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Citizen's Notes on Kenner Bad Levees Meeting with Corps shows Times-Picayune bias and Sheila Grissett to be Scoop'Ho Fo'da'Co!~H.J. Bosworth Jr. PE
(Title by Editilla d'Aphasia!:)
~On Thursday January 28th, I attended a meeting and presentation by Representative Ligi of Kenner and the US Army Corps of Engineers regarding the projects that are proposed or that are being constructed for the Lake Pontchartrain lakefront and along the waterway along the west edge of Kenner.
The meeting was seemingly run by Rene' Poche of the Corps. Talks were provided by Mr. Gary Brouse and Brett Herr from the Corps, Representative Ligi and Ms. Fran Campbell of the East Jefferson Levee Authority.

Rene Poche started the presentations with an agenda as a woman from the Corps or from Optimal Process Partners (OPP) acted as recording secretary for the meeting. Others from the Corps / OPP staffed the front desk and asked for everyone in attendance to sign-in and provide contact information. He laid out the agenda and acknowledged that there are persons attending that may not appreciate the Corps. He asked that those with a dislike for the Corps keep personal feelings at the door and try to stick to more civil discussions. He also made a point of telling everyone in the room that no structure can guarantee 100% protection and the best that the Corps can do is to reduce the risk that people have by living where they live.

Representative Ligi spoke and described how he was disgusted with the fact that debris was found in some levee sections in the past few months. Rep Ligi also thanked Sheila Grisset for breaking the story to the public.

Fran Campbell addressed the audience by advising those in attendance that the Levee authority had been discussing the unsuitable material in a public meeting prior to the Times Picayune publishing the article by Sheila Grisset. Apparently, Ms. Grissett was alerted about the material while attending this Levee authority meeting.~Read More
~Editilla steps in with a #50 Louisville Slugga~
Here is where we catch a burr in our asce. Our other source on this meeting (who speaks on the condition of anonymocity) described the scene as one where Grissett (the erroneously cited T-P "reporter"), sitting pretty much with the Corps/OPP people, fawned into the acceptance of the citation --and she let it ride, the Corps/OPP of course let it ride since she is their regular mouf, and the T-P let it ride without reportage, despite the direct contradiction by another Levee Board Member minutes later.
I have had a problem with this Grissett for well about a year now, and particularly over the past 6 months of watching her Milquetoastette coverage of our levees on the punkteat of the Exquisite Corps. That's right. Her articles always read from their point of view as if the Girls of OPP wrote the copy press release for her while they coddled her breakfast with a bottle. My source described a much more Strident Public than did this Grissett.
We have a problem at the T-P in its Corps coverage.
It has dropped the ball completely on the Bad Outfall Pumps, and indeed is doing nothing to investigate Option1 and the incredible $100M Tax Burden the Corps would extort from the city with it.
The T-P/ don't give a rat's ass on a sinking ship about Reporting for New Orleans. They report for ASCECORPS.
We really need harder journalism on this problem between the Corps and the City.
And here we have them in Kenner with over a Mile of Failed Levee and they want to bullshit us with an OPP Presentation through our local news media of... "What You Worry?"
That is Wrong and this Grissett needs to quit and go work for OPP downright outright.
We have problems in Kenner. We have Problems in Orleans.
This OPP Outfit is the very reason the Corps has stymied in their FOIR for the record on this forking $5,000,000 Contract.
These people are Succubus Image Narrators (SIN) for the Corps and this Grissett is their little Media Poodle.
~Illustrations: Da'Masqued E'vinga! Click pics to enlarge.
Statement from WhoDat, Inc. ~New
~Information has been written and broadcast publicly that the NFL has issued cease and desist letters stating that THEY own “WhoDat?”. That is not a true statement, and it is important to note that documentation exists for this and all other statements made here.
Throughout, please keep in mind that trade mark ownership is established by ‘first-use’, not by registration.

