Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Drew Brees Will Lead New Orleans Saints to Another Super Bowl~Bleacher Report

Hurricane Katrina victims fight FEMA repayments 6 years after receiving aid

In eroding civil liberties, Barack Obama finishes what George Bush began~James Gill

Why can't Louisiana flex our muscle like Brazil~The flexibility of Brazilian FFVs empowers the consumers to choose the fuel depending on current market prices. As ethanol fuel economy is lower than gasoline because of ethanol's energy content is close to 34% less per unit volume than gasoline, flex cars running on ethanol get a lower mileage than when running on pure gasoline. However, this effect is partially offset by the usually lower price per liter of ethanol fuel. As a rule of thumb, Brazilian consumers are frequently advised by the media to use more alcohol than gasoline in their mix only when ethanol prices are 30% lower or more than gasoline, as ethanol price fluctuates heavily depending on the result of seasonal sugar cane harvests.

Make ‘Em Say Uhh! NOLA Rappers ~ Where are they now?~INVADE NOLA

Woody Allen & His New Orleans Jazz Band ~Vince Keenan

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On the subject of Drew Brees' unquestioned greatness ~Alejandro De Los Rios

Drew Dat~Beauty Jackson, Red Bean Dreams

The Paradox of the National Team
~Tom Junod, Esquire

~And so the game last night was a contest between one of the teams that is powerfully local, and plays at a level of interest to a national fan base; and one of the teams that appeals to a fan base deracinated by definition, and is of no interest to anyone who doesn't read the local sports pages. A contest, in other words, between Drew Brees and Matt Ryan — between a quarterback who aspires, in his 11th year, to avenge all the wrongs ever visited on him or his adopted hometown, and a quarterback who, after five years in the league, aspires to an abstracted idea of excellence, like any other middle-manager on the go.

Five New Orleans Saints named to Pro Bowl, including first-timers Jimmy Graham and Jermon Bushrod

~Trombone Man, Linda Langhorst

Anonymous hacks Harry Shearer
~Charles Maldonado, Gambit

~I went through it using the search term "New Orleans," and there, in a list heavy on professors, lawyers, defense contractors, real estate developers and energy sector employees, was Shearer. There too were a New Orleans address, an out-of-state phone number, a personal email address and a credit card number, which, if it's active, I hope he's canceled.
Update (4:35 p.m.): I emailed a few questions to Shearer. Here are his responses:
A. Stratfor has contacted me. B. That credit card was compromised and has been canceled. C. I subscribed to Stratfor for one year, at the recommendation, as it happens, of a New Orleans friend of mine.
PS: I'm supporting Sandy Rosenthal as New Orleanian of the Year.
~Editilla Notellas~ Gentle'rillas interested in seconding Our Herolero we urge yous to contact these people and let them know you support da nomination.
Kemp's Ridley turtle, once stranded in Europe, is released in Gulf of Mexico

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Drew Brees: MVP stats, but still wanting to get better ~Jay Vice, WWL
Recovery School District releases final decisions on school sites

In Judy's Kitchen: Atlanta Falcons 'Dirty Birdseed'

New Orleans Gets a Good Defense Lawyer
~Mac McClelland, MoJo

LA attorney general files suit over offshore drilling revenue

Entergy reports radioactive leak at St. Francisville nuclear plant

Corps adds Atchafalaya Basin to Inspections

What's the holdup with the levee upgrades? Corps of Engineers still has not issued OK on it's own work~After three years of design work, construction is set to start in early 2012 on repairs and upgrades for 64 miles of flood control levees in Madison, St. Clair and Monroe counties. Trouble is, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers still has not issued its OK for the project's design, nor has the federal agency indicated when it will do so, according to Les Sterman, the chief engineer for the Southwestern Illinois Flood Prevention District Council, which met Wednesday morning in Collinsville. Part of the problem is the fact the corps is insisting on performing its own review, while also calling for an outside firm to conduct a second review, Sterman said.

