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What BP Won’t Be Paying For -- and How You Can Help ~onearth
BREAKING: MS Congressman Gene Taylor unloads on the BP spill response ~slabbed
~“I’m having a Katrina flashback. I haven’t seen this much stupidity, wasted effort, money and wasted resources, since then.”

Cognitive Dissonance
~Green Heritage News

Little spent on oil spill cleanup technology

Could 'toxic storm' make beach towns uninhabitable?
~Residents fear mass relocations should a hurricane kick the Gulf oil spill onto resort towns. ‘Hazmat cards’ are a hot commodity among residents, since they could be the key to return. Ron Greve expects the worst is yet to come in the oil spill drama that is haranguing beach towns all along the US Gulf Coast. So, like a growing number of residents, the Pensacola Beach solar-cell salesman took a hazardous materials class and received a “hazmat card” upon graduation. Those cards, says Mr. Greve, could become critical in coming weeks and months.
In the case of a hurricane hitting the 250-mile wide slick and pushing it over sand dunes and into beach towns, residents fear they’ll face not only mass evacuations, but potential permanent relocation. Storm-wizened locals know that it can take days, even weeks, for roads to open and authorities to allow residents to return to inspect the damage and start to rebuild after a hurricane moves through.

Gravity's Rainbow.
~Special Thanks~Facing South and John Wathen

Today in BP Oil Disaster: Day 68 ~Gambit~Stepped onto my balcony this morning with a mug of French roast and got socked in the nose with oilstench. It’s particularly bad out there today. It smells like a tire fire with some chemicals mixed in — or, as someone put it recently, “burning GI Joes.”
~Editilla Ironyllas~ We just can't out-run the irony of that simile.

Can Mabus save us?
~Mark Mosely, The Lens

~Editilla Pointellas~He is Sec of the Navy and they have Nukes.
Gonna'hafta get folks out of the way first...ya'tink?

Blowout Likely From Deteriorating BP Oil Casing
~Fellowship of the Mind

“The more oil we see coming out, the more it tells you that the whole casing system is deteriorating. The fact that more oil would be coming out rather than less oil, would suggest that the construction within the pipe is offering no resistance whatsoever, and we’re just getting a gusher. (5:40 mark)

*First there was Simmons, who is actually not a nut-case, and now we have a former CEO of Shell. Not saying the Oil Industry writ large has anything but their wallet in their ass, but jus'sayin: "they" always start telling you (small at first like this) what is going to happen, floating it out across the news media to get the populace used to the idea. Then PYOW! GODZILLA!!!

But Wait!!!! dirtycoast Watch as Lenny Kravitz crashes the Voice Of Praise Choir New Orleans in Jackson Square
Tropical storm Alex forms
~Satellite image of the tropics at 9am EDT Saturday 6/26/10.
Image credit: GOES Science Project.

National Response Framework
~Jus'soz Y'knowz the Actual Rules and Law in play right now.

Jindal strips coastal money, other projects from budget

FSU Research Cruise This Week ~SkyTruth

Huge oil-skimming ship, named "A Whale" makes Virginia stop en route to Gulf of Mexico

Coastal group aims to protect nesting birds~Nikki Buskey

Monkeyfister Updates
~Editilla Notellas~Spill-cam updates on top, posts below that.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Evacuate the Entire Gulf?
~American Zombie

Now It is a Syndrome
~Green Heritage Network

Oil disaster devastated captain who committed suicide

Indians, Envious of U.S. Spill Response, Seethe Over Bhopal

Oil disaster prompts insurance overhaul

From Alaska To The Niger Delta: Around The World With the Party of BP~Terrance Heath

Today in BP Oil Disaster: Day 67 ~Gambit

Act I, Scene I, Tropical Depression One of the Hurricane Season of 2010 ~Wunderblog

WHO'DAT say dey'gonna Poop Dem'Saints?!?

~The New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees with his son, Baylen, and wife, Brittany.

