat Tweet

Armstrong Park reopens to public

No maitre d'? Here are 5 ways to still get that VIP treatment at New Orleans restaurants
~Todd A. Price

~Hat Tweet ~Auto Industry Gets Up to Speed on Food Trucks

New Orleans Fringe Festival has a free, family fun tent open to all~Hat Tweet ~Tomorrow & Sunday: Press St. in the Bywater for NOLA Fringe Festival. That's where we'll be...hopefully so will you.

Sunday: Nine Times second line parade 12-4pm ~Big Red Cotton

Thursday, November 17, 2011 to defend listing of levee breach sites to National Register today!

New Orleans flood protection tax to stay at same rate next year~Holding the property tax at the same rate likely will generate more money because of an increase in property values. However, commissioners on the flood protection authority's board said they remain worried about finding money to pay for maintenance and other costs associated with the Army Corps of Engineers upgrades to the flood protection system.
"We know we're not going to be able to meet our obligations going forward,"
board President Tim Doody said, after noting that the additional costs for improvements add up to about $16.5 million a year for the authority.

Deep Into the Corps: Agency's Own Leaky Docs Express Doubts About City's Levee Fixes
~Jim Schutze

‘Til disaster comes along, I’m satisfied ~moosedenied

Jesse Jackson stops by Occupy Nola to provide support as eviction hints get stronger
~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

Cause Of, Rather Than Solution To ~The Chicory

Is Buddy Roemer now trailing even dolphins and archangels??~Mark Moseley

We have several items of interest floating about~Slabbed

Nonprofit News and the Tax Man
~Columbia Journalism Review

Parties to Chinese Drywall Litigation Announce New Settlement Program

Louisiana National Guard airmen to return home ~WWL

Revoke BP’s probation: patterns don’t lie…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Melissa Harris-Perry: Louisiana's Wetlands Are a National Concern

NOLAbound a new program to augment entrepreneurial growth in New Orleans

Swoon's Sea Goddess Spotted Across the Pond~DEFEND NOLA

Overstuffed Egos: The Oak Street Po-Boy Festival~He Said/She Said NOLA

Lunch at The Irish House~Blackened Out

PhotoBlog - Live elephant beetles displayed at New Orleans museum
~Gerald Herbert / APZach Lehmann, visitor programs manager for the Audubon Insectarium, holds an elephant beetle, which is being exhibited at the facility in New Orleans. It's the first time the New Orleans bug museum has been able to get live elephant beetles since it opened in June 2008. Lemann said the beetles are hard to get because there's no regular supplier in Central America, where the beetles are native

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winning bidder for canal pump stations sues Corps over new bid plans after own corruption scandal involving hiring Corps' bid specialist to do their bidding

Dear Corps of Engineers: Save the Fancy Talk and Just Tell Us If We Should Build an Ark
~Jim Schutze
~Hat Tip~ Sandy Rosenthal,
~All right, class, today our lesson is: "Logical Wormholes and Semantic Corkscrews: Translating the Language of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Into More or Less Plain English, or, You Know, Spanish. Whatever. Language How People Talk."
Two weeks ago I wrote a column about some documents leaked to me from inside the Corps of Engineers. For those of you who are new to this topic, the word corps, you will notice, does not have an "e" on the end of it. It means a branch of the armed forces. The Corps of Engineers is part of the Army, and it is responsible for all of the big dams and levees used to control floods in this country. If you want to know why, ask a professor. To me, it's just how it is.

Rebuilding, displacement hinder long-term recovery in Springfield, MO
~“What we’re finding in this fourth to fifth month is people who thought they were going to be OK because their insurance was going to take care of them or FEMA would take care of them, they’re now realizing ‘I’m just not going to make it’,” said Kathryn Buckley-Brawner, director of Catholic Charities at the Diocese of Springfield.

Dangerous lead levels found in nearly two-thirds of New Orleans homes, Tulane study says ~Mark Schleifstein

Protecting the environment and jobs
~Bob Marshall

Study Analyzes Damaging Impacts of Hurricanes on Louisiana’s Coastal Wetlands

Here’s something for the T-P to write about in a few weeks: Lee Zurik exposes voter fraud in St Bernard ~Slabbed

Louisiana to get $389M more in FEMA grants

BP money to be used to fight litter in NOLA

Duck Hunting at Risk in the Mississippi River Delta ~EDF

Press Suppression at Occupy Wall Street Raid

Legendary Bourbon St. club owner "Miss Dixie" Fasnacht dies at 101~Dominic Massa, WWLTV

Thanksgiving is Coming!~Blackened Out

Large and Permanent Gestures
~Street Artist Swoon Talks About the Bywater's Musical Shantytown That She Wants to Turn Into a House~Brad Rhines, NOLA DEFENDER

Ever had one'a'dem days, ya just feels like a...
~Horney Toad?~ Polly Jackson