Thursday, September 12, 2013

SI Part 3: Drug use rampant at OSU under Miles ~Mathew Harris, New Orleans Advocate
~A player on Miles’ 2001 team told the magazine he made roughly $1,000 week selling marijuana. Former safety Chris Massey, who played from 1999 until 2002, and wide receiver Eric Allen (2003-2004), said teammates made money selling drugs while they were on the roster.
Meanwhile, 30 former OSU players told the magazine they used marijuana while on the team, which included members of Miles’ teams such as Cruz, McGill, Allen, Tatum Bell (2000-2003), defensive back Ricky Coxeff (2003-2004), linebacker Victor DeGrate (2003-2006), linebacker Ahmed Dawson (2000), defensive tackle Brad Girtman (2003-2004), defensive lineman Richard Murphy (2000-2001), running back Seymore Shaw (2002-2004) and safety Thomas Wright (2002-2004).
Preparing for 2018: a look back at New Orleans' prior commemorations ~Richard Campanella
U.S. House water resources bill receives mixed reviews, GNO challenges FEMA on flood insurance rate increase~Jordan Blum

House water bill drops Morganza to the Gulf levee from list of authorized projects ~Mark Schleifstein

Lee Zurik Investigation: Fun with "change orders" at JP Housing Authority

Slap on the wrist ~American Zombie

Katrina Huckster Ed Blakely is about to start rebuilding Sydney, Australia — one shopping mall at a time ~Kevin Allman, Gambit

Doc Hawley Shares his Expertise of the Mississippi at New River Festival ~Sharon Litwin

Three Rivers Art Festival Gearing Up On Northshore ~George Bonnett, WWNO

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Levee body says suit against energy firms aims to enforce restoration clauses in state, federal permits ~Mark Schleifstein
On this day in New Orleans, snowballs were still a Really Big Deal

Big Victory In Effort To Curb Libel Tourism ~Eric Goldman, Forbes
~New Orleans Ladder pal and defender Doug Handshoe, of Slabbed, is a Mississippi blogger/griper. He repeatedly criticized a Louisiana public official, and that evolved into criticisms of the plaintiffs, Nova Scotia residents who Handshoe asserted were business partners of the initial target. The plaintiffs sued Handshoe in a Nova Scotia court for defamation. Handshoe did not fight that lawsuit, so the Nova Scotia court issued a default judgment against him and awarded the plaintiffs injunctive relief plus hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.
Armed with this Nova Scotia court victory, the plaintiffs asked a Mississippi court to enforce it, which Handshoe contested. The federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed that the SPEECH Act precluded enforcement of the Nova Scotia defamation judgment. The court held that Nova Scotia’s defamation laws do not protect defendants as much as U.S. law does because defamation plaintiffs don’t have to prove that the defendant’s statements are actually false (in Canada, a defendant must show the truth of its statements). The court also held that the plaintiffs’ allegations in Canada would not have established defamation if asserted in a United States courts.

DuBos: Levee board heads deserve to be reappointed

Hazard mitigation program ending, missed out on helping thousands more ~David Hammer, WWLTV

Homeowners file suit against city over fines levied on non-existent house ~Holland Phillips, The Louisiana Record

Filing gives peek into evidence prosecutors may present at Ray Nagin trial ~Gordon Russell, New Orleans Advocate


Gordon Parks: The Making of an Argument, New Orleans Museum of Art ~Elizabeth Avedon

Monday, September 9, 2013

Mad Monster Party Gras this weekend!
~Hat Tweet @LeslieJAlmeida
In Advocate ad, retired Gen. Russell Honore backs lawsuit against oil and gas companies ~Kevin McGill, AP
Judge: LSU board could face jail if search records not released ~Joe Gyan Jr., The Advocate
Flashback finish gives Saints a leg up in the NFC South ~R.A. Vargas, New Orleans Advocate

Sean Payton post-Falcons Q and A

Saints Defense Rises in 23-17 Win Over Falcons ~NOLA DEFENDER

GAME BALLS VS. NO BALLS: New Orleans Saints Vs Atlanta Falcons ~Brian Beinemy, Nola Rundown

LSU's Odel Beckham Jr. Among SEC Players of the Week

John Barry, On Why The Levee Authority Has Sued The Oil And Gas Companies ~Bob Marshall, WWNO

Frustrated council prepares to take up jail-size question anew ~Claire Galofaro

Tropical Storm Humberto Drenching the Cape Verde Islands ~Dr. Jeff Masters, Wunderblog

2013 hurricane season could be record breaker ~Mary Perez, Sun Herald

New bus service links New Orleans and Baton Rouge ~WWL

Grave Need: City, FEMA Fund Cemetery Renovations for Historic Cottages ~Emma Boyce

Farmer-fisherman exchange ties both ends of the Mississippi River ~Amy Wold

The History Of The Mississippi River ~Tom Ashbrook, On Point Radio

Keeping the Beat Alive: A Clinic Helps New Orleans's Musical Community Stay Strong ~Linda Marsa, Parade

Nativity Cathedral of Biloxi to hold Jazz Mass

Voodoo Music Experience reveals set times ~Tara Hall, SoundSpike

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