Water and Wastewater Construction: Continued Gloom or Future Boom?
~Angela Godwin

Shell Oil Spill off Nigeria - Questions ~SkyTruth

Barbour: Legacy is Katrina and a dominant state GOP ~Sid Salter, Clarion Ledger

Fisherman's idea brings new life from rubble of old Twin Spans ~WVUE

Record sugar harvest expected

Grand Isle among top-five island getaways

Harrison Ford signs on to NOLA-shot sci-fi story 'Ender's Game'

Bonfires set to go up in flames despite river, rain

Café helps Saints' Strief satisfy hunger to help

Happy Holidays from The Pelican Club
~Blackened Out

7 Days of Holiday Cheer in New Orleans
~We Live to Eat

Home For The Holidays at House of Blues~He Said/She Said NOLA


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Kind of Magic -or- Drew Brees: Mindfreak ~moosedenied
Rivalry between the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons is reaching a boiling point
~Mike Triplett

On Hating the Falcons
~Grand Master Wang, NOLA DEFENDER

Vieux Carre Commission battle over crime camera goes to a draw

Foundation awards $680,000 in grants to 33 community organizations

Firm hired to evaluate Ken Feinberg's oil spill claims process

Corps can do better flood management

DHH to cut 69 positions. Restructuring plan turns over IT duties to UNO, ULL

Port of New Orleans gets $16 million terminal

Report tells of trans-Louisiana yacht delivery

~Bill Ellzy

Oysters are plentiful but pricey this holiday season ~Judy Walker

Innovative Sales Solutions Connect Fishermen and Shrimpers Directly with Consumers

Nigeria Oil Spill Raises Concerns About New Drilling Tech~Brandon Keim, Wired

Build a Bike and Make a Difference

The Beer Buddha's Top 10 List of the Best (and Worst) Beery Shit That Happened in New Orleans in 2011

Bayou beef jerky and Cajun stocking stuffers ~Ian McNulty

Oops, is that a hole in my pocket? Meauxbar Bistro~He said/She Said

New Orleans' best bourbon spiked eggnogs crowned at 'Tales of the Toddy', recipes included

~Hat Tweet BywaterNeighborAssoc~It was the day before Christmas and all through the nabe, the word went forth, 'The Farmers Market is Open!" The...

Laura Gutschke: Gumbo full of rich history

Irvin Mayfield Helps Bring Music to the Hornets ~Alex Rawls, offBEAT

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

~Brain-eating tap water amoeba kills at least two in Louisiana~Deborah Dupre, Examiner
~It is Naegleri fowleri, a rare amoeba that lives in warm fresh water that attacks the brain, causing death. The brain-eating amoeba is blamed for three deaths in 2011.
Louisiana health officials have issued a warning Friday to residents about nonsterilized tap water after at least two people, one in De Soto Parish and the other in New Orleans, died after exposing their brains to a deadly, water-borne, brain-eating amoeba while flushing their nasal passages.
~Editilla Ya-Yas & Bootellas~

Hey Yous Dirty Birds! We gonna kick yo asses in da Sacredome!

Corps of Engineers agrees to third-party review of levee debris
~West Bank residents were obviously very worried about the extensive debris — literally piles of junk — found in the levees and it’s concerning that there could be much more still be to be found,” Vitter said. “We can’t tolerate any more negligence when it comes to our levees, something that has unfortunately been the norm for the corps for a long time.”
~Editilla Crowtellas~ Yeah yeah, we hear ya mouf talkin. Sorry, Lil' Bitty Vitty, buuuut you sound like a milquetoast: whining and pining, buzzin about like you've got nothing.

Want to Understand Politics, the Economy, Everything? Follow the Levees~Jim Schutze

Donelon blasts revival of $92 million award vs. Citizens

Louisiana College Denied Reaffirmation of Accreditation, Placed on Warning Until At Least December 2012 ~CenLamar

Crackdown at Occupy New Orleans: Mayor Landrieu’s Peaceful Authoritarianism
~Matt Reichel, AlterNet

~Editilla MOtellas~ Here we come, walking down the street.
We get the funniest looooks from everyone we meet.

Digital doomsday: No faith in America, Newt?
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

Pre-order your UL commemorative book!
~It’s been a magical season of UL football, and it’s ended in spectacular fashion – a Ragin’ Cajuns win at the New Orleans Bowl. To commemorate the good times, The Daily Advertiser, along with presenting sponsor LHC Group, will publish a special hardbound, full-color book on the Ragin’ Cajuns’ season! Pre-sales are already under way, and, for a very limited time, the book can be ordered for a special price of only $24.95. (Regular price will be $34.95).

AECOM Awarded Contract for New Orleans Streetcar Expansion Project

South La. providing training, boats for Iraq navy ~Cara Bayles

~Hat Tweet~Happy National Fried Shrimp Day! Make sure you're frying Louisiana shrimp!

Drive-by artist leaves decorative doorways where there was only blight

Mad Man of the South: Bryan Batt's Big, Easy Style~Karen Dalton-Beninato

Joy Theater lights up tonight
~Alex Woodward, Gambit

~Editilla Mondellas~ I know, Gentlerillas, it's a hard week before the Big Thingy!
Sooooo think about beating the Dirty Birds next Monday, with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Saints 42 @ Vikings 20: Mauling at the Metrodome~Canal Street Chronicles
~now it's time to get into all the post-game coverage.