First, “WhoDat?” Inc. is a company owned by two brothers born and raised within just a few miles of the Super Dome - Sal and Steve Monistere (pr. Monastery). They are big Saints fans and were there for the first exciting kickoff in 1967, Dempsey’s historic field goal, and as season ticket holders, there for all the ups and downs.
Second, the Monisteres have expressed that they deeply regret the fact that New Orleans and particularly its small business owners have been subjected to the wrath of this self-proclaimed 800 pound gorilla from New York City. ~Read More
~Editilla Whooda'tellas~ We gonna Keep the FAITH til they call.
I mean, who owns The Soul of New Orleans?

Saints, Colts Hoping To Resolve Super Bowl Through Diplomacy
~Humid Beings

Coastal restoration and levees would share $600 million from state in fiscal year 2011 under proposal~Mark Schleifstein

Scientists pitch coastal projects for Terrebonne~Nikke Buskey

Terrebonne officials try for Katrina cash~Jeremy Alford

Levee failure and floodwall concerns in Kenner, East Jeff as Citizens call Corps Out
~Residents who said their homes are already being damaged by vibrations coming from pre-construction pile-driving west of the existing floodwall, as well as the ongoing levee enlargements now under way on all five reaches that make up this lakefront levee. Not only does the corps not plan to videotape or otherwise document the condition of homes in neighborhoods adjacent to the floodwall, the corps cannot be held liable for vibration damage. Instead, residents must turn to contractors who do the work and the state Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, which is the corps' "local partner" on all hurricane flood reduction system projects. The corps was asked to rethink that process.

Y--HPO, LPV 106, Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity, New Orleans, LA, Hurricane Protection Project, Floodwall Replacement, Floodwall Construction along Haynes Blvd from Lake Front Airport to Paris Road.

New Orleans mayoral candidates tackle neighborhood blight issue
~David Hammer

Emptiness dwells where home once stood~Jarvis DeBerry

Mississippi River levels to top flood stage soon~Amy Wold

Making the MS River Sustainable in the 21st Century
~Michael Reuter

Cox Conserves Heroes
Created by The Trust for Public Land and Cox Enterprises, the program honors local conservation heroes-and we know New Orleans has many-and is currently accepting nominations through Monday, February 22. Louisiana State Office 1137 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70113 (504) 620-5142 E-mail

Know Felon In Drag, Dahmer Look'like James Elmer O'Keefe Exposes Himself to Breitbart, Blows Smoke Out His Ass through a Pelican Brief
~Editilla's gotta Ax~Wanna play Kick the Neocoward?

Mardi Gras 1st, Krewe du Vieux and new Krewe Delusions on Saturday~Molly Reid
~Judging from some of this year's sub-krewe themes --"Such A NightMayor, " "Jindal Drops The Pelican's Briefs, " "Bonfire of the Inanities"-- and the some of the year's top headlines -- the conviction of both Bill Jefferson, former Mandeville Mayor Eddie Price's scrapes with the law, former city technology chief Greg Meffert's alleged kickback scheme -- the tradition of irreverence (and, sometimes, utter inappropriateness) will continue.
Consider this statement included in the krewe's annual newsletter, "Le Monde de Merde," which describes the krewe as "dedicated to the historical and traditional concept of a Mardi Gras parade as a venue for individual creative expression and satirical comment. We believe in exposing the world to the true nature of Mardi Gras -- and in exposing ourselves to the world."

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Tweets Reveal Mind, Court Violations in Landrieu,
James OKeefe Case?~BBuzz