Oily words can't hide the sticky truth~Jarvis DeBerry
~"It is what it is" is one of the most vacuous phrases going, but those who use it sound profound compared to folks who try to make what is what it ain't. For the last five years the people of New Orleans and South Louisiana have had a pretty good idea of what it is. It was faulty engineering during Hurricane Katrina. It's been the destruction of our coast and the idling of our fishermen after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig.
~BP Cheif Doug "The Bug" UnSuttles still carney-barks: "It's not the Flow Rate! Don't look at the oil! Watch Us! See the Ponies and Balloons!"
~Description of BPPR's stated tactic: "Ponies and Balloons"

Ponies and Balloons! by Horatio Algeranon
~Ponies and Balloons!
"The flow doesn't matter"
Ponies and balloons!
"Just idle chatter"
~Ponies and Balloons!
"We're pretty certain"
Ponies and balloons!
"The top kill's workin"
~Ponies and Balloons!
"We're collecting the bulk"
Ponies and balloons!
"So don't you sulk"
~Ponies and balloons!
"It's all over-stated"
Ponies and balloons! "Mis-overestimated"
~Ponies and balloons! "Mum's the word"
Ponies and balloons! "About the oilican bird"
~Ponies and balloons! "There are no plumes"
Ponies and balloons! "Or toxic fumes"
~Ponies and balloons! "We've got y'all covered"
Ponies and balloons! "As you mighta discovered"
~Ponies and balloons! "No press blackout"
Phonies and buffoons! "Without a doubt"

PROFILES IN COURAGE: Forget Sarah Palin. Run The Gulf's Kindra Arnesen for President!
~Mac McKinney

~Editilla Crowtellas~Screw running this woman as President though, I'd much rather have chere in charge of the Office Of Oil Industry Intelligence (OOOII)! You'tink I'm kidding?

Oil pushes ashore from Panhandle to Mississippi
~A quarter mile of Florida’s Pensacola Beach was closed yesterday, as crude from the BP Oil washed ashore.

Aerial Photos Document Oil Spill's Impact on Marshlands
~kerrymaloney Calling all Gulf Coast Photogs One week to enter

During oil spill, scientists get their 15 minutes of fame
~Since the April 20 oil rig explosion and subsequent well leak, reporters have turned to academics who hold advanced degrees in fields most people can't even comprehend to explain the situation. They face several challenges in trying to help the nonscientific community understand the spill and its consequences. "Most of us aren't the most extroverted people in the world," said Susan Ustin, a professor of environmental and resource science at University of California, Davis. "We're not used to being in the center of attention, and most of us have a fear of putting our foot in our mouth."
~But...What Would Ivor Say? WWIS??
~"The damage from the oil coming ashore is overstated", "The oil has impacted only tens of miles" ~Ivor van Heerden, NPR, June 5th, 2010. (4min 36sec fame:)
~Editilla just gotta axe~
"Tens of Miles"? How about 26,053 square miles of the Gulf?

BPirates get help from former Clinton disaster expert
~Po'Bo Dudley DooWrong, BP's new PEO (Punk Exec Off) for their oil crime public relations, says he asked James Witt to go to New Orleans to review what the company is doing and how it can improve its response to its massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
~Po'Bo Dudley DooWrong,
New head BP PEO of Gulf spill cleanup (and Michael Brownie Brown Look'A'Like) says he's concerned Americans are rushing to judgment! Waaaaa!

Missing in Oil Spill Crisis: Info on Endagered Species, Worker Safety Regs~GHN

Giving them the Feldman Part 1
~Slabbed explores a few earlier cases involving the little guy versus big business in Louisiana’s Eastern District Federal Courts as we tie in litigation against Big Oil to the post Katrina litigation against Big Insurance.
~They're on a roll at slabbed~Anita Lee

Jindal needs to engage in more than a war of words
~Mark Moseley~The Lens

There's magic in the air
~American Zombie

~I was on Bourbon Street last night, and I swear to Papa Legba, it was raining beer, whiskey and strange, multi-colored, plastic orbs fastened to strings! I looked up to the heavens and saw a vision of Mother Mary's bosom in the sky, as if she was symbolically nurturing every one below. mentions, however that "The effects of seawater emulsification and the introduction of BP's dispersant of choice, Corexit 9500, may be allowing some degree of evaporation into the water cycle."
~BP’s oil spill-fighting dispersant of choice is Corexit 9500. It has been banned in Europe for good reason. Corexit 9500 is one of the most environmentally enduring, toxic chemical dispersants ever created to battle an oil spill. Add to that the millions of gallons of oil that have been burned, releasing even more toxins into the atmosphere, and you have a recipe for something much worse than acid rain.
~Remember how Katrina ripped all the way to Ohio.
And of course there was Rita (at right) and Gustav.
All had similar land tracks.

