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Keys ordered to evacuate for Ike; likely track shifts south into Gulf

Points of Distribution; by Parish

Nagin says residents need to prepare for Ike

~"Our citizens are weary," says mayor Baby'head. "They're tired and they have spent a lot of money evacuating from Gustav. My expectation this time is that it will be very difficult to move the kind of numbers out of the city that we did with Gustav."
BWHAHAHAHA... Jeez Louie!!!
~Maybe this time we can get da'Chocolate Don to ride the Cuntraflow his'honer self!

Return of the Blue Tarps

Welcome To PBJ's Occupation ~ABRASTOS

Red Cross Hurricane Family Kits

~Editilla Tags~
America's New Captive Advertising Target Demographic (CATDEMO): "The Evaculture"

Russel L. Honore Effloresces on Culture of Preparedness,
Asks "What is your Why?"

" My why is preparedness. What is your why?
The purpose of democracy is to create jobs. People who don’t have jobs don’t care for preparedness. Thirty percent of kids in Louisiana go to college,
in California 90 percent of kids go to college.
In Baltimore only 30% of minority males graduate from high school! In 9th and 10th grades, they disengage from society. They grow up to be takers, not givers. Unless you fix that, the problems in Iraq don’t mean shit."
The Evacutation Diet
~Kevin Allman

Louisiana SPCA- Gustav Update

The LA/SPCA is the only organization authorized to be in Orleans Parish and is currently handling Animal Control in the same manner as prior to Hurricane Gustav.
If you see anyone entering your or your neighbor’s property that is not with the Louisiana SPCA and are attempting to remove an animal from its property it should be immediately reported to the police. Please check the LA/SPCA website at for continual updates.
“The LA/SPCA will not allow any of our residents to have their pets stolen,”
says LA/SPCA director Ana Zorrilla.
In months following Hurricane Katrina the LA/SPCA received countless reports of residents having their pets stolen after they had returned home.
“We do not want our residents to go through this intrusion and essentially criminal activity from these unauthorized and overly zealous groups that have taken it upon themselves to remove residents' animals from the city."

Fort Chaffee : 800 board buses for trip home to New Orleans

Hospitals' Lessons From Hurricane Gustav

MARS meets Gustav

Schools asked to feed the powerless masses

Shelley Midura Threatens Legal Action If Entergy Raises Rates Too High ~South Coast Solar

Lower 9th Ward 'dodged a punch'~Pam Dashiell, an activist in the Holy Cross section of the Lower 9th Ward, said surviving Gustav unscathed could encourage Katrina victims to return home.

However, they should still remember they live next to levees, she said.

Special thanks
New Orleans Levee

Waves break over an industrial canal levee in
New Orleans when Hurricane Gustav struck.

Photo: Stephen Morton -Getty Images~How Engineers Stop Floods: High-Tech Solutions to Flood Control
~Gentle'rillas may duly wonda~ Editilla's tongue'twisted lip'biting reticence at ranting on ASCECORPS during this busy season.
Well, we have it there in the photo above, and in comparison to the others in that slide'show we have it pretty bad indeed! Everyone in the nation is well aware now that the only question facing the rebuilding of New Orleans is staring us right in the face:
BAD ENGINEERING. And it appears that we still do not have an Answer to that Question.

Much is going on beneath the surface at ASCECORPS that may not be so obvious to those of us fretting over their bad engineering at the water's edge.
Take the 24,250,000 Dollar Gorrilla: the IPET Study. We can see how badly this boon'fuck is going to collapse upon valid peer review because of the recent
ASCE Crocodile Tears about the Corps' meddlesome role in the study. OK, but ASCE wrote most of the Study for the Corps, soooo who is zooming who here? ASCECORPS investigating itself, hence we got the ERP study which, after the Corps awarded ASCE medals for it as other engineers trashed ASCECORPS' conflict of interests, was to be re-released today (my sources say) but where is it?

