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Thank you Terrebonne Levee & Conservation District.
Panel asks whether Morganza neglects to apply post-Katrina lessons ~Houma Courier
~Morganza Action Committee
~Voice of the Wetlands
~Save Our Wetlands

Everywhere you want to be
~Editilla d'Aphasia

Ethics finding to be public after all ~Mark Schleifstein
~Be They As Rats On A Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch?
~Editilla Crowillas~
This I call Fly'Smackin da'Spinfiltraitas! As in,
"He Dude! Your Fly is Open...SSSMMACK!!!"
"As president of the American Society of Civil Engineers, I have publicly stated ASCE's intention to release the findings of the Committee on Professional Conduct's ethics inquiry into allegations made by Prof. Seed. That position has never changed."
~Big Ace ASCE President Daniel Mongan
*He did not say when the investigation would be completed or the findings would be announced.

And yer oh'so humble Editilla ain't'sayin this has aaanyt'ing to do with biting ASCE on
Its Bovine Ass like Our Beloved Catahoulah,
--Not Letting Go until The Bull Comes to Heel? Naaaaah~HA!!!
But Oh Our Dogs Do Hunt, eh?
Ace Reporters Schleifstein and Grissett deserve Editillero Awards fo'doggin these bastads, makin'em cry Uncle'Daddy to'da Corps!
The Catahoula temperament is not well suited for everyone; these dogs are very protective of their territory and family, but are kind and gentle toward other dogs when on neutral ground.
Corps to add levee seepage protection ~Sheila Grissett

Corps to tear up, replace N.O. levee paths ~Just as residents may be gearing up to increase their walking and biking, some fear the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers may be tearing up some of the popular bike paths atop the levees in Orleans and Jefferson parishes.

Good Dog, Bad Dog, Watchdog
~Jeff Crouere

Like...buckin’ fuzzards,
State Farm Is There ~slabbed

NOLA radfem, Burning Time

Global Green Joins with Recovery School District and Neighborhood

How to Bring Innovative Ideas To a Machine-Politics State ~David Feith~Manhattan Institute Think'tankers Spinfiltrate New Orleans...
Steals State Bird for Own Image.

Your Ticket to Calamity, Lunch Included
~The dress code for visitors: no shorts, no sandals. Geiger counter mandatory. The destination: Chernobyl

Carnival abandons New Orleans -- at least for now

Distillery Tour:
Old New Orleans Rum ~rumdood

Wire creator David Simon chooses 'dream Treme' for new HBO drama

Here in New Orleans, it's two, maybe three degrees of separation ~Angus Lind

The 60-second interview with Rev. Run~Chris Rose

The Debut Release from the Wee Trio! National Tour Announced! ~all about Jazz

Friday, August 8, 2008


Georgia 'under attack' as Russian tanks roll toward Ossetia

Georgia's president said Friday that his country is under attack by Russian tanks and warplanes, and he accused Russia of targeting civilians as tensions over the breakaway Georgian region of South Ossetia appeared to boil over into full-blown conflict.

Putin Says `War Has Started,' Georgia Claims Invasion

"McCommunism" The Olympics: Unveiling Police State 2.0 ~Naomi Klein

Searching for Democracy Twenty Years On ~August 8, 1988, also known as
“the day of four eights [8.8.88],” when a nationwide pro-democracy uprising broke out across the country, was a major turning point in Burma's political history.
An estimated 3,000 protestors were killed on the streets, shot by the security forces to quell the nationwide outcry.

8888 Poem..”Peace and justice are indivisible” ~Burma Sitmone
Twenty Years ago..
The day and date were known among Burmese as 8888!

A Blast of Beijing Air

Today is 08-08-08
~Your Right Hand Thief

Didja know? Craps was "invented" in New Orleans, and Poker was brought to America through the Crescent City.

Mayor blames Lee Zurik for ...'everything'
~The New Orleans Levee

Brees, Saints go marching past Cardinals

ESPN: Breaking News
- Cardinals Score 10 !!!!
~Our New Orleans Saints

A note from the Breach
Dear Blogger friends:
We wish to comment on this article today in the
Times Picayune

Our response:

Angry over excessive delays by an internal ethics panel conducted by the American Society of Civil Engineers, we took matters into our own hands, and sent a direct set of questions to the elite group whose first Fundamental Canon of Ethics is to uphold the safety and welfare of the public.

Just 27 minutes after sending our list, we were issued a tersely worded note essentially saying "we don't have to and we won't."

