Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kindra Arnesen and Krewe from Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana are home from Hospital!
~Editilla Notellas~ We couldn't stand it anymore and started calling and emailing. Graciously, we received the good news this morning. If you'd like to support these brave women and the survival of the People of South Louisiana, please visit their website and drop a few dollars if you can.
HI Editilla,
It is Jo
I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. As you might imagine things have been difficult. I am also the one who updates the website so I have not been able to take care of that either. I am home now - we all are. As of last evening. . We are all working on getting better so that we can continue this fight - it is so very important to us all. Giving up is just not an option. We are also Moms, so this is not only a fight for everyone else but for the future and health of our children. We will NOT give up this fight. I want to make that clear. We have taken a hard hit or two but we have taken them before and kept it very quiet - the only reason people knew about it this time was because we had to let them know why the radio show was not on - last minute. It was actually my intention to try to do the show and not cancel it, but one can only do so much. Kindra is still struggling with the staph but is being treated properly, I am home - with only 7% vision now in my left eye (not sure it will ever return - per neurologist) and much weakness and resp. problems but am being treated ongoing, Vick is home being treated for her resp issues.
I leave it to you - should you like -to get the word out as we are taking the weekend off to rest and charge back up for this battle. Please let everyone know that we appreciate the care and support, it IS what keeps us going and means so much.
Best regards

CocoMamas.Com ~Hat Tweet~afrodyte
Corps 'official' spits, says work 'oughta' hold a while~The New Orleans Levee
~Satirical writing class with Levee editor Rudy Vorkapic

Miss River dredging budget may be cut by $22 Million ~Richard Thompson

LSU keeps eye on marsh~Amy Wold
~Editilla still gotta'Axe~ What Would Ivor Say? WWIS?

20th Anniversary of Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act ~Gambit

Out of Crisis, Opportunity
~Clancy DuBos, Gambit

"Kickstart" this idea: Signage Depicting Imaginary Building Uses In NOLA ~YatPundit

Oil spill still a problem in Plaquemines

BP, despite stock going up, dragging its feet on claims, La. officials say
~Hat Tweet~WhoDat35

Oil and dispersant “PERMANENTLY restructured” coastal areas in Alaska — “Much, much smaller” amount than in Gulf (VIDEO)~Florida Oil Spill Law
~Editilla By the Waylas~ Thanks for the Hat Tip!

Oil Spill's Size Swells
~Chemical & Engineering News

Cappy Goes Up in a Basket
~Special Thanks~ Oil Drum

Architects render the future of work in New Orleans
~Newsweek has published an audio-visual view of the "Future of Work" in three American cities: New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans. They asked three architectural firms in each of the cities to answer the question, "What will our cities look like in 2030?" The plans for New Orleans by Eskew+Dumez+Ripple, Perkins+Will, and Mathes Brierre offer exciting answers to the question.
~Editilla Recommendellas~Please do follow these very cool animations.

Revenue Estimating Conference won't have much time to challenge figures
~Bruce Eggler

Mardi Gras as we know it is endangered ~NOLAFemmes

"Check, please." "Cash only."
~Kevin Allman, Gambit

Sunday's Second Line Parade: Family Ties ~Gambit
~Editilla Relaxellas, Congrooviates~ It's OK, Gentle'rillas.
We can all calm down now. Apparently Big Red Cotton just couldn't get her password into the NEW AND IMPROVED GAMBIT WEBSITE THINGY (<:>) But Big Chief Allman assures us that our Lustrous 2nd Lioness ain't going no where, and will be right back at Gambit this week. Whew says I!

Voice of the Wetlands festival aims to make some noise for Louisiana's national treasure~Laura McKnight
~Locals and visitors can enjoy the cultural bounty of Louisiana's wetlands as Houma blues musician Tab Benoit again showcases local music, art, food and hospitality in efforts to gain attention and aid for the fragile coast.
“It's our rally. It's our cry for help,” Benoit said of the upcoming Voice of the Wetlands Festival, which draws thousands to bayou country each year.
The 7th Annual Voice of the Wetlands Festival is scheduled from 5 to 10 p.m. Oct. 8; 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Oct. 9; and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Oct. 10 on the grounds of Southdown Plantation, 1208 Museum Drive, Houma.

