Saturday, March 15, 2008


Louisiana's payment, to date, for the Iraq War

In the Eye of the Storm
~Mother Nature's got nothing on Daddy Warbucks

CONOPS Autonomy Recommendations for VTOL MAVs~Based on Observations of Hurricane Katrina Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operations~Dr. Robot Nerd School

Disaster City® helps master any disaster
~Stacy Semrad

~Emergency responders from across the globe venture to Disaster City® for unparalleled search and rescue training and exercises. Simply put, Disaster City® is the most comprehensive emergency response training facility available today.

LSU AgCenter Hosts Hurricane-Resistant Home Improvement Seminars

Nagin: Katrina anniversary goal for getting rid of FEMA trailers

Religious Leaders Help Renters Buy in New Orleans~NPR

A Mid-City Ressurrection Aimed At Helping Seniors Come Home

Cross to step down as adjutant general~Harold Cross, who led the Mississippi military units through the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is stepping down as adjutant general of the state National Guard and Air National Guard.

Blanco defends Road Home firm's raise~Road-Ho'mers say, "Yeah, we heah ya'mouf talkin!"

Landrieu, Vitter put in 2 cents

Virginia evacuation numbers double for hurricane

Coastal Infrastructure And Operations Will Be Severely Impacted By Climate Change

Bill Clinton: Put recovery leader in White House--but I'm not here to campaign for my wife who is running for President by the way.
~In town for a first-of-its-kind gathering of 700 student activists from around the world organized by the Clinton Global Initiative, the former president declined to comment about his wife's political campaign, saying he is muzzled because his organization is supposed to remain politically neutral. Riiiiiiiiight...

CGI University (Day One) -- Opening Plenary

~Live blog from PhilanTopic

A Streetcar
named Inspire

~Lori Gomez
resides in Pearl River but her work is steeped in
New Orleans flavor.
She’s painted murals in area businesses featuring New Orleans themes.
Lori’s work can be seen at

Patricia Clarkson, Belle of the Ball~By Alex Simon

Harry Connick in Manila for big band concert
Harry Connick Jr. has a deep affinity with most things black. He talks with a Southern accent, having been born in New Orleans. He considers the late entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. as 'the greatest artist of all time.' He would like to see Barack Obama become the next United States President 'so he can change a lot of things.'"

Your Formal Invitation from ReX~Do You Think You Know Art in New Orleans?
~NOLA Rising

Irish Channel Parade

Schedule of St. Joseph's Altars 2008

St. Anna's procession marches to a different tune this Pal
m Sunday

Green Wave marching band in 67th Annual New Orleans Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Wayne Shorter Quartet Performs with Terell Stafford Quartet at Kimmel Center


Friday, March 14, 2008


Thanks, Steve. Sometimes gator'bait is the only way to say it, eh?
Road Home operator got raise~Blanco/ICF Investigation Needed~$756 million here...$912 million there...pretty soon your talking about $156 million Real Money--That Did NOT Go To Real Survivors Who Really Need It. Thank You, Gov. Blanco. BTW...
How's Your House?

Did that kick in the crotch hurt enough? Well, here's another!
~thanks, Ashley Morris: the blog, Dr. Daddio of da'Pristine Smackdown...the excitable boy.

Katrina lawyers plead guilty to bribery charges

Students meet in N.O. for Clinton Global Initiative, unwittingly advance Clinton Campaign Initiative?

RSD School Demolitions Update~Liptrap's Lament

Silda Spitzer, Hillary Clinton, Dina McGreevey, Wendy Vitter, and Me~NOLA radfem

Sally Kern Redux~Gentilly Girl

FEMA Trailers Invade Elysian Fields~NOLA Rising
~Temporary Art Installation seems sad, aimless, as if...
searching...for a certain herd of Pretty Pink Boxes? Perhaps they seek...cloiture? Hmm?
But the Pink Boxes are gone, Little Fema Trailers, gone'gone wit'da wind...

"So I give this gob sod a glass of Green Spot"~Your Right Hand Thief

Oyster Jubilee to Celebrate Louisiana’s Culinary Culture

Lagniappe's '08 Fair and Festival Guide

Calling of the Tribes Powwow
~March 14-March 16, Houma, Terrebonne Livestock Arena, 221 Moffit Road.