Responses like this from ASCE are becoming a pattern. This is not the first time ASCE has reacted with sulking non-reactions. Last summer, ASCE admitted an egregious error in a press release accompanying their long awaited External Review of the corps-sponsored levee investigation after Katrina, but the society refused to issue a retraction. And last October, the ASCE threatened to sue and a bunch of high school kids over an adorable satire we produced together that spoofed the very same thing the ASCE ethics panel is reviewing this very moment.

This unresponsiveness is alarming in light of the publicly stated mission of ASCE, to provide essential value to its members and their careers; to its partners and to the public. I hope that you blog on these events!

Thank you all,
Sandy Rosenthal~Founder/Director,

~Eitilla no'tellas as wella~
Don't miss...
The Katrina Myth: the truth about a thoroughly unnatural disaster
~Gala Premiers of 10-minute documentary
~Rising Tide 3 Conference~August 22-24
Thu Aug 28, 2008~ Gala Premier & Partay!
Touro Synagogue,
6:30 pm, 4238 St. Charles Avenue, uptown New Orleans.

Louisiana given 30 years to pay to raise levees
~Mark Schleifstein

Is the Army Corps of Engineers undermining the Clean Water Act?~Scientists and Engineers for America

New Orleans Recovery and Google Street View
~James Fee GIS Blog

New Orleans Musicians Unite: Obama and McCain Flee from YouTube; Landrieu Goes to the Mat ~Georgianne Nienaber

Hurricane Obama vears away from New Orleans!~dakinikat

Meet Me In The Bottom
~Citizen K

Now This Baby is the Entire Slab of Beef~slabbed

Maverick Words~Click to enlarge~
~Da'Masqued E'vinga Strikes a Pen!

Cloud Computing:
Small Companies Take Flight
~Rachael King

School fair is Saturday in N.O.

A behind the scenes look at living the story

New Orleans Diary Xll: Sultry Summertime ~Independent Ear

Lynyrd Skynyrd to begin tour Friday in New Orleans

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Rising Tide 3 Conference Schedule!
~Editilla Schiiiin'shillas~
Marée croissante longtemps de phase trois!

This just in from Rising Tide will also Provide Venue to Premier their new Documentary, a week before's own Gala Premier & Partay!
Yes! We Can! Do Hang Together
When the Saints Come Marching In!

The Katrina Myth: the truth about a thoroughly unnatural disaster's own Gala Premier:
What: Pre-show Party and Documentary Premier of "The Katrina Myth: the truth about a thoroughly unnatural disaster"
Where: Touro Synagogue, 4238 St. Charles Avenue, uptown New Orleans
When: Thu Aug 28, 2008
~6:30 Cocktails & hors d'oeuvres while enjoying live jazz band "Some Like It Hot"
~7:30 - 8:30 Presentation, premier of 10-minute documentary and after-show discussion
Free and open to the public!
~Editilla no'tellas~
This news is still a bit wet, even tacky, so keep da'good finger pointed to Rising Tide 3 and for updates!

Academy Award Winner Richard Dreyfuss Tapped to Narrate Riveting New Documentary, America Betrayed

~Editilla No'Tellas~Our own little ol' makes an appearance in this stunning, blockbuster! They say Katrina left us with much more than just inconvenient truth!

Disaster Movie' Tactfully Sets Premiere Date on Third Anniversary of Katrina Disaster

ASCECORPS Ethics report's results will remain secret
~Mark Schleifstein

~Editilla laments the line~ Don't think so Creepo.
That fraggle'bark may work for the Exquixotic Corps of Engineers under the Flood Control Sand Bag--but not in
The City That da'Corps Forgot.
Thanks to Ace Reporter Schleifstein here we see that ASCECORPS all but admits conspiracy in investigating itself. Hence badge of dishonor: ASCECORPS.
Brownie'nose was already taken.
It is unfortunate that our dogged gumshoes at the Picayune can only find this much to print given the Gravity of the Threat at hand. And, the situation is Indeed at hand as Gravity pulls Water at an increasing rate Beneath the 17th St Canal Levee Breach "Repair". But as we have said before, in PR 101: If one cannot respond with even a smidgen of the Truth regarding their role in a crisis in a man-made disaster then say nothing.
Offer The People no rope'dope with which to hang.
That tactic may work in ASCECORPS' tilted CandyMan World of Public Relations. But in the real world, this Real World of Flooded City's and Croplands, where We The American Taxpayers have footed the bill to the tune of $35,250,000 (at least) for answers since that storm missed our city and our levees failed...
~In Our World We Deserve Answers.
And We Will Have Our Answers!

Cromposted from
That Dog Will Not Hunt! No!