~SkyTruth Check out SkyTruth map of Gulf oil infrastructure on the Rachel Maddow show yesterday -

Caribbean system likely to become a tropical depression in next 2 days
93L near tropical depression strength~Wunderblog

State unhappy with SBA loans
~Gary Perilloux

Get help sifting through ideas for BP oil spill cleanup
~Shreveport Times

“Ninth Ward,” the New Orleans- style bar in New York City
~Kevin Allman, Gambit

Thursday, June 24, 2010

BP / Gulf Oil Spill - Any Backup Containment Devices Ready? ~SkyTruth

Problems with the LMRP Cap -and Open Thread 2~Oil Drum
~As I mentioned earlier, the alternate hypothesis is that there has been some crystal growth within the flow path through the cap, which caused crystals to grow, constricting the channel and thus raising the pressure in the cap itself. The pressure jump cannot have been too rapid if the indication of the problem came from the backup of oil and gas out of a water line. And crystals can form either quickly, in large size, or more slowly and insidiously.

Louisiana Declines to Immediately Penalize BP for Drilling Disaster ~GRN
~HealthyGulf Website is now live. Click to donate today

Should the feds make Louisiana a protectorate? ~slabbed
Houma oil-spill worker drowns in Gretna pool~Several of Caldwell's relatives, who live in Raceland, said they only knew that he was working in the area for a company they knew as "E and E." []
An official at the Deepwater Horizon Unified Command Joint Information Center said Thursday afternoon that she did not have the name of the subcontractor that Caldwell worked for.

Shoddy disposal work mars oil cleanup

~Hat Tip~Annon @ AZ and Mobile Broadcast News
~ BPGlobalPR The only harmful chemicals in our dispersant are the ones you inhale, silly. #holdyourbreath #bpcares
~Editilla Ravenellas~Here is my comment to Harry Shearer's Huff Post today in response to this comment.
It regards Ivor van Heerden doing Press Tours for BP, and telling NPR that the Oil Impact has all been OVERSTATED.
I am gratified it is posted. I had worried that Harry may tend to protect the man who is, rightly so, a Fulcrum (of many) in his upcoming Documentary: The Big Uneasy, scheduled for May 26 Premier in New Orleans during the 5th Anniversary of the Federal Flood 8/29/05. Thanks Harry! (Please comment as well!:)
But, my sentiments remain, as I am not going to let go of Ivor van Heerden until he retract his statement made on NPR that the Oil Impact on the coast has been OVERSTATED. I won't let him get away with that and anyone who has followed this Ladder knows it.
Please note: my Huff Handle is backhandpath. That's right!

The unparalled journalistic ethos of the Huffington Post
~American Zombie

BP Sends PR Professionals To Gulf Coast To Pretend To Be Journalists~Jason Linkins

AP does PR for BP Bo'Dudley! Doesn't Bo'Dudley look an awful lot like Michael Brownie Brown? Uncanny resemblence! AP is getting Creepy, this is heinous! Oh! No Questions fo'Bo Dudley?

Berm, Bobby, Berm?
~Library Chronicles
Why We Know What McChrystal Said ~Harry Shearer

93L still disorganized ~Wunderblog
~The amount and intensity of heavy thunderstorm activity associated with the tropical wave (Invest 93L) located a few hundred miles south of Jamaica has increased over the past 24 hours, but the storm remains very disorganized and is not a threat to develop into a tropical depression today.
A trough of low pressure is expected to swing down over the Eastern U.S. on Monday. If this trough is strong enough and 93L develops significantly, the storm could get pulled northwards and make landfall along the northern Gulf of Mexico coast. This is the solution of the GFS, GFDL, and HWRF models. If 93L stays weak and/or the trough is not so strong, the storm would get pushed west-northwestwards across Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and towards the Texas or Mexican coast south of Texas.
~Click to enlarge. Approximate oil spill location on June 23, 2010, and estimated by NOAA using visible satellite imagery from NASA's MODIS instrument, and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery from polar-orbiting satellites.
Image credit: NOAA Satellite Services Division.