~Recent January 27 Internet twitter comments from a person who appears to be defendant James O’Keefe not only reveal information about the behavior, philosophy and personality of the individual purporting to be O’Keefe but also is raising questions by various individuals’ twitting--as to whether a Court Order from a Judge in New Orleans has been violated.
One comment in particular has been raising questions by tweets:
It appears that on January 26, James O’Keefe might have posted two “tweets” stating “Govt official concedes no attempt to wiretap.” On the same day, there are tweets presumably by O’Keefe that say, “I am a journalist. The truth shall set me free.”
Ironically, after appearing before the court, O’Keefe would not answer any questions posed by the media.
Fake Journalist J.E. O'keefe Tagged as Passion-Child of L.H. Oswald!
~Despite Jonathan Tilove's best efforts to paint this pusillanimous double'think fish'punked loser as an actual journalist, ie reporter, people in the article's comments are all a twitter about the resemblance of this bastard to the patsy in Dallas.
But Mr Tilove, just because this fakir went to college doesn't mean he has the Chromosomal Dexterity to connect Y to Y.
"Let us rock the foundations of academia and challenge the thrones that have for too long indoctrinated us about our world and the context in which we live," O'Keefe wrote in his opening piece of the Centurion inaugural issue. Sounds familiar...
This is your brain on Mein Kampf. Any questions?
All the human culture, all the results of art, science and technology that we see before us today, are almost exclusively the creative product of the Aryan. This very fact admits of the not unfounded inference that he alone was the founder of all higher humanity, therefore representing the prototype of all that we understand by the word "man." He is the Prometheus of mankind from whose shining brow the divine spark of genius has sprung at all times, forever kindling anew that fire of knowledge which illuminated the night of silent mysteries and thus caused man to climb the path to mastery over the other beings of the earth . . . It was he who laid the foundations and erected the walls of every great structure in human culture. ~Adolf Hitler
Either way he gets the 3 name treatment reserved for insane patsies. Lets call this one: James Elmer O'keefe! J.E.O.
Lee Harvey Oswald or Jefferey Lionel Dahmer? You tell me.
~"Lee Harvey, your're a wild man! When you and your friends took that cow, and made it with that cow.... I want to party with you! But me and you together - forget it."
~Bill Murray

~Editilla gonna get Passion-evil on this Fool's Ass and say we thinks he looks more like Serial Cannibal Jefferey Dahmer? Put a mustache on him, call him Dirty Boy.

Fake 'Journalist' touted 'project' before Landrieu phone-tap caper

I'm really sort of thinking that we ought to just boycott
~Library Chronicles

~Also~ #WHO'DAT Say You Gonna Cease and Desist?
~Also~The NFL will kill your grassroots fandom

Don't Call Me Shirley! FYYFF Fuckmook of the New Year!
~Former NBA player Paul Shirley posted a long column online in response to the earthquake disaster in Haiti in which he criticized Haitian citizens and said he won't donate to relief efforts.
"Dear Haitians," he wrote, "First of all, kudos on developing the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Your commitment to human rights, infrastructure, and birth control should be applauded. As we prepare to assist you in this difficult time, a polite request: If it’s possible, could you not re-build your island home in the image of its predecessor? Could you not resort to the creation of flimsy shanty- and shack-towns? And could some of you maybe use a condom once in a while?"
He also asked what's being done to prevent this tragedy from happening again, using New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina as an example.
"We did the same after Hurricane Katrina," he said. "We were quick to vilify humans who were too slow to respond to the needs of victims, forgetting that the victims had built and maintained a major city below sea level in a known target zone for hurricanes. Our response: Make the same mistake again. Rebuild a doomed city, putting aside logic as we did."
~Editilla Needless Sayaz~Oh yeah, we gonna be holding the door for this one when he goes to meet his maker in Hell.
Then we gonna get Passion-evil on his Ass.

Obama to New Orleans: Recover Without Us~Harry Shearer

State of the Union~Citizen K

Corps of Engineers PR meeting tonight in Kenner on their Debris-contaminated Levees

Corps making pay for info we’re entitled to see!
~Editilla Raisin'Hella~ The Corps' Public Affairs Hack Ken "Doll" Holder, whose salary is Tax-payer funded, has already charged considerably for less than half of their Freedom Of Information Request (FOIR) for Information that we have already paid Taxes to create, to wit: the Spin'filtration and Image Laundering of PR firm Optimal Process Partners.
Now Ken'doll Holder wants We The People to pay even more money for something for which We The Tax Payer have already Paid! We have already paid Ken'doll Holder for Corps Public Relations, we have already paid OPP for Corps Public Relations.
Sooo, why do We The Tax Payer have to Pay AGAIN for Information that we already own?
This Unbelievable Hubris on the part of the New Orleans District Corps of Engineers amounts to Double Taxation Extortion.
What we really need to know is if Ken'doll Holder is going to sit on his ass for another 6 months before obeying the Law and Honoring our Legal Rights. Here is this pig's phone number: 540-542-1531 and email:
--so everyone can give this flak'hack a call, ax him WTF'UP?
--and you can tell'im Editilla Sent'Ya!