Did they spend it here? How about here? Orrrr maybe here
to fund the ASCE Task Force on Political Involvement?
Here's one answer I find interesting because the President of ASCE says he cannot provide updates on the Dr. Seed inquiry nearly a year after they were filed, but of course, he has member updates back in January, and even offers refutations.
Sooo, if the ASCE inquiry is still in process today where did this Bozo get his conclusions way back in January? Editilla jus'axin.
I mean, such an open letter, even from da'Ace of ASCE amongst general "members" rather contradicts this statement today by ASCECORPS regarding the confidentiality this Inquiry:
"Because of the confidential nature of the inquiries the Committee reports its actions and findings only to the Executive Committee of the Board at the conclusion of any case, No report will be released to anyone else."~ASCE Committee on Professional Conduct spokesman Rich Hovey
Oh! But wait! There more. Here is yet another answer.
Damn! This freak's got answers all over da'place.
But no report, eh? Da'Prez backs the "report" on the Report?
What Report? Who's on First? No. Who's on 2nd. What is on First.
Still nothing for We The People. No Soup fo'da People!
Got any Answers on Flood Safety? GO FISH!

We need to stop this game in its tracks right now.
ASCECORPS is Not our boss. Not even our Straw Boss.
No. This dog will not hunt.
We regret that ASCECORPS has a problem with citizen engineering groups like attempting to stay on top of and follow the trail of leaks in their failing levee system repairs, but it is when one of their own, Dr. Raymond Seed, comes to our rescue that this sort of shit hits the fan, eh?
But stalling for time to form a PAC on our tax dime to pay their lawyers to defend ASCECORPS from Ethics Violations Questions would be cynical at best, sinister at 2nd best and downright evil at its worst. Must we get their fingerprints when ASCECORPS issues a statement about Anything? Must we require signatures on hard copy to verify that they said what they said?
No. We The People will have our redress.
Our Lady of New Orleans looks great in Red.
Where Is The Money?
Are they paying Attorneys to defend themselves from
Dr. Raymond Seed's 42 pages of Ethics Complaints?

Are they using this money to lobby Congress?
Oh yes, they want us to wait…perhaps even after the elections,
so they can have Time to use their ASCEPAC's tax-exempt donations to work for the defeat of our Senator Mary Landrieu, who authored: S. 2826, The 8/29 Investigation Team Act.
Next would come our Congressman Melancon, who introduced it in the House of Representatives.
We must remove these dominoes from the game. They cheat.

Oh yes, it would also serve ASCECORPS well to delay the release of this IPET report as long as possible because their draft report has been ripped like kitty litter by other Member Engineers, to wit:
Dr. Raymond Seed as well as Dr. Robert Bea <-(who is plantiff’s expert engineering witness in the imminent, unprecedented MRGO liability lawsuit).
Editilla gotta toll'yaz~ and it shan't be told'nuff.
If the Exquixotic Corps loses that MRGO lawsuit then plaintiffs attorneys have stated that the Corps is then liable for damages at the 17th Street Leak for permitting SWB to dredge the 17th Street Canal--thereby weakening the levee to the point of failure.
New Orleans attorney Joe Bruno, the plaintiffs' representative on a committee helping plan for trial of all Katrina-related case on Duval's docket, said the MR-GO case ruling will be useful for court challenges to more than 100 corps-built levees around the nation that a recent study deemed unsafe.
But in the near term, Bruno said, Friday's ruling in the MR-GO case could buttress his plans for a new federal lawsuit aimed at holding the corps responsible for the 17th Street Canal floodwall break that left 80 percent of New Orleans flooded after Katrina.
Bruno said the suit will claim that the corps gave the city Sewerage & Water Board a permit to dredge the 17th Street canal, work that allowed water to undermine soil beneath the floodwall, ultimately causing the wall to break.

Not only has the State of Louisiana joined this tea party, but also City of New Orleans ($77B), Entergy ($655M) and Serwage and Water ($460M).
Yes, we have a lot of dominoes in play here, eh?
And Yes, they gonna fall...oh yeah.
They gonna'fall one piece at a time.

Ethics Matter Here.
Ethics can be stolen and spin’filtrated into whatever meaningless flim’flam that ASCECOPRS would have it to become or it can be the Foundation of our American Psyche that
Real Engineers Made It and to which those Engineers will have it returned.

One of the last things my father, a Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech Civil/Electrical Engineer/Lt. Col Air Force Ret, said to me after Katrina about the Greatest Civil Engineering Failure In History is this: “Son, Nothing is more Dangerous than a Lying Engineer, because that means then we are no longer dealing with an Engineer.
Then we are just dealing with a Liar.”

Thanks, Pop. I took that to heart.

