Saturday, March 14, 2009


Editilla sends out a very special kind'bud love dedication, du jour
and t'ank youz to Tawnee Lynne
for helping us hang the Ladder.

Special Thanks:
Editilla finally excaped the city in a pick-up truck with dog Flora, back pack, guitar and...My BICYCLE, on the 7th day after the levees failed and flooded her. We used to deliver fo'da Angel across da'street from Clint and'em... damn.

Scorn on the Bayou
~Noah Bonaparte Pais

St. Bernard agency holds fundraiser to serve area

"I'll Consider It Criminal"
~Harry Shearer

Corps of Engineers is baaaack!
~J.R. Welsh
~Federal officials are bringing back their road show on a proposed massive overhaul of the Mississippi Coast, and again they have local officials here upset over the way the issue is being handled.

Locals want more New Orleans levee dump truck work

eGreens~Alex Woodward

Anderson Cooper to anchor '360'
from New Orleans as CNN focuses on economy
~Dave Walker

KU Engineering Students Help with Rebuilding New Orleans
~Seven students from the University of Kansas chapter of Engineers Without Borders will spend spring break in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward.

Planetizen Home

New Orleans musician rebounds,
opens "Gate"~Larry Blumenfeld

Terence Blanchard records new album~Stacy Plaisance

Roscoe Gordon

Friday, March 13, 2009


[Editilla Notellas~ We are experiencing, ah, technical infrastructure difficulties here at Rilla'Cave Central. Please bear with our slack posting for about a week? HA!]

The Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day Club will hold its 62nd Annual Mass and Parade celebration on Saturday, March 14th, 12:00 p.m. at St. Mary's Assumption Church (corner of Constance and Josephine Streets) followed by the parade (corner of Felicity and Magazine) at 1:00 p.m.
The benefit block party will take place on Tuesday, March 17, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., at the Annunciation Square Playground, directly in front of St. Michael's Special School; to whom the proceeds of the block will be donated.
The medallion for 2009 will honor Our Lady of Knock Shrine in Ireland. Our Lady of Knock Shrine is a major pilgrimage site in the village of Knock in County Mayo, Ireland. On August 21, 1879 Ms. Mary McLoughlin, 45, housekeeper to Archdeacon Cavanagh, went to the nearby cottage of Mrs. Mary Byrne around 7pm and on her way she passed by the south gable of Knock Parish Church. There she saw an apparition of Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. John the Evangelist, an altar with a cross and a lamb (a traditional image of Jesus). Adorning angels surrounded the altar. The apparition was witnessed by 15 people whose ages ranged from five years to seventy-five years and they stood in the pouring rain for two hours reciting the Rosary.

Super Sunday New Orleans Style
~Big Red Cotton

New Orleans Nagin Hits DC,
Harvard~Bayou Buzz

Obama's Debt to New Orleans ~The Nation
~Editilla Screwhellas~ The Nation magazine proves again that, for that rag, Katrina still has branding power!

Court vacates part of Katrina insurance case award
~Michael Kunzelman

Rep. Melancon Comments on
FEMA Funding for St. Bernard
Canal~Bayou Perspective

Transparent as Garbage
~Your Right Hand Thief

"Pathos Plant"~PWALLY

Grand Forks declares flood emergency

Free Spring Concerts in
New Orleans~My Private Casbah

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Corps' estimate of pump costs assailed~Sheila Grissett
~Redesigning New Orleans' three big outfall canals and outfitting each with a single all-purpose pump station as local officials prefer would cost $3.4 billion, according to a new report and cost estimates from the Army Corps of Engineers.
That is four times as much as the $800 million corps officials plan to spend on their less-ambitious plan to improve drainage and hurricane-fueled flooding along the 17th Street, Orleans Avenue and London Avenue canals.

Corps prepares to link West Bank levees~Paul Rioux

Emergency levee repairs are
under way in Terrebonne
~Nikki Buskey

Louisiana Gov. Jindal: Go To
India, Not Iowa~Jim Brown

Rising sea level means huge Bay Area impacts~Jay Thorwaldson

Walking Through New Orleans - Zatarain's~Slashfood

A March Madness vasectomy
special? Only in New Orleans
~Chris Rose

Interview with Reggie Scanlan of The Radiators (Part 2)
~Citizen K

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


New Orleans Daily Photograph

We’re number one!
Louisiana has the biggest
industrial carbon footprint.