Latest oil spill forecast: More oil hitting northern Gulf shorelines through Saturday
~Oil spill forecasters with NOAA say that coastal regions between Ship Island, Miss., and Freeport in the Florida Panhandle are threatened by shoreline contact with oil through Saturday.
~Suffer the little children to come unto Oil...

Mitch Landrieu steps up to oil-spill challenge
~Stephanie Grace

~Editilla Notellas~ Abita Beer will soon offer a special Brew to benefit Northshore folk. As well, our Mitch'mo likes to Rock It fo'da whole.

State Selects Third Party Administrator to Review Oil Spill Claims~Inside Louisiana News

To lawyers, BP's PR strategy isn't puzzling

BP 'Blogs from the Gulf' find silvery sheen in dark cloud of oil~Paul Rioux sidelines Oil Disaster from top of homepage and floods site with BP Advertisements!
~In an effort to generate more Ad Page Click Exposures, these Corps-Lacquered marketing editors have decided this Great Oil Disaster doesn't deserve front page prominence.
You gutless corporate punks, we just don't have to have you as a place we go for New Orleans news period. We will still follow our few favorites who are still covering this, but even there it seems has dialed-back (fewer words more Ad-space). My hits there will go down, your advertisers will suffer. You don't want to plug this Crisis then we don't want to plug you.

Gulf oil spill fund administrator, Sen. Mary Landrieu to host NOLA public meetings Friday
~Editilla Rotellas~Here again, a case in point, I just find it very creepy to see BP Adverts plastered all over the page of this article on (and the entire site). They look like helpful PSAs but are indeed Very Expensive Flash Ads. The problem with this is that you aren't going to the Actual Fund Administrator, but to BP for all the definitions of coverage and whatnot. That seems wrong to me. I believe we must not allow BP to DEFINE anything else regarding their Oil Crime --especially the Claims Payouts! That should be Federal and handled by this new Fund Administrator.

Landrieu, BP, U.S. Coast Guard Face Angry Crowd At “Oil Spill Response Open House.” ~Gambit

Meet with Obama's claims administrator~Daily Comet
~HOUMA, LA~ Ken Feinberg, the man recently appointed by President Obama to distribute BP's $20 billion claims fund, will meet with local residents on Friday.

Louisiana’s Nungesser Blasts Interior Officer Over Dredge Email ~Bayou Buzz

State questions honesty of Corps of Engineers, Dept of Interior excuses for dredging shutdown
~The Army Corps of Engineers released a statement late Wednesday saying that the offshore dredging moratorium was enacted "after close coordination" with the State of Louisiana.
Officials with the State of Louisiana say the Corps' claim that federal officials had coordinated with state authorities is not true.

2 Pensacola Beach Scenes: Dying Baby Dolphin and Ocean "Water Bubbling "...Like It's Got Acid In It. God Help Us All" ~OpEdNews

Food Co-Op auction, Crab Fest and French festivities
~Judy Walker

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monitoring health of residents affected by Gulf oil spill is urged by experts~Aimee Miles

It was inevitable and now it is official. Oil has been spotted in the Mississippi Sound ~slabbed

Bird’s Eye View: BP Oil In Barataria Bay~GRN
The Power of Radar ~SkyTruth
~Here's a great example of why radar is the go-to tool for mapping and monitoring oil pollution (and why I think the US needs to launch a civilian radar imaging satellite). The MODIS/Aqua satellite image taken yesterday afternoon is mostly obscured by heavy clouds over the area of the ongoing BP spill. But an Envisat/ASAR radar image taken the same day clearly shows oil slicks and sheen spread across 26,053 square miles.

Offshore drilling debate reveals lack of economic options in Gulf
~Facing South

Could the BP Spill Pave the Way for Green Jobs and a Sustainable Economy on the Gulf Coast?