Senator Boehlert’s Group Not Investigating ASCE or Anything ~blogofneworleans

We Shall Not Be Moved
Special Hat T'n'T to Ken @ FMJ

New Orleans Brain Gain

REM, Pearl Jam call for presidential debate in
New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina Flooding Time Lapse~Security cameras in a New Orleans business capture steadily rising flood water after levees broke and inundated the city immediately following hurricane Katrina

Grand jury examining horse group~Gordon Russell

New Orleans Nagin's Busy Schedule~B Buzzz

Scientific Investigations Report~USGS
Environmental Chemical Data for Perishable Sediments and Soils collected in New Orleans, Louisiana, and along the Louisiana Delta following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
USGS-MS River guages
New Orleans,LA,
NO Industial Canal,
Bonnet Carre Spillway, LA,

Baton Rouge, LA
Natchez, MS
, Vicksburg, MS,
Greenville, MS
, Memphis, TN,
Cairo, IL, St Louis,MO,
Hannibal,MO, Davenort, IA,
Grafton IL

Our New Orleans Saints

New Orleans native John Currence, representing MS, wins Great American Seafood Cook-Off ~Diane Samuels

Familiar faces in HBO's New Orleans pilot
~"The Wire" creator David Simon is recruiting some old friends for his new HBO pilot.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Levee group slams ASCE investigation~Mark Schleifstein
"They've had nine months now, and it doesn't take nine months to do the right thing,"
~Dr. Raymond Seed~Ladder Herolero!

Editilla must also throw hat to sky for Mark Shleifstein,
Sheila Grissett and the Times Picayune for staying so firm upon the safety of our levees and giving venue to the strong citizens of as they heroically
Kick ASCE 'N' Take Names! Hear the Beast stir...
Press Conference~WWLTV
And thank you blogofneworleans!
David Winkler-Schmit is right on top of this too.
Oh Hell Yeah! Now, the game is afoot...
--and The Foot is in the ASCECORPS's mouth!
Thank Goddess these Citizens and Real Engineers are staying on top of our levees!
Geaux American Engineering!!!

ASCE responds, to on ethics panels’ excessive delays, reneges on deal, breaks the 'Engineers' Trust'
sat on a levee leaky
eating his humble pie.
He stuck in his thumb
and one in his bum
and said "What an asshole am I!"
~The Masqued E'vinga!

~Our Herolero hangs upon da'Ladda, scans da'fetid water,
hunting the scene for fuckmookery, infamous
neobluggery, spinfiltraitors
...hungry for more revelry
in our city that care forgot not.

Army Corps has better things to do
~The New Orleans Levee

This bumper sticker was making the rounds in Lakeview until the Army Corps of Engineers decided that the public agency's logo was off limits - to the public.

The Prophecy ~Pierce O'Donnell

Corps Ought To Listen

Outrage in Idaho: Corps gets Feds to send man to prison for protecting town from flooding ~Bryan Fisher
~An aggressive Corps staffer tried to convinced the U.S. Attorney to prosecute Mr. Moses in 1995, and the U.S. Attorney told him to take a hike since the Corps had no jurisdictional authority to initiate legal action.

According to former state legislator Lee Gagner,
the Corps “discussed this process many times with him, but could not show where they had jurisdiction on the seasonal, intermittent stream.”
Gagner adds, “To this day they do not have written rules indicating this to be true.”
As far as Gagner knows, the Corps never completed what is called a “Jurisdictional Determination” that their own rules even gave them any authority over this particular intermittent stream. (Jurisdiction is determined on a case-by-case basis with intermittent streams.)

Start your day slabbed
Love us, hate us, curse us or just read us.
It’s an honor to speak for us, the slabbed.
Editilla shin'shillas~Galette l'infamie!

Appeals court to hear cases over Katrina deaths

City paid to gut houses set for razing~Gordon Russell

Gardiner is the right leader for racing ~James Gill

Ivins Responsible For Plame Outing And Hurricane Katrina ~Dandelion Salad

Seeing New Orleans through Street View ~Google
~Hat T'n'T-Stanford Rosenthal

Eye on the storm
~Viktorija Krulikas

Intrigued by the thought of choreographing a dance about a hurricane, Heather Maloy went to Greg Hammer of the National Climatic Data Center. He loaded her up with reading materials and videos, and Maloy began her research. The result, she says, “really follows the cycle of a hurricane.”

Sinn Féin

Jazz Students Lend Helping Hands in New Orleans
~all about Jazz

Randy Newman may be rock 'n' roll's renaissance man
~The singer/songwriter, already treasured for his deep and distinctive catalog, is in career overdrive. His album Harps andAngels, out this week, is drawing raves for its stylistic range and nimble wordplay.
He'll tour here and in Europe this fall. He's scoring Disney's animated
The Princess and the Frog,
set in New Orleans, for release in 2009.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Legacy ~Thank you, Masqued E'vinga!