Political landscape changing in 3rd District House seat
~Michael Davis

~A palette of issues divides the candidates and not all are simple. From coastal erosion to oil and gas, the 3rd District is " the tip of the spear," said Maj. Gen. Downer. The general has served as a liaison for nearly 300 trips to storm damaged areas in Louisiana for members of congress, ambassadors and state and local officials. "I understand the social and economic impact [these issues can have on the parishes]."
Ravi Sangisetty matched Maj. Gen. Downer's thoughts on the issue of coastal erosion. "[The voters] know political games and partisanship won't reform the Army Corps of Engineers to get them off of our backs so we can save our vanishing coast and get real protection from hurricanes for all of our coastal communities," added Sangisetty in the release.

Draft coastal restoration plan issued~Amy Wold

State awarded $475M, yet still cannot build new hospital?

Judges panel: Feds owe La. for Hospital~Marsha Shuller
~$474.7 million set for new LSU hospital in N.O.

New Orleans mayoral candidates divided over plans for new teaching hospital (and Charity)
~David Hammer

~Editilla Notellas~We added the word Charity to this lede, after realizing that the, Advocate and other major regional media outlets, except (ironically) NO City Business, refer to a "New Teaching Hospital", or specifically to LSU --never saying "Rebuilt Charity Hospital". We really didn't catch this anti-Charity Bias until this lede from Kaiser Health News: Federal Panel Awards Almost $500 Million To La. To Replace New Orleans Charity Hospital, and here from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Barkus to roll Game Day 1PM!
~New Orleans Pet Care

~Barkus Goes Tailgaiting: "The Dogs Go Barking In"
Because of Super Bowl XLIV and its importance to the citizens of New Orleans, Barkus Parade will roll one hour earlier!
The 2010 Parade starts at Orleans & N. Rampart promptly at 1pm and proceeds on the new 15-block route through the Vieux Carré, stopping at the VIP Reviewing Stand at Good Friends Bar, corner Dauphine and St. Ann, where VIPs (and those who desire to be VIPs) will toast the Royal Court. The Pawty (before, during & after parade) at Orleans & N. Rampart is open to all at no charge to hear the music and see the sights! Edibles and potables available.
Orleans & N. Rampart opens to all at 10:30am and is the staging area for the parade participants.

Two More From Toussaint
~Home of the Groove

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority - West Launches Web Site Designed to Keep West Bank Safe From Surges
Mayoral candidates discuss strategies for generating better-paying jobs --yet nothing about Future Flood Safety
~Editilla Ro'tellas~
How does one get to work in Flood Water over 80% of the city?
What about Option 1 on the outfall canals? What about the Corps leaving those very same Failed Floodwalls standing under Option 1? What happens to these "jobs" after those very same, already-failed, floodwalls fail again --as they are likely to do the next major serious hurricane? What number of "jobs" could possibly generate the tax base needed to Pay the $10,000,000 PER YEAR maintenance costs connected with Option 1?
City Councilman Feilkow said double (perhaps triple) millage just to cover SWB's share. Think about that folks. $10,000,000 in every annual budget that will Have To Be Spent. This is Not costs that can be leveraged. And while you are thinking about this, remember to fix the pumps.
What is the next mayor going to do about protecting the city from the Corps of Engineers and their Risk Reduction Marketing Machine?
I understand and applaud that there is so much good going on in New Orleans. But, can we survive another 3 weeks of standing water over 80% of the city? Can we do 8/29 again?
I need to know this for re-investment...for sanity's sake?
That is the very real risk we all face with the Corps' Option 1.
How does the next mayor plan to deal with that near inevitability? I haven't heard a single word yet from any of them about this $10,000,000 Gorilla atop of our still shaky floodwalls.
~Special Thanks, Da'Masqued E'vinga! Click pic to enlarge.