Abita Beer debuts Abita S.O.S. — A Charitable Pilsner ~Gambit

Media dropped the ball on BP oil disaster in Gulf
~Roger Witherspoon

Government interest
~Library Chronicles

She is Satan's Handmaiden
~American Zombie

The Land of the Blind
~Citizen K

Midsummer Eve Dreams

~BPGlobalPR - @FireDogLake wants us to give our employees respirators. We want them to shut up. Sign the petition.
This is what really scares me the most about Hurricane Season, this oil and Midwest Grain mentions, however that "The effects of seawater emulsification and the introduction of BP's dispersant of choice, Corexit 9500, may be allowing some degree of evaporation into the water cycle."
~BP’s oil spill-fighting dispersant of choice is Corexit 9500. It has been banned in Europe for good reason. Corexit 9500 is one of the most environmentally enduring, toxic chemical dispersants ever created to battle an oil spill. Add to that the millions of gallons of oil that have been burned, releasing even more toxins into the atmosphere, and you have a recipe for something much worse than acid rain.
~Remember how Katrina ripped all the way to Ohio.
And of course there was Rita (at right) and Gustav.
All had similar land tracks.

Oil Well Cap Is GONE!
~Notella~this lede link is a page with up to 8 ROV sub cams, so it can be slow and jerky.
Cap removed after sub hits vent
~And here is BP Adm Thad Allen lying his ass off.
This is the problem with BP's continuous lying which Thad Allen has continued for BP, to wit: WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING?
"There's more coming up than there had been, but it's not a totally unconstrained discharge," Allen said.
“We’re still developing the facts,” Allen said.
Developing Facts? Like Developing Real Estate?
We cannot believe Thad Allen as every time he opens his mouth he sounds like a BP PR spokesman. He has completely disgraced the uniform he continues to soil upon his sucked-up body.
What is it with our Military Leaders? Have they all turned into corporate ass-wipes? Thad Allen Must Go Now.

Locals overwhelmed by eight-mile gush of oil arriving on Pensacola Beach

BP's Next Disaster~Rolling Stone

BP Is Pursuing Alaska Drilling Some Call Risky
~BP is moving ahead with a controversial and potentially record-setting project to drill two miles under the sea and then six to eight miles horizontally to reach what is believed to be a 100-million-barrel reservoir of oil under federal waters.
But BP’s project, called Liberty, has been exempted as regulators have granted it status as an “onshore” project even though it is about three miles off the coast in the Beaufort Sea. The reason: it sits on an artificial island — a 31-acre pile of gravel in about 22 feet of water — built by BP.
James Carville, Gennifer Flowers On Stage In New Orleans At "Politics with a Punch"
~Also: Becky Allen, Actress and Entertainer
~Bob Bea, Professor of Engineering, Univ. of CA Berkeley
~Hon. Joseph Cao, U.S. Congressman
~Hon. John Young--Jefferson Parish Councilman-at-large
~Manny Chevrelet Bruno--Comedian and Former Candidate for Mayor of New Orleans

Slabbed covers the coverage of the story we broke to the world on Katrina’s “Who Dat” now Oil Industry Judge Martin Feldman.

The Well from Hell~The Dwarves dug too greedily and too deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness of Khazad-dum... shadow and flame. ~Saruman

A Road Not Taken: Solar Panels, Jimmy Carter, and Missed Opportunities for Change

Corps of Engineers spilling oil for four years

~After reviewing four years of testing, purchasing, and engineering documents, I've concluded the Corps of Engineers has been spilling oil into the waters of Lake Pontchartrain - 40 spills totalling between 2000 and 6000 gallons, at least - and not reporting it to the Coast Guard as required by federal law. The federal penalties for failure to report an oil spill include imprisonment up to five years and fines up to $50,000 per day the spill went unreported.

Survey gauges concerns of Gulf residents~Charles Lussier
~If forced to choose, two-thirds of Gulf Coast residents surveyed are willing to choose protecting wetlands and wildlife over continuing offshore drilling for oil, with Louisiana residents slightly less willing to make this tradeoff in the wake of the BP oil spill, according to a poll released Tuesday by LSU’s Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs.

Suffer the Bayou Child

Nungesser furious with White House~WVUE

BP/Exxon-assaulted Alaska understandably wary of sending too much spill gear to Gulf

BP Bo'Dud Won't Rule Out More BP Gulf Deepwater Drilling
~Editilla gotta Raspute~ Why is BP in charge of this clean-up and theft of oil impact evidence?