Oh Yeah! kicks ASCE Ass!~This month marks the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and the group is blasting a national engineering group for what they say is a failure to produce timely reports.

PA Attorney General Says Army Corps Failed To Do Legally Required Environmental Studies
~More in the ongoing saga of the Corps trying to shove their cock down the throat of small town America. More here and here.

Woo Hoo!~Texas Trifles
~"Chalk one up for the Good Guys! With a miserable weekend heat storm, it is like a breath of crisp fall air to read this, though I am aware this is only a finger in the dam. The Beltway Gang will eventually muscle itself through with this damned fence fiasco; still it makes me proud to see a Texas agency stand its ground and thumb a little nose."

Kansas levees won't protect against major flood
~The Army Corps of Engineers will be making a presentation on their report (Oh?) later in the fall. However, to actually fix these levees, that report has to go to Congress and it will be up to them to decide when the money will come to fix the levees.
~Editilla gotta chuckle...or just shoot myself~
It's that damn "Funding Bug" again. Not a word about the veracity or efficacy of the engineering behind those poor levees in Kansas...or Iowa...or Nevada...or California, Arizona, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnestota, North and South Dakota, Ohio, Indiana, Alabama...had enough?
See the record. See the Spin. See the Record Spin.
See Editilla stomp the life out of that goddamned broken record--every time they try to play the American Public with it. These articles are turning up all over the internet in typical pregame PR in advance of their cynically late, hugely expensive $35 Million disputed IPET report.
Seeding the Clouds~Planting the Story.
Congress will of course depend on Sound Engineering in the Corps "Report". Obviously they refer to the UnDead IPET. However, due to ASCECORPS continued delay in releasing it, will We The People ever get a look at the Engineering behind this strange in-house "cleaning"? And if so, will this so called "Independent" study get a Real Peer Review by Real Engineers who are outside of this already discredited ASCECORPS Uncle Samdaddy incest freak show known the world over as the IPET?
Editilla needs someone to tell me where or who gave Congress the Engineering data to establish this amorphous "Hundred Years Score" which designate Insurable (or not) Flood Zones. We on the Ladder are working on it, but have yet to break through the unbelievably untenable websites which host such possibly liable information, and cannot afford the FEMA fees (not FOI but FEMA) to even see the abstracts. HA!
Go Fish! Who established these flood zones and on whose civil engineering are they based?

Inquirin'rillas wait to know!

Towboat tour canceled in
St. Paul

~Editilla hangs this one under the category:
We couldn't make this shit up if we tried!
The Exquixotic Corps cannot even get their fat ass hugemoungous incredibly expensive to operate largest towboat in the country up their own godforsaken flooded river! Bwhahahahaha! Please fang down a couple of rungs on da'Ladda to Dimanche for a picture of this beautiful beast.

Hung right beneath the top lede: "What Me Worry?"

Tropical Depression Edouard
Click pic to enlarge...

Storm Edouard Shuts Gulf Coast Oil Port, Disrupts Shipping~Further reading

2008 7th Annual Music City Brewer’s Festival

Friends of New Orleans Host Benefit Events at National Party Conventions

Radiators Rock the Troops - New Orleans Band Donates CDs to Soldiers' Angels

Monday, August 4, 2008


Terms like '100-year hurricane' create a false sense of security, critics say ~Sheila Grissett
Editilla refers to this Corps PR Narrative as...
The Hundred Years Score

Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System Design Guidelines ~Tim Ruppert
~Editilla jus'gotta ax~albeit this creepo represents less the Horse's Mouth as the Horse's Ass of this report, (as in, I suspect that he merely compacted it but did not actually do the math), did this blog'stabber represent the Corps of Engineers, back in May, when he come onto this Ladder's comment section to publicly smear and mislead our Readers about the Engineering qualifications of
Dr. Robert Bea as a "non-licensed paid litigant consultant"
(story here) --in advance of Dr. Bea's expert testimony in the upcoming lawsuit regarding MRGO/Industrial Canal, against the Corps?
Aside from throwing the veracity of the above linked report to Hell, such Rovian whisper sucker-punch misdirection , to put it nicely, Ass Fucks the report's Efficacy as well!

