Friday, May 27, 2011

Hurricane Katrina levee breach sites floated for National Register of Historic Places ~Bruce Eggler
~The Industrial Canal breach site was photographed Sept. 15, 2005.
~Also~Online support sought to gain historic levee label

Midwest weather emergencies, Hurricane Katrina and the ‘blame game’~Green Heritage News

Save on hurricane supplies this weekend

National Guard general, Katrina hero, retires

Morganza Floodway flow reduced further; train trestle still broken
~Morgan City businesses fight flooding
~Corps closes three Morganza Spillway bays

Satellite Images Show Extent of Mississippi River Sediment~USGS
~Satellite images show large amounts of sediment throughout coastal Louisiana as a result of flooding on the Mississippi River, according to recent U.S. Geological Survey and NASA data.

Senator Wicker introduces a Senate version of NFIP reauthorization and enters the special interest briar patch ~Slabbed

State lawmakers throw oil-spill tax break in ‘bone pile’~Jeremy Alford

Scientists now questioning theory of [oil spill-eating] super microbes ~Disenfranchised Citizen~Also~Misgivings about Macondo Methane Microbes~Nola Defender

A Bucket of Bravado

Mayor Landrieu stands by NOPD chief Slurpy

Lens’ Gert Town investigation draws IG attention; city review met with resistance~Jessica Williams

~Hat Tweet @ Jarvis DeBerry TP~RT : Kelly Harris reads Michael Jackson 2nd line poem on WWNO's The Reading Life: / Check out my wife!

Summer saltwater fishing guide for southeast Louisiana~Bob Marshall

1390 pounds of garbage removed from Bayou Chico

NOLA Brewing to open canning line

Opa! ~Blackened Out

Thursday, May 26, 2011 Requests Input for Nomination of Levee Breach Sites to the National Register of Historic Places

VIDEO: Northshore tornado rips through St. Tammany and Council Vice President Fielkow to announce status of breach sites' National Register of Historic Places today
~WHERE: Steps of City Hall,
1300 Perdido Street, New Orleans

WHEN: Today at 4pm

~a short press conference to announce several updates regarding’s nomination of two major levee breach sites - the 17th Street Canal and the Industrial Canal (east side north) – to the prestigious National Register of Historic Places. Last week, before a crowd of over 100 people, unveiled a Louisiana State Historic Plaque near ground zero of the London Avenue Canal breach site in the Gentilly.

‘The Big Uneasy’, review
~Amy R. Handler, Yank Forum

~Though some critics have indicated that Shearer’s film is too academic in its use of talking heads and a bit too passive in certain areas that deserve aggression, “The Big Uneasy” is a far-reaching documentary of supreme historical value, asking important questions about federal and other decisionmakers. Furthermore, Shearer’s choice to remain the quiet but steady representative everyman makes “The Big Uneasy” all the more powerful. It also drives home some very disturbing and provocative issues that must be addressed so similar events never happen again.
~Editilla Hell'yellas~ Well? What? Some of our best friends are Yankees!

Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday

Corps of Engineers Talks Dutch Uncle ~NOLA DEFENDER

Corps considers plan to replace blown section of Birds Point levee with gates
~Editilla Ah'wellas~ NEW BIG GATES! OH BOY! Natural disaster now seems to be a very convenient truth, as regards Man-made disasters and Corps of Engineers ability to PR their way out of the inconvenient truths laid bare by them. Do they actually build to fail? It does seem that with every growing flooding problem the Corps gets another erection and a brand new pair of shoes.
When will We The People become the ones to ask of the Corps: "Hey, C-Man! Wanna bet I can tell you where you got dem shoes," instead of it always being the other way around?

Reshaping the Mississippi for a warmer future

River crest rolls out to sea but danger remains ~WWL

Morganza study will finish on time

~Satellite photos pinpoint devastation of Joplin~The image on the left shows where the tornado ripped through Joplin and left the six-block scar across the city - and on the right was the Missouri city as it was before the tragedy

Tornado Dog Crawls Home On Broken Legs Almost 3 Weeks After Deadly Alabama Storm (VIDEO)
~Hat Tweet @humidhaney

Registration Information: June 10 Coastal Wetlands Forum
~Watershed NOLA

Defendants in oil spill litigation want claims for economic damage to be dismissed

Elmer's Island to reopen for first time since BP Oil Spill

~Get Down! Get Back Up Again! ~Defend New Orleans

Silence is Violence calls on Mayor Landrieu to fire NOPD chief Ronal Serpas~Also~Shining a light: One month’s NOPD disciplinary proceedings

Sheriff draws attention to unspent money for city building projects in fund he controls~Matt Davis, The Lens

~Hat Tweet @ New Orleans Levee~Mark St. Pierre's "Wait, bribing public officials is ILLEGAL?" defense flops with jurors, who also convict him of "Being a Dumbass"

DHH Suspends License of New Orleans Abortion Clinic ~Hat Tweet @The_Gambit

~Hat Tweet @~I'm at Audubon Charter School for a meeting about lead in soil at their temporary campus. Packed room. Live coverage:

Lets welcome Toyota USA to Slabbed as we examine the budding 2006 Highlander Hybrid Scandal: Unsafe at any speed.