African American Heritage Trail has 26 stops, beginning in New Orleans

The Masking of the Mardi Gras Indians~"If I had a heart attack at 92, I'd still mask. In New Orleans, you don't need a reason to do what you do, you do it because that's the way it is!" Larry Bannock, Chief, Golden Star Hunters~Super Sunday Schedule


3 New Orleans Artists Launch National Tour

The big uneasy~Interview with James Lee Burke by Keith Austin

Half New Orleans Poor Permanently Displaced: failure or success?~Bill Quigley

Doggie rehab caters to canines in Marrero

Debris removed from coastal waters

Gulf Coast business starved for seasonal workers

Coastal Housing Recovery Needs Still Strong

Louisiana homeowners face differing standards for flood insurance offset

Army trains roll along south of Fallon, NV

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Special thanks to D.M. Edwards with and excellant review of the Rounder release: "City of Dreams" at PopMatters Music
Legal observers needed for Super Sunday Parades

Mardi Gras Indian Super Sunday Parade Route~thank you,

Food for feast days
~Celebrate St. Joseph's Day with Pasta Milanese.

New Orleans Events: St Patrick's Day Week~Margarita Bergen

Artists gain market appreciation

MS AG Distributes Katrina Insurance Court Settlement

Federal Flood Survivors Question Red Tape

HUD Secretary Draws Strong Criticism at Hearing~The Justice Department and the housing department’s inspector general are investigating whether the secretary, Alphonso R. Jackson, improperly steered hundreds of thousands of dollars in government contracts to friends in New Orleans and the Virgin Islands.

Vitter Urges Nagin To Destroy Lafitte Projects

New Orleans, Southeast Louisiana Businesses Falling Into Despair~Bayou Buzz

Crowded budget threatens hospital

Rebuilding New Orleans Public Library

Alternative takes on spring break recovery experiences~by Justin Scott

Survey to assess health impacts of Katrina and Rita~Facing South

National Awareness of Iraq War Fatalities Plummets~The Pew Research Center

Out of the Ruins~Inside the Headquarters

Corps sticks to its soil standards for levees

The Best News Yet

~with special thanks to Your Right Hand Thief

Mediterranean Shipping Co. starts direct service to South America

New AMS draft policy statement links Hurricane Katrina and climate~What's Up With That?

Mattel debuts New Orleans-
area Barbies

~New Orleans Levee

This versatile doll can be easily converted from Barbie to Ken by simply adding or subtracting the multiple snap-on parts.

Review: New Orleans Mon Amour~Film Threat

How Big Easy Theatre Awards Work

Artist Spotlight: Troy "Trombone Shorty"
~NolaFunk NYC

"If a band is from New Orleans and they're playing in your town, the chances are they're going to be pretty bloody good!"~Jon Cleary, currently on tour down under

A Melody of Jewish Meditation
~By Alexander Gelfand


'The Jungle' comes to
New Orleans


More Tesla love~more book reviews from Chasing Ray

Mnemonic~Shawn Major
Acadiana artist chosen for inter-
national biennial in New Orleans


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Rich Addicks~AJC
Governors boycott D.C. hearing about water battle. State Execs divided, conquered and denuded by
US Army Corps of Engineers
Suitless Wondas Always Da' Winnas!

"It will play out in a lot of different ways across the nation," Mike Hayes, the director of the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. "You'll have agricultural producers battling it out with urban areas or other agricultural producers. It will make it hard to apply one solution in one place."

Pump Tests

La. wetlands hero has feet of clay
Since Katrina, Williams has made four documentaries
~some of which have been streamed on his website Another is being shown at the Historic New Orleans Collection in the French Quarter.

Congress focuses on post-
Katrina housing

Disaster contract in dispute

Workers find ally in US Congressman

Mid-City park's upgrade in limbo

Think it’s finished? Think again~inside Rhodes

BHS students take in New Orleans

By the Tail~Crawfishermen and crawfish processors have different views on the factors wreaking havoc on crawfish prices~The Independent

FCC and wireless carriers butt heads over backup power for cell towers

Happy Still'Birthday
Dept. O'Ho'land Security!!!
~Nørse Berserker
~"Thus, at the age of five, DHS has all the bureaucratic sclerosis of an octogenarian and is on the road to juvenile delinquency."