Was this fuckmook attempting to taint the public perception Dr. Robert Bea's Engineering Testimony for the plantiffs--before the court can even seat a jury?
The reason I want to know is because he did this smear right on top of my ptsd response to the subject AP article then about the Corps suspect Breech Repair Leaking at the 17th Street Canal Levee. He did so publicly and anonymously, in front of our valued readers around the country and world--without leaving any calling card for response: no email or reference to his employment with the Corps of Engineers. He did not respond to my public challenges, preferring instead to just Hit & Run.
"Say It And Go"...sound familiar?
Where have we seen such switchblade politics?

At the time I had no idea who this Nameless Fakir was,
as it had been nearly a year since his dataless levee-status-report at last years Rising Tide 2 Nolabloggers' conference, where he spun entertaining tales of everyone else's levees but ours.
We needed data and Nameless Tim gave us polders and wetlands, misdirecting obfuscating horse shit one year after his "engineering" organization's levees failed due to substandard engineering and flooded New Orleans.
I also do not remember whether he represented the Corps then either. Did he Rising Tide?
Did this Nameless Punk "Whore for the Corps"?
Gentle'rillas are dying to know!

It took Editilla a while to filter through his infiltration of this Noble Community before discovering that, not only is he the current President of the LaASCE, but the actual Goddamned Corps! ASCECORPS! Jeez Louie they really are every where you want to be! Not only has our beleaguered City That Care Forgot and the Presidente Left For Dead had to deal with unconscionable, unrelenting corruption from every quarter of the country, the sole agency tasked to protect us by correctly rebuilding their failed levees scurries around behind the scenes attempting to paint a different story than the one that actually happened --before we can find out what happened!
These are the actions of desperate and guilty bastards.

Click to enlarge.
In this photos taken today a Marsh has begin to form in the flowing water of the 17th Street LEAK.
Contrary to Corps' public statements, they have done nothing here. Nada. Bullshit PO Cephus Spin'filtration.
The Corps looked us right in the eyes and lied.
Please look closely in the middle of the photo to see the deep tracks filled with flowing lake water. Taste that water and you will find salt.

Indeed the only evidence of their presence is the fresh dirt spread over other parts of the water by the street, where the migrating ducks (in the linked article) had taken roost.
So it appears that the Corps plans are...what?
Cover up the evidence of this Growing Problem with
Marsh Grass and a Fresh Dirt? Then...what?
Wait until it breeches and floods again and washes away all remaining evidence of their corruption?
Drown the remaining witnesses? What? Children?
What's that Sound? Can everybody look What's Going Down?

This is the Crux
of this Biscuit.
This is why Editilla blew a 50 amp fuse.
I honestly did not take personally Nameless Tim's cowardly misdirection attack on Robert Bea's engineering qualifications.
I took it Viscerally. It sickened me, because he did it in response to my gut emotional reactions posted here on My Blog to the AP photograph of nearly 3 months ago of this leak, which had grown twice its size as reported by the TP in March, when the Corps then said "Nothing to worry about, folks. It is just a little SEEPAGE. Happens all the time. Trust us. We know what we are doing." Oh?
Then I come on Memorial Day and stuck my arm into this LEAK up to the elbow and felt the flowing water.
I cannot describe the Fear and Despondency of such a revelation. The LEAK had doubled.
Then, with a camera and national journalist in tow, investigated the LEAK one month after me and, as you can see from the linked article, it had Quadrupled in size, And so the Corps sends out PO Cephus to tell us it is "Bubbling". Again, "Nothing To Worry About Folks."
And today? We have a Fucking Marsh growing in this Flowing Water. The Corps Lied. They had no intention of setting foot on this ground, but to add another lock on the gate and hope the grass covers up the evidence.
Given the Corps past
"engineering" prowess one might suppose that they intend for this Marsh Grass to stanch the wall of water that will come rolling towards Lakeview when that Levee fails again. However, judging from the current real estate market in Lakeview, I'd bet those tax payers would strongly beg to differ --especially since they were hollering about this very Spot before Katrina missed the city. This levee failed over 4 HOURS after a CAT 2 storm had passed the city and made landfall

Editilla may have been born at night but it wasn't last night. This is what water does. And water will not stop flowing until its job is done. That job?
It is a time honored function known as EROSION.

But, Hit me and Run? I don't think so!
Threaten my city with substandard levees again?
Stand between my beloved city and those levees with Corps/ASCE bullshit in your mouth and on your hands?

This is why Editilla and the Ladder's Gentle'rillas need to know if this Bitch will be allowed to spin'filtrate the Corps of Engineers PR Narrative at this year's upcoming Rising Tide 3 Conference. We really need to know this. Everyone needs to know this because we need answers about our failed levees that they are not giving us.
At least, if he is going to do their Public Relations bidding then this Nameless Fuckmook should come off it and tell everyone he works for the Corps of Engineers.
We don't need Cute. We don't need this sociopath pulling everyone's heartstrings over his own loss when he was able to afford a brand new home with the money he is paid by the same criminals who ruined my city and killed 1000s of her citizens.
That would be the Exquixotic Corps of Engineers, in case anyone has missed the cut of my jib here.

