Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Self control was never one of Aaron Broussard’s strong points ~Slabbed

Wash, rinse, repeat: Aaron Broussard’s former property managers in Canada again sue Slabbed for defamation in Nova Scotia

With Letten gone, ’tis the season for intrigue and wild rumors ~Mark Moseley, The Lens
Week 15, Bucs at Saints: Trouble No More ~SaintsWin~The past 11 months have been neither enjoyable nor encouraging but, like many things in life, they turn for the better after awhile. In a seeming moment the discontent and disillusion faded, with hope and a promise of redemption assuming their place.
So begins the transition to the 2013 Saints' season.

We are hope despite the times ~moosedenied
~So much for the ridiculous notion that the Saints had "given up" or "don't give a shit anymore." So much for fans resigning themselves to 1970s-style Saints football for the next ten years because Roger slammed the window shut. So much for the offense having lost the Magic. So much for the defense being hopelessly, irredeemably shitty. So much for Mark Ingram being The Next Troy Davis. So much for Joseph Morgan being The Next Onome Ojo. So much for Jimmy Graham being a one-year-wonder. So much for the 100 Million Dollar Man being in the early stages of being washed-up and/or having lost his edge. So much for this team being a shell of its former self. Sunday's performance reaffirmed that the killing machine of the last three years is still in there somewhere. Feel free to exhale now.

Saints vs Buccaneers: A Skunk Never Smelled so Sweet ~Saints Tailgate
~One really cool thing about the game is the perception that the players were playing for their jobs. I didn’t see that today; I saw guys playing for pride. I saw guys who remembered they were supposed to protect their home turf, and thanking the fans who bought the tickets and came to see them play.
NOPD Katrina racial killing case retrial ordered

City of NOLA overtime payments for Isaac raise eyebrows

Hey Blake,Why is the URL for the New Orleans Public Library website "www.nutrias.org"?

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to blast rock along Mississippi River

Hungry for crawfish: Nation enjoying longtime

Craig Giesecke: Entrepreneurial spirits La. favorite ~Uptown Messenger

Restaurant August: Is It Worth It? ~Blackened Out

Rosanne Cash makes BR stop while traveling Blues Highway

Party like it's the end of the world at the Cosmic Convergence Festival

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Silence Is Deafening ~Ignatious Jeff Reilly
I just read that for the second time is less than a year, SLABBED has, for all purposes, been taken down by the actions of a foreign court for actions that arise on US soil and fall under US law. It should scare the living day lights out of any American citizen if these actions are allowed to stand. 

Imagine a world where the media is censored by crooks ~Slabbed
NOPD: Dat Dog employee shot after refusing to give robber cash ~Uptown Messenger
Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints not close on contract ~Greg Rosenthal

Cop Convictions Overturned in Henry Glover Case ~NOLA DEFENDER

9th Ward goat farmer’s gripe: butting heads with powers that be ~The Lens

CBS NEWS: Oil Still Leaking From BP Gulf Of Mexico Spill

Sinkhole prompts 6-month road study

Review: Bouligny Tavern ~Gambit~Ian McNulty relaxes at a sumptuous spot where you can keep the party rolling