Here Come the YURPs!~Startup New Orleans~thanks too'da alldaybuffet

Orphaned pit bulls from Hurricane Katrina get Gulf Island to themselves

Disney ranks New Orleans as a favored family destination

~~Oh Dante's Hell! Now It's Started...

Ricky Graham's 'Still Here' a hilarious look at life in New Orleans

Bayou Classical~Gulf Coast Soul~The Independent

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Mardi Gras Indian Super Sunday Parade Route~thank you,

Workers Sue Gulf Coast Company That Imported Them

Working To Make the Corps of Engineers More Accountable

Corps of Engineers says working pumps will enhance flood protection
...blinding all with their Abslolute Wizdom Experience (A.W.E.) from the Bull Shit Sherlock School fo'da Bloody Shameless Sychophants, Syzygists & Schitzophreniacs!
(B.S.S.S. fo'da B.S.S.S.&S.)
Editilla say pull my gotta be kidding!
I made up the later part of that lede. Really, but not the highlighted opening. In fact I rarely tamper with a headline (ha!:), well, just a bit sometimes...but really, I don't make this stuff up.
Corps of Engineer press conferences are begining to sound like listening to the daily brief of an armed therapist. To stand in a room with college educated journalists and actually say--with a straight face--
"We think that Operational Pumps enhance flood protection", without at least a fart cushion or red rubber noses goes beyond the balzy pale relm of gall and into the valley of the shadow of jailhouse punks and red wing masterbaters.
This is rediculous. We deserve at least funnier bullshit for the ton of tax money we have already paid this creepo. With a name that will live forever in Double-Think Eponymfamy, Ed Link, Mr. "Pumps are important" (the only quote attributed in the article--hence the AP, and hence the ankle-nibbling sniveling Corps' enabling Mouthlink
T-Picayune piece yesterday) is noted as a Prof at U of Maryland doing the study--not the founder and director of the multi-million dollar, Corps designed and initiated, non-peer reviewed, ass wipe shell-game IPET study that has been assailed by civil engineers across the country as biased at best, bad engineering at worst, or even just downright unseamly, illicit. This "man", this Corps' owned lab-rat geologist administrator is The Sphynxter of that entire propaganda spin cycle so to speak. With friends like this who needs a goddamned executioner? Hell da'Reaper woiks fa'Nuttin!
These Cruel Avatars of Shock Doctrine,
these Bastards of Disaster Capitalism,
they have no manners.
They will "go there" and "do that" and look us not in the eye while fingering our children, because in their world view V'e are nothing more than the little remnant dying mass of clueless patriots.
To the Freidmaniac NeoConservatives, V'e are no longer The People but The Chattle. V'e do not matter one knat's ass as V'e are no longer even consumers of goods and services but users of drugs and bad credit.
All of this serial flatulence, this idiot wind, brings to mind a nifty quote I heard just today from one of my sorta namesakes and patron saints, Will Rogers,
~"If stupidity got us into this mess then why can't stupitity get us out of it?"
...or we could work smarter not harder...
Convene the 8/29 Commission

Report: Pharmaceutical Drugs In New Orleans Drinking Water

~Anti-cholesterol, sex hormone, and pain relievers found in water system
...well duh! Hellllo? Can we say, "Holy Trinity, Batman!" ...New Orleans?

Editilla tokes, strokes and pokes anotha pilla...
~This nationwide big delima was covered last night, on prime-time TV news, but your Clariton Free editor thought they were just kidding. Ya'know like the insurance commercials..."So easy a cave man could do it!"--yeah right, tell that to the No'State adjuster, when they didn't even have oxymorphomotrypdixlexiassomenafitn way back in 10,000 BC! Back when T-Rex really sucked!
This may perchance explain much about our country's growing hair-trigger presumptions of guilt before innocence, of opinions before facts, of corporation before cooperation, of profits before the pursuit of Happiness, of fear before We The People, of da'Rock before the da'Roll, of da'Second befo'da Line.
...of da'Sinn befo'da Féin!