New Orleans Candidates Lobby for the Green Vote, (again, failing to notice the Corps' $10,000,000 Gorilla sitting on top of their still bad floodwalls.) ~Karen Dalton-Beninato
~Editilla Co'tellas~We added a tad to the title here because few things bother me more than Green Sandbagging on NOLA Flood Safety. How does one accomplish "Green Tech" if the basic Engineering may be Wrong? For one thing, the City will not be able to afford it because we will have to Triple (or more) our tax millage just to pay the maintenance costs on Option 1 of $10,000,000 PER YEAR FOR 10 YEARS. That is the reality facing New Orleans NOW. Not next year, Now. Not when the Sea Levels rise --NOW. Who is going to pay for this? The Corps of Engineers says the City of New Orleans. It appears to me that the Corps is again playing all sides against the middle.

Alexander: FEMA takeover of levee certification could be costly
~Robert Morgan
~In an appearance at the weekly meeting of the downtown Rotary Club, Alexander, R-Quitman, said a proposal is being discussed in Washington, D.C., to sideline the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in favor of the FEMA if there is a problem with certification.

Pelican Institute: Not in Good Standing with LA Secretary of State ~CenLamar~Re: 4 Arrested in Phone Tampering at Landrieu Office

Martin Wine Cellar wants to demolish Uptown buildings
~Karen Gadbois, The Lens

Is there an auditor in the house? A Jefferson Parish political corruption scandal update. ~slabbed

CO City faces river levee repairs ~Ruth Heide

The Human Side of Disaster: New Book by Dr. Thomas Drabek ~SEMP

Archie Who?

Jazz Funeral for Chuck Perkins
~Jazz on the Tube
~Special Thanks, Citizen K

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Don't Want to Go Overboard With the Sympathy Thing
~Harry Shearer

ACORN gotcha-pimp among four arrested for attempting to tamper with Mary Landrieu's office phones~David Hammer
~Your Right Hand Thief Calls It: PIMPGATE ~Oh the world is a'Twitta Wit'It!

Fleur De-Lerious Who'dats!

Only a football game? Don't tell New Orleanians~Jarvis DeBerry

Joyful city unites around the New Orleans Saints: Dividers not welcome at the party
~Stephanie Grace

~I say no matter how I try... I realize there's no reply!

Poll shows New Orleans voters distracted by Super Bowl
~Paul Murphy

A quick look back at the Saints-Vikes: Most watched NFC Championship game in 3 decades ~slabbed

The Who Reveal Miami Set List ...sound like wankin'Yawners

Time for da'Punch!

EPA Administrator Lisa "Katrina Girl" Jackson says nitrogen dioxide rule will help poor communities

Navy blames "Katrina" for faulty welds on ships, forgets Army Engineers flooded New Orleans ~Jive Turkey Bruce Alpert

Levee De-certification Not a Corps Decision~Adam Lynch
~U.S. Army Corps of Engineers spokesman Kavanaugh Breazeale said yesterday that the Corps will not make the decision to either certify or de-certify local levees that protect the city of Jackson from a Pearl River flood. "The Corps evaluates the levees. They inspect them, but certification comes from FEMA. All we do is look at them and give them an evaluation, and they certify them," Breazeale said, responding to a blog post by Downtown Jackson Partner President Ben Allen that the Corps was potentially reneging on an agreement to delay the de-certification process.~Jackson Water Update

More broken promises from Corps of Engineers

Corps of Engineers taking construction bids for NSA data center in Utah
~The Corps of Engineers is supervising construction for the National Security Agency, which has refused to disclose the full purpose or function of the $1.7 billion center.

Citizens Insurance may have violated state law in '08, audit finds~Ed Anderson

Recovery School District's books are in better shape, but still flawed, audit finds~Sarah Carr

Space Station Views of Haiti
~Special Thanks Youz to fofalex

Doctors: Haiti medical situation shameful

FBI Investigates Faked Clementine Hunter Paintings
~Ruth Laney

~Paintings by renowned folk artist Clementine Hunter (1887-1988) have long been sought after by collectors.
Hunter, who could not read or write, began painting in her 50's after picking up discarded tubes of paint left behind at Melrose Plantation in Natchitoches, Louisiana, where she worked as a cook. Holding a canvas or board in her lap, Clementine (pronounced Clementeen) "marked" pictures of plantation scenes familiar to her—baptisms, weddings, cotton picking, nights at a juke joint. It is estimated she created about 5000 original works, which she at first sold for a dollar or less, but by the time she died at the age of 101, her paintings were commanding thousands of dollars when sold by dealers.
According to an FBI affidavit filed in federal court, there is probable cause to believe that the Toyes and New Orleans antiques dealer Robert Lucky Jr. "engaged in a conspiracy and a scheme to defraud several victims [in] Louisiana and in other states... [and] knowingly sold forgeries as original, authentic works of art by Clementine Hunter."

