Saturday, March 17, 2012

Drew Brees' contract has New Orleans Saints in uncharted territory
~Jeff Duncan

Tall ships will sail to New Orleans in April

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Havre de Grace won't overdo it in New Orleans Ladies ~Bob Fortus

Shrimp processor hoping BP settlement will result in claim

State funds run out on coastal erosion effort

The Secret Gardens Tour reveals hidden Uptown landscapes: the Rosenthal Garden
~Vines cover the wall surrounding the garden. 'The walled yard was just so intriguing,' Sandy Rosenthal, founder of, says. 'I would try to imagine what was inside and if there was a secret garden.' The 2012 Secret Gardens Tour is an annual event to raise awareness and money for brain injury recovery programs in New Orleans.

Two Final Chances to Spot This Year's Mardi Gras Indians Suits

Tennessee Williams Festival brings out big stars with lots to say

New festival fuses hip-hop, DJ dance beats

Thursday, March 15, 2012

'Mencken1951' unmasked: It is federal prosecutor Sal Perricone

Primary politics: Does Jindal secretly want Obama to win?~Mark Moseley, The Lens

Corps projects mitigating damage from rebuilding levees unveiled
Guessing commenter's identity is no game: Stephanie Grace~Also this from WVUE~Jason Berry is a blogger and runs the blog American Zombie. He was once an anonymous poster facing legal action. "There's an all out attack on blogs right now and on the internet media because it's so potentially dangerous to politicians," he said. According to Berry, exposing anonymous posters would be a disservice to the community. "If there is a reason why it's given up, it better be a really good reason like national security or if the judge demands it, not just because a lawsuit is filed."
~Aaaand from Slabbed~The notion of the “informed insider” is why people read message boards and blogs. Let’s talk Henry Mencken 1951 a bit more

Hurricane Katrina rebuilding efficiency measure endorsed

Lawsuits against EPA target nutrients in US waters

The documents are confidential because everything is fine…or not
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Army Corps of Engineers revises plan for nuclear cleanup in Parks, PA

Down in da parish with some good gumbo yah, try these 5

The New Orleans Roadfood Festival coming to the French Market~Brett Anderson

Third Ruby Slipper restaurant set to open this summer in the Marigny

Music shop measures self beyond marking time ~Tri-Parish Times

Let’s Just Shut Frenchmen Street Down ~offBEAT

The New Orleans Bingo! Show: A game to remember ~Invade Nola

Winner announced in the February 2012 Photo Contest 'Mardi Gras Group Constumes'
~Congratulations to entrenched who won for the group costume photo Plastic Platoon 1. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

Catch the Mardi Gras Indian “Super Sunday” parade ~Big Red Cotton,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Coming Back Richer ~moosedenied
~This just in: Drew Brees doesn't owe you jack shit.
It's we who are indebted to him.
And don't even start with the whole "Drew owes the Saints because they took the risk and signed him when everybody else in the league was pretty much convinced he was done" bullshit. That debt, to whatever extent it ever existed in the first place, has been repaid tenfold.
As often, and as gleefully, as we fans throw around quips like "Cut that chump!" you really expect any player to sacrifice a thin dime for the sake of your happiness? Really? You really think Drew isn't well aware of the fact that it's only a matter of time until we wake up one morning and decide he's no longer good enough for us, and we don't want him anymore?

New Orleans Saints guard Carl Nicks says he hopes to stay but doesn't expect it
~Mike Triplett

New Orleans to see influx of federal officers to fight crime surge

An evolving movement: New Orleans student takes on creationism
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

3 Ways to Help NOLA Defender in the Wake of Last Week's Burglary on Burgundy

Coastal Scientists Lead Expedition to Observe Historic Development of a New Distributary Pass on the Mississippi River

Unprecedented Flood for Some Areas

~Unprecedented flooding occured over portions of Acadia, St Landry, Lafeyette and St Martin Parishes today thanks to a nearly stationary thunderstorm complex that developed from a batch of severe storms that pelted portions of Acadiana Sunday.
Unlikely partners unite after natural and man-made disasters

Xavier University being transformed by influx of money following Federal Flood

Post-Federal Flood environment creates entrepreneurship hub~Also~3 water management startups to compete for capital at Entrepreneur Week~City Business

BP's Influence Peddling In Congress Bears Fruit Two Years After Gulf Spill
~Humid Beings

Blaine Kern Artists improperly received $1 million in tax credits for building floats, auditor reports

Nur's Kitchen, Covington~Nur's Kitchen has established many loyal customers through local farmers markets. You can also find these fine dishes at Covington's Acquistapaces Supermarket, Whole Foods, Langenstein's, and Springs of Life (Lee Road in Covington). Nur's Kitchen of Covington is take out. Dishes include Hummus, Tabuli, Eggplant Dip, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Lima Bean Plaki, Fresh Leeks, Spinach & Artichoke Pies, Pestos, and Feta Cheese Dip. Also, there are daily hot dishes, sandwiches and salads.

Craig Giesecke: “Local” should be more than a slogan ~Uptown Messenger

The “Bang” for Louisiana’s Film Incentive Bucks….Sucks

BZA Backs Bacchanal! City Board Clears the Way for Music to Return to Bywater Wine Outpost~

Thomas Dolby at Tipitina's ~Gambit

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The End of Japanese Illusions~NYT
~Photograph: Yuriko Nakao, Reuters

"Real existence"~Library Chronicles
~Brees had no knowledge about the "real existence" of the bounty program. From this we can reasonably surmise that he must have had some knowledge of it, though. It sounds like Brees is telling us he knew the bounties were being discussed but decided not to ask any questions. Perhaps he was content to pretend it was a make believe rather than a "real" bounty program. It wouldn't be the first time that Brees intentionally turned a blind eye toward atrocity in the interest of keeping up appearances. Recall his naive defense of U.S. treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, for example.

Crime fight crippled by distrust of New Orleans Police Department: Jarvis DeBerry

Brad Pitt stages ''mini-Grammys'' show to help post-Federal Flood New Orleans

BP oil spill health settlement details are still a mystery ~Rebecca Mowbray

Local seafood industry still wary of BP claims process ~Carla Bayles

Vaughn Perret & Charles Leary, owners of "Trout Point Lodge" in Nova Scotia have much to learn about "Customer Service"
~Hat Tweet @Slabbed
~Trout Point won't let you stay unless you sign a registration card that says Trout Point owns anything you write about your experience at or about the place.
It further says that they must approve anything before it is published. They state that failure to do so is actionable in a Nova Scotia Court with a minimum judgement of $3,000 CD. So, in exchange for a room which you pay for, they own your intellectual property or you can be sued for $3,000 CD. We didn't sign and had to find alternate accommodations at 7PM in rural Nova Scotia.

Meet Zack Kopplin, out to save science class

New Orleans Barbecue: Ian McNulty on the Crescent City's burgeoning barbecue scene

Drum circle welcomes the full moon in New Orleans' City Park

This year, Mardi Gras Indians' Super Sunday falls on March 18

TODAY: Keep-N-It-Real second line parade! ~Big Red Cotton, Gambit