Friday, July 26, 2013

Bob Marshall explains legal, political issues in lawsuit blaming oil & gas industry for coastal loss ~The Lens

Wetlands war ~Clancy Dubos, Gambit
~Coincidentally, or perhaps not, Jindal issued his attack against the lawsuit and the plaintiff lawyers from Aspen, Colo., where he was attending the Republican Governors meeting. Last Thursday, July 25, Jindal was scheduled to speak at an Aspen Institute-sponsored event called The McCloskey Speakers Series. David Koch, one of the Koch brothers, is on the Board of Trustees of the Aspen Institute. Koch Industries is among the named defendants in the lawsuit.
Lawsuit To Force Oil Industry Funding For Wetlands Repair Facing New Legal Challenges ~Eileen Fleming, WWNO

Stephanie Grace: History shows industry got a free ride ~New Orleans Advocate

Historic wetlands suit is compared to 1990s litigation against Big Tobacco ~Levees Not War

Who Dats out before dawn for start of training camp

Little Change to Dorian as it Heads West-Northwest ~Wunderblog

After months of debate, food truck rules relaxed ~Jaquetta White, New Orleans Advocate 

Don't expect Dog the Bounty Hunter look-alikes for this weekend's Bail Association conference

Post-fire photos of Hercules drill rig in Gulf. Looks like much may be salvageable ~gCaptain

Hercules 265 Drill Rig in Gulf, Post-Fire Questions: new BOP regs needed, stat, as Gulf drilling booms ~SkyTruth

Audubon Aquarium Opens GEAUX FISH Exhibit

Thursday, July 25, 2013

WWL’s Kristian Garic Dishes About Life, Radio Career & Why You Can Expect More From The 2013 Saints ~Jason Calbos, Nola Nation Rising
John Barry: Industry legally obligated to help fix coast ~New Orleans Advocate

Unsigned Editorial: Suit raises big questions regarding Open Meetings Laws ~New Orleans Advocate

Lawsuit against oil and gas giants is a call to arms for Louisiana: Jarvis DeBerry

BP Is Not Making It Right! ~Michelle Erenberg, GRN
Governorcist Bobby Jindal's own former Executive Counsel works for Highjackers! Faircloth's Alexandria law firm earns $1.1 million in no-bid work from state ~Town Talk
Gulf of Mexico natural gas well stops flowing gas and fire is subsiding
Budget manager, auditor for Sheriff’s Office admit to seven-figure mistakes ~Sarah Rahman, The Lens

Jindal denounces lawsuit targeting oil and gas firms, misunderstands state law ~New Orleans Advocate
...perhaps because....
Science to be key factor in lawsuit against oil and gas companies for coastal loss ~Bob Marshall, The Lens

Bizarre study by Corps Modeler proposes eliminating nearly 35 miles of levees in New Orleans area levee systems

Wounded writer speaks of surviving Mother’s Day shooting ~Lee Zurik, WVUE

Landrieu’s food truck regs get mixed reaction from council members ~Andrew Vanacore

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus: Moving City Hall to former Charity site has many challenges ~Uptown Messenger

Not to be outdone by the new royal baby, the royal babies ~Slabbed

Burning Ring of Fire 50th Anniversary – Frank Zappa ~Blathering 504
The Real Wild Animals of New Orleans web series launches tonight at 6 p.m. ~Megan Braden-Perry, Gambit

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

City’s attorney aggressively questioning Gusman’s budget figures ~John Simerman, New Orleans Advocate
Drilling rig on fire in gulf begins to collapse ~David Hammer, WWLTV 

BSEE, Coast Guard Provide Response Oversight to Rig Fire, report no sheen on water
~Abatement efforts underway near Hercules 265 Rig where fire has caused collapse of the drill floor and derrick following an explosion Tuesday night. Photo courtesy of U.S. Coast Guard

Meet TS DORIAN ~Weather Underground
~MODIS satellite image of Tropical Storm Dorian taken at approximately 8 am EDT July 24, 2013. At the time, Dorian had top winds near 50 mph. Image credit: NASA.
How Many More Times? ~Saints Win 