Nagin's technology chief facing mounting criticism
~David Hammer

Local leaders attend New Orleans conference
~From March 15-17, Robyn Greenberg, Adam and Julia Roberts, all of Voorhees, and Beth Lincow Cole of Cherry Hill will join hundreds of young Jewish leaders from across the country for the United Jewish Communities' (UJC) National Young Leadership New Orleans Conference. This local delegation will represent the Young Adult Division (YAD) of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey.

Levee repair concerns continue for Louisa County~The Hawkeye
~Nerves are tense for residents living along the Iowa River in Louisa County.

Catastrophe Fund Looking for
Backup, but Washington May be
Only Help~Gary Fineout

New Orleans Health-food pizzeria goes national, with a little help from Mark Cuban
~Chris Rose

Le Petit Theatre fires entire creative staff~Kevin Allman

Interview with Reggie Scanlan of The Radiators (Part 1)
~Citizen K

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Tammany fights 2 forest fires
~Jeff Adelson, Kia Hall Hayes

~Two raging wildfires continued a fiery path through wooded areas near Slidell and Mandeville Monday, leading a state fire official to declare them the worst forest fires St. Tammany Parish has seen in a quarter century. ~Photo Curtsy~Map Curtsy

More trees, fences, targeted in
final round of clearing for Corps
of Engineers~Sheila Grissett

~Editilla Ho'tellas~Ho'deeee'doh Ho'Dee'Doh! Beotch'Fight! Beotch'Fight on'da Playground!

Corps wants to make temporary pumps permanent
~Maya Rodriguez

~"We're disappointed, but we are still very optimistic that Pump to the River will come to pass," said Lisa Ludwig, a resident in Old Metairie, which is an area that could potentially benefit from the pump to the river project.

Residents watch water rise
~Louisa County residents kept a close watch Monday as the water from the Iowa River poured through a levee break, submerging County Road H22 which prompted officials to close the road indefinitely to keep the water in the west side of the temporary levee that crosses that roadway.
"Yes, we will rebuild," Aracely Schlesing said.
"We have no other choice. I really don't know. I just hope they fix the levee. Whatever they plan on doing (with the levee) I hope they do it fast."

FEMA to discuss new flood maps ~Paul Rioux~Questions and concerns about new FEMA flood-risk maps that show a large section of West Jefferson is more vulnerable than previous assessments will be addressed at an open house next week.

Earmarks aren't 'wicked, evil,
criminal, wrong'~Frank James

Mayor Ray "Baby'head" Nagin
in such bad shape he's looking to
NOAH for a lifeboat.
~We Could Be Famous

Riiiight -->
New Orleans Mayor Ray "Chocolate Don, Murder Brando, Race Master- baiter, Repugnant Republicante Fakir by any other name" Nagin (still in office) gesticulates the concept: "Sh*t in one hand/half a dozen in da'udda."
---sez'what, niggas, you gotta problem?

Nagin Admin. in "flagrant" violation of the law

Talk about Murder Branding
~Set in New Orleans, "The Murder Game" will premiere at the King's Head Theatre on March 18. This screwball romantic comedy takes place at the Criminal Courthouse at Tulane Avenue and South Broad Street. Awwww How Cute is This?

Building a bike at Plan B
~"Anyone here ever built a bike over at Plan B?"

New Orleans-born horse trainer
Brothers to retire~Bob Fortus

This year, Patois: The New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival will be showing a number of Palestine and Middle Eastern related films, March 26-April 5.
~New Orleans Palestine Solidarity

Ani DiFranco at House of Blues Sunday!
~Her latest album "Red Letter Year" (Righteous Babe Records) has a dozen skittery tracks in which DiFranco's voice serves less of a narrative role than a rhythmic one. Pushing and pulling back and forth across each song's rhythm, her voice creates intricate patterns of the sort a jazz scat singer might make (even when she's singing about atomic bombs and emancipated minors). To top it all off, DiFranco turns the last track over to the Rebirth Brass Band for some classic New Orleans street-band funk. It almost plays like an outro, dissolving into laughter at the end. ~

Monday, March 9, 2009


Hurricane Busters?~Corey Binns

Feral pigs hunted down by helicopter, Corps survives
~Mallory's Blog
~Sharpshooters killed 15 feral pigs near Harlan County Reservoir in an effort to eliminate a destructive invasive species. The helicopter-assisted shooting of the wild pigs was not the first of its kind. A similar aerial hunting last year removed 69 animals in the same area.

Everglades leader tapped for top
Army post in possible boon for
South Florida projects
~Paul Quinlan
~The Obama administration has named Terrence "Rock" Salt as deputy assistant secretary of the Army overseeing the nation's civil works projects.
~Editilla chokes a cherrio~ There has to be a metaphor lurking here somewhere... or at least a withered, weathered pun.