Numbers: Migrations, From Birds to Whales to Humans~Hat Tweet~oceandog

"Pooka's Poppies", acrylic on watercolor paper, 14 x 11" ~Polly Jackson

University of Mississippi Press these days is all about Jazz!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Flying bullets killed Jeremy Galmon, put all of us at risk~Jarvis DeBerry

Mayor Mitch'mo sets goal of clearing 10,000 blighted eyesores
~Frank Donze

~Editilla Botellas~ We have tagged our new mayor as Mitch'mo, a term of endearment. We're way cool wit'him so far. If we saw Mitch'mo on the street we'd hollar MITCH! w'fist in the air and walk on. We ain't tryin'ta pick on him...yet.
So far so good. Hell, if we'da seen his predecessor, who shall remain nameless, on the street God knows what might have happened. We just find it comforting to have a Mayor who's got a fucking IQ and knows how to use it. S'all I'm sayin'.

Blaine Kern's son sues for control of Mardi Gras firm~John Pope
~Hat Tweet~kareng

Director of city-owned French Market Corp. resigns at request of board
~Gordon Russell
~Hat Tweet~skooks

The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be?

~Special Thanks~Humid Haney

Gulf of Mexico Seafood~Phil Keating
~"Our sales are down 52% from what they were at this point last year," says Frank Patti, of Pensacola, Florida's legendary Joe Patti Seafood, named after his father in 1930. For the first time in 80 years of doing business, the signs above the fish on ice at his wholesale business now say exactly where each shrimp, oyster, scallop and tuna was caught. "People didn't ask where it came from, but now, today, they do. Ever since the spill, they want to know where it came from."
~Editilla Scrowtellas~ While we believe in citing kudoes, Hat Tweets and Hat Tips, we have trouble Stitch'hiking this one because we found it on Twitter from Women of the Storm 1restorthegulf which is the Women's Auxiliary Group to King Milling/Whitney Bank/Big Oil Financing/Oil Lobby America's Wetlands. Still, it is a great article --despite which Oil Industry Lobbyists are using it to promote their Oil Industry Friendly Tax Legislation.
We have been burned of late by someone close who seems to think that this Ladder, and apparently anyone else, exists only to promote their agenda regarding the Flood of New Orleans. We are letting that ride for now, hoping they come around. But, the anger is building. Either we hang together or we will all surely drown separately. We take care of our own Sinn Féin.
Editilla just don'play Philanthropic Private Non-Profit Tax Exempt Horse Shit.
Get The Word Ya'Heard! If this boils down to rich Uptown women who have no job, who don't pay taxes, health care, rent or any of the stuff the real world stuff with which the rest of us must contend, then we are good and truly fucked right?
If our survival depends on the whims of the Landed Gentry then what survival is that? We will ratchet this up if that is the game to be played.

97L a major rainfall threat; October hurricane outlook; NC rains finally end
~Jeff Masters, Wunderblog

5 Years of Keeping Up With the Corps ~NOLA-dishu
~Editilla Notellas~ This is a 5th Anniversary post that we missed somehow, so I wanted to hang it anyway since it is so good and prescient.
Our apologies for missing it as we are such fans of this blogger!

Still Waiting... for N-PR to grow a pair
“Okay, here's a deal (you can pass it on to your friends at NPR): I have a radio show aired on public radio stations every Sunday. There's an open door for someone from npr legal--a decision-maker, not a spokesperson--to come on the air and disclose all the reasons that you only speculate, assume, and presume about. He/she can have the full hour or any part of it, we'll do it live, so there's no editing, any week they want.”~Harry Shearer

Reviewing The Big Uneasy, Revisiting Maria Garzino~KPCC

SPECIAL REPORT: Washington has yet to address key failures exposed by Katrina~Facing South

Sheriff headed to court without budget increase~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

~The Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association of New Orleans (VAYLA-NO) is a youth-led, youth organizing and development, community-based organization in New Orleans dedicated to the empowerment of Vietnamese American and underrepresented youth through services, cultural enrichment, and positive social change.

