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John Brunious
(October 12, 1940-February 12, 2008), Leader of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band will be honored with a Jazz funeral second line procession on Saturday, February 23rd at 1:00 pm. The Second Line will begin at Preservation Hall at 726 St. Peter Street, go right on Bourbon Street, left on Ursuline Street, onto Rampart Street where it will pass the former site of Lu & Charlie’s Nightclub, it will proceed down Rampart Street and left onto St.Philip Street, right on Royal Street, right on St.Louis Street, right onto Bourbon Street where it will also pass the Famous Door and the procession will end back at Preservation Hall.

Donations needed as Montanans head to New Orleans

Cops Helping Cops Rebuild New Orleans, One Home At A Time

FEMA agrees to test hurricane trailers for formaldehyde...brah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Fats Domino
80th Birthday
Randy Newman,
Dr. John,
Allen Toussaint
& more!

Arts Market
of New Orleans
Over 100 Artists
Plenty of Food
Live Music and KIDS!!!

10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Palmer Park,
S. Carrollton and S. Claiborne Aves
in Uptown.

Clinton comes to New Orleans

Obama's Senate Record~soupwiththefork


Mass Mobilization in Jefferson Parish?~We Could Be Famous

Alternative Media Expo Today!~Humid City

C. Ray Throws Public Tantrum: No One Surprised~Loki
Tide gathers, rises, ponders the value of'da Face.
Editilla could not agree more! C. Ray got soooo much Face too! Make it a Chocolate Pie too!
Oh'so Fun! Oh Fortuna!
Oh My! Is That A PIE!?!
It'be like baggin' rats in a pothole...or parking lot. When you check out the television interview, dig the double cheeks that our Goon'buele has picked up on his "Itenerate Adventures"? Excuse and Escatilate me! But...ain't them's some waddlin' JOWLS on dat'Bald Peckory? Whoa!
Get Outta Heah!

Not exactly crazy~Library Chronicles

Clarence Ray Nagin: a tenuous grope of reality~Ashley Morris

Editilla sorry we missed this one the first time but hey, great beotch-slaps are timeless.

Louisiana Former Politician Perkins Angry About Gay Sexual Education Contents (GayS.E.Cs)
...refuses to just suck it up

FEMA Site Shows Recovery Money

Exquixotic Corps of Engineers Works Hand and Fist With Butt Wright Patt to Break

Corps OKs clay sources for levees

®- get the dirt on geosynthetics
...just axsin'...

Larry Blumenfeld on New Orleans’ Refusal to Vanish

City Hall begins a rebuilding boom

New Orleans Projects Paint the Town Green~Preservation Nation

MS's Dearth of Domiciles

Faubourg Treme: The untold story of New Orleans


Friday, February 22, 2008


New Orleans: The Human Parts of the Equation~Damian Kulash

Coldcocked: Lee Zurik Looks at Mayor Nagin’s Leisure Time in Office and Nagin Says It’s Personal~Think New Orleans

Editilla cares little about where Baby Ray spends his Leisure Time...but to know when and where to deliver da'Pie. Come on, folks...ya'know ya'wanna, Let's Give Ray A Pie. Editilla knows another thing too...C. Ray'done kicked over da'wrooooong Nestful'O'Drunken Hornets!

Cold Cockers and Steven Colbert~Liprap's Lament

Old School Cold Cocking~Library Chronicles

From Cliff's Crib
, here is a rough rendering of who else spent their summer '07 "vacation" in New Orleans (and please make sure to fang over to read Cliff's latest installment of Sitting On My Porch Part VI) Viva la Mighty Nine't!
262,000 Residents based on the official population estimate.
5000 People who are living with someone else because they got kicked out of Texas.
2000 Crooked contractors staying in hotels; because when you steal money it’s not good to have an official address.
500 People staying in trailers that is supposed to be empty. They usually have bootleg electricity.
5000 People who are here everyday but swear up and down they live in Atlanta, Memphis, Dallas or Houston now and are not coming back.
20,000 Workers from Latin America. I don’t think anyone really knows where they all live but they are here.
5000 Family members of the workers from Latin America.
500 Thieves, pimps, prostitutes, scam artists, drug dealers, fugitives, hustlers, and anyone else that needs to hide in a city where everyone is dealing with so much that they can’t pay attention to people like them. If you believe the media this number should be 200,000.
If we take our base number and add all the sections of population they missed, we come to an even 300,000. Mayor Nagin has my permission to use this in the media to make his case if it means more resources.