Vermilion oil response team ready for a fight~Clair Taylor
~NOAA Gulf of Mexico oil spill trajectory forecasts for Wednesday through Friday
~NOAA Expands Fishing Closed Area in Gulf of Mexico

Tickets still available for Mobile Baykeeper
~Tickets are still available for Mobile Baykeeper's fundraiser with Robert Kennedy Jr. and Phillippe Cousteau.

Louisiana residents report BP Oil related illnesses

New Blog Reports From the Front Lines of the BP Oil Spill
~New blogger Stuart H. Smith, a New Orleans-based attorney representing Gulf Coast fishermen, the Louisiana Environmental Action Network and an array of major commercial interests, today announced the launch of his backroom, no-punches-pulled blog focused exclusively on the spill.

Subpoena power favored for oil leak commission~Gerard Sheilds

Melancon asks BP to suspend bonuses for top execs

On Obama's Cue, La. Senator Pushes Ambitious Gulf Coast Restoration Vision
~Sen. Mary Landrieu wants to create a new government agency funded to the tune of as much as $1 billion annually to direct the long-term Gulf Coast environmental restoration that President Obama called for in his Oval Office address last week.
~Landrieu Invites Sec. Mabus to La. to Meet with Coastal Restoration Stakeholders

Tropical disturbance could aim for the Gulf, oil spill area

Coastal Louisiana: Impacts of Hurricanes on Salt Marsh and Mangrove Wetlands ~USGS

Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, Allen Toussaint to perform at free concert in Gulf Shores, Ala.
~Keith Spera

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gulf Coast Benefit July 1st ---Coast to Coast
~HealthyGulf #RockTheSpill with @GulfBenefit on July 1st at a venue near you! #oilspill #gulf #bp
Cop: “Let me explain: BP doesn’t want any filming. So all I can really do is strongly suggest that you not film anything right now.” ~Gambit

Gulf oil spill raises oyster prices around the country

Hey Bobby take your sand berms and shove it! And take that fat ass crook Billy with you. The Feds halt the environmental rape of the Nungesser/Jindal Sand Berm Scheme ~slabbed

Louisiana Natives Growing Tired of Political Hype State Officials & CNN. Jindal, Cao & Nungessor Axis Of Evil! How B.P., La. & Obama will screw over fishermen!~Creole Folks

All of those tourists covered in oil~Library Chronicles

The Last Day: Thoughts on the Treme Season Finale
~Still Life with soup can

~Editilla Lotellas~We post these "Treme" Gaga posts because we honor everyone's loss after the USACE Flood of New Orleans 8/29/05. Personally, I don't belong in the Back of Town.
This one I find particularly beautiful and touching, resonant.
Even before we gained 120,000,000 gallons of oil at our doorstep, I found the TV series moot, mainly because it has NOTHING for the actual cause of the devastation of New Orleans. Creighton/Ashley yeah, but that was it and far from the depth of the catastrophe (or of Ashley Morris' reaction to it for that matter)... sort of a nod to the "idea" of man-made disaster.
But, the series as a whole deals with none of this --or our actions to bring to light the Corps of Engineers' role in MAKING THIS TV SHOW POSSIBLE. Get as romantic as you want, but if the engineering ain't right then suck my levee, or oil rig take your pick. Pretty pictures of New Orleans just grow mold for me. 'Course they won't take any'mo Editilla comments don't'cha know. They tried to make nice about Nagin's "Mandatory Evacuation", but we don't play nice with this horse shit. We aren't from the Back of Town. No one in the back of town wants to talk about what actually happened, that we are victims of gross engineering malfeasance by the Corps of Engineers. This is New Orleans, all we do is make "moments" after all, a magical place from whence all magical things come like The Wire writers.
Fuck The Line. Who gives a fuck about Man-made Disaster?
Judge Blocks Drilling Moratorium, WH To Appeal
~Update: Salazar To Impose Drilling Moratorium Despite Court Ruling ~BBuzz

Federal Judge who blocked Drilling Moratorium is a Shareholder of Transocean!