Checking In On Elmer's Island, LA

BP stopped COAST GUARD contractors from taking samples, delayed 3 weeks… Scientists were measuring amount of oil (VIDEO)~Florida Oil Spill Law

Testing the Water -a Citizen's Initiative
~Hat Tweet~WhoDat35

Shrimper working with Wildlife and Fisheries reports dispersant being sprayed on oil at night

U.S. oil spill waters contain high levels of carcinogens, states report
~Joshua Schneyer, Reuters

~Near Grand Isle, Louisiana, the team discovered that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) -- which include carcinogens and chemicals that pose various risks to human health -- remained at levels 40 times higher than before the area was affected by the oil spill.

Grijalva Demands Info on Disappearing Oil Reports~Kate Shepphard, MoJo

Lawsuit: Man who tried to save drowning toddler became ill from oil
~Mobile Press-Register

~ Does anyone know health of Kindra Arnesen & sister CHSL activists? All 3 Hospitalized, seriously ill covering

NOAA, EPA Says 40 Fold Increase in Gulf Carcinogens is Safe
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Disgraced NOAA: No oil in sediment
~ @: Oil on mud - from 4000ft/1300m near horizon

US Senate bill would expand parties liable in oil-spill lawsuits

Feinberg Says Spill Claims Can Be Paid to Undocumented Workers
~Jim Snyder, Bloomberg
~Hat Tweet~WhoDat35

BP Names Assets as Collateral For Compensation Fund~Hugh Collins

~Graham also said the government had shown too much "deference" to the oil and gas industry in the past two decades.
"There's a tendency to forget this property out in the Gulf of Mexico, where all this is happening, belongs to all of us," Graham said. "It doesn't belong to BP or any of the other oil companies. It belongs to the people of the United States of America."

Interior creates revenue office for drilling ~Hat Tweet~bayougirlblog

Who Really Owns the Gulf of Mexico? ~Mother Jones~Just in case you're wondering...BP doesn't give a nutria's ass about Louisiana. This oil for the most part goes to Texas.
Click to Enlarge ~Special thanks~Infrastructurist

Water map shows billions at risk of 'water insecurity' ~
~About 80% of the world's population lives in areas where the fresh water supply is not secure, according to a new global analysis.

Wetland Watchers Park opens Saturday in Norco
~Defend New Orleans

Chef turns Katrina experience into new venture ~Defend New Orleans

Art for Art's Sake, Oktoberfest and more this weekend in New Orleans

Gretna Heritage Festival Schedule!

Voodoo Music Experience schedule released ~Gambit

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Wendy Byrne Murder Tax
~alvastarr’s posterous

~Erroneous French Quarter murder statistics reported by FQMHAMD, Times-Picayune, and WSDU
~Camel's nose in the tent~NOcrimeline

Censored Gulf news: Voice from inside Ochsner Hospital~More of the Gulf Coast humanitarian leaders have been hospitalized, the latest casualties resulting in canceling Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana (CHSL) radio program. Joannie Hughes, Kindra Arnesen and Vicky Perrin of CHSL are ill with symptoms of poisoning. Hughes explained on air from her hospital bed.