Straight shooter among the libertines~James Gill

New Orleans - Part I~VideoVoice Collective

CiviCRM at NTEN in New Orleans .. (March 18th/19th)

Interview: "The Axe in the Attic" Filmmakers Ed Pincus & Lucia Small

Toxic Katrina Trailers. Never Again.~Daily Kos

Roads & Transit an imperative investment in public infrastructure~Petuniajrn

IPS students earn credit and help Katrina survivors

Buffett’s Horse Wins In New Orleans

Spooky... from Katrina to Heath

The night my music died~The Bean Bag

Editor knows not the whys nor wherefores of multilevel sociocultural network aggregate adhesion. It was all supposed to just be only so much math...simple information theory...heartless equations...easy, like hunting with a pack of blind hounds, merely go and ask the Great Google...
...Got any news? Yeah...go fish.

New Orleans seems at heart of Davies’ CD

Kevin Naquin's new CD changes with the times

Chris Rose~The 60-Second Interview: Paul Cebar


Thursday, February 21, 2008


Thank you New Orleans Daily Photo
Fouder of Barnes & Noble pledges $20 million gift planned for Gentilly

NY developer, city to discuss plans for Gentilly mall

N.O. homeless plan changes direction

N.O. City Hall creates pool of 50 firms for recovery work

Recovery schools say they're owed millions

Jindal's Louisiana Legislative Session On Steroids~Bayou Buzz

Report: FEMA misdirected $13M in disaster relief~"A few million here...a few million there...
...pretty soon we're talking real dead people, eh?"
~Invector General

Here is one of the ways FEMA set-up the tax-payers to fail before the flood.

After covering up the toxic poisionings of 1000s of tax-payers in FEMA trailers, CDC issues praise for West Virginia's response to Hurricane Katrina victims
That is the problem with Disaster Capitalists and our Center for Disease Control lying to, decieving the American public on these FEMA trailers. How do we believe anything they say about anything now? Shit in one hand half a dozen in the other, and given the CDC's current lobby associations within the Distaster Response Industry, we can now expect around 80% innaccuracy and 20% down right spin-lying public relations?
"S&C’s media training course sent huge ripples of understanding and enlightenment through our ranks. How these professionals can transform masters of techno-babble into credible spokespersons so quickly and smoothly is an amazing thing to behold.”— Kevin Quinn, Chief Public Affairs Office, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

You all may not know that Editilla has been woikin'ta get a Woman elected God for eva, but would have settled for President of the United States...tho'noooot this time...soooo barring that, I can rest assured that Golden Goddess keeps an Eye on the rebuilding our levees and on the Exquixotic Corps of Engineers and will not stop, in the form of and the glare of its founder Sandy Rosenthal.
Thank you Babe Rockin Activist Lady! (B.R.A.L!:)
We need you more than eva!

February 20, 2008

A federal judge has determined that the US Army Corps of Engineers "squandered millions of dollars in building a levee system ... which was known to be inadequate by the Corps' own calculations."
But an 80-year old law tied Federal District Judge Stanwood Duval's hands and compelled him to release the Corps of Engineers from all financial liability for their shoddy workmanship. Says Duval, the law created an environment where "gross incompetence receives the same treatment as a simple mistake."

This is insane.

Click this link and demand the 8/29 Investigation Act today!

Judge Duval in the final page of his statement says "…It is not within this Court's power to address the wrongs committed. It is hopefully within the citizens of the United States' power to address the failures of our laws and agencies. If not, it is certain that another tragedy such as this will occur again…"

The 8/29 Investigation Act is the way for the citizens to exercise their power!