And of course this is all terribly wrapped up in the upcoming MRGO lawsuit which will hold the Corps (finally) liable for documented unecessary bad engineering which flooded our city in 2005.
That is a Big Uncle Sam'Daddy Issue.
The Corps has Never lost. Ever. Not until after Katrina.
Not until after the 2nd Great Midwest Levee Failures this summer. Not until after their border fence turned into a dam and flooded the city it was built to protect.
Perchance the Worm is truly turning in its grave as all of this puts into stark relief the very walls in that photograph above. They are touted as engineering fixes when that is the very design originally called for but better, and the Corps chose not build it according to the original designs. Why? This is the Question.
Why did they build this wall so wrong in the first place?
And then, why did they continue to widen and deepen the Canals but not do anything to strengthen these walls over the decades? Why all of this obfuscation?
To build safe levees, or Not Build Safe Levees...
That Is The Question.
As no one can decide to move back to New Orleans until that question is answered --and answered honestly--
no one will consider locating any business larger than a bait shop in New Orleans until that safety is secured...
of, by and for We The People.
And everyone who has returned after running from one hurricane only to find another about to enter the Gulf must ask themselves this same Question every night.
They deserve do all Americans.

Catastrophe "Cat" Bonds Fall for First Time Since March on Hurricanes

Do We Really Want Actuarially Sound Insurance Rates? Let’s Go Ask the Wizard ~slabbed

Gustav’s Big Impact on Oil Production

Nexen Reports Only Minor Damage From Hurricane Gustav

Unleashing Their Inner Children to Rock the World

Friday, September 5, 2008

Vendredi ~all'y all'y outs in freeeeee!

Army Corps Studies River
~One Stop Thought Shop

Levee task force's study critiqued
~Mark Schleifstein

New Orleans Exhales, Then Gasps Again ~Harry Shearer

Thicker Than Water?~Newsweek
~Not everyone is confident that the corps will pull it off. After all, these are the folks who brought New Orleans such catastrophic creations as MRGO in the first place. Critics like H. J. Bosworth, a civil engineer with the watchdog group, blame previous levee failures on the corps's shoddy construction, including the use of unstable soils. And Robert Bea, an engineering professor at the University of California, Berkeley, who led an independent investigation of the levee failures after Katrina, questions the wisdom of corps projects like the surge barrier planned for the Intracoastal Waterway. Dutch and Japanese engineers, who are at the cutting edge of flood protection, "wonder what we are thinking or if we are really thinking," Bea wrote in an e-mail to NEWSWEEK. "We are clearly out of step—behind—parts of the world that have struggled with keeping water friendly for more than 2,000 years."

Repairs on levees to be fast- tracked ~Sheila Grissett

Flood-protection work reviewed in light of Gustav ~Bruce Alpert

Just levees not enough to protect~Lolis Eric Elie

Southeast states brace for Tropical Storm Hanna
~Florida Keys ordered to evacuate for Ike,
likely track shifts south into Gulf

Abi Weaver of the American Red Cross enjoys a moment with her new friends at Union Passenger Station in New Orleans.

Don’t forget Houma, Terrebonne, and Lafourche …please ~Kevin Allman

[dxld] Rescue radio
~HAM Response to Hurricane Gustav

Katrina Redux
~Stephen Lendman

Evacuation~David Rutledge

BR Gustav Photos

What Gustav did in the Touro Neighborhood ~A Minha Vida

3 Years After: New Orleans & The Gulf Coast - In Their Own Words ~Oxford American


Will the next President tell the truth about our levees?
~Lauren Bloom

Oil futures end below $107 to post 8% weekly loss

Who is Sarah Palin, Part 2,
by Ann Kilkenny

New Orleans drummer continues to hone craft, guide aspiring musicians~HUB

Hummingbird, Go!
Alt review~here
Theresa Anderson's Gotta New Album!