2 officers charged in La. convention center death

QC profs recount Katrina/Flood
~Anna Gustafson

Latest review on The Big Uneasy
Let 'em have it! Ken Feinberg as the oil spill special man~Stephanie Grace

Nungesser calls on Coast Guard to finish cleanup

Oil impacts on shorelines and coastal habitats in the Gulf of Mexico
~We love our Brown Pelicans. Photo: Drew Wirwa USFWS

New offshore drilling rules set by Interior Department

Louisiana State professor: Wetlands management is key to flood control
~Tu-Uyen Tran, Grand Forks Herald

Hydrologic and nutrient dynamics of a coastal bay and wetland receiving discharge from the Atchafalaya River

TS Nicole kills five in Jamaica; historic rains in North Carolina; tornadoes in the Mid-Atlantic ~Wunderblog

Early bird fishing report video: Beautiful, but windy, weekend ahead
~Bob Marshall

And now, a word from our sponsors… Vol. 14 – Prayer Version
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Weather Could Extend Gulf Oil Spill Impact Far North~Hat Tweet~oceandog

GeoResources, Inc. to Present at the Johnson Rice & Company 2010 Energy Conference October 4-7, 2010 in N.O.

Lockheed Martin lays off 300 at Michoud Assembly Facility
~Jaquetta White

New T-shirt shops could be banned from French Quarter
~Karen Gadbos, The Lens

~Also~City agency makes changes in face of federal threat

Sacredome! I remember wishing I had a ladder, 10,000 ladders.
Never say never. Special Thanks captainsdead

Brees Wife Holds Off On Delivering Baby Until Saints Schedule Favorable?
~Editilla say Well Shut My Mouf!

Ned Sublette public lecture @ UNO
~Hat Tweet~lunanola

First Draft Fundraising Day Four: Fine, Fine, Pet Prostitution

Tonight! 6t'9 Social Aid & Pleasure Club Membership Drive

21st Annual New Orleans Film Festival

Latin Nights at the Eiffel Society

Ogden After Hours - Mike Dillon & Earl Harvin Percussion Duo~Humid Beings

Gretna Heritage Festival featuring REO Speedwagon + Louis Prima Jr.

Octoberfest, benefits and more today in New Orleans

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sometimes, Ya'juuuusss can't yourself...wait for it...

*Special Thanks to our new Blog Find Thingy!~Dissonance

Granny tells canvassers where to put their political stickers
~Poke Salad Granny
Missouri River helped build Louisiana coast, but it won't help restore it
~Mark Schleifstein

The pins ~Fix the Pumps

What it means to say We’re Winning

The Infrastructure Show, Oct. 18-20, Birmingham UK

Louisiana to create oyster advisory committee in wake of Gulf oil spill
~Chris Kirkham

Bloody Mississippi Bayous~Bayou Girl
~Canada calls for permanent drilling ban on Georges Bank

All four members of Project Gulf Impact were in hospital after “CHEMICAL POISONING” (VIDEO)
~Florida Oil Spill Law

BP PR "educates" Terrebonne students on oil spill~Jenna Farmer

BP and DOJ: Deal or No Deal?
~Kate Sheapherd, Mother Jones

How many Joe Caos does it take to pay for one temporary jail?
~Library Chronicles

Temporary jail cells costing more than $11 million to build
~Matt Davis, The Lens

MWH out, New Orleans employees in on hurricane recovery work
~David Hammer

Family Fight~Adrastos, First Draft

Doubling of New Orleans Recreation Department budget on track for next year ~Gordon Russel
~ On the Ballot: BGR report re: issues on the ballot for Saturday, 10/2/2010 - #NOLA

Streetcar plans draw sharp criticism from council~Uptown Messenger

LSU Chancellor discusses budget
~Jordan Bloom

Cost of Housing in New Orleans Increases 33% After Katrina says HUD
~Kelly Mellot

Feinberg says it’s “Outrageous”
~Disenfranchised Citizen

The line between civilized argument and harmful abuse
~Lawyer's Wellbeing Blog

How to Feel Smarter in 45 Minutes (Or, A Conversation with Laura Lippman) ~NOLA Notes

A Rich And Dying Fall~Citizen K

Local Photographer Organizes Humanitarian Project ~NOLAFemmes

Mississippi River 9th Ward Film and Arts Festival again prepares to roll on the river~Mike Scott

Bloggers heat up the New Orleans Dining Scene~Where'Yat Magazine

World Championship Gumbo Cookoff, New Iberia, LA

Charmaine Neville, David St. Romain headline St. John Andouille Festival

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Money for restoring Louisiana environment, economy should come from BP fines in oil spill, report says
~Mark Schleifstein

Senate Gridlock Hampers BP Oil Spill Investigation~Laura Parker

Feinberg Should Make Amends…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

~Now we enter the world of Michael Creighton...