Point 8 NOLA discussion forum on Historic Renovations in Today's Economy - Fair or Fairytale?
~Humid Beings

Iron Rail to reopen in French Quarter ~Alex Woodward, Gambit

~Special thanks to
Humid Beings!
~Editilla Crowtellas~ MY NEW OLD HOUSE IN IN THIS VIDEO! AW'DAT! @1:20 Please watch at full screen. This is a very beautiful piece of work.

~Hat Tweet @~Check it out y'all!
T : We showed you to shuck ''s how you grill 'em:

Short Order Reviews~Blackened Out

More benefits for Chef Nathanial Zimet

New Orleans Wine and Food Experience Tasting/Royal Street Stroll

Zydeco Night with Brian Jack tonight @Rock'N'Bowl 8:30pm!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Interactive Storm Surge Map Shows Potential Risks
~With the official June 1 start of hurricane season approaching, the National Hurricane Center has released an interactive map aimed at providing a view of the maximum potential storm surge from hurricanes.
~Editilla Notellas~ We also use the State's WAVCIS~Wave, Current, Surge Information System for Coastal Louisiana

How strange that a blog named Slabbed has not yet commented on the number of Slabs created by tornadoes this year

Warmer Ocean Fueling Tornadoes
~Julia Whitney, Mother Jones

Morganza Floodway flow under- estimated; several bays closed to adapt

Swollen, surging Mississippi River damage to levees must be repaired quickly, official says
~Very very cool photos from the Times-Picayune
~Flood’s effect on crawfish good, bad
~Water may send critters closer to people
~Nat. Guard soldiers train from air, by land to help during floods
~Many in water's path uninsured for flooding~Tri Parish Times
~Emergency order bans levee access; local parishes ask citizens to use common sense
~Mitch Landrieu announces creation of 'NOLA Pay It Forward' fund for flooding victims

Drought hits local crop and could target roads

Law Enforcement District to meet to consider loan, other items of interest to sheriff~Matt Davis, The Lens

BREAKING: Mark St Pierre went after area blogger after St Pierre’s shithouse deals with Meffert and the sex yacht broke on American Zombie ~Slabbed

Freedom of speech: Should the identity of online commenters be shielded?
~Kandace Graves, Gambit

'Before I Die' wall draws responses

Did you ever get the feeling…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

The Mississippi River and Oil Pollution
~Save Our Gulf

Poor shrimp season means BP oil spill claims offices should stay open, Jefferson Parish officials say

Louisiana to Crown a New Seafood Cook-Off King

Cochon 555 rolls into New Orleans for New Orleans Wine & Food Experience

Spring Asparagus and Bacon Hash
~Serious Eats

Winesday~Blackened Out

Local wine pros pick NOWFE’s top wine dinners~Colleen Rush

Voice of the Wetlands Allstars
~Bob Edwards Weekend

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 and Council Vice President Fielkow to announce breach sites' National Register of Historic Places status
WHO: and Arnie Fielkow,
New Orleans City Council Vice President
WHAT: Press Conference
WHERE: Steps of City Hall, 1300 Perdido Street, New Orleans, LA 70112
WHEN: Thursday May 26 at 4pm and Council Vice President Arnie Fielkow of New Orleans will hold a short press conference to announce several updates regarding’s nomination of two major levee breach sites - the 17th Street Canal and the Industrial Canal (east side north) – to the prestigious National Register of Historic Places.

Confirmed to attend is City Councilmember Jon Johnson for District E, Scott Hutcheson, Advisor in Cultural Economy to the Mayor of New Orleans (who will speak on behalf of the Mayor) , and Charles Allen, III, director of the New Orleans Office of Coastal and Environmental Affairs. Last August, with the Lower Ninth Ward as backdrop, first announced that the Louisiana State Office of Historic Preservation had determined that it believed that two levee breach sites may be eligible for inclusion on the National Register.