Demand the 8/29 Investigation Act!

Demand an unbiased thorough analysis of the flood protection failures that nearly obliterated a great American city and its suburbs.
Hold the Corps Accountable! Demand the 8/29 Investigation Act!
Even if you have already sent a letter, send another! It takes one minute!

Thank you,
Sandy Rosenthal
Founder, Levees.Org
Click here for New York Times story on Judge Duval's ruling.

"By the time we thought 'That Could Never Happen Here' it already had!"~80 yr old Lithuanian doctor just before the Nazis separated his family for ever and tattooed a number on his forearm.

FEMA says formaldehyde conclusions are not true--Whoaaaaa??? Hey, it works for the President? Just...tell 'em it's not true. Tell em' that's just rain trickling down their leg and they'll believe it every time...those drugged stupid & clueless American tax-payers.

MS Coast lawmakers, former allies begin to question Gov. Barbour's Slight of Hand Double-Dealing Whoop-Whoop-
Eeeeyuk'yuk'yuk Face Slapping Eye-jabbing Knuckle-nosing them with the State's Hurricane Recovery Funds

State Insurance Report outlines problems for 'Citizens' after hurricane

ATMIA Conference 2008 opens in New Orleans

Oracle RMAN Pocket Reference~Data Recovery~"As profession continues to embellish more whole to joint dealings at every take of the organization, the employ of IT has swollen to embellish nearly all-encompassing. These days, its arduous to encounter corners of a consort that profession does not touch. As a result, the requirement to organisation for possibleness disruptions to profession services has accumulated exponentially."
(...just to let y'all know that Editilla never makes this stuff up:)

The 9th Annual National Invasive Weed Awareness Week (NIWAW) Reminds Us to Spread the Word, not the Weeds

Large marijuana farm in Abita house seized, Big DOH!

The Kaiser Chiefs Rock Brit Awards and New Orleans Anthem~Karen Dalton-Beninato

Jazzy Joint: $15M Music Hall of Fame to retune Rampart


Book Reviews~Latest from Chasing Ray and Bookslut

Camera Found in New Orleans~Found Cameras & Orphaned Pictures

Wednesday, February 20, 2008



NO haiku
Tree of Life


Tombstone Tree Moon River, Homeland Security by Dawn Dedeaux

Hunter S Thompson and me~Ashley Morris

Day 906: Look! In The Sky! It’s Falling And There’s No Light!~Maitri's VatulBlog

Thank you American Artist

Letter from the League of Women Voters on Ethics Package, State Mayoral Conference and more 'Heads-Ups' from da'Bayou Buzz

New Orleans Area Events: Week of February 20~Touching tribute to the recent passing of Verita Thompson by Margarita Bergen

Jambalaya, Where Oh Where Oh?

Anti-Feminist Bingo II & Men Harass a Mannequin~NOLA radfem

Random New Orleaniana
~Metroblogging New Orleans

Experts Say Perfect Storm For Drug Abuse In New Orleans

Young 9/11 victims rebuild New Orleans

Children of 2001 terrorist attack volunteer in New Orleans

Spirituality and Older, Black, Hurricane Katrina Survivors~Hospice & Nursing Homes Blog

Another look at the victims of Hurricane Katrina
Data: Most Hurricane Katrina victims were not black

How Qatar Helped Katrina Survivors

Tax Exemption for Housing Hurricane Katrina Survivor

More Promotions at FEMA Coming Up on Friday!~ViceZilla

Allstate reinstates policies stopped after Katrina

OK, Editilla (no relation to ViceZilla:) wants to lay out just a few of the opening ledes from around the country, concerning the recent US Supreme Smack Down of Flood Damage Lawsuits Against Travelers and Allstate Insurance for lack of payment.

