Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Drew Brees Will Lead New Orleans Saints to Another Super Bowl~Bleacher Report

Hurricane Katrina victims fight FEMA repayments 6 years after receiving aid

In eroding civil liberties, Barack Obama finishes what George Bush began~James Gill

Why can't Louisiana flex our muscle like Brazil~The flexibility of Brazilian FFVs empowers the consumers to choose the fuel depending on current market prices. As ethanol fuel economy is lower than gasoline because of ethanol's energy content is close to 34% less per unit volume than gasoline, flex cars running on ethanol get a lower mileage than when running on pure gasoline. However, this effect is partially offset by the usually lower price per liter of ethanol fuel. As a rule of thumb, Brazilian consumers are frequently advised by the media to use more alcohol than gasoline in their mix only when ethanol prices are 30% lower or more than gasoline, as ethanol price fluctuates heavily depending on the result of seasonal sugar cane harvests.

Make ‘Em Say Uhh! NOLA Rappers ~ Where are they now?~INVADE NOLA

Woody Allen & His New Orleans Jazz Band ~Vince Keenan

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On the subject of Drew Brees' unquestioned greatness ~Alejandro De Los Rios

Drew Dat~Beauty Jackson, Red Bean Dreams

The Paradox of the National Team
~Tom Junod, Esquire

~And so the game last night was a contest between one of the teams that is powerfully local, and plays at a level of interest to a national fan base; and one of the teams that appeals to a fan base deracinated by definition, and is of no interest to anyone who doesn't read the local sports pages. A contest, in other words, between Drew Brees and Matt Ryan — between a quarterback who aspires, in his 11th year, to avenge all the wrongs ever visited on him or his adopted hometown, and a quarterback who, after five years in the league, aspires to an abstracted idea of excellence, like any other middle-manager on the go.

Five New Orleans Saints named to Pro Bowl, including first-timers Jimmy Graham and Jermon Bushrod

~Trombone Man, Linda Langhorst

Anonymous hacks Harry Shearer
~Charles Maldonado, Gambit

~I went through it using the search term "New Orleans," and there, in a list heavy on professors, lawyers, defense contractors, real estate developers and energy sector employees, was Shearer. There too were a New Orleans address, an out-of-state phone number, a personal email address and a credit card number, which, if it's active, I hope he's canceled.
Update (4:35 p.m.): I emailed a few questions to Shearer. Here are his responses:
A. Stratfor has contacted me. B. That credit card was compromised and has been canceled. C. I subscribed to Stratfor for one year, at the recommendation, as it happens, of a New Orleans friend of mine.
PS: I'm supporting Sandy Rosenthal as New Orleanian of the Year.
~Editilla Notellas~ Gentle'rillas interested in seconding Our Herolero we urge yous to contact these people and let them know you support da nomination.
Kemp's Ridley turtle, once stranded in Europe, is released in Gulf of Mexico