Can Bobby Hebert Even Pronounce Akwasi Owusu-Ansah? ~Saints Tailgate

Fire has erupted on blown-out Gulf gas well

Owner of burning Gulf rig considers relief well BWAHAHAHAHA

Historic suit seeks damages from 97 energy companies for Louisiana's coastal erosion ~Jeff Adelson, New Orleans Advocate

Historic lawsuit coming against Big Oil ~Clancy Dubos

La. flood control authority to sue major oil, gas companies, seeking wetland restoration ~Steve Mufson, Washington Post

La. flood board to sue oil companies over erosion ~Kevin McGill and Michael Kunzelman, Associated Press

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Historic lawsuit seeks billions in damages from oil, gas, pipeline industries for wetlands losses ~Mark Schleifstein

Terrebonne Parish residents worry about flood insurance rates ~Meg Gatto, WVUE

Inside The Data-Driven System That Keeps The Netherlands Above Water ~Ciara Byrne, CoLABS~Hat Tweet

Letters demand homeowners pay back thousands in Road Home funds ~David Hammer, WWLTV

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New reports add detail to OPP video case ~John Simerman

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The Blue Crab opens on the lakefront ~Ian McNulty, Gambit

Look-Ka Py Py Podcast (ep 47): Davell Crawford, Just Enough for the City ~offBeat

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Algiers Point Business Owners, Commuters Fight for Ferries in Council ~Tyler William Black, NOLA DEFENDER
City orders boil water advisory for Carrollton area where water main break floods streets ~New Orleans Advocate

Arial photographs of Gas Cloud over rig blowout in Gulf Coast ~On Wings of Care
A New Start ~Moosedenied ~ Welcome back to the most wonderful time of the year, bitches! Hope you're ready to put pretty much everything else on the back burner for the next six months. By all accounts, the Saints have had themselves one hell of a positive offseason. For example, they're one of a dwindling handful of NFL teams who managed to make it through the last six months without any of their players murdering anyone. So we've got that going for us. High five? Gotta love that high-character locker room! Word on the street is that (so far) even John Jenkins has been obtaining his biscuits through legal and nonviolent means. There's been a stunning lack of contract disputes, looming suspensions, internal investigations and daily hatchet jobs from the Legitimate Media™. The buzzword all summer has been (a return to) "normalcy" and optimism seems particularly high as the countdown to August 11* begins in earnest.

It's a Love Thing: A Benefit Love-Fest for Deborah Cotton

Chart: The 7,000 Streams that Become the Mississippi River ~Chris Kirk, Slate
~A new online tool released by the Department of the Interior this week allows users to select any major stream and trace it up to its sources or down to its watershed. The above map, exported from the tool, highlights all the major tributaries that feed into the Mississippi River, illustrating the river’s huge catchment area of approximately 1.15 million square miles, or 37 percent of the land area of the continental U.S. Use the tool to see where the streams around you are getting their water (and pollution).

Officials: 'Major cloud of gas' surrounds platform after blowout ~WDSU
Sheriff Gusman keeps jail plans under wraps ~John Simerman, New Orleans Advocate

Trouble in the Garden District ~Robert Morris, Gambit

Entergy offers to greatly increase utility rates ~Mark Ballard

NOPD manpower down while homicide solve rate going up  ~WVUE

The Lens honored for website, charter schools coverage, investigative reporting

Le bijou sur le Bayou Teche

The brown pelican became Louisiana’s state bird in 1966---but where were the pelicans? The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s website tells us that pelicans nearly disappeared from North American between the late 1950s and early 1970s---and were completely gone from Louisiana by 1963. The problem was pesticides: endrin poisoned pelicans outright and DDT thinned the shells of eggs so drastically that they broke under their parents’ weight. New pesticide bans and rules have brought back our favorite big-billed bird and now Pelecanus occidentalis (as it’s known in scientific circles) is a symbol of both Louisiana and of successful wildlife conservation. ~Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve 

Milkfish on the move ~Ian McNulty, Gambit 

Frank Discussion: NOLA Nat'l Hot Dog Day ~NOLA DEFENDER