Friday, February 14, 2014

Former mayor Morial fires back at Nagin over ‘Batphone’ ~New Orleans Advocate
~Morial, now president of the National Urban League, said the phone was designed to stay active even when power and regular phone service went down. Nagin’s on-the-stand joke, Morial said, “got under my skin because Katrina was nothing to play around with. The way he handled it — (President George W.) Bush and (Gov. Kathleen) Blanco, too — made New Orleans the laughingstock of the country.” Had Nagin picked up the phone instead of ridiculing it, Morial added, “he might have learned something.”

Corps of Engineers questions Louisiana's plans for rebuilding its coast ~John Snell, WVUE

BP Deepwater Horizon spill oil causes heart damage that can kill tuna, new study finds ~Mark Schleifstein

BP to provide treatment, compensation for residents, clean-up workers ~WWLTV

Crime surveillance alive and well despite city's dead crime camera system ~Katie Moore

When was Carnival’s golden age? Take a look around — we’re living in it ~C. W. Cannon, The Lens 

Introducing: NOLAbeings ~NolaVie