I was there for this creep's flood
and lost everything.
My dog. My friends. My home. Fucking Everything!
I lost my goddamned humanity.
I lost my heart,
with these Levees Still Leaking, have very irreal trouble returning to try to find it again.
Nola bloggers should know from whence I come...
--Broken-hearted and Crazier than a Bat Out of Hell.

Some of my friends who have died since those Corps levee failures, (two as a direct result of them, two suicides because they cannot return to New Orleans...around 13 souls that Editilla just didn't get to know well enough if such a thing is possible) but later, one in particular would have skewered this smarmy asswipe on a bone for such grotesque duplicity.
Well, since they are now gone, Editilla sadly takes up the Bat Signal. We just cannot have this sort of...disingenuity.

I cannot move back to reclaim what was lost because Your Failed Levees Are LEAKING --Again! Right now.
Today, After You Allegedly Repaired Them.
We simply do not have time for such Feckless Bull Shit.
And we certainly do not need your
American Society of Civil Engineers
forming a Political Action Committee
on our Tax Dollars with Tax-Exempt Status.

If y'all want to defeat Senator Mary Landrieu and
S. 2826, The 8/29 Investigation Team Act then do it on your own Corps' Dime.
What Fuckless Hubris!

Do you wear the Ring, Nameless Tim Ruppert?
My father wore the Ring
on the fifth finger of his working hand.
Dr. Robert Bea wears the Ring.
Raymond Seed wears the Ring.
Do you, Nameless Tim Ruppert, wear the Ring?
The Engineers Ring?
That is really what this is really aaaallll about.
American Engineers sent our citizens to the Moon...
and brought them back with duct tape
when things went terribly wrong!
They didn't try to form a PAC. They didn't make excuses.
They did not run from the problems.
They Brought Our Citizens Home.
You and your gang of neo'engineers tried to destroy
Our Home, and
I refuse to allow you and your hood'mates to assault that memory also.

With typical idiopathetic, passive-aggressive grace this Nameless Puke signs all of his comments with the word "Peace". Yeah right.
Editilla believes in Peace and we are going to have it here
--one Piece at a time.

Sinn Féin~Vivent Longtemps la Marée Croissante

Levees.Org enraged over delays by ASCE ethics panels

Port, maritime interests consider lawsuit options
~New Orleans maritime attorney George Fowler said lawsuits will abound because of the accident. The economic impact to government agencies, including the Port of New Orleans and the U.S. Coast Guard, will be steep, he said.

Hey, Jim Brown, you’re playing my song!~slabbed

2nd chance for debate in N.O. fizzles

Christian Szell: Is it safe?... Is it safe?
Babe: You're talking to me?
Christian Szell: Is it safe?
Babe: Is what safe?
Christian Szell: Is it safe?
Babe: I don't know what you mean. I can't tell you something's safe or not, unless I know specifically what you're talking about.
Christian Szell: Is it safe?
Babe: Tell me what the "it" refers to.
Christian Szell: Is it safe?
Babe: Yes, it's safe, it's very safe,
it's so safe you wouldn't believe it.
Christian Szell: Is it safe?
Babe: No. It's not safe, it's... very dangerous, be careful.

HUD approves $200 Million 'Ground Zero' Action Plan - Mississippi Katrina Relief Program ~Molly Lionberger

Katrina evacuees falling into homelessness

N.O.'s post-K mental health checkup: Less anxiety, more depression ~Diane Samuels

Private dam is environmental hazard, downstream neighbor asserts in lawsuit

Treme Brass Band lets listeners know about true New Orleans Music! on second CD
~Brian Prevost

Sunday, August 3, 2008


What Me Worry???
"There was either additional ground settlement out there since the survey was done, or there were errors in the original survey. I just don't know."
~John Grieshaber, chief of execution support for the corps' Hurricane Protection Office.
~Editilla jus'axin~Then, WHO the Fuck Does Know?
Are these Jokers to the left
of us, Jokers to the right?
Can somebody hit the Bat Signal? Now?
Gentilly Woods?
Earth to Corps? Come in, Exquixotic Corps? Hellllooo?
Anyone at Home?

<--Just south of this highway, where the CSX railroad crosses the canal in a 2-track bridge, the first real New Orleans levee breach takes place, around 5 AM.