Thoughts on the Anniversary of the Passing of Cayne ~NOLAmotion
~Editilla Notellas~ We sorta missed this post as it dawns on us that Cayne left on 12th Night, January 6th? Wow. I am just a faceless person smitten by this wonderful woman outside Molly's one night during a Krewe du Vieux parade. That's all I'm saying.
I cannot describe my feelings about her death.
I cannot verbalize the rage and hatred that I have for her killers.
All I can say it this: If you ever meet someone like Cayne Miceli... never let them go without giving it your best to have them stay.

The Spirit Of New Orleans -Volume One
~Louisiana Music Factory

Monday, January 25, 2010


Holy Fucking Who'dats
Sitting On My Porch....
---With A Halas Trophy
~Cliff's Crib

Oyster has'em on da'Half Shell

Thank you ADRASTOS!
Another levee found packed with debris! Corps of Engineers Increasing Risk in Jeff. Parish!
~Boh Bros Contractors says Corps made them do it! Corps Fails Levee 101 Again!
OPP Scrambles!
What's in Your Levee?

Can we getta Witnaaass? 53 Comments thus far!
--How'bout an Independent Investigation?

~So much debris has been found in a second stretch of the Lake Pontchartrain levee in East Jefferson that the Army Corps of Engineers plans to replace the top 2½ feet of dirt on a section more than one mile long because it violates corps standards.
That means digging out another 20,000 cubic yards of dirt -- enough to fill about 1,400 dump trucks -- four times the amount already removed and replaced west of Williams.
~Editilla gotta ax~ Simple question: how much more of this unmitigated bull shit Failed Engineering Product Liability do we pay for before calling the cops or something?


Word has it the celebration in New Orleans is still on ~slabbed

Dr. John Named King of Krewe du Vieux 2010
~Like moths drawn to a flame, the fire- bugs, fire signs, fire hosers, fire drillers, fire truckers, firecrackers, gun- smokers, pot smokers, pot holers, potlickers, politickers, hot mamas, cinder fellas, and citronellas of the Krewe will burn the candle at both ends as they firewalk through the French Quarter and Faubourg Marigny on Saturday, January 30 at 6:30 PM.

The Siege of Troy~Clancy DuBos

What is the MTSRU?


Haiti’s Arts City Loses Much But Retains Vision ~KOSU

Corps Flood survivor Donald Bordelon, frequently featured on NPR, remembered

New Orleans Muse (a poem)
~Whose shoes are these anyway?

Author Laura Lippman talks about the job of writing
~Colette Bancroft

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
~Raven Grimaldi

Tom Morgan's book pulls back the veil of early jazz roots
~Cheré Coen

Galactic - Heart of Steel ~Verbicide

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dimanche~Saints Super Glory Bound!!!!

Hurricanes create new mortgage crisis~Kathrine Schmidt

NPR Now Hawking Insurance "Weather Derivatives"
~In more recent times, business owners used relatively simple financial products such as flood insurance to protect property from soaking rains. Now, they are turning to financial markets to give themselves a little more protection from Mother Nature. They are using so-called weather derivatives to reduce their weather-related losses. These were created by securities traders about 20 years ago. They are futures contracts and options that allow parties to effectively bet on the weather. On one side of the agreement, someone will profit if the weather is mild; on the other side, someone will gain if the weather is terrible.
~Editilla Oh Snaps~ A win/win coin toss? Riiiight!
Nobody Loses when they bet on the US Stock Market!

Schrödinger's City - Do Watcha Wanna~Last Magnolia

Second Line to the NFC Championship Game?
But of course!
~Alejandro de los Rios

Ladies and Men of Unity And The Lady Rollers Second Line Parade - START 11:45am~Red Cotton