We of course hung this vital story onto the Ladder the minute it appeared yesterday, but in the past 24 hours have watched it morph and spread across the Web like a Borg Virus. So, we started with the initial AP article and then try to keep to individually published pieces from across the country to give our gentle readers a broader perspective of the beginning of this next propaganda smash victory for the forces of darkness, your Federal Government. We will continue to post as new articles come onto the Web.
The reason for this is that there are at this hour on the web nearly 50 different articles on this Abortion of Justice with nearly 80% of those articles off of the same single AP, posted and reposted. Get the picture? It happened this way when Judge Duval bent over and assumed the position in the last Levee Breach Case. That story generated, within days, at last count over 275 articles with nearly the same AP story and headline: "New Orleans Loses Levee Case", "Court Rules Against New Orleans".
Editilla has grown weary of hearing that shit.
Why the media view of this scene matters to me can best be explained in
Richard Marcus' excellent review of "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism" by Naomi Klein....(or read the forking book, but Mr. Marcus does cover other ground)...or in the court's opinion: “even if the plantiffs can prove that the levees were negligently designed, constructed or maintained and that the breaches were due to this negligence, the flood exclusions in the plaintiffs' policies unambiguously preclude their recovery.” ...or the implied "even when the US Army Corps of Engineers confesssed to criminally negligent homicide."
We just cannot let them get away with this. Can we? Doesn't this matter in the rebuilding of those levees? The relocation of this city? Does this matter to the homeowners who paid their insurance premiums for the past 50 years while being reassured by the US Corps of Engineers that the levees were sound? And now after it all broke apart the Corps is off the hook for admitting their failures, even rewarded with more contracts, and the insurance company doesn't have to pay their policy, and in fact racked up record profits? And now the FEMA-approved contractor has skipped town with half of their road home money? Does it matter that these people have no one to call? No court of redress? WTF?
If you checked your stat counters then you will see that I may have passed your way looking for posts on this amoungst the nola blog'reamery. If missed and you want to be on the Ladder then please email from profile.
Editilla will find you eventually.
The New Orleans News Ladder is read all over the world and we appreciate it the input.
8/29 Commission Investigation!
8/29 Commission Investigation!
8/29 Commission Investigation!

Here we go...wheeeee!
Supreme Court rejects Katrina victims' flood insurance case~Shreveport Times

U.S. Supreme Court Declines New Orleans Levee Flood Damages Case~Insurance Journal Texas South Central News

High Court Rejects Katrina Appeals~Hartford Courant

U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear Katrina insurance lawsuits~T. Picayune

High Court Rejects Katrina Victims' Appeals~Christian Broadcasting Network

U.S. Supreme Court Will Not Hear Xavier U.'s Hurricane Katrina Case~Chronicles for Higher Education News Blog

Supreme Court won’t hear Katrina levees case~Business Insurance

Supreme Court Rejects Hurricane Katrina
Appeal~RTTNews Global Financial Newswires

What is wrong with this picture?~Redeye Left in Alabama

Riddle me this!~Tin Can Trailer Trash

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


On The Cost of War, Or, Do You Know What We Could Have Bought?~Washblog ~"In the wake of Katrina, the Army Corps of Engineers is spending about $25 million to build a mile of levee. Instead of flooding Iraq with US troops, we could have bought 96,000 miles of flood control. (If we built just a bit less we could afford $50 billion to build each of 250,000 Louisiana residents a $150,000 house…and $50,000 worth of stuff to go in it.)"

Katrina Death Toll Back Up to 1,375~Ssvhesperphilomena's Weblog

US Supreme Court rejects Katrina victims' flood insurance case

More dead flowers: From Florida to New York--With Love, Big Insurance~A.M. in the Morning

Editorial: Can FEMA be trusted on trailers?

This editor would sooner face a cannibal in a gumbo cook-off, but instead trusts that We the People question whether FEMA is actually legally shielded from criminal liability by the same Flood Control Act that offered such Coward's Refuge to the US Army Corps of Engineers after their admitted negligent homicide?