Water sloshing back up the canal overtops low flood walls, and spills through gates damaged by a previous train derailment onto the tracks. Temporary sandbags (if any - media accounts differ) wash away, and water begins to run quickly into Gentilly and East New Orleans, worsening the existing flood. Farther south, a flood wall begins to fail in multiple places. By the time the satellite pictures are taken a couple of days later, the water has receded, leaving a damaged mess where a functioning railroad bridge had been, and to the south a completely cleared out area which had been a neighborhood. At least three levee breaches are visible, though none as serious as what is about to happen elsewhere on this canal.

Katrina Timeline
~Special thanks to Sheila Grissett and Mark Schleifstein.
Jus'axin, how'bout that 17th Street Leak?
~Editilla cures listlessness~
Scarerists Watch List:
1) Corps of Engineers-Perpetual Motion Machine
2) ASCE--alias: American Society of Civil Engineers, Corps lobbyists, chief beneficiary of Corps largess.

3) Nameless Tim Ruppert.
--Corps employee,
ASCE Presidente 'Climber', passive-aggressive sociopath,
smarmy blog'stabber, story-framer,
Fat Man in'da Bathtub
, Schill, Corpopsicle,
minion of the Great Nothing.

4) Grey Ghost--Armed and Dangerous Vandalanty,
Avatar of the Great Nothing
We are watching you, Scarerists! You!
No Soup For You!

Corps cancels event on America's largest towboat~Due to high water in St. Louis, Mo., and bridge clearances on the river the M/V Mississippi will be unable to travel up the river in time for the open house.
~Editilla schwwwwwillas~
I know that readers may wonder (to put it nicely) about my visceral hatred for the Exquixotic Corps and their fuckmook minions like the ASCE and Nameless Tim Ruppert. I do not do this for fun. But this is the criminal gang who flooded my city, almost killed me and killed a few of my friends.
These are the same assholes who look us right in the eye while they drown the baby in the bathwater.
But then there is this stuff ya'jus can't make up!
Since they don't actually use USGS flow data, they don't even know the current levels of the very river they have ruined from their own failed flood control policies, and hence can't get their poor flabship towboat to a Public Relations Function upstream of the bridges in St Louis! And she is a behemoth!

Bwhahahaha... I do not make this stuff up!
I am angry that these creep murderers can get away with this shit while our levees are still Leaking, not "seeping", not "bubbling", LEAKING!
The goddamned hugemungous thing is too large to navigate the river during flooding! Hahaha!
This would be funny if it weren't so...ostentatious and actually too large for effective towing as well, as the channel is nowhere wide enough for the size tows that Thing is built to push.
Commercial shipping doesn't fuck around with vessels this size for obvious reasons of operating costs. Too big for just the couple of barges that the Corps uses, this Fat Lady is Bling'in Expeeeensive! But that's the Corps, eh? All they use it for is Public Relations. Looks reeeal impressive to ride around (where it can fit), and show up in the largest towboat in the nation, if not the world.
One can only wonder how much it cost to keep this worthless piece of tax-funding afloat? The Corps sure has its funding priorities square there, huh?
Not enough funding for adequate flood protection --yet enough to keep this Ho'float. What'say the next "Get To Know The Corps" meeting be held in Congress with the 8/29 Investigation?

Flood Stories~Thomas Dean
~We have been battling our own hubris and the Frankenstein monsters that we have created as a result. As Connie Mutel has so convincingly and elegantly explained in her recent book The Emerald Horizon: The History of Nature in Iowa, we have removed every natural flood mitigation mechanism that the native prairie marshaled to itself—deep perennial root systems, perpetual natural ground cover, and wetlands. As we divert water through tiling and storm sewer systems into our remaining streams, as we replace more and more ground with cement and as we build more and more complicated artificial flood control systems, the pent-up forces of water merely accumulate rather than dissipate, and eventually they devastate.
Thomas Dean
serves as president of the Iowa City Public Library board of trustees.

August~the mosquito coast

There's only one Katrina

Lets Act Like Nine Year Olds ~Beyond Katrina

Thank you, New Orleans Daily Photo

Homicide 37: Chapter 8
For Lance's parents, detectives and the young suspect, judgment day finally arrives
~Brendan McCarthy

Big Joe's Hunter~Gator that took boy's arm outmatched by experienced deputy

Report from New Orleans
~Place Economics

Flavor Paper added to the Dirty Coast Store

Bonerama - Bring It Home
~Audio Design Studio

Tuba Jazz - Jim Self and James Shearer ~Kultur

Sock Hop~Roots of Music

Music for Silent Films in New Orleans ~Chris Becker

Foundation brings in money for musicians

From Japan to New Orleans ~Tom Morgan