~Two performances celebrating the release of her new CD "Hummingbird, Go!"
Tonight at 11 at Republic New Orleans,
828 S. Peters St., 504.528.8282, $5
Saturday free show at 4 p.m.
at the Louisiana Music Factory, 210 Decatur St., 504.586.1094

Louisiana musicians voice political message during Hurricane Gustav
~“Everybody in this band is a bandleader in his own right,” Neville said. “The cause is the whole thing. Louisiana is in trouble. There’s a lot of smokescreens out and a lot of stuff being swept under the rug. Music is a powerful force, so we’re trying to wrap some of those messages in those songs.” ~Cyril Neville is a member of Voice of the Wetlands Allstars, and one of 38 Louisiana musicians who went to the conventions.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jeudi ~Welcome Home Y'all!

Thank you New Orleans Daily Photo

Gustav holdouts' tales give evacuees pause


Next time, we won't leave
~Editilla Rotellas~This article seems to've swung a buzz from the blog'O'reamery that "buried" it or whateva...I found it quickly after it moved on down the line amidst quite a torrent of articles.
Jus'sayin, they were swinging hard and fast at --and Editilla had a hard time keeping up with the tight late-breaking coverages and photos going down during the whole scene. My hat is off to the TP and all their Ace Gumshoes. Hats off to Gambit too!
This esmacuation ended up as a hellish dry run for everyone, and I thought the Nola Blog'O'fugees hung well and together on da'road homeless. Next time? Well, we will all just deal with it even better, no matter where we choose to make our stands, Sinn Féin.

A Near Miss!~Clancey DuBos

New Orleans Levees, Secure After Gustav, May Fail Bigger Test~Jerry Hart, Bloomberg

This is how Editilla likes his morning coffee... slabbed!

Entergy: N.O. power back in days~Full recovery of Entergy grid weeks away

Gulf Coast refineries to receive oil today

UPDATE: Oil Products Under Strain; Refiners Deal With Gustav

My Investing Journey:
Hurricane Katrina
~"I reckon the crux lies in whether one is actively hoping that a disaster will happen which he perceives will benefit his stock as a consequence. For SPC I had never bought in with such hopes so I never suffered any guilt pangs when Katrina struck and had a positive uplifting effect on prices of refining stocks across the board."

Cat Bonds Buck Credit Crunch Says S&P Report

Claims Filing Advice for Property Owners Affected by Hurricane Gustav

The Trash King Of New Orleans

Gustav Pet Evacuations Show Katrina Lessons Learned

Wireless Carriers Prepared For Hurricane Gustav

The Mother of All Markets - CCFM Open this Saturday

Pineywoods grillades and grits

  • 3 pounds round steak
  • flour (for dusting steak)
  • bacon drippings or oil
  • (for sautéing steak)
  • 1/4 cup bacon drippings or oil
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 3 stalks celery, chopped
  • 1 bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 1-pound can crushed tomatoes
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 clove garlic minced
  • 1/2 teaspoon thyme
  • salt and pepper
  • cayenne pepper
  • hot cooked grits


Dust steaks with flour and sauté in bacon drippings until browned on both sides. Remove steaks from pan and keep warm; deglaze the pan with water, then pour pan juices into a bowl and reserve. Combine bacon drippings and flour in skillet and cook, stirring constantly to make a dark roux. Add onion, then celery and bell pepper; sauté until vegetables are translucent. Add reserved pan juices, tomatoes, bay leaf, garlic, thyme, salt, pepper, and cayenne; mix well. Simmer for at least 10 minutes. Add steaks and simmer over low heat until steaks are fork tender. Serve with grits.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


All checkpoints lifted.
New Orleans residents
can come home

Sept. 4-5 Meeting To Review IPET Draft Final Report

Engineers: Corps study analyzing the levee system failures in Katrina should be more frank ~Mark Schleifstein
~Editilla Notellas~
The ASCE performed these very studies which they are now criticizing. Need we say more? We will ax however if, as a consequence, the ASCE is attempting to distance itself from the imminent collapse upon valid peer review of this $24,250,000 IPET Report
--which we paid them to do?