Oil execs close ranks behind BP, slam drilling ban

Oil Disaster lawsuit-financing question needs to be addressed

State reports oil from Gulf spill in St. Bernard, Plaquemines parishes today
~This is pretty valiant Google Mash by the State of Louisiana, yet they base it on NOAA erroneous, BP-biased oil forecasts maps. Also, I'm having trouble opening the State File and I've got a pretty good set-up. Citizens with less than what I use are surely at a disadvantage. As Gentle'rillas know, we posted these NOAA maps every day until it became obvious they were Not Accurate and biased toward covering for BP Liability. Our Governor was sticking his hands in oil while these maps from NOAA had the oil out to sea with Kindergarten Cartoons.
What's the point in having Information that is Hard To Access?

~Oil clouds the surface of Barataria Bay June 19 near Port Sulpher, Louisiana ~Boston Globe

No Bodies, No Evidence, No fines: BP is burning endangered sea turtles alive ~Humid Beings

BP reassures over Russian, North Sea assets

As Dead Animals Pile Up, BP Tries to Wipe Up Oil Slick With Paper Towels

BP Magazine Discovers Bright Side to Oil Spill~Benoit Faucon

BP now says spill just a drill
~The New Orleans Levee

Defense Sec Gates Blames State Governors on National Guard Deployments

Oil spill also puts mental health at risk

50 Statistics about the U.S. Economy that Are Almost too Crazy to Believe~Coto Report

Media Myths Busted on Katrina, Nixon, MacCarthy~Carol Forsloff

'Without the spirit of the people who live there and take care of the city and honor its traditions, its love for music, its love for life, take those people out and you don’t have why I love New Orleans so much.' ~Sandra Bullock
Times-Picayune has Editorial Oil'Infarction
~Editilla Beg'yaz~Come on y'all, don't corps'fuck us with the oil companies --the way you did with the Corps of Engineers' and Fix the Pumps on our outfall canals.

Trial to decide whether barge broke Industrial Canal floodwall during Hurricane Katrina begins

The Illusory Logic of Vitty Cent
~American Zombie

Has BP Oil Disaster Killed Its Biggest Victim Yet In Gulf Of Mexico? ~Tonka Report

Lay foundation to address health effects of oil spill

How the ultimate BP Gulf disaster could kill millions

Donations flow as celebs join Larry King's Gulf telethon

Chinese oil rivals smell blood in BP disaster
~Among them are China's cash-rich, Big Three oil companies. They are particularly interested in BP's upstream assets in Central Asia and Africa, and are certain to join a list of potential buyers if BP is forced to sell the family silver.

MS, LA Governors have no Brotherly Love on Oil Disaster
~Green Heritage News

BP Oil Disaster Costs U.S. State Pensions $1.4 Billion in Value ~Bloomberg

Protesters disrupt BP speech as Tony Hayward pulls out

Team AROD is reporting Judge Walter has dismissed his indictment. Slabbed has the story straight from St Charles Avenue.~While the old children's saying is not completely true, it takes a wise person to understand why people lash out, especially in circumstances such as those in the case of our own Ashton O’Dwyer, whom I finally had the pleasure of meeting in person last week.

Why is music curfew new chief's priority?~Jarvis DeBerry
~City Council president Arnie Fielkow: “I think we need to be very open-minded on this particular law.”~Gambit

Monthly fais-do-do helps locals keep that Cajun beat

Trombone Shorty to appear on Letterman show tonight!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sounds of Silence: No Live Street Music in New Orleans after 8pm
~Matt Davis, Gambit

Corps of oil, Part 2
~Fix the Pumps

Golf Coasters
~by Horatio Algeranon~
Obama golfs
Hayward yachts
While the wetland
Sawgrass rots.
Obama tees
Hayward tacks
While the fishermen
Break their backs.
Obama drives
Hayward heels
While the Gulf-coast
Economy reels.
Obama chips
Hayward jibes
While the oilcano
Threatens lives.
Obama putts
Hayward sails
While the oil
Mitigation fails.