State oversight of wetlands is
best~Grenetta Thomassey and Lisa Wozniak

St. Bernard houses razed as FEMA's deadline nears
~Chris Kirkham

New Orleans Nagin Administration Mishandles Housing Funds. No You're Kidding!~Jeff Crouere

Children’s Hospital Utilizes Sunquest Solutions

New Orleans parks: Playgrounds for unschooling minds
~Laura Garbers

'Moon' now shines upon N.O.
~Robert Travis Scott

High-Speed Rail Drives Obama's Transportation Agenda
~Dan Eggen

Stalker Pie

A New Chapter~No Dowery

Loyola Monday Night Forum:
Terence Blanchard and Robin Burgess

Allen Toussaint Q & A

First Iris Viewing Festival at New Orleans Museum of Art

Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships

Local maker's custom guitars strike chord with top players
~Thad Angelloz

Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers~John Fordham

Antoinette K-Doe's funeral
proved why we live and die in
New Orleans~Chris Rose

Sunday, March 8, 2009


UNO professor tracks return of
birds in city's flooded areas
~Katy Reckdahl

Photo Special thanks: Steve Buser at NODP

Readiness of some rebuilt levees questioned
~Jim Suhr and Jim Salter

~All told, the corps has spent about $64 million so far to fix breaches in about 70 levees in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.
With the prospect of another season of spring flooding fast approaching, the Army Corps of Engineers insists the earthen flood levees outmatched by the Mississippi River last summer are rebuilt and ready. Not everyone's so sure.
One of the local officials still worried is Marty Lafary, the board chairman of Henderson County in northwest Illinois. Lafary argues that the earthen wall ruptured because it was unstable, but corps officials say the river was to blame, that water simply rose over its top and eroded it. <-(sound familiar, NOLA???)
Flooding begins in North Dakota
~Major flooding along two Iowa rivers.
~Flooding southeastern Wisconsin

President Obama's two Cabinet Secretaries, meet privately with on recent NOLA visit

Garden Hwy Group Wants To Stop Tree Removal
~A citizens group has filed two lawsuits against the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in an attempt to block the removal of more than 1,000 trees.
The trees are in a 200-foot swath of open land along the Garden Highway, where a new levee is planned.

Thinking globally, acting globally ~lacoastpost
Winner of Editilla's Fleur dis leis fetish for prettiest du jour.

Louisiana energy industry is
fighting back against new taxes
proposed by Obama
~Jen DeGregorio

Court issues string of policy holder-friendly rulings in insurance cases
~Rebecca Mowbray

Is it possible Berkshire is insolvent? Warren Buffett, Oracle of Omaha and Media Darling, Welcome to Slabbed

Steele Pins PBJ Campaign Song

Katrina victims aid local recovery ~Leigh Jones
~Hurricane Katrina survivors from Mississippi’s Gulf Coast raised $31,364 to help with Hurricane Ike recovery effort. Donors specified that the money, sent to the Galveston County Recovery Fund, should only be used to provide housing assistance and fund other essential needs for last year’s storm victims.

Scientists to issue stark warning
over dramatic new sea level figures ~Robin McKie

~Rising sea levels pose a far bigger Eco threat than previously thought. This week's climate change conference in Copenhagen will sound an alarm over new flooding - enough to swamp Bangladesh, Florida, the Norfolk Broads and the Thames estuary.

Scenes from New Orleans
~Linda Langhorst

Laboratories of Destitution: Democratic Experimentalism and the Failure of Antipoverty Law

Sunday from the Porch
~New Orleans Murder Blog

Town Talk Wingnuttery ~CenLamar

Houma teacher wins top-chef honor~Robert Zullo

After The Storm: New Orleans VAR Is Reborn Stronger Than Ever

TINO (This is New Orleans)
~Life in the Land of Dreamy Dreams

Spring what?
~New Orleans Pet Care

Train trip opens new window on world for first-time riders
~Ann Fisher

~"U.S. train travel is more popular than it has been in a generation. But from where I sat in central Ohio, far from the nation's rail hubs, I figured it wasn't worth the hassle."

Eyewitness 1811: From Pittsburgh to New Orleans by steamboat ~Len Barcousky

Sunday Funnies~Citizen K

Kermit Ruffins for free, Amanda Shaw and more music for Sunday~Keith Spera

Free CC's Coffee NOMRF Concert Series

Southern Miss Forum to feature jazz historian

Porter Batiste Stoltz: tour dates (w/ guest keyboard players)

New Orleans Musica da Camera

Let's Hear More From Snooks ...Aw-rite?~Home of the Groove