No Standards to Test for Drugs in Nation's Water Supply

Just when you think you have had enough...
Our Mary Ann
Popped With
Mary Jane

Climate Change Will Have A Significant Impact On Transportation~eNewsUSA

Back Logs~New Orleans Murder Blog

Ray "Baby-head" Nagin Announces Street Repairs 3 Years Post Katrina

Operation Clean Sweep No Longer Monitored by Graffiti Hurts~NOLA Rising Hell Yeah

Exceptional Recovery Slide-Show from Engineers Without Borders-IUPUI
Editor Notes~These are some of the cats, posted on an earlier Ladder, who come to spend their spring break working on houses in the City That Care Has Not Forgotten By The Kindness of Strangers. Please do check out their ongoing site coverage here. Please say hello...tell'em thanks...let'em know we care too, eh?

A Fantastic Millworks Shop in New Orleans - Central City Millworks~Darryl Glade

Artists Announced by Prospect 1 Biennial in New Orleans

Blue Velvet
New Orleans
in Katrina's

~from the
Vector Space with
special thanks to
gleemie at rahrahfeminista2

Physicists Spotted Attempting to Split Drinks in Quarters
Actual bar napkin left at Molly's->
~Debating Big Daddy on Bourbon Street's 2 Drink Minimum as more like 3.14 alchohol/water, while attempting to pay dancers with superscript! ~Winning every sidewalk 3-Card Monte and Shell-game to hoodlum angst!~Waxing luminescent upon the optical lattices for quantum computing the price of a Shoe Shine wit'da bruthas along Riverwalk.
Editilla cocks da'Cosmic Trigga, cracks an Egg above da'Antediluvian Plain~Y'ALL!--
T'ink bout'dis would'jyaz? Really...7000 physicists loose in New Orleans...all talking at the same time...gesticulatin' in the air...I mean, really, it ain't just me this time.

Widow of R&B pioneer Ernie K-Doe directs the rebirth of legendary lounge in New Orleans

Catherine Russell Honors Her Love of Jazz with 'Sentimental Streak'

Review: Dreams to Remember: The Legacy of Otis Redding~Tuned Into Music

Preservation Hall Midnight Preserves schedule announced!

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Monday, March 10, 2008


Chris Owens' Easter Parade turns 25 this year

9th annual Gay Easter Parade Rolls through the Quarters Easter Sunday, at 4:30pm
Hon. IX Easter Grand Marshals
Safonda Peters
Orlando Aloe

Photo: Larry Graham

Other Easter Parades in New Orleans

Oyster Jubilee comes to French Quarter March 23, Hear dat'Mon?

Bartenders Guild expands to New Orleans

5 Great Things About New Orleans~ethronson's blog

Largest Physics Meeting of the Year, in New Orleans
~The principal topic areas will be condensed matter physics, industrial applications, new materials, chemical and biological physics, fluids, polymers, and computation.
Yeeeaaahh well, Editilla still point in the turning world wondas...if they can finally tell us...
where de'got dem'shoes?

New Orleans Recovery School District Plans 47 School Demolitions~Others beg to differ?~Liptrap's Lament

2008 HBS Service Immersion to New Orleans
~Not long ago Harry Anderson said, "The biggest challenge in New Orleans has been to find workers who can climb a ladder after lunch."
Editilla cracks a'pilla~Yeah, well, Harry has left the building.

The Long Road to Democracy

UN Again Criticizes Treatment of Blacks Post-Katrina~Hip Hop Caucus

Trafficking racket: Indian workers file case against US employer
Dreams gone sour: Nearly 24 workers were housed in cramped 24x36 room equipped with bunk beds. They were given substandard food, for which the company charged them $1,050/man per month.