Last week, before a crowd of over 100 people, unveiled a Louisiana State Historic Plaque near ground zero of the London Avenue Canal breach site in the Gentilly neighborhood of New Orleans.
'The face of Hell': Lafayette High graduate survives Joplin cataclysm
~NWS Springfield has rated the Joplin tornado an EF-4

For reeling Joplin, Missouri, possible 2nd punch looms

all the love i have~the hungry termite

Boucherie chef shot in robbery attempt had just pulled an all-nighter to prepare food for festival

Pizza Delicious: 20% of sales & all tips from Thurs & Sunday going to help our friend, Nathanial Zimet's recovery

How you can help Nathanial Zimet ~Gambit

NOPD Releases Interactive Crime Map

The case for effective flood control ~Monroe News Star
~Also~Mandatory evacuation order lifted
~Coast Guard OKs northbound river traffic

~River traffic reopens southbound in Baton Rouge
~Company says Bonnet Carre rail bridge may be back in service by Thursday
~Ready for 75,000 cfs? Bismarck braces for bigger MO River

Massive surge gate is installed across Lake Borgne marshes

Brown shrimp season starts with a whimper ~Disenfranchised Citizen

Gulf seafood still a concern for shoppers

2nd Louisiana Oyster Festival in the French Quarter June 4-5

Behind the Veil: UMC backers move into damage control mode

Coroner Frank Minyard isn't serving New Orleans well~Jarvis DeBerry

Do not touch the children: A Grand Isle Pedophilia Coverup Scandal Update ~Slabbed

Rapture day balloon release in New Orleans was a bit confusing, and a little sad~Doug MacCash

Nola Rise

Kraken Rum – Lovecraft in a Bottle

Someone's in the Kitchen with Rhonda
~Blackened Out

~Retweet @~The boys from Blackened Out share their tips on NOWFE.

Andy Cook introduces you to some of the young farmers who are growing your food

Blues Beat, Ogden Photography Exhibit Spotlights Miss. Roadhouses
For the exhibition Juke Joint, now at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Mississippi photographer Birney Imes found himself roaming around these forgotten communities, stopping to visit at the roadside bars and lounges where people gathered.

Monday, May 23, 2011 Unveils Second Historic Plaque at London Avenue Canal Breach
~Community members of Gentilly participated in the unveiling this auspicious artifact, a gift from the supporters of, which cost $1740.
Irvin Mayfield offered a contribution of $1000 toward to the Plaque.
Anyone wishing to contribute to future Historical Plaques (as have I) can go here.
~Hat Tweet ~Slide show of London Avenue Canal Historic Plaque Unveiling at levee breach site in New Orleans

‘The Big Uneasy’
~review by Amy Handler

Deadliest U.S. tornado since 1953 rips through Joplin, Missouri, killing 116
~Via Wunderblog~Satellite image taken at 5:45pm CDT May 22, 2011, when the Joplin, Missouri tornado was occurring. Image credit: NASA/GSFC.

Warnings pale in season of violent twisters

Get storm supplies tax free Saturday and Sunday

Watching the Mississippi River
~Terri Troncale

~Also~River partially reopened in BR
~Crews check levees closely in BR
~Coast Guard reviewing barge salvage plan for river
~Preparations continue across the Atchafalaya as outlook improves
~As diverted Mississippi River water fills the Atchafalaya Basin, only a few holdouts remain in town

~Railroad over Bonnet Carre Spillway closed due to debris

Think Global, Act Local, American Style
~The Slack Wire

~the free-market solution to climate change

Chef of popular Uptown-area restaurant shot during apparent armed robbery attempt

Beer Tasting for Chef Nathanial Zimet
~The Beer Buddha

Lawmakers strip $900 million from proposed NO hospital

Gambit's 2nd Annual Best of New Orleans Web Awards (2011)

SAVEPBS Concert: The Throwdown
~Humid Beings

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Property owners in the path of Mississippi River flooding are taking out mortgages to beat the 30-day waiting period on insurance
~Also~Boats soaking up flood data
~Legendary disaster invites comparisons to now, but differences abound between 1927 and today.
~Flooding fears recede for residents in Morganza Floodway
~Mandatory evacuation back on for Butte LaRose

New Orleans eyes flood-swollen Mississippi warily~Rick Jervis

~What a blessing this boy turned out to be, eh? Happy 70th Birthday Bob Dylan!

Reviewing a claim is not paying a claim
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Artificial Reef Enhancement Fund targeted for pilfering by Jindal administration ~Bob Marshall

Greasing the Skids

1,000 expected for 'vacant properties' conference in New Orleans next year

Appalling conditions at New Orleans coroner's office reveal a crude, understaffed operation~Laura Maggi

Its every lawyer for themselves: St Pierre trial exposes ugly underbelly of the Mississippi corporate bar ~Slabbed

St. Charles streetcar track renovation comes to screeching halt

Saints sell out Superdome for sixth straight season

Do rail cars actually "screech"?
~Library Chronicles

~Special thanks to wallyg fo'dat fine Street Car photograph!

the rapture~hungry termite

CSICon 2011 coming to New Orleans at Halloween

No Baloney On My Boat!

Second line Sunday: 34th annual Money Wasters Parade
~Big Red Cotton, Gambit

Don Marshall On New Orleans & Its Music Today

Berklee Students Help Build Affordable Housing in New Orleans