N.O. jailhouse demolitions begin
~FEMA will pay for one-to-one housing replacement, supports 'right of return' for inmates,
Do Not Pass MRGO & Do Not Collect $200

Taco Legislators, Louisiana Style~Jeff Crouere

Gov Jindal Must Lead By Example,
but something has happened on the way to the end of the legislative session.~Stephen Sabludowski

Two men arrested in heroin case related to student overdose

Hackers or Crackers at Think New Orleans BarCamp...or, is the show really over when the Fat Lady sings?...or, who ya'gonna call when
The Well runs dry?...or how to avoid those 'outsized notions of what is possibile' in disaster survival?

Leo, AD and the Expo in GAMBIT

How the Spooks Took over the News

New Orleans hospital adds 10 beds for mentally ill

Sen. Clinton to speak at N.O. symposium

4 NoLA Women Talk New Orleans~casa de Charlotte della luna

OU law students spend winter break in New Orleans doing pro bono work

Jefferson Davis' Beauvior, "Southern Shrine", to reopen

New Orleans Levee Disappears? Not scene since Thanksgiving last year!
Editilla stumbl'in, wonder'in, jonz'in...

Martha Stewart to buy Emeril assets for $50M

New Orleans Real Estate - Top 10 Most Expensive Homes~Darryl Glade

Tank Says He's The Victim of Police Brutality In New Orleans...ummm, OK...Tank?

Nickel-A-Dance to return in March, to new venue

New Orleans scene is gaining momentum~Jeff Albert

Two Tributes to Keith Moore, King of Ambient

Sonny Rollins, Part 1~JazzWax

WWOZ Archives Go To Library of Congress~Home of the Groove


Sunday, February 17, 2008


Yat'Cuisine: New Orleans BBQ Shrimp~Yat'Pundit
Editilla ponda's and wonda's 'bout where'yat pundits sending a few cases of this holy manna to the flood survivors in Illinois?

Flood recovery brings uneasy mood to Watseka, IL~Michael "Brownie" Brown, nick-name patsy, panty-faced Bush fund-raising punk, inveterate suck-up and board member of Cotton Companies, a disaster preparation and recovery vulture capitalists subsidiary of CHARYS HOLDING CO, formerly: HIGH COUNTRY VENTURES INC, formerly: SPIDERBOY INTERNATIONAL INC, was this administration's FEMA director during the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe, and said people should always have essentials, like food, water, prescription medications and cash on hand. "The message that I have taken personally from Katrina is to get people to realize that it starts in your home first,'' he said, forgetting to mention, "and also most importantly, 1st confirm and solidify your dinner reservations at the finer restaurants asap-stat, before the storm evacuees get in the way and clog up the roads running for their harried little little lives."
The denial of federal assistance for Watseka, IL, Brown said, is evidence of why individuals have to be prepared
regardless of what the government is doing. "I think the country would be better off if we spent more money preparing local and state governments, if we did a better job preparing for more disasters more efficiently,'' he said.
If he only had a brain, a heart, courage or at least a little mascot of his own, Brown could not have made himself sound more self-serving, ludicrous and, well, freakish had he gone on to add: "Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Levees!"

Watseka, IL fights agai
nst floods, FEMA

Death By FEMA All Over Again~We Could Be Famous

FEMA Announces They Won't Use Trailers~In several Tennessee counties, the road to recovery has hit rush-hour.
Katrina Families, Dead Flowers, and Big Insurance~A.M. in the Morning

Rapid sinking of Mississippi Delta only skin deep: study

Asterisk is Out of this World!

I don’t like this~Suspect Device

NOLA, Hoops, and All That Jazz~After the Deluge

Neville Brothers, the Funky Meters, the Derek Trucks Band, and Robert Earl Keen to Perform at Alexandria’s Annual Que’ in on the Red~CenLamar
Look out New Orleans! Alexandria ain't nuttin'but FUNKIN'IT UP!:-}

Sun Ra Does Disney~Toulouse Street


Let a little hydrangea be planted in New Orleans~Irene Virag

What would you choose between...CHOWHOUND