Drew Brees is playing as the heart and soul of the New Orleans Saints, nothing is safe.

Fuck The 99%!!!~Nicholas Payton
~Hat Tweet

Oh look...somebody is paying attention
~American Zombie

Len Bahr’s arrest may have been somewhat exaggerated ~LaCoastPost

Restoring the Side Channels along the Lower Mississippi River ~Quinta Scott

It's Monday, time to get slabbed

NOPD Chief Serpas: 'Drive-through window of justice' plagues city~WWL
~A family is preparing to bury a little girl, either on Christmas Day or what would have been the day she turned two years old, after the girl was shot in the head during a drive-by-shooting in New Orleans' Central City neighborhood. The police chief says part of the blame goes to a justice system that can't seem to keep violent offenders off the street.
~Also~Feckless New Orleans judges say they lack the resources to protect domestic-violence victims~Katy Reckdhal

A.E. Phillips’ Lego team brings first place trophy back to Louisiana Tech
~Hat Tweet

Once near extinction, La. alligators thrive
~Nikki Buskey

2011 Tales of the Toddy in New Orleans
~Monkey Dish
~Hat Tweet

Food Truckin' with @LaCocinita! (check them out tomorrow at @NOMA1910)~Yat Cuisine

Holiday Dining In New Orleans

Feliz Navidad from Ideal Market
~Blackened Out

So you wanna tweet a rock 'n' roll star? Tom Petty obliged~Keith Spera
~Hat Tweet the Pun "He also skipped an inquiry about whether he grows his own marijuana." THAT WAS MINE! as soon as he tweeted Here I Is!

Happy Birthday to KermitRuffins. He's throwing a party tonight at Sidney's Saloon!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Today is arraignment day for Aaron Broussard and company! ~Slabbed
~Aaron Broussard to be arraigned in federal court

West bank levee-raising won't take toll on east bank, corps officials say
~Mark Schleifstein

Today's Scuttlebutt~LaCoastPost
~Hat Tip~Sandy Rosenthal

Orleans Parish School Board approves $79 million bond sale for new construction
~The Orleans Parish School Board signed off Thursday on the sale of $79 million worth of interest-free bonds to finance school construction, a move that caught other players in the city's education system off guard and provoked a rare display of anger from the head of the Recovery School District, the state agency that operates alongside board-governed schools.

Good Morning Nola!
~Hat Tweet~~My angel trumpet plant is happy for the milder weather

In Less Than 48 Hours, City Council and The Town Talk Demonstrate Everything Wrong About Alexandria ~CenLamar

Paradox's bounty making for a new hot spot for area anglers~Bob Marshall

Beerodamus' New Orleans Beer Scene 2012
~The Beer Buddha

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

6 Reasons Why the New Orleans Saints Should Be Super Bowl XLVI Favorites
~Bleacher Report

~Hat Tweet ~Departing for DC to attend major colloquium as guest of the Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton. Event will be webcast.

~Hat Tweet the Pun~, corrupting the minds of our yout, indoctrinate 4th graders in The Katrina Lie

Sec. of Interior gives greenlight to Lafitte Corridor greenway~Alex Woodward, Gambit

Jean-Paul Villere: Where’s the ‘crete?
~Uptown Messenger
~I live and work in the Freret corridor, and for many moons now promises of a new streetscape have been on the horizon. Most recently, the collective residents and business owners were informed by the city just weeks ago the start date would be some time in early November. Look at your calendar. It’s the middle of December, and not a bit of concrete has been disturbed.

Disgraced former Judge William Roe goes off to the Greybar Hotel as a crybaby. Is he a true piece of shit? Discuss ~Slabbed
~Editilla Bows to da Mastas~ This is why we got outta da Headline Writing Bidness!

2 arrested as Occupy NOLA makes last stand

BP well blowout showed oil industry is not set up for safety, scientist panel finds
~David Hammer

BP leads bids for new Gulf of Mexico leases ~Financial Times

State DEQ disputes negative report. Environmentalists praise EPA findings
~Amy Wold, Advocate

Report: Restoration investment would create jobs ~Nikki Buskey, Daily Comet

By freezing his catch at sea, La. shrimper turns the tide on his business ~Hat Tweet

Drilling in the heart of Cajun country
~Trenchless International
~Michels Directional Crossings successfully completed a complex, highly publicised horizontal directional drilling crossing underneath the Atchafalaya River and the accompanying levee system in central Louisiana, US. The nearly one-mile Atchafalaya drill was one of the last of a total of 15 horizontal directional drilling (HDD) installations that Michels ultimately completed on the Acadian Haynesville Extension Project, a 270 mile natural gas pipeline that originates in the Haynesville Shale in Red River Parish, Louisiana, and terminates near Donaldsonville, LA.