. Where does one draw the line between these freaks when they seem so joined at the hip?
I suppose the best place to see the answer to that question would be in Lakeview... just follow The Line.

Mooring plan under fire following Industrial Canal wreckage episode~Mark Schleifstein, David Hammer and Shelia Grissett

Except for N.O., almost all invited home Wednesday morning~Michelle Krupa and Susan Langenhennig

New Orleans Residents Seek a Swift Trip Home

Gov. Jindal frustrated by pace of power restoration

Was I the Only One With the Urge to Barf When the Farm’s Commercials Aired ~slabbed

Notes from New Orleans:
Holy Cross Projects Sustain
“No Significant Damage”

Textron New Orleans facilities closed until Monday

More than 95 percent of Gulf of Mexico oil production remains shuttered because of Gustav

Hurricanes prompt cancellations, fund-raisers

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Memphis-area emergency shelters open, hotels going fast

Wave -Current -Surge Info System for Coastal La

Waves may push surge over top of some levees
~Mark Schleifstein

Flood-control teams get ready for Gustav~Sheila Grissett

Gustav's potential storm surge could inundate Houma, La
~A storm of the kind that Gustav is shaping up to be has been studied for years and presented time after time as a doomsday scenario for Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes.
“It’s critically bad,” said Windell Curole, interim levee director for both parishes, citing the storm’s present course. “Right now it’s not looking very pretty for us.”

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin,
Parish Presidents say Looters will go directly to Angola State Penitentiary.

Ascension Amateur Radio Club

~OpEd News
~Editilla con'schillas~OpEd News has progressively jumped to and linked up with the Ladder to facilitate even more info conta'flow.
We need Bloggers to post back to those behind them as to conditions at their evacuation destination. This will help the traveler make good decisions about direction and precious resources.
Please forward to the Ladder any posts in this regard so we can hang it for everyone else still on the road.

The Net Grows Stronger with more and more links putting an Eye on this Big Honcho Storm.
We will better survive its wrath.

Officials make use of Katrina lessons

McCain Cancels GOP Convention Opening Night
~McCain's campaign chartered a jet to fly delegates back to their hurricane-threatened states along the Gulf Coast.

Bush, Cheney to skip Republican National Convention
~President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney will skip the Republican National Convention because of mounting concerns about Hurricane Gustav, the White House said Sunday.

Oil companies shutting down Gulf operations

Mandatory evacuations to begin Sunday morning in New Orleans

Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Says Department on Alert for Gustav

Insurance may not cover as much under Gustav

It's way too early to take credit for success ~Yat Pundit

Divine intervention?
~"There are gaps in the system, but the system is stronger and better than ever," said Bill Irwin, program manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which is charged with the upkeep of the city's levee system.
~Editilla gotta step into this hurricane-sized spinning pile'0'poo~
August 28th, this past Thursday...

I again went to see the 17th Street Canal Levee Breach "Repair", to check on the Leak discovered there in March and covered on this Ladder.
There is still Flowing Water Leaking from right in the front of the middle of that New Breach "Repair".
That Flowing Water tasted Brackish, meaning it comes from the lake and not the city sewer.
That Flowing Water is covered by Marsh Grasses.
I stuck my arm into that Flowing Water again up to my forearms. That Flowing Water is eroding and undermining That Failing Levee Repair.
The Corps of Engineers is already out with a story, morbidly attempting to spin this coming flood on the news, in the Presidents press conference, in bus stations and on street corners to anyone listening:
"We have repaired the levees stronger than ever!"
No. They have stuffed some of them with newspaper mache. No. The Gentilly Woods flood wall is repaired too short. No. No. No. No.
They have screwed Chicken'little like feral cocks.
This is unmitigated Public Relations Pre'Spinfiltration.

This Corps of Engineers Spokesman is Lying.

Disaster Accountability Project

New Orleans Saints come to Indianapolis

Gustav roars through gulf; hundreds of thousands flee

Banksy shows up in force in New Orleans, Gustav laughs like a wrestler with a foreign object up his sleeve