Indian Worker Trafficking In KatrinaRitaVille [Update 2]~Maitri's VatulBlog

Civil Rights in Texas--GeneralExcerpt from March 7, 2008 report of UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Migrants. The Case of Hurricane Katrina

Exquixotic Corps to discuss N.O. East levee fixes Monday

Meeting tonight in East New Orleans on 100-year hurricane protection system

Levee quick fixes are getting fixed says Exquixotic Corps of Engineers?

there are disasters, and there are disasters~Small Dots

Meteors and Spaceships~The Ready Store
~Your home for discount emergency supplies

A Note from I Hotter than Brad or Not?
thanks Clint at Moviehole
Val is about to work with 50 cent on a film in New Orleans called "Microwave Park" directed by Irwin Winklers son Charles Winkler. " I play a burly rough but loyal cop. 50 is my partner...." ~OoooK'ville!
Editilla Errrahs, VAL!...dat's FITTY
--ax'cent on'da Ts! No middle 'F'. We use that letter in other places, like "See my Finger?"...or "What a Forking Icehole!"...or "Fee'lay me, Chicken. I'm Fulla corn...not some silly Cop Chow!" No '#50'. Half-A-Dolla make you holla?
Beounce all'bout da'BOOT'TYs in, VAL! DROP AN'GIMME FITTY!
Aaaaand are we gonna'have VAL and BRAD in town at the same time simultananeousaly? Whoa!
Look Out! Can we gonna'say Grrrrrl Interrupted?

Murder costs N.O. millions annually

Show Me Some ID...So I Can Kill You~
by Jim Gabour

Ever-happy mice may hold key to new treatment of depression with "Happy Gene"

Happy Hour In The Gene Pool~Evolve

Q&A: John Sayles
~Filmmaker taps into roots for tale about musician, "Nobody knows what this guy looks like outside of New Orleans. So tonight, you are Guitar Slim."

Jamie Fox: My Long, Strange Trip~all about Jazz

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Sunday, March 9, 2008


Reinventing the Crescent
~Request for Qualifications for Professional Services for Phase I

Editilla da'Revelata~Wow the only land that did not flood! Go figure. Got any real estate? Go fish!

New Orleans class update: Community and Leadership

"I dropped an architecture class, Architecture and Social Practice, in favor of a class called Urban Interventions: New Orleans. This Parsons class, in collaboration with a class at Milano, the urban policy and management school at The New School, works on a competition entry for Chase’s Community Development Competition. "~Ida C. Benedetto

2005 levee failures in Greater New Orleans~Wikipedia

Editor notes~This showed today up on Editilla's Ladder Aggregregated Gaia News Infonotional And Preternatural Phase Engrosser (L.A.G.N.I.A.P.P.E.) search engine so I put it up here. I always forget how Wiki changes and grows with participation like Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle (H.U.P:-) But just in case anyone still wonders what went down in the City That Care Forgot and the Presidente left for Dead...

Katrina Warriors' Second-line parade draws attention to effort to end violence against women

Port officials bypass ethics rule

Smoother ride on Causeway proposed

St. Tammany wants to turn the old twin spans into a fishing pier.

Unclaimed Legacies~Allen Johnson

Thank you bluesprjct

Black mayors decide to meet in N
ew Orleans~Detroit loses the convention because of scandal involving its leader

Day 924: Indian Worker Trafficking In Katrina-
RitaVille~Maitri's VatulBlog

Ravi promises support to Indian trafficking victims in US

Celebrating freedom~Hindustan Times

This week's: "Pleased to meet you...hope you guessed my name!"

Questions missing on survey
~Demolition throws away useful items~Lolis Eric Elie

How much would you take for a year on Death Row?~James Gill

Stressed, but out of Road Home~Jarvis DeBerry

Toddling to New Orleans: The Crescent City welcomes kids

New Orleans Restaurants~"I will be going to New Orleans next week. I have not been there in over 20 years. Yes, I know about Brennans, Windsor Court, K-Pauls, and all the old established ones. Has anyone been there recently and, if so, do you have any suggestions? Thanks."
Editilla schillas~Weeellll...I'd bet we have a few tasty recommendations, eh? OK Y'all let's let'em know we care!

College spring breakers give New Orleans a hand
~"Our philosophy is that there are no unskilled workers," said Dale Kimball, a former contractor who works as executive director of the Southeast Louisiana Disaster Recovery Ministry.

New Orleans Diary V~The Independent Ear

New CDs by Detroit artists link jazz, church

Denise Keeble: Giving It Up In More Ways than One~Home of the Groove

Review: Galactic, From the Corner to the Block
~Tune In To Music

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Prospect.1 New Orleans~Found Gallery

Slideshows for your Website & Blog!

Fundraiser Meeting~New Orleans Photo Alliance