~Wearing a Save Our Coast t shirt, our New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu prepares to board a boat Monday, June 21, 2010 as a delegation of more than fifteen mayors from throughout the United States toured and surveyed the impact of the BP Oil spill firsthand. The tour was led by New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and grew out of interest last week during The Conference of Mayor's Annual Meeting in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma. ~Photo: Susan Poag

The Outrage will increase...
~American Zombie

BP / Gulf Oil Spill - MODIS Images, June 18 and 19 ~SkyTruth

Summer Destination to Avoid: Gulf of Mexico

Between Creighton and Albert
~Cliff's Crib

American Pie Party~ E Pluribus Piem

Tea Party Defends British Petroleum, Attacks Louisiana, Captures Mayor of Grand Isle
~Editilla Invitellas~The American Pie Party!
~We Believe In Just Desserts!
E Pluribus Piem!
Dissent as American as (drum roll) APPLE PIE!
BWAHAHAHAHA! Ok (whisper shhh:) here's what we can do...
When Sarah Palin returns to Louisiana to rally her fecesist fetish hordes and stir up their Outhouse Wind, we should all go to her Tea Party and throw her a big Pie Party! An American Pie Party!
Dozens of Pies In Her Face all at once! Mmmmmm Yes!!!
Treat that Piece of Handmaiden's Tail to her Just Desserts!

BP CEO Tony Hayward 'too busy' meet with oil tycoons, goes AWOL amid BP Oil Disaster
~Embattled BP PEO Tony Fey Hayward canceled his appearance at a meeting of international oil tycoons Tuesday and his firm wouldn't say where he was. The title of the speech Hayward was supposed to have given at the World National Oil Companies Congress in London: "Key roles and responsibilities of international oil companies in an age of uncertainty."

Northshore vigilance against oil spill continues ~WWL

Oil Coating Seafloor, Killing Fish, Crabs and the American Dream ~Running 'Cause I Can't Fly
Unknown substance comes ashore on MS Coast~Mary Perez
~Large amounts of rusty substance washed up on the beaches and floated beneath the bridges and into the Bay of St. Louis Sunday.
Gov. Haley Babar smiles and waves for the cameras, calls for his buddy Zephir the Monkey to lay magic carpet over the beach, 10 Blocks on the Casino Real.
~Why don't news outlets call BP's huge oil 'spill' a gusher? ~Anita Lee
~ kareng I wonder if Haley Barbour saw this #oilspill

President reflects on Grand Isle
~The New Orleans Levee

Tern nesting areas being disturbed by oil spill cleanup workers, conservationist says
~Mark Schleifstein

~MSchleifsteinTP I gave a 5-minute oil spill update on C-Span on Sunday:

BP ‘burning sea turtles alive’ ~Daniel Tencer
~Editilla Racketellas~ No Bodies, No Evidence, No Fines.

BP’s Secret Army Of Oil Disaster Contractors

Oil Dumpster Disposal Questions ~Allison Braxton

BP Glee~Library Chronicles

BP Says Partners Share Liability for Gulf Oil Disaster

Lawsuit Seeks $19 Billion from British Petroleum
~The Center for Biological Diversity on Friday filed the largest citizen enforcement action ever taken under the Clean Water Act against BP and Transocean Ltd over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Gulf paymaster: People are in 'desperate' shape
~"Do not underestimate the emotionalism and the frustration and the anger of people in the Gulf uncertain of their financial future,"
Kenneth Feinberg told interviewers.
"It's very pronounced. I witnessed it firsthand last week."

"The emergency payments going out under my watch do not require that any claimant give up rights to litigate or go forward in court. ... If you want to litigate, go ahead."
But he added that he considers that "very unwise," because it could take years to resolve the issue that way. "The emergency payments are without any conditions," Feinberg said.

Humid Beings Wonder: Can the River Save the Deltas?

~A dragonfly tries to clean itself as it is stuck to marsh grass covered in oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, in Garden Island Bay on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana near Venice, May 18.

Leaking Well at Platform 23051 Location - Rate? ~SkyTruth
~Oil on Beach at Seaside Florida 6-19-10

After hurricanes, oil spill now threatens Texas oysters

How much oil is left?


Research shows how the disaster will damage the mental health of those living in affected areas

Bill transferring assets of Orleans Levee District to new board sent to governor

And the Corps Plays On