~Special Thanks~Florida Oil Spill Law

BP Oil spill brings spike in depression across Gulf Coast, says survey

Jindal gets offer he can't refuse?
~The New Orleans Levee

Caribbean low pressure area likely to develope into a tropical cyclone

Whistleblower suit filed against Allstate Insurance unsealed in federal court

Bang bang that awful sound – TP names the baby who shot…down ~slabbed

Productive Partnership~Matt Davis

Public comments invited on plan to spend $28.8 million
~Areilla Cohen, The Lens

Smells Like Marteen Spirit ~moosedenied

Sitting On My Porch Part Fifty Five ~Cliff's Cribs

The largest King Cake (from Haydel's) is on the Guinness website!
~Hat Tweet~

Nothing but the finest quality pledge week programming
~Adrastos, First Draft

~ @ You so rock! Love First Draft! People r'having issues bout giving to N-PR. Want to support affiliates but
7 minutes ago

It Takes a Neighborhood
~Roberta Brandes Gratz

Nope, it's not a Manuel's hot tamale
~Colleen Rush,

HBO 'Treme' creator David Simon wins MacArthur Foundation 'genius grant'

Dr. John nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honors!~Humid Beings

New Orleans not birthplace of Cajun or zydeco music

Susan Spicer, Julia Reed, Kermit Ruffins and Harry Shearer on N.O.

RTDNA/SPJ Partner to Create “Excellence in Journalism: 2011” Conference in New Orleans

SWOON in New Orleans - Sept 2010
~Rex Dingler

Henry Cook takes on MOPH
~Hooah Wife

~Special thanks Levees Not War


Monday, September 27, 2010

NPR vs. The Big Uneasy:
A Question of Fear?~Harry Shearer

Experience keeps UC Berkeley's Robert Bea in the hot spotlight~Matt Krupnick

MWI starts delivering Everglades pumps~Paul Brinkmann
~Editilla Frankentellas~This is the company that made the Still Bad Hydraulic Pumps for our outfall canals, after the Corps of Engineers flooded New Orleans 8/29/05, which are the ones cited in the new documentary The Big Uneasy

A Word on Arrogance
~wreckless endangerment

Riveting Details Revealed - Save Charity Advocates Present Before City Council

Here’s a powerful tip for Cao:
Don’t say “shagalicious”
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

Sheriff building 400 more jail beds before working group meets
~Matt Davis

Noose symbol involved in Louisiana man's indictment for hate crime
~Green Heritage News

~ Oil gusher is dead, but not residents' anguish, read more: . For oil resources, visit .

DOJ Refuses to Revoke BP's Probation Over Safety Violations at Texas City Refinery ~truthout
French Quarter security district proposal is a contentious proposition
~Bruce Eggler

Overall, It’s Been a Great Week to Be a New Orleans Assassin!
~Disenfranchised Citizen

The other storm: A monologue
~Terri Troncale

Levee Breaks In Wisconsin~Ron Hogan
~It’s like the New Orleans disaster, just farther north. Unlike the New Orleans levee system, the levee in Portage was constructed in the late 1800’s by local residents using local materials.
~Hat Tweet~oceandog

“The Numbers Don’t Lie, BP Does”

LSU professors offered BP contracts
~Jordan Bloom

10th Annual Taste of South Louisiana

Second Line Jump: New Orleans Rap and Brass Band Music~Mat Miller

Dear New Orleans Benefit Concert at the Black Cat, Washington DC

Music Review: Eden Brent
-Ain't Got No Troubles~Josh Hathaway