'Special' cupcakes get Louisiana mother arrested

~Associated Press Reporting~The mother of a man incarcerated in the Eunice City Jail has been arrested after officers said she tried to smuggle narcotics to her son in a box of cupcakes. On Saturday, Dandaline K. Sattler of Eunice, and her boyfriend, Lindale Jamone Chaney of Ville Platte, were booked with introduction of contraband into a penal institution. According to police, Sattler's son, 18-year-old Phillip Foster Lafleur, who is in jail on multiple charges, contacted his mother and requested she and Chaney obtain narcotics, place them in a cupcake box and bring to them to the jail. A check by an officer revealed a small amount of synthetic marijuana in the box of cupcakes. It was unclear whether the suspects have attorneys.
~Editilla Notellas~ We just had to write this one out, hehehe... does it git any better?

The Goal of a Restaurant~Blackened Out

A Sandwich a Day: The Fried Peace Maker Po'Boy at Acme Oyster House~Serious Eats

~Hat Tweet ~Wednesday, December 14: NEW ORLEANS MIDDLE EAST FILM FESTIVAL - Day 6: 6:00 p.m. - 12 ANGRY LEBANESE

Hall That Jazz~Tom Sanction, Vanity Fair

~Hat Tweet~Congratulations to JON CLEARY on his BLUES AWARD nomination!

New Orleans Jazz Festival 2012 Lineup!

WWOZ Swamp Shop: Your source for 'OZ clothing and gear

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

#Occupy denied: Judge refuses preliminary injunction, protesters must leave Duncan Plaza tonight ~Gambit
Try not to kick anybody in the face
~Library Chronicles

~This isn't the first time we've seen the Saints' burgeoning reputation become an issue. The author of that post quoted above sort of wonders whether such a thing is actually warranted, though, since there exist far more egregious examples of "dirty play" around the league. Anyone who watched the Saints-Lions game last week will tell you Detroit was the more undisciplined and, I suppose you could call it "dirtier" team on the filed by far that night. And this was the case even as their leading bad boy Ndamukong Suh was serving a suspension for having kicked someone in the face on Thanksgiving Day.

The mayor’s interpretation of transparency and inclusiveness ~Louisiana Weekly
~Hat Tweet

N.O. tour guides sue city over licensing rules ~WWL

Louisiana flunks at enforcing air, water laws, EPA inspector general says~Mark Schleifstein

Judge disqualifies River Birch executive's lawyers

Union Parish deputies seize cattle, claiming malnutrition ~Monroe News Star

Review: Taste of the Caribbean ~Gambit

Nola Pie Guy's new pop up pie shop is on Freret Street on December weekends~Judy Walker

Yumbo Cajun Lasagna from Betty Crocker!
~Hat Tweet

The South's Olive~Blackened Out

Monday, December 12, 2011

Corps says it's not to blame for Katrina flooding BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Whew!
A case against the Army Corps over Katrina flooding to be heard in court

~Hat Tweet the Pun~Whoa & Gawd Dayum! I love the fine print the Corps likes to stick in a city's ass! How will Dallas repay Corps $15 Mil?

~Hat Tweet

Drew Brees appears on Sesame Street this week

Occupy NOLA's chances for final court victory are slim, some legal experts say
~Also~Park regulations that got Occupiers evicted are little known and rarely enforced~Benjamin Leger, The Lens
~Update~City, #OccupyNOLA unable to reach settlement in morning Federal Court meeting~Gambit

Dakinikat's Monday Reads ~Sky Dancing

Louisiana exports jump 45 percent during first three quarters of 2011

Fracking raises issue of water regulation in Louisiana ~New Orleans City Business

After Katrina, A Log Cabin In An Unlikely Place ~NPR ~Gerald Brady's neighborhood in Arabi, La., was devastated by Katrina. It's still mostly empty lots and the few homes around are made of brick. Brady's house — a log cabin built on eight-foot-high concrete piers — stands out so much that tourists come around to take pictures. He fought hard to build the unlikely house of his dreams in a most unusual place.

"Holy grail" of gold coins sells for $7.4M in New Orleans! ~CBSNews

Wendell Pierce Rebuilds Green in NOLA

~Hat Tip~Triple Pundit

Tombs too colorful for some in Terrebonne

C.C. Lockwood photograph is chosen for commemorative Louisiana stamp

Judge denies new trial motion for tiger owner

Poppin' up in Memphis with Le Saispas Vintage ~Slow Southern Syle

Reveillon & the Rib Room~Blackened Out

~Hat Tweet~The Horn Doctor is in town til 4pm today repairing brass instruments for free! 2372 St. Claude. Thx to SweetHomeNola

Ani Difranco performs at Lusher Charter School ~Uptown Messenger

More Details About Coco Robicheaux's Second Line ~NOLA DEFENDER

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saints at Titans: Broadcast Information
~Video: Hokie & Deke break down Saints-Titans
~Hat Tweet ~My friend Terry used duct tape & PVC pipe to rig a flagpole to hang our Saints flag from at our tailgate in Nashville.

Don't let the corps go back to its old ways: ~Sen. David Vitter
~Since Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has built a whole new and stronger hurricane and flood protection system for most of greater New Orleans.
It's unprecedented in scope, cost and speed of construction because of the emergency authority and funding that Congress passed following the storm. The problem is that extraordinary response is wrapping up, and the old norm for the corps -- a vicious cycle of bureaucracy, delay and cost overruns -- is returning with a vengeance.

~Illustration by Da Masqued E'vinga!

Senators want investigation of Army Corps and Missouri River flood

Drew Broach continues slogging through the Wrinkled Robe papers, examines the infamous fight between Al Copeland and Bobby Guidry ~Slabbed

Mayor Mitch Landrieu recounts his murder jury experience -- and how he voted

LEAP tests era to end

Support the New Orleans Food & Farm Network this Holiday Season

One for the Ladies!

~LeRoux – Midnight Special – New Orleans Ladies – Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mardi Gras 2012 Parade Schedules!
~Editilla Stomp'a'rellas~Never to soon to Rock'N'Roll!
~Krewe du View rolls the weekend of my Birfday -again! That's one of the reasons why I've always loved Mardi Gras, to wit: the holiday often falls on or near Valentines --and we've always hated Valentines!
Gentle'rillas can also follow Big Red Cotton on twitter, and over at Gambit, for all the 2nd Line Parades and Brass Band Goins'Ons.

WHOOOOZAH! $1,300 just for 'cheap seats' for LSU vs. 'Bama ~WWL
$1,300 just for 'cheap seats'! Who's buying? 31%: Louisiana fans, 24%: Alabama fans and 35%: women with nude pics of Honey Badger

~Hat Tweet~ New Orleans Saints~Brees' Weekly Press Conference Video - Quotes -

At This Point Just Teach The Kids
~Cliff's Crib
~I haven’t spoken about this issue for awhile but every now and then a reality check is needed. I would like to tell all my local friends that no one really wants you to run your own schools. New Orleans is now the proving ground for any charter program looking to show its value and we made it that way with years of failure and neglect.
We have no one to blame but ourselves.

So you think Mitt’s got it sewed up? Get ready for GOP seams to rip
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

New Orleans Struggles to Stem Homicides ~Campbell Robertson, NYT

Here is what happens when a clown is reelected: State Farm sticks it to Louisiana Policyholders ~Slabbed

Louisiana insurance policyholders leave nearly $270 million in rebates unclaimed

BP oil spill fines may not flow easily to Gulf Coast states~Bruce Alpert~The toughest criticism of the bill, which could generate billions of dollars for the Gulf states, came from Rep. Bob Gibbs, R-Ohio, an influential subcommittee chairman. Gibbs said, the federal government already has spent billions of dollars on flood control after Hurricane Katrina, particularly in New Orleans, and the area already receives a share of royalty payments for off-shore drilling.
When he testified, Rep. Steve Scalise, R-Jefferson, "corrected the record," saying Gulf states won't begin to get serious revenue sharing from offshore development until 2017, and that percentage won't be 50 percent, as Gibbs said, but 37.5 percent. Others said that the high cost of flood-control efforts were because of the failure of federally built levees, which caused most of the post-Katrina flooding.

Group hopes to rebuild Barataria islands for birds

Environmental group sues to keep trees along levee ~An environmental group has filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in a bid to protect hundreds of old trees lining an earthen levee and popular public trail in Coeur d'Alene.

Nutria Rodeo Numbers Are In!

I’m a Member of the Krewe of Cos
~Jan V. Ramsey, offBEAT

Make Jimmy Graham Crackers to sweeten up your next Saints party~Judy Walker

Eating Locally — Still Good
~Jill Richardson, Gambit

~Hat Tweet~ Bugeyed Lindsay~Sandwich World on : Sandwich World! Like no other. The menu is endless with poboys, salads, gumbos, and daily l..

Cream of Redfish Soup